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  1. Mom fucked hard by a auto driver and shemales
  2. Mom fucked hard by a tailor
  3. Mom fucked by Dad's boss
  4. Mom fucked by drunken men during family hike
  5. Horny mom fucked by delivery man
  6. Mom fucked hard by a tailor in his shop.

Mom fucked hard by a auto driver and shemales

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Asian, Bi-sexual

Author: goldbill

Published: 18 October 2017

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hi this is ramesh and my dad works in abroad me and mom are at home my mom is velamma she is 44 yrs old.she is absolutely a hot south indian wife.she is so fair ,long hair extending upto the asss pink lips,round tits,fatty navel and bouncy ass cheeks.my dad only visits once 3yrs at tat time he fucks mom upto he leaves ,mom is adevoted wife to dad she had never contact with our area men.Many men in our area is having eyes on moms hot body so sexy is she all men especially uncles want to fuck her and smooch her many tried to trap her but she never minds them.her sizes will make any men die to fuck her.
Her sizes are 36-34-44 her melons are so huge like watermelons which are so huge any men will fall for it her navel is so sexy with some curves and her ass is so huge which bounches wen she walks over.mom wen comes out many men will look her very barely many will tear her clothes with their sight she travels in buses many men fondles her boobs and touches her hot body she is so much irritated she is scared of riding bikes so she arranged for auto.in our nearbye there is man named balaji he is 60 yrs old man he is awomaniser bt he is well known for dad he is also a man who is eager to fuck mom.now he has a jack pot his job is arranging prostitutes for high grade men and sapping them and transpoting them some illegal buisness also.but none knows about him our area.so mom arranged him for auto ride to her offic daily.He had a plan how to fuck mom.he enjoyes wen he seees mom in his auto.somedays after mom went offic at about 11 am now balaji was called by mom he came and both went on now balaji told mom tat there will be a customer can she adjust and mom told okk.Now balaji had went on to an haunted area wer no one is ter there were two women standing near by and they came near auto and mom moved a bit.Mom was shocked tat they were two shemales they look very gigantic lik males having huge ass and big boobs.now it started to rain heavily and auto driver can go nly some kms none can go in tat rain is so heavy so balaji told mom tat his house is near by so tat they can wiat there still rain stops.so all of them went inside his house .balaji wife went away frm him having affair with another men so balaji fucks all the women if he gets in his way.now they all hav drenched in water so balaji opened his shirt and his hair balck chest is visible he is 6"4 inch height fat belly and bald man bt lookin so strong and rude now thsi shemales told him hey man u look manly balaji smiled at him now they too stripped their clothes and both stood naked balaji was in full mood he had a jack pot tat he is gona fuck 3 in a row.now they came near mom and told hey u sexy bitch wat r u dng strip down ur clothes too come on baby.now mom waited for a while now both shemales came near mom and now they reamoved moms saree and both 3 of them were shocked to see the huge round 36 g mellons of mom shemales told wow this bitch has some epic melons her clevage is so huge seeing this balaji was very happy his long time waiting to fuck mom is gona happen.Now shemale kissed mom in her lips and one of them presed moms boobs hard now they removed her blouse and her huge melons are locked inside her bra they eagergly sqeezed it hard mom staryed to moan ahahahahhahahahahahahahhahhshshshshshshshshhshshhshshhshhshshhhshhshhshhshshshhshhshs now balaji removed his lungi and now shemales and mom was shocked to see his inner now he removed his inner his cock is 11 inch and is so huge in size looking like a iron rod full of veins shemale told told mom that u gona enjoy this day.now shemales also removed their inner and mom was shocked those shemales also hav huge cocks and of size 8 inck and 9 inches mom was very much delighted to get fucked by those guys.now balaji came near and now he kissed mom in her lips and pressed her melons and told mom vela i m waiting foe this day to fuck u ur all today for me nly my love.I lov u vela.
now they removed moms bra and they are all shocke dto see moms huge melons shemsle told that they havnt seeen such a huge tiited women ever now they are gona fuck it now they removed moms skirt and now momm is wearing a red panty her milky fatty thigh and sexy curves in her navel made her look so hot and sexy.now they kised all over her body licked her body now balaji removed her panty and now mom wet pink pussy is visible to all of them its well shaved and is ooozing some secretion.now one she male laid down and mom over her and she inserted her dick in moms ass holes and another one removed his foreskin of cock and went naer moms mouth to fuck her throat and now balaji inserted his huge dick in her soft pussy and started to fuck her he sucked her pink lips so roughly and heis hard tongue he licke dher soft mouth and drank some honey now he inserted is dick inside moms pusy and startedt o pound her moms all hole sare filled with cocks she is trembling in pleasure the shemale whom is inserting his dick in moms ass hav been pressing her boobs and sucking her huge melons he bite those huge nipples and mom shouted ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhaohohohoohohohohoohoohohoohhoohoohohohoohoyayayayyayayyayayyayayayayayayayayayayyshshshhshshshhshshshhhhshshshshhshshshshshshhshhs now balaji inserted his full dick inside her pusssy and now fucke dvery hardly he hit the g spot and now mom orgasmed heavily and her juices started flowing which mad every easy for him to very hard fuck after 30 min they changed there positions and fucked her now one shemale fucked mom in her pussy and balaji fucked her throat mom throat cant afford his large cock so she was sufocated and gaaaged now he released lot of sperm inside moms mouth and told mom to drink his hot sticky cum now mom obeyed him and she drank his cum lik a slut.now balaji started to fucka shemale in her asss hole who is fucking mom in her pussy and tat shemale pounded mom very hard and balaji very hard fucked his ass very hard pressed her boobs bite ner nipples and tat shemale shouted so of a bitch and now balaji fucked and spanke dhis ass annd fucked very rough.now they changed the position now balaji fucked one she male who fucked mom in her ass he bite her nipples and manhandled her boobs very ahrd and another female fucked mom he tto hit that g spot and his cock fucked very deep and it went deep into her womb tat shemale smmoched mom she fucked kissed and sucked her melons bite those nipples and manhandles her melons now she shouted ahahahahahahahahha im cumming vela take it in and now he creampied innside moms pussy mean while balaji fukced that shemale very ahrd and creampied in her ass he spanke dher hard now tat she male who got fucked by balaji came and started to fuck mom in her pussy he very fastly fucked her as moms pusssy is teared up by tat both huge cocks and he manhandled her melons noew after soe time she ashouted and realeased huge amount of cum inside moms pussy by tat time balaji got second wind of erection ca,me near mom and started to fuck in missinary position he sucked her nipples bitten it roughly and forcefullly inserted his dick it hit the g sppot so many times and mom orgasmed many timres she started to sccream ahahahahahahahahahshshshshshshshshshshhshshhohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoh ya harder hard so much rough his full dick went in and affter 45 min hard fuck balajai shouted tak eit vela its fior u my lov and he creampied moms pussy and now he didnt stop noe he changed his position to doggy and fucked her very hardly foe some time mom shouted in pain ahahahahahahahahahahhaahhhahahhahahayayayayayayayayayaayaayayayyayayayayaya .now he cummed again after 20 min after 1 hr of alcohol and joking they 3 fucked mom numerous times and manhandles her very roughly balaji fucked nad emptied his cum and sperm they fucked mom whole day different styled got fucked and they enjoyed her a lot they fucke dher till mrng and then mom was dropped by balaji in our house mom cant walk properly for 1 week after tat balaji fucked mom many times secretly and enjoyed her now mom is a another wife of him and she tooo njoyed his fuckkkk..........

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Mom fucked hard by a auto driver and shemales

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