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I like to watch my huband fuck young girls

Categories Fantasy, Cum Swallowing, Drug, Non-consensual sex

Author: jazzylick1

Published: 20 October 2017

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We arrived at the hotel early in the morning and I was so excited to get started on our vacation. I quickly unpacked and prepared for the even that would unfold in an amazing fantasy that I have dreamt about for several years. Just the thought of watching a barley legal sexy attractive female giving herself to my husband. I can’t believe how excited I am just thinking about what I’m going witness. I know that he will fully enjoy taking complete control of her body. Living out all of his deep dark fantasies with her, the ones that he will never be able to do to me. The pain, fear, and torcher that she will go through will be such a turn on.
I watched her as she walked into the room. She is so beautiful and her body is amazing. Her bronze complexion looks like the sun has gently kissed her body to give it a dark tan. Her eyes are large almond shape with perfectly arch eyebrows and two amazingly deep dimples that enhance her gorgeous smile. I can tell that her parents invested a lot of money to give her those perfectly straight and white teeth. She looks like a model. Her breast are about a 38 DD with a really tiny waist nice, ass with an amazing wide gap between her legs that gives a perfect view of her bare thick pussy lips. Just looking at her body turns me on. I know that my husband is going to enjoy her. Her long waving hair is going to add extra excitement for my husband when he wants to keep her in place by wrapping his hand in her tangled mane.
My husband is sitting at the bar relaxing and drinking tequila which will keep him hard all night long. He never drinks tequila with me because he becomes abusive. His only goal is to satisfy his animal needs. He can come over and over again and still remain rock hard. This girl has no idea of the pain she is in for.
The guy I paid to have this underage girl seduce my husband gave me some drugs to put in her drink. This will help her to help her relax and give into whatever my husband desires. The girl just turned 16 even though she looks a lot older. She had sex twice before with her owner and is very inexperienced. I told her owner that she had to be an anal virgin and he assured me that she was.
The bar is really starting pick up and I can tell my husband is relaxing and starting to let go he is checking out the sights and the sexy women. Then he spots this jaw dropping young thing in butt hugging shorts that shows a sweet gap between her legs and colorful halter with thin material that is clearly showing the areole of her breast. I’m sure he is getting a hard on checking her out. He smiles at her and she smiles back. She finds a seat at the opposite end of the bar and orders a drink.
I met the bartender earlier and gave him a few extra bucks to make her drinks extra strong. After her first drink she was really feeling relaxed and getting a little hot in the pants. I told the bartender once she was really feeling the drinks and was sitting with my husband to add the drugs to her drink. He agreed but only if he was able to watch them later on. I said sure and gave him the joining room number where I would be watching through the hidden cameras I had set up in the room.
The sexy young girl kept smiling at my husband until he finally waved her over. She got up and walked over to him with her head held high but I could see that she was beginning to feel the strong drink the bartender had been giving her. She sat down next to my husband and said hello. My husband said “hello I’m Justin and what’s your name?” She said “I’m Jasmine, nice to meet you Justin”. Jasmine ask “what brings you to Brazil”? “Nothing much, I have always wanted to come here the women are so beautiful.” She smiles and says yes we are, I always find myself checking out the sexy women here.” My husband says “are you attracted to females, and if yes has she ever been with one before?” She gives a devilish smile and says “yes I’m very attracted to females but I have only kissed another female but wouldn’t mind going further”. “What do you mean further”? “You know what I mean kissing, feeling on her breast, playing with her nipples, maybe even sucking on them.” My husband ask her “is that all and why haven’t you tried any of these fantasies”? “I don’t know I guess I’m not bold enough to try it”. “Do you see a female in here tonight that you would like to play with?” “No, not really but I do see something else I would like play with.” She leans in and kisses him on the lips while rubbing on his leg and his nice hard cock. As she pulls away she says “it seems like you want to play too” and smiles while looking at his rock hard cock. He returns the kiss and rubs his thumb across her nipple and brings them to attention which causes her to moan out loud. Jasmine says “maybe we should get out of here and go somewhere a little more intimate”. Justin says “lets’ have one more drink and I’ll pay the bill”. My husband waves over the bartender and says “give us a couple shots of tequila and the bill please”. The bartender knows this is his opportunity to add in the drugs I gave him earlier. The drinks arrive and Justin says “to an amazing evening in Brazil”. They finish their drinks and head up to the room.
They leave the bar and head to the elevator with Jasmine all over my husband. His hands are grabbing and rubbing all over tight ass and nice perking breast. As soon as the elevator doors close my husband kisses Jasmine and is fondling her breast and rubbing in between Jasmine hot wet pussy. The heat and wetness is coming through her tight pussy gripping shorts. They finally reach the twelfth floor and the door opens good thing there is no one there. They try to compose themselves and walk down the hall to my husband room. Once inside the room my husband ask “do you want a drink?” Before she answered she took her top off and was working on her bottoms and said “no I don’t want a drink can you tell”, and smiled. My husband immediately pushed her on the couch and dropped to his knees, and spread her legs apart and dove in. She had the prettiest pussy that I have ever seen, the small patch of hair was trimmed perfectly with small thin pussy lips that were swollen and moist. I wished that I could smell and taste her. My husband was licking and sticking his tongue in her pussy as far as he could go. She was moaning and wiggling and begging for more while pushing his head further into her pussy. I could tell the drugs were kicking in and she was completely under the influence now.
My husband stood up and pulled off his pants and ripped off his shirt and grabbed her by the head and forced his cock in her mouth. Only the tip could fit in her mouth and he moaned. He tried to force more in and she tried to pull back as it stretched her mouth open and she gagged. He didn’t care and pushed her head further down on his cock she tried to push him back as he held her head down making her gag and then say “take my cock bitch you wanted now you got”. She began struggling with him and that only turned him on more “oh yes baby I like when you fight it makes my dick that much harder”. He looked down and could see the tears in her eyes and grabbed her nipple and twisted as hard as he could causes her to scream out in pain. The tequila had taken over and the abuse was beginning. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and slapped her in the face with it several times and forced it back in her abused mouth. I could tell it was difficult for her to breathe which made him push his cock further down her throat. Right before she was about to blackout he pulled his nine inch cock said “now it’s time to fuck that sweet little pussy of yours”. The look of fear on her face made him want her more, he was like a wild man that had lost total control.
I ask the bartender that had just joined me in the room if he was sure that he gave the girl the drugs that I had given him? He said “yes but they were could have switched them up when he turned his back”. That meant the girl might not have the drugs and my husband may which meant that she would be awake and aware all of the pain he was planning on doing to her. I was excited but afraid if the girl started screaming that someone in the hotel would hear her and call the police. I had to come up with a plan quickly. I told the bartender to grab a bottle of tequila from the bar a take it up to the room and say that it was a gift from management.
I called my husband phone to stop him from ripping apart this sweet young thing. He walked over to phone with his rock hard cock sticking straight out and answered hey what’s up. I ask him if he was having a good time he said “yes and it is about to get better”. I said “okay I was just checking on you and wanted to know that you are okay”. “I’m doing great I’ll call you later bye”. He hung up quickly I knew he was trying to get back to the scared naked young girl on the couch. Before he could walk back to a scared Jasmine sitting on the couch there was a knock at the door. Justin said “damn I can’t catch a break” and grabbed his pants and went to the door. When he opened the door he saw the bartender from downstairs and said” what’s up”? “Nothing mush sir just complimentary bottle of tequila from management we hope you enjoy”, he winks and walks away.
Justin walks over to Jasmine and say” I guess tonight must be your lucky night, what about another shot of tequila”. She shakes her head yes. He grabs two glasses and pours a couple of shouts and says “to lots of fun tonight”. Jasmin and says “can I have another”. “Of course have as much as you like you may need it. Several shots later Jasmine is relaxed and acting really horny again and there was no turning back. Justin tells her to come and suck on his cock he needs to cum. She walks over to him and drops to her knees and goes to work on his nine inch cock. She is slurping and gaging on Justin cock he is pumping his cock in and out of her mouth going deeper and deeper down her throat. He picks her up takes her to the bedroom lay her on her back and has her head hanging off of the side on the bed and says open your mouth. He tells her to relax her throat and eases he nine inch cock down he throat. She tries to gag but he continues to push down her throat. She begins to fight and he grabs her by the head and says take it bitch I need to cum and forces more cock down her throat. She is gaging and trying to push him away but he stands up and forces he cock all the way down her throat until he can see it in her neck he is pumping in and out faster and faster she is flopping all over the bed gasping for air and then he pinches his nose closed. He say take it bitch or I’m not going to let you breath. Tears are streaming down her face and she is not fighting as hard and then she stops moving. Justin grunts and cums down her throat he releases her nose she inhales through her nose he pulls his still hard cock out of her throat and say “damn that was good but I can’t wait to fuck that tight pussy.
She swallows all of his cum while gasping for air. She looks over at Justin and sees that his cock is still rock hard, and the fear returns to her eyes because she knows that she is in trouble. Justine opens the drawer on the dresser and pulls out a bag and tells the girl “take this so it won’t hurt as much.” She says “no I don’t like drugs.” “Ok have it your way but I will have my fun here tonight because you are bought and paid for.” More to cum

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I like to watch my huband fuck young girls

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Comments (1)
lamo66 — 22 October 2017 19:20
Story was to short
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