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  1. The Collar
  2. The Collar 2
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The Collar 5

Categories Fiction, Death, Male / Female, Mind Control

Author: Impax

Published: 18 October 2017

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Totally unbeknownst to either Brian or Lilly, the only reason she had been able to send any files to her home computer was because Chinese hackers had been exploiting that very weakness to steal Maycorp's data for months. Project Freedom was well known to the Chinese but they regarded it as a meaningless waste of money, one of many such projects Maycorps was responsible for.

Brian awoke the next morning with Lisa (that was her name now, Brian told himself, I've given her a new life) sucking his cock, and as he groaned out loud and came, she deftly moved her head away and let the spurts shoot up onto his belly.

She was astonished to see Lilly licking it up with an obvious smile at the taste. She made a purring sound as she swallowed it down.

“You really like it, that much?” Lisa asked, seeing the smile on the other woman's face. Lilly nodded at the younger girl and nodded.

“Brian told me to enjoy the taste of it while I was wearing the Collar, and now it's my very favorite flavor,” she said. “I can't wait until he let's me suck him off again. I can only hope I've learned good enough.”

“Well, I showed you everything I know about it. You just have to have fun with him in your mouth. You know, like being a slut?”

“Yeah, that's what he really wants from me, for some reason. He wants me to be a slut.” Lilly said, a note of sadness in her voice. “I just don't know if I can let go of enough of my strict parenting to become what he wants me to be.”

“Good morning, ladies.” Brian said, opening his eyes and smiling at them.

Lisa laughed. “I've never been a lady, not once in my whole life.” She looked at Brian hopefully. “You want me to teach your wife how to suck you off properly, like a slut. Are you going to have her to teach me how to be a lady?”

“Not today, but tomorrow, sure.” Brian said. “Is that something you would WANT to learn? I mean, to me, it sounds like Lilly doesn't really want to learn how to be a slut for me.”

“Being a slut isn't something one can learn.” Lisa said, grinning. “It's something one is born with, or not. Lots of girls are sluts, but many are not. The ones who aren't, well, they can be good actresses, but they'll never really be sluts, no matter what kind of things they do with their bodies.”

“You mean there's no hope for me?” Lilly asked, tears brimming. “I'll do anything to make Brian love me again. I thought making slaves out of two other girls who could give him the children I can't would be enough, but now you say... I can never become the slut he wants me to be?”

“You were born with it, Lilly.” Brian said, kissing his wife on the mouth. “Don't worry; I wouldn't have married you if you weren't already a slut. You proved yourself back in college.” He kissed her again. “I love you.”

“You do? Does that mean I can suck you again? Please, I know I used to hate the taste of it, but it's different now. EVERYTHING is different now, and I want to do it. I really do, Brian, there isn't anything you can ask of me I won't give you. Not anymore. Please? Your my Master as well as my husband, and I'll do anything you want. Anything, I promise! Just name it, and it's yours. Please let me kneel for you, Master? It's all I really want.”

“You can suck it again, Lilly, but not right now. Lisa and I are going over to her pimp's house and “explain” some things to him.” Brian told her. “Please stay here and keep Cindy and Amber occupied, okay? I'll be back in a little while.”

He got up and held his hand out to Lisa, wordlessly inviting her to join him. She obeyed without a word of protest, even though going to see Dwayne was the very last thing she wanted to do, now that she had found a life with Brian and his family. She loved it here, because she'd never felt a part of anything.

Once they were back in Brian's car, Lisa took the Collar he had brought with them. He'd charged it overnight, but it was still set to high power. All three of his latest girls had worn it there, with no apparent ill effects, and for today's use, he wanted, no, he NEEDED it to be fully functioning. He had plans for Dwayne, and he wasn't going to be as kind of a Master to him as he was with his girls.

“Tell me about Dwayne.” Brian commanded. “Start at the beginning. When did you first meet him?”

“Well, I was in Foster care since I was a baby, and this couple took me in when I was nine. Mr. and Mrs. Fuller, but they brought me to Dwayne when I was ten, because I guess I had a tendency to act out sometimes, and she couldn't deal with it. Dwayne gets of lots of “troubled” girls like I was, I guess, because I've met quite a few of them over the years.
He teaches us how to please men, then sends us out to work the streets for him, and takes almost all of the money. He's the one who showed me the drugs and how to do them, too. It's our reward for earning enough money for him.”

“You've been a hooker since you were ten?” Brian asked, in disbelief. “No wonder you can suck cock so good!”

“That's when I started getting paid for it, but the first time I ever did it was back in the home, when I was six,” she told him. “I don't mind doing it, really, but Lilly said you made her like the taste of your come. Can you make it so that I like it, too?”

“Put this back on.” Brian said, turning on the Collar and handing it to her. They were still in the car, and he could feel it affecting him again, suffusing him with good feeling and heightening his awareness, but he didn't intend to endure it long.

“Ohh, Brian, wow, yeah, this is WAY better than Dwayne's drugs!” she exclaimed happily.

“You like the taste of come now, Lisa,” he told her. “You like obeying my commands, too. You're my slave, Lisa, not Dwayne's whore. You belong to me, now and forevermore.”

“Yes, sir, thank you!” she smiled happily.

“Take the Collar off and give it back to me.” he told her. “The good feeling you have will continue, even after it's off, okay?

She took off the Collar and handed it to him, then pointed at a brownstone building on the next block. “Dwayne lives there, with all his girls. You know, the ones like me? There's about 30 of us, and we all live in that building with him.”

“Okay, Lisa, we're going to go in there, and he's gong to be the one wearing the Collar. Got it? Which floor does he live on?”

“He's got the whole top floor to himself. The owner of the building lives in Florida or someplace. Dwayne lives alone, and he's probably still asleep, because he stays up all night. The door isn't locked, it never is, so we can just go straight in from the elevator. He likes getting surprise fucks from different girls in the building, so we can come in whenever we want.”

“Good, that'll make it easier to get the Collar on him.” Brian smiled, as they went into the building. Two men were standing guard just inside the door, but they let Brian go into the elevator because they knew Lisa. Brian also had the Collar on in his pocket.

Once on the top floor, they both entered the apartment silently, and Brian went into the bedroom after Lisa pointed it out to him. Dwayne was still asleep, lying between two VERY young girls. Brian went over and put the Collar on the man's neck, just laying it over the skin without buckling it.

That woke him up, and he was quite startled to see Brian in there.

“Who the fuck are you?” he asked, starting to sit up, but Brian stopped him with just one look.

“You just lay back and answer my questions, Dwayne,” he said, so he did. “How many girls do you have working for you?”

Dwayne thought about it for a long moment. “Twelve, right now,” he replied. He tried to ask Brian a question, but the Collar sensed disobedience and shot a bolt of pain through his forehead. “I see Candy beside you. Do I still count her, or is she yours now?” Dwayne was quick to realize the score.

“Let's find out,” Brian smiled. “Candy, is there anything left for you to show my wife, Cindy, or Amber about sucking cock?”

She looked about ready to cry, but she shook her head. “No sir, I showed them all the tricks I knew last night.”

“Very good,” Brian said, smiling. “”Why do you look so sad? I told you to do it, and you obeyed my command. Doesn't that make you happy?”

“I don't want to be Candy anymore. I want to be Lisa. Can I be Lisa, please? I'll still obey your commands, sir, I promise. I want to be Lisa!” She was crying openly now, silent tears streaming down her face.

“Lisa, you want to come home with me? You don't want to be Candy anymore?” Brian said, smiling. “Done. You'll never be Candy again, if that's what you really want. I'll take you away from Dwayne right now, and you'll never see him again. All you have to so is get down on your knees and beg for it.”

She immediately dropped to her knees and clasped her hands together between her breasts. “Please let me be Lisa? I'm begging you, please? I hate this place, I hate what he makes me do, and I hate HIM! I'll never do drugs, ever again! I know how much you hate them, and if you let me stay, I'll never do anything like that again, please let me stay?”

“You hear that, Dwayne? She belongs to me, now. How many girls do you have?”

“Eleven.” Dwayne replied. “How did you get her off the H? She was the biggest junkie I've ever met. How'd you get her off the shit?”

“I got her hooked on something else.” Brian explained. “Now, tell me about the girls sleeping beside you. Are they on the shit, too?”

Dwayne glanced to either side, then shook his head. “I just got these two yesterday. Only hit 'em with it once, last night, so I could fuck 'em easier, but they ain't hooked yet.” He glanced at the younger of the two girls and laughed. “That one won't need it again, probably. That little slut LIKED getting fucked. Pushing her little ass up into every single one of my thrusts.”
“I expect neither one of them will be needing it for another couple of days, until I start hookin' them out. Right now, I'm the only one who has fucked 'em.” He looked to his left, and the older of the two. “Debbie's gonna need some practice at the glory-hole before I can turn her loose. Little bitch is still afraid of the D.”

“How old are they?” Brian asked, rubbing his face with both hands. “They both look pretty young to be whores.”

“How the fuck should I know?” Dwayne shot back. He saw Brian's look and made a guess. “Probably sixteen or seventeen? Ask them, not me. I only got 'em last night.” He looked at the youngest. “She only looks twelve, don't she? She's not scared of the cock at all, either. She liked sucking on it as much as getting fucked.”

“How did you get them?” Brian asked.

“Social worker dropped 'em off yesterday afternoon,” he replied. “I have this deal where they bring me the troubled girls who can't get adopted for whatever reason. I kick down a few hundred per girl, and I never hear back, so I guess the State just washes their hands of 'em. They know I own this building, and when they turn eighteen, they ain't nobody's problem.
I passed all their background checks about ten years ago, and I'm officially a widower. Plus, my file is chock full of glowing reports from the girls I've fostered over the years.

“Wake them up. I have some questions for them, too,” Brian said, so Dwayne shook them awake.

“Wake up, my little pretties.” he said, and the Collar fell off his neck as he moved. Brian saw it happen right away, so he told the other man to put it all the way on.

Dwayne grabbed it and buckled it around his neck, after a long moment of wincing and rubbing his temples, from the headache he got from not obeying quickly enough.
“What the fuck is happening to me?” Dwayne mumbled, as the two teenage girls came awake. “It really hurts to not do what you tell me to do. What is this this thing?”

“Shut up, Dwayne,” Brian ordered, and the other man fell silent. “Girls, sit up and tell me your names.”

Both girls sat up, exposing their naked breasts for a moment before pulling the covers up to hide them. “Hello, sir, I'm Debbie, and this is my little sister, Angie,” said the older of the two. She glanced at the Collar Dwayne was wearing, then gave a protective glance toward her sister before looking at Brian once more.

“How did you come to be here?” Brian asked her. “Did you come here by choice?”

“Neither one of us wants to be here, sir.” Angie said. She scowled at Dwayne. “We were both living at the Harper Home for Parent-less Youth until yesterday, but then Mrs. Andrews brought us here, because neither one of us wanted to be adopted separately and Dwayne would keep us together, even though he wasn't going to adopt us.”

“How old are you?” Brian asked.

“I'm seventeen, and my sister is a year younger than me.” Debbie told him. “Our parents were both killed in a car crash last year, and we had to live in the Home. Mrs. Andrews didn't like us because we would let them split us up.”

“I won't split you up.” Dwayne said. “Hell, you're together right now, ain'tcha?” Immediately, he grabbed his head and quit talking.

“Yeah, I told you to shut up, and I recommend you quit talking, Dwayne. I'm speaking to the girls right now, not you. Shut your fucking mouth!”

“What's wrong with him?” Angie asked. “Why does he have to do what you say? Why do we?”

“See the Collar I made him put on? That's why.” Brian said. “It turns anyone wearing it into my slave.”

“You can make him do anything you want?” Debbie asked incredulously. “Can you make him let us go? I don't want him to make us do anything else. He's already made us do plenty; if he has any say in it, we'll be doing a lot more nasty things with him today. He made us both suck him last night, and neither one of us is a virgin anymore, either.” She looked at Brian seriously. “I liked feeling the things he made me do, sir, and I can feel them again, right now. I don't want to feel them with him; I want to feel them with you! Will you tell me to do those things, please?”

“Yeah, both of you are free from him, as of right now.” Brian told them. “However, all the sex things he made you do? You're going to enjoy doing them again. He made you feel good, right, even if it was wrong for him to make you do those things? You're going to like dong them in the future. Sex is a wonderful thing, especially with the right man.”

“What about the things he made us do to each other?” Angie asked. “Are we supposed to be liking those things, too?”

“Did you like the way it made you feel when you were doing them?” Brian asked. Angie smiled and nodded. “Then it's okay to keep doing them,” he replied. “Everything that feels good is okay to do. Maybe not so much to do them publicly, but in private? Why not?”

“You said it's okay to do these things with the right man, sir. Are you the right man?” Debbie held her breath, awaiting his answer. “I want to do those things again! I want to feel that way some more! Please, sir?”

“Would you like it if I was?” Brian asked softly. Both girls nodded eagerly, and his heart sank in his chest. They had both been laying with their heads too close to the Collar when he put it on Dwayne, he guessed. Two more slaves, great. At least they were attractive.

“Okay, I'll take you both with me when I leave, then. Come stand behind me, if you want to go.”

“Dwayne, take that Collar off and give it to me. You've had it on long enough. I'm taking these girls with me when I go, and you're never going to get another girl addicted to drugs, ever again. Got it?”

“Yes, sir.” Dwayne said, unbuckling the Collar and handing it back with another wince of pain. He still wasn't allowed to talk.

Brian wanted to see what happened if he gave conflicting commands, so he could know what potential he was setting up in his girls, if he wasn't careful. Maycorp's Collar had caused aneurysms to burst in the test animals brains, but that had been because of a feedback loop.

Was that what he was doing to people? He couldn't autopsy to find out, but the negative conditioning seemed to be quite painful and severe, judging from what Lilly had gone through the first night. It hadn't been fatal, but he still wanted to explore that aspect.

“You're still not allowed to talk, Dwayne, but how much money do you have here? Go get it and give it to me.” Brian said. “You're not allowed to talk, so tell me how much money you have here.”

Dwayne got out of bed and went over to his closet, opening it up and sliding a hidden panel open at the back. Inside were boxes and cases, stacked up almost all the way to the ceiling. He gestured at them, indicating Brian should come closer. His mouth was opening and closing like a fish, but no noise issued forth.

“All that is money? Is it yours?” Brian asked. Dwayne nodded. “We're going to need help loading it into my car. Go call the two men guarding the front door up here to help us carry it out.”

“You can't take all of it!” Dwayne protested, then grabbed his head and fell to his knees in pain. He looked up at Brian, blood trickling out of one nostril. “I don't care if it kills me; you can't have my money! It's taken me years to save all that up, and it can't be traced!” The effort it caused him to say all that caused him to fall to the floor, spasming silent pain as he grunted softly.

“You're a drug pushin' pimp, getting young girls like these two hooked on shit that's gonna kill 'em. Why should I let you keep the profits off their souls? Fuck you, Dwayne, get dressed and call them up here. You're still not allowed to talk.” Brain said, watching as Dwayne began writhing on the floor, in agony as he resisted Brian's command.

“Looks like it just might kill you, Dwayne. I'm taking your cash, and these girls. Better do what I say, or I'll take your life, too.” Brian told him. Dwayne began convulsing on the floor, bleeding out of both nostrils and his ears, too. Lisa rushed over to him and bent down, full of concern for the man who had been the biggest influence of her adult life.

She checked his pulse in his neck, then looked at Brian, pleading. “Call 911 or something! He's dying!”

“Is that really so terrible?” Brian asked her, frowning. “You made it sound like he was ruining your life. Are you really going to miss him so much? I'm doing the world a favor, truly. He'll never be able to turn another girl into a junkie whore, the way he did to you. Is that the fate you'd want for Debbie and Angie? That's what was next for them, you know.”

“He gave us drugs? That's what was in the shots he gave us last night?” Debbie said, sounding angry. “I thought that's what it was, because it made us feel so good, but I don't want to do drugs, neither one of us do, but he did it anyway, because Angie wouldn't stop crying after he made us get naked in front of him.”

“What about right now?” Brian asked. “You're both naked in front of me. Why isn't she crying about that?”

“You told us that it was okay to do things and feel stuff in front of the right man, and then you said YOU would be that man for us. Isn't it okay for you to see us naked? I want you to be the right man, sir, and honestly, I sort of WANT to do all those things Dwayne made us do last night again, especially the things he made me do to Angie, only this time, I want it to be with you who's watching what I do. It feels really good to do what you say. Will you tell us to do something else?”

“Yes, I'm the right man for you. For both of you. Get dressed and help me carry these boxes of money down to my car. We can do all that other stuff... later.”

The girls got their clothes on with broad smiles on their faces, then went over and got a box each. Dwayne was totally out of it, so Lisa stood up and looked down at him sadly.

“You should have done what he said, Dwayne. I feel sorry for you, really I do, even though you turned me into a prostitute, but when I do the things Brian tells me to do, I feel way better than any of the shit you gave me makes me feel, so I guess this is goodbye.”

“Candy, don't leave me like this!” Dwayne gasped. He was laying on the floor, and all he could move was his eyes. “Please, I did the best I could for you; please don't do this to me! Don't leave me like this; I'm dying! Candy, please?””

“My name is Lisa now,” she said, turning her back on him. She took one of the boxes and led the two girls to the elevator. Brian took two of them, but paused before leaving the apartment.

“If you can get up after I've left, you'll think on it for a while, then realize you can't live with yourself after all the lives you've ruined. Suicide is the only way to atone for your past mistakes, Dwayne. Nice knowing you.”

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The Collar 5

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