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When Mom was Away

Categories True Story, Coercion, Drug, First Time

Authror: tastykkake95

Published: 23 October 2017

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My mom was an RN at the VA hospital where she worked overnight. She was married to John since I was one years old, he was all I knew. I even called him Daddy, it wasn't until years later, I learned he was not my father. I have since began calling him John. He treated me well (in my eyes, back then he did) and watched me while my mom worked. It was a really young age when I could remember it all started. John and I had routine. He would give me a bath, washing my "kitty cat" really good, "because they can get really dirty from sweating all day", he would say. After having me lay in the bathtub on my back, while he held my little flaps open "so the water can rinse the soap out of the inside of my little lips . As I dried my naked body off, and put on my pj's, John sit would on the toilet in front of me and pour his weed from the small manilla enevelope, use a match book to roll it back and forth to allow the seeds to fall out. Then he would roll up a joint and be sure to lick it alot while he watched me get lotion my small body and pull on a night shirt.
We would go downstairs into the basement, in his "Adult room" (this was the ONLY time I was allowed down here and I could NEVER tell Momma). The lightbulb was red so it was always a little dark. John would turn on the radio and I would crawl in the middle of the couch and wait for him. He would remove his robe, sitting next to me in his boxers and light the joint, take a couple of hits then turn it around in his mouth so the fire was facing inside his mouth and tell me to come sit on his lap facing him. He would pull me really close so that I could feel him get hard directly under my butt and have me wrap my legs around his waist. He would then blow the weed smoke directly down my throat while holding my head in place until I began choking. This would go on for three or four joints (Our secret).
One night when the last joint was gone and I was high out of my young mind, somehow after the last weed shotgun, my stepdaddy was rubbing his hard on (which he would usually just let it sit against my butt and we would both ignor it) against me and making funny noises. He groaned as if in some type of pain as he pressed himeself against me harder and harder. He was so hard, it was starting to hurt my little kitty cat but I couldnt process what was happening as being bad. It felt strangely "good" plus "Daddy" wouldn't do anything "bad". After what seemed like forever, Daddy stopped pressing and relaxed. I felt really wet down there like I peed on myself. He picked me up, kissed my cheek and carried me up to my room, nothing more happened that night. But again I was a very high kid. This same routine went on for about three weeks, with each grinding session getting longer and longer. The longer the session, the more weed we smoked. As time went on, my stepdaddy got more and more comfortable.
One night, he told me he would teach me how to be grown because I surely was ready. He told me mom spent alot of time at work so I had to be the woman of the house. He started out by letting me hold the joint and puff it for myself in between shot guns(blowing the weed into my mouth) While I sat facing him and puffing on the weed, he suddenly touched my little nipples thru my little tshirt. .A surge of something good raced thru my little body. This mixed with the super high I was feeling, sent crazy sparks all over my body. He pulled my shirt up and started pinching my little nipples, when I tell you, my young ass never felt no shit like that before, I mean it. The weed had me out of my mind. I had smoked way too much by now. He used his teeth to hold them still as he twirled his tongue around them. Yes, I liked being grown! John had me lean back against the arm of the couch while he layed between my legs on his side. He pulled at his underwear while he kept playing with my nipple. After awhile, John would just Stop, pick me up and carry me to my room, all the while reminding me of "our secret".
About two weeks of that and the touching progressed. This time John touched me between my legs. He went straight for my little clit, asking me if I knew what it was. I didnt before that moment, and I knew what he was doing was wrong by now,, I also knew it was felt amazing and I didn't want him to stop. I could not believe I was moving my small hips and carrying on the way I was but I couldnt control myself, I had never felt anything like this. After a few more joints my stepdaddy just stopped and sent me to bed as usual, but still I didnt tell my mom. Eventually, my stepdaddy started licking on my little pussy while we smoke the weed.
As I got older and I was used to our routine, I actually looked forward to John sucking on my clit. I wanted to tell my friends about the amazing feeling but I didnt want to get him into trouble. I knew it was wrong by now for sure. It was a Friday night and Momma was doing overtime. She said my friend, Jasmin, could stay the night. I only had friends over on the weekends when Momma was home so Me and John's secret was never at risk of being exposed until tonight. I was both excited that Mom had to work but disappointed that Jasmine was already so it was too late to chnage my mind about company. I chalked it up and chilled with Jasmine doing normal stuff until we got bored. I decided we should sneak up on John and see what he was doing in the "Adult room". Even jasmine knew we weren never allowed down there.
We tippoed thru the kitchen , and down the first few steps. The giant TV was in sight. On the screen, a man was ramming his huge private down what looked to be a girl my age throat. It was violent. Tears streamed down her ace and her mouth seemed to be stretched around it. I became alarmed at the sight but the man started cumming and the girl pulled him from her mouth and rubbed him all over her face. She seemed to be enjoying it. Another man came into the camera and repeated the process. Jasmine shifted her weight between her feet as she watched on, never making a sound. By the time the second man started cumming, John, whom I never looked at, started moaning and threw his head back on the couch, locking eyes with Jasmin and I.......

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When Mom was Away

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