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A Bitch in her place - Chapter 1

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Female Domination, Gay

Author: lgently

Published: 09 October 2017

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Tim hated working at the gym, hated it. He went to school for four years to be an accountant and now he watched the door of this place that always smelled of sweat. He watched people walk in, work out, and leave, day in and day out, for two years now. He did nothing all day except scan badges and make sure people were following the rules.

Today was just another day, when two people walked in that he didn’t recognize. A beautiful woman, a brunette with B cups, just over 5 foot tall, fair complexion, a beauty to behold. She bounced as she walked, and walked with power and purpose. Next to her, a 6 foot muscle bound meat head with a blank look on his face. They walked up to the counter, where the guy swiped his badge. The computer beeped, showed he could enter, then they started to walk away.

Tim sighed, everyone wanted a freebie, and no matter how good they looked, everyone had to pay. “Wait!” he said, a little louder than he meant. “She can’t go in there. She either needs a badge or you have to pay for her.” His tone was a bit condescending, saying it slowly, so that the muscle bound oaf would get it.

It took a second, but the look on the guys face went from blank to enraged. “You little shit!” he hissed as he started to charge toward the counter. He was inches away from Tim’s face when they both heard the lady snap. The muscle bound guy stopped mid stride, backed up, and waited.

“I apologize for my… friend here” she said cheerfully. “Perhaps we can come to an arrangement. He is a regular of this chain of gyms and I’m just starting out, I was hoping to try it out before committing to a membership.”

Tim smiled, and waved her closer. He leaned in and whispered to her “I’m absolutely sure an arrangement can be made.” he said. He stood up straight and stared at her in her eyes “An arrangement of $10, which your ‘friend’ has to pay to let guests use the facilities, like everyone else. No exceptions.”

Once again, the muscle bound man lunged forward and was stopped by the woman. “Go ahead and pay the gentlemen” she said. He reached into his pocket and laid a $10 bill on the counter.

“Thank you, now you may go.” Tim said, putting emphasis on the word now. He didn’t have much power in life, but what little he did have he was going to use. As the couple started to walk away, he whispered “bitch” under his breath. It was always the big muscle guys that got the ladies, and they were always as dumb as mud. It was also pretty ladies that wanted everything handed to them for free. With that little bit of excitement out of the way, Tim went back to work.

Several hours later, the day was drawing to a close, and the gym was empty. Tim did his rounds and found no one there, locked up, and headed for his car. The parking lot was unusually dim this evening. Apparently the neighborhood kids had taken to their old tricks of target practice with their BB guns on the light posts.

He was about to get into his car when he felt a dull thump on the back of his head. The already dim parking lot spun around and into blackness. Before going completely dark, Tim thought he saw the muscle man from earlier.

He awoke with a throbbing in his head. He tried to rub the back of his head, but couldn’t move his hand. He looked around, and saw he was tied to a table. He tried to move his other hand, and couldn’t. He turned to see his wrist cuffed and chained to the table. He continued to look around and started to flail, but couldn’t manage to move an inch. His arms, wrists, legs, ankles, and stomach were all cuffed and chained to the table.

His knees were bent and tied to keep them that way, his legs were spread. His butt was on a small incline, and he could feel the coolness of the air on his asshole. This is when Tim realized he was naked.

He tried to scream for help, but only a muffled hum came through the gag. Naked and strapped to a table in a dark room Tim thought, This is bad! More thoughts ran through his mind when he heard someone enter. He attempted to crane his neck so he could see, but couldn’t. While he couldn’t see, he did hear something, the voice of that dumb bitch from earlier in the day.

“Hello there my impertinent little man.” She said walking down his right side, letting her hand glide down his body. She stopped right in between his legs, giving him a good view of her body. She was naked, her pert perfectly round breasts ending in short hard nipples. Her body hairless and smooth and tight. He looked down and saw the well trimmed square of hair that adorned her pussy.

“And I do mean little” she giggled, flicking his hardening penis. He was only 4 inches when hard, and he was definitely hard now. Such a rare beauty naked before him, he couldn’t help but let his little man stand up for her.

“I bet you’re wondering what you are doing here,” she chuckled, “Suffice to say, I believe in order in the world. I believe in justice, and I believe that bitches should be in their place.” she started to walk around the other side of the table, touching him here and there. “And you, Tim, are a bitch in need of an education.” She grinned, mischief twinkling in her eye.

She finally disappeared behind him again. Tim heard her open two drawers. She came back into view and moved down to his crotch area, setting something on the table. In her hand, however, she held a black leather riding crop.

“Now Tim, in time you’ll come to love this, but this is meant to be painful today. You need to know your place, you need to understand your betters exist for a reason, and that is to use little bitches like you.” She grinned wide again, and slapped the inside of his thigh lightly with the crop. She continued to hit him lightly all over his body, send pain and pleasure mixed together, to Tim’s brain.

He closed his eyes and started to enjoy the play, momentarily forgetting where he was. His little cock dripped precum.

Then came a full force blow to the balls with the crop. Tim screamed in pain and tried to move away. The pain was so great he started to cry. She did it again, hitting his other ball, ensuring that both were throbbing.

He cried again, sending muffled screams throughout the room. She smiled, and hit just below his head on his shaft with her full force. He cried.

The crop stopped, was laid on the table, and moments of silence passed, broken only by Tim’s sobs.

“Already starting to bruise, poor baby” She said, pouting her full lips. “Now, I could keep you here, and torture you all night long, make you say that I’m not a bitch and eventually make you believe it too. I could keep you here and the cops would never find you.” She smiled at this.

“But, I want you to be transformed and learn your place. I think the best place to do that is in the real world.” She looked up and snapped her fingers. Two big muscle bound men, naked, with rock hard 8 inch cocks, appeared, one on each side. They had a blank look on their faces. They grabbed his body and forced his anus up, pressing him against his bonds.

“This is a little toy I developed for helping people learn their place, Tim.” She said, holding up a metallic dildo. It was gun metal grey and had LEDs on the tip and base. They blinked blue and red. She pressed it against his anus. “You’ll understand in a minute.” She once again giggled and she pushed it into his ass.

Tim tried to squeeze and fight, tried to keep it out, tried to move, but he was powerless to do anything. The dildo slid in, and he could feel how warm it was. It started to buzz and vibrate, getting even warmer. It started to fill Tim with pleasure. Then a sharp searing blinding white pain filled his brain.

Outside of Tim’s body, his fighting against the dildo stopped, his body went completely slack, and the two muscle bound men let go. The women grabbed a tablet from a nearby table and started to browse through it. Tim’s eyes were wide open and completely white, glowing softly. She walked over to his head, still perusing the tablet, and took his gag off. She leaned forward, supporting her breasts right next to his head on the table.

“Ah, I see, a typical heterosexual man, with a pretty little girlfriend.” She giggled. “Let’s make sure you know your place with her. Whatever she suggests, you’ll do, you will find it hard to get an erection unless she is dominating you, and you can only cum when you are being dominated by a woman.” She hit a few buttons.

Tim’s mouth said “Understood, Command accepted”.

She continued looking through the tablet. “Let’s add some homoerotic tendencies. You’ll find other porn doesn’t do much for you, but gay porn, especially sissy porn will now get you incredibly hard. You’ll be able to masturbate, and have an uncontrollable urge to lick up whatever cum dribbles out of your tiny dick. You’ll look at men, and be attracted to them, especially big ones like my oxes here.” She slapped the nearest muscle man’s ass. “You’ll also masturbate as much as you can, and deny yourself the orgasm, stopping just before you feel pleasure, except once a day, where you’ll cum yourself unconscious.”

Once again, Tim’s mouth formed the words “Understood, Command accepted”.

“You’ll also need to start feeling pretty. Since you don’t live with your girlfriend, you’ll go and buy panties, the frillier the better, and wear them everyday. Men’s underwear will be uncomfortable and painful. I’ll give you a few pairs to start.” She winked at that.

“Understood, Command accepted.”

“Lastly,” she continued, “Me and my oxes will work out for free, and you’ll obey commands and suggestions from any of us. No matter where. You’ll believe any command sounds reasonable and you’ll think it's ok and normal.”

“Understood, Command accepted.”

“Good my little bitch, now it's time to get you back to the real world so you can start living in your place. Oxes, take him back to his car.”

She walked out of the room, leaving the tablet behind. The two oxes untied Tim, who didn’t struggle. They lifted him off the table, sliding panties onto his limp body, and over his hard dicklet. They continued to dress him. Once they were done, they put a few more pairs of panties in his pockets and carried him out to a car, where two other oxes were dressed and ready. The naked oxes deposited Tim in the car, and buckled him in.

They drove back to the gym, all the way in silence. Tim’s eyes still glowed soft white, and the strange dildo still vibrated and warmed his ass. They got to the gym well after midnight, and the two oxes took Tim out of the car. They took his keys, opened the door, and started the engine. Tim was then bent over the hood where his pants and panties were pulled down just enough to remove the dildo device.

Tim’s limp body was then placed into his car, the door shut. The two oxes drove off.

A few minutes later, Tim awoke. I must have fallen asleep he thought. Been working too hard, glad tomorrow is my day off, Tim thought.

He put the car in drive and drove home, stopping by an all night walmart to buy some new underwear, remembering that his old boxers were chafing him. He got home, undressed down to his underwear, and fell asleep.

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A Bitch in her place - Chapter 1

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Comments (4)
lgently09 October 2017 14:47
I have a couple more chapters available, let me know if you'd like me to post them.
blade1990 — 10 October 2017 22:13
Post more plz but with more sex and details
blade1990 — 10 October 2017 22:13
Post more plz but with more sex and details
blade1990 — 10 October 2017 22:13
Post more plz but with more sex and details
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