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Categories Fantasy, Rape, Reluctance

Authror: KinkyFox

Published: 09 October 2017

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I sighed deeply, it had been a long day. I was a little on edge, I had been working with a co-worker who was younger than me, but he
pretended he was the boss. I was ok with him telling me what to do though, maybe it's because I'm submissive. It was 11:50Pm, I had
counted down my till, put the cash in the safe and clocked out at 12. I watched Kris drive off. It was time to walk home. After being on my feet
for nine hours, I was tired. My aching feet made me decide to walk in the grass on the way home. The grass path takes you away from the
road. A group of trees blocks the view from the road. I crossed the street and stepped into the grass.
I seriously thought about taking my shoes off. As I passed the trees I stopped a second listening to the hoot of an owl. I sighed again,
a release of pressure, a decompression of myself.
I took a deep breath of cool night air and I was knocked down. I caught my self on my palms, glad I wasn't on the asphalt road.
I turned my head around. "The hell?" A man knelt by me. "Hey girlie, what are you doing out so late?" I get on my hands and knees. "Uh,
Just walking home." I started to stand and he knocked me onto my back. I was shocked, I thought maybe he had knocked me down by accident.
Well, actually, I had hoped it was an accident. "Please." Was all I could manage. He covered my body with his, my heart raced, I started to
break into a sweat. He ran his hands down my sides and grabbed my wrists. I noticed the ground was cold and wet with dew. He drew my hands
above my head and looped his belt around my wrists. I tried to scream but a whimper is all I got. one hand held the belt but his free hand
explored my body, my breasts, lower.
I shivered and goosebumps broke out all over my skin. He leaned down and licked from my collar bone to just below my ear. I shivered
again and my nipples tightened. He smiled, feeling my nipples harden through my bra. "Are you getting off on this girlie?" He laughed
softly and nipped my neck. "I'll bet your pussy's wet right now." I squirmed. "no." My voice sounded weak, muffled, my head was foggy.
He slid his hand down my pants and under my panties. I stiffened and shut my eyes tightly. "Holy shit, look at this." He withdrew his
hand from my pants and slapped me in the face.
"Look bitch, you're dripping wet." He laughed. "No." I whispered in denial shaking my head. "You can lie all you want but your body won't"
He pulled my shirt up. "Nice tits, and pierced too!" He pinched a nipple and pulled. I gasped. "S-stop it." He unbottoned my pants and
pulled the zipper down. "Now, I'm just trying to give you what your body wants girlie.You can't stop shivering and look how hard your
nipples have gotten." I looked away. "No, it's cold out, and the ground is wet." He tugged at my pants akwardly with just one hand.
He swore softly, then he grinned and drug me closer to the trees. He tied the loose end of the belt around the trees trapping my hands high
above my head. "Muuch better. Comfy?" I shivered again. "No." He shook his head and grabbed a hold of each pant leg by my feet.
"No, Please." He grinned as he pulled my pants off easily. He pulled out a knife and I went still and didn't breath. 'Oh, fuck, is this guy
gonna kill me?' I thought shaking. "Please, please don't hurt me?" He raised an eyebrow. "Oh, this? No, this is just to get rid of the rest
of your clothes. I'm not a murderer girlie." I relaxed a bit, atleast I wasn't going to die. "Be careful not to move much, I'd hate to cut
you." He didn't sound worried about cutting me though. I set stock still as he cut my shirt up the front then the bra. "Nice tits. Now, I
don't have to cut your panties off, but you know what? I want to" He slid the knife between my panties and my bareskin I shivered again.
'Holy shit, what's wrong with me?' He grinned as if he knew what I was thinking. He jerked the knife quickly away from my body cutting one
side of my panties. And then he started on the other side. The cold night air brought on more shivering until he laid beside me. His body
was warm. He ran his finger tips down my breast, to my stomach, then lower. "I like them shaved, they taste better that way." I squirmed
as he lowered his body over mine, but when he nipped my neck and my breath quickened. Then he went lower he nipped my breast with small bites,
then my stomach then worked his way even lower nipping my inner thighs. My head swam as my heart tried to escape my chest. "Please?" I
didn't know wether I was asking or pleading anymore. I gasped as his warm tongue moved against my chilled clit, I arched my back.
'Oh, fuck, what's wrong with me?' His tongue delved deeper and steam rose from my heated body. My breath came in pants that made little
puffs of steam. He slid two fingers into my vagina and began rubbing my g-spot as he licked my clit. I moaned. 'Oh, that feels good. No,
bad, I don't want this.' I felt a gush of warm liquid. 'Fuck' He laughed. "What a reaction! You almost got my face wet with that." I looked
away ashamed and uncomfortable in a small puddle. He unbottoned his pants and unzipped his zipper. "Now, you got yours, it's my turn now."
He rolled me over, I got my knees beneath me trying to stand. He slapped my ass hard. "Ow!" He laughed. "You know you want this, now stop
resisting." I shivered he was right, a fucked up past made me crave this shit. "No, I don't want this." He rubbed his dick against my clit
and opening. My nipples hardened once more. "Oh, hell." I gasped as he drove his dick into me in one shove. "See how easily your juices let
me slid right in?" I shook my head still denying my pleasure. "No." He grabbed my hair and pulled. "Admit it bitch, you fucking love it!" I
Just shook my head again. He slapped my ass. "I'm not going to let you lie anymore." He slapped my ass, hard, it stung." I cried out.
"That hurt!" He slammed into me slapping my ass as he fucked me hard. "Admit you love it." I shook my head again. He stilled, I got a bad
feeling, what was he planning? "I'll stop then, since you don't want this." I frowned. "If you want me to keep going let me know
girlie." I moaned wanting more. "Just say the words. I want you to say 'Please, fuck me.' If you do, I'll give you what you need."
I shivered feeling chilled. "P-please, Fuh, uh, fuck me." I said softly. "I can't hear you." He was teasing me, what the hell?
"Please, fuck me!" I said my faced heated up as I blushed. He grinned and slamed into me once more. "Good girl." He fucked me hard, his
hips smacked against my ass loudly. He nuzzled my neck then licked I tilted my head bareing my throat. 'Oh, yes, this is what I want.To
be fucked like an animal.' He pulled my hair as he fucked me, I arched and moaned. He slapped my ass lighter not the painful way he had
earlier. My moans got louder as he continued to slam into me, fast and hard. He began to go faster, digging his fingers into my hips for
leverage. "Oh, fuck." I moaned. "You can scream, if you want. You know no-one will hear you out here." He said in my ear, his harsh breathing
tickled my ear and raised goosebumps tightening my nipples. He increased his speed and got more intense. My moans got louder every indrawn
breath became a moan. I grabbed the belt with both hands digging my fingernails into the leather. He stopped suddenly, I felt him pulsing
inside of me and it pushed me over the edge. The warm feeling built up and then I was cuming with him. My inner muscles clenched
rythmically, I couldn't control them. He played with my tits idly. "You came too." I shook my head trying to clear it. "Did, did
you use a condom?" He laughed. "No." He laughed again. "Did you only realize that just now? Wow, I really did a number on you didn't I?"
I squirmed. "Fuck, you asshole. I'll bet you've got all kinds of STDs. Pervert!" he slapped my ass hard. "Hey, now, that was uncalled for."
I rolled my eyes. "Yeah because it's far-fetched to think a rapist might have STDs." I snorted angrily.

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