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A Femme Domme Tale Chapter 3

Categories Fiction, Female Domination, Spanking

Author: melanieatplay

Published: 24 October 2017

  • Font:

It was incredibly difficult talking to my best friend Liz concerning the momentous changes in my marriage that occurred over the past two months. I had long suspected that she considered me a prude, or at the very least, sexually non-adventurous. Perhaps, compared to her, I was.

I had only known Liz a little more than a year and both of us were quite reserved when we met. However, once we really got to know each other, and trust was established, she confided in me that she took many lovers, both male and female. Additionally, she told me she enjoyed black men and would sometimes take them on two at a time. She had done many things that I had only fantasized about and to be honest, all but given up on experiencing since I married Chris.

I had to admit, sharing intimate details of my marriage was really quite erotic. I watched as she bit her lip while I related taking control of Chris both in and out of the bedroom.

It was almost as if I could see her perception of me change from some goody-two-shoes priss to a refined, temporal Dominatrix. As I revealed the inner workings of my marriage over the last two months, it was amusing to watch her impression of me change with each new salacious morsel of information I revealed.

I took a sip of my protein shake and gave her a minute to digest these very new and what had to be shocking revelations about me and my marriage.

“So Chris would do anything you ask?”

“So far he has,” I admitted. “He's never used his safe words, but I have to admit, I haven't really pushed him that hard.”

She gasped.

“But you fucked his ass with a dildo.”

I couldn't help but giggle.

“Yes, but it was something he's wanted for a long time. Many of the sites he’s viewed had to do with pegging.”

“And you weren't… easy on him?”

“I started off easy because it was obviously something he had never experienced before. But then I… you know... I was pretty rough on him.”

She smiled.

“You didn't go easy on him at all then, did you?”

“I couldn't go easy on him, Liz. For a submissive, being pegged is about feeling your Domme’s power and control.”

Her jaw dropped open. I could tell she was trying to wrap her mind around everything I was telling her. Liz was very sexually adventurous and she had obviously experienced many things. However, she seemed to know very little about the BDSM lifestyle.

“There’s just so much to all of this. Where did you learn it from?”

“Mostly online and through a website called FetLife. Unfortunately, I don't have it all figured out yet and I'm still what would be considered a novice. I've talked to Dommes who have forgotten more than I know about this lifestyle.”

She smiled.

“You seem so passionate about this.”

I thought for a moment.

“I can only describe it as a sexual awakening. It's like I'm discovering myself sexually.”

We smiled and sipped our protein shakes for a minute until she broke the silence.

“Do you really think he wants you to be with another man?”

“I think he does, but I'm really hesitant about it.”

“He's basically giving you a hall pass, you could do whatever, or whomever, you wanted.”

It took me a little bit to process her statement and then try to find the right words.

“He's viewed so many things online and it's as if he wants to try them all. I don't think he realizes how some of what he wants could affect our marriage and it’s like I have to be the voice of reason for both of us.”

“You're really struggling with this, aren't you?”

“I've taken total control of our marriage, which I love. However, with that control comes responsibility and that can be very daunting at times.”

She looked into my eyes.

“You really love him, don't you?”

“Yes Liz, of course. This change in our marriage has really brought us closer and that was something I wasn't expecting. I had no idea that me taking control would make our marriage even stronger and cause me to fall even deeper in love with him.”

She smiled.

“Yet, you wrecked his ass?”

“It was gaped open to the size of a silver dollar, I swear.”

We laughed until we nearly cried.

- - - - -

“You really have two options to deal with this unacceptable behavior.”

I took a bite of my Cobb Salad and listened intently as my mentor continued to speak. Edith was an older woman, I’d guess her to be just a bit over fifty, and she was very beautiful. More importantly, she just exuded this quiet, confident, sense of power. From the moment we’d met, I knew she could help me figure out what to do with Chris.

We’d ‘met’ on FetLife and discovered we were both from Las Vegas. She was a professional Dominatrix who made a very lucrative living doing sessions with submissive men. Thankfully, she agreed to meet me when I offered to take her to lunch so we could discuss some of the problems I had been having with Chris's behavior.

I had set up a household duties list of daily and weekly chores that Chris was responsible for. Over the past month, I noted that most of his tasks were being satisfactorily completed. However, I discovered that some of the things he didn't care to do, like cleaning the bathrooms, were being half-assed and I was almost certain that some weeks he neglected them completely.

Edith paused to take a sip of her wine which brought me back to the now.

“The first school of thought is to beat his ass until he complies with the rules you've established for him.”

“I've never been keen on striking him, even though I've given him a few swats with my hand, from time to time,” I admitted sheepishly.

She gave me a stern look.

“Most submissives enjoy corporal punishment and I would recommend you get used to it.”

I took a deep breath and pondered her last statement. Edith was right, I remembered that many of the sites Chris viewed dealt with the Domme spanking their male submissive. However, I was reticent on basing my discipline solely on corporal punishment.

“It's pretty obvious he’s trying to ‘top you from the bottom’.”

I had heard that term before but wasn't entirely sure what it meant and the questioning look on my face gave me away.

“It's a form of manipulation exhibited by uncontrolled submissives. He's choosing which rules he wants to follow and you're allowing it because you're not correcting his behavior.”

I gave her an exasperated look. She was right.

“I really need your help then. You mentioned there are two options when it came to discipline?”

“You need to incentivize him.”

“Incentivize him how?”

“In a domestic situation like yours, you'll find it's much easier to reward the behavior you want to see as compared to punishing the behavior you don't.”

She paused and took another sip of wine before continuing.

“You told me when we met that you manage about ten people, right?”

“That's correct, a dozen people now, actually.”

“How do you incentivize them to follow your company's rules?”

I thought for a moment.

“We give them quarterly performance bonuses and paid time off if they meet their quotas.”

“Exactly! You reward your staff when they exhibit the behaviors you want to see, and I'm willing to bet that's a lot easier than punishing them when they don't meet your expectations, correct?”

“It's a nightmare. The disciplinary forms are incredibly tedious and if I have to actually let someone go… well, the paperwork for that seems endless.”

“It's the same concept with a submissive. Both of your lives will be much easier if you are rewarding the behavior you want to see instead of punishing the behavior you don't.”

It all seemed so overwhelming and I realized just how much I still had to learn.

“So where do I begin, Edith?”

She thought for a moment.

“He spends a lot of time by himself. You need to focus his attention on you even when you're apart. He needs to be kept in chastity.”

I took a deep breath.

“Chastity is something he's wanted to experience for a while now.”

She smiled.

“It's time for you to take control, then, and give him what he wants.”

- - - - -

“When you're done with the dishes Chris, come in and have a seat, we need to talk.”

Our eyes met.

“Okay, Greta, just give me a couple minutes.”

It was Saturday morning and we had just finished breakfast. I picked up the morning paper and perused it which gave Chris time to finish clearing the table and do the dishes.

After a few minutes, Chris returned from the kitchen and stood beside me.

“So does this have anything to do with last night, because my ass is still really sore,” he said jovially.

I didn't like his attitude. We had important matters to discuss and he was joking around. He wasn't paying attention to the serious tone of my voice. I obviously needed to get his attention.

“Sit down, worm,” I hissed.

His expression immediately changed when he saw how irritated I was.

“Yes Ma'am, I'm sorry.”

Even though I didn't like his attitude, he was correct regarding the previous evening. We engaged in a particularly vicious pegging session where I showed him very little mercy. Afterward, he worshipped my pussy for about an hour before I allowed him to penetrate me, cum inside me, clean me, and then swallow his cum.

I took a sip of my orange juice before speaking.

“I'm having a difficult time understanding something, Chris, perhaps you could help me.”

His eyes lowered sheepishly.

“I will assist you any way I can, Ma'am.”

“A month ago, did I give you a weekly chores list?”

His eyes remained fixed on the floor.

“Yes, Ma'am.”

“How long has it been since our guest bathroom was cleaned?”

He thought for a moment.

“Two weeks ago, Ma'am.”

“How long has it been since our house was dusted?”

He paused for a few moments.

“Three weeks ago, Ma'am.”

I waited for a full minute which created a lingering, dramatic effect. I was incredibly angry with him, but I was happy that he didn't try to hide his wrongdoings by lying.

“Do you think that is the proper way to serve your Mistress?”

“No, Ma'am.”

“So which one of us hasn't lived up to our agreement?”

I saw a tear form at the edge of his eye.

“I haven't lived up to our agreement, Ma'am.”

I shot him a disgusted look.

“I'm extremely disappointed in you, Chris. Perhaps we need to forget about this and go back to the way our marriage used to be.”

He swiftly looked up and our eyes met. His face awash in a look of shock and terror.

“No Greta… I'm sorry… I mean, Ma'am.”

He looked down again in utter shame.

“I'm beginning to feel like this is a joke to you. I agreed to change our marriage to what you said you wanted and this is how you behave?”

He kept his head lowered and refused to look into my eyes. Streaks of tears were running down his face and it was obvious this vehement chastising was having a very profound effect on him.

I paused for a full minute so he could mentally internalize my words. It was important for him to know how serious I was.

“No matter what you do, Chris, I will never stop loving you. However, I can't abide this flagrant disregard of my rules and the disrespect you've shown me.”

“I'm so sorry, Ma'am,” he said in a voice barely above a whisper.

“I realize you are sorry, but a simple apology isn't sufficient. There has to be consequences for such blatant, disrespectful behavior.”

I looked down and his hands were trembling. Amazingly, I also saw that he had a very noticeable erection straining against the denim of his jeans. It was very obvious that he was remorseful for his actions, but I had no idea my castigation would produce such a physical effect as well.

“Go to our bedroom, take off your clothes, and wait by the foot of our bed.”

“Yes, Ma'am,” he said all keeping his eyes lowered to the floor.

There was an uneasiness in the pit of my stomach. I had never spoken to Chris so harshly since we'd been married, and over what? A ‘dirty’ guest bathroom that neither of us had used and a house that could probably pass a military-style white glove dust inspection.

I mentally scolded myself.

That's not the point! I gave him a very simple list of chores and he didn't feel it was important enough to complete them. Yet, he made time to visit his favorite BDSM sites before I got home from work.


There was another unexpected side effect from our little exchange. My pussy was a hot, humid, moist swamp. Even though I was seething in anger at Chris’s behavior, I felt powerful, in control, and the Mistress of my domain. His submissive attitude and the power he freely gave me was the genesis of these feelings. I realized in that moment that I needed him as much, or maybe even more than he needed me.

I took several deep breaths and silently counted to ten. My mind cleared and there was a newfound sense of clarity and purpose. Suddenly, I could hear Edith’s words of wisdom echo in my brain:

“Never administer discipline when you're angry.”

I sat back down at the table, took several more deep breaths and gained control of my emotions. I also resisted the urge to rub myself through my Spandex yoga pants.

I thought of going to the bedroom and making him worship my pussy for the next several hours so he could atone for his misbehavior. However, his transgressions required a more severe punishment. If this relationship was going to work, Chris had to be put into submission and under my complete control.

Inexplicably, this felt like a turning point in our relationship. This lifestyle was either going to be real and we were going to live it, both inside the bedroom and out, or it was just some internet-fantasy type game. I quickly came to the conclusion that if Chris wanted the latter, I couldn't be a part of it.

I took one last deep breath and walked into our bedroom. Chris was standing naked at the foot of our bed waiting for me, just like I had instructed.

Our eyes met.

“Sit down, Chris.”

He sat on the edge of the bed and I pulled up and chair and sat in front of him.

“I want you to listen to me very carefully. Two months ago when I agreed to this change in our marriage, I told you that for me to be fulfilled, this lifestyle had to be real and this couldn't be some game… we have to live it.”

“Yes, Ma'am, I remember,” he said solemnly.

“Today was the first time that it felt like a game.”

He lowered his head in shame.

“Look at me, Chris.”

His eyes met mine.

“I'm going to ask you a very serious question. Do you wish to continue living this lifestyle with me?”

“Yes, Ma'am. More than anything else in the world.”

“Good. That was the response I wanted to hear from you.”

I took a deep breath of relief. I didn't want to contemplate any answer other than the one he gave me.

“I don't expect perfection from you because that's unrealistic and I realize everyone makes mistakes. However, when you do make mistakes you will be held accountable and will need to atone for them. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma'am.”

“Retrieve the toy box from underneath the bed, Chris.”

I watched as he got down on his hands and knees and pulled our large antique chest out from under the bed that contained our sex toys. He sat back down on the edge of the bed.

I unlocked the chest and pulled out a three-foot wooden cane. It had the circumference of a large pencil. Amazingly, it was as flexible as it was strong and the very sight of it truly looked menacing. When Edith suggested it as the discipline tool to use on Chris at our lunch, my first reaction was a very swift refusal. However, she agreed to help me pick it out and practice with it until I was confident in my abilities to use it properly.

“Do you know what this is, Chris?”

His jaw was open in utter shock and his eyes hadn’t left the cane since I removed it from the chest.

Shit just got real again, didn’t it, babe?

“Y-y-y-es Ma’am,” he stammered, “I know what it is.”

“Have you seen one used before?”

His eyes never left the cane that was in my hand as we spoke. There was a look of fear in his eyes which gave me some concern Notwithstanding, his erection never abated and it was as if he was even more aroused now than he was before I entered the room despite his knowledge of what had to know was coming.

“I’ve only seen video’s of it being used, Ma’am.”

“Do you know why you are about to be punished?”

For the first time since I had produced the cane, our eyes met.

"Yes, Ma'am. Because I did not obey your rules and complete my chore list as you demanded."

“That’s correct Chris. I love you dearly, but I will not tolerate an unruly, disobedient submissive in my house, do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

My voice softened.

“Because I love you, I’m taking the time to discipline you so you can be the type of submissive husband that we both want you to be.”

Tears were filling his eyes again and he smiled. It was important for him to understand that while I was mad at his behavior and his choices, I was not upset with him, personally.

“Thank you so much, Greta… I mean.. Ma’am.”

I nodded my head.

"You will receive five strikes from the cane, Chris. After each strike, you will count. Do you understand?"

His hands began shaking again, yet there was a calm in his eyes amidst the tears. Dare I say, an excitement that wasn’t previously there a few seconds ago. I could tell that he was experiencing a wide range of emotions simultaneously that ranged from trepidation to excitement.

“I understand, Ma’am.”

“Good, now turn around so I can restrain you.”

Wordlessly, he stood up, turned around, and placed his hands on each side of the bed next to the bedposts. I retrieved the heavy, leather bindings that were attached to cable ties at the base of our bed, right above the carpet. I then attached the leather bindings to each of his wrists. I stood up, grabbed the cane, and took a moment to observe him. He looked so vulnerable, so helpless, so completely at my mercy. I could feel the power surge through my body and it seemed to emanate from between my legs. My pussy was so hot and wet and as I moved, I could smell myself and I’m sure that Chris could smell me as well. I touched the end of the cane to his ass and I could see his flesh quiver.

“Are you ready?”

His whole body was shaking in anticipation.

“Yes, Ma’am,” he said in a voice barely above a whisper.

Without warning, I swung the cane hard and it impacted perfectly on both of Chris's ass cheeks with a cracking sound that filled the entire room and echoed off the walls. Chris made a loud grunting sound and buried his head in the comforter of our bed. A few seconds later he was able to compose himself and lift his head off the mattress.


I looked down and a deep, red welt was already starting to form on his ass. Seeing the disturbing effects of the cane, my mind was instantly filled with doubts and reservations.


Could he handle four more strikes? Should I have used something else, maybe a belt? Should I call this off, or at least lighten up on him? NO!!

This needed to be done, and I needed to see it through, to completion.

I raised the cane again and brought it down with as much force as the first strike. Again, a cracking sound filled our bedroom and Chris pulled against the restraints which firmly held. He was hyperventilating in an attempt to find a way through the pain.



The third strike landed below the other two and Chris jumped hard towards the head of the bed in a subconscious effort to escape the onslaught. Again, the heavy leather cuffs and cable ties held true and prevented him from moving very far. I could hear his heavy breathing, his hyperventilation, and again, my mind flooded with doubts and apprehension.


His voice gave me focus and pushed out the negative, questioning, doubts.

Be strong, Greta.

At the risk of sounding condescending, disciplining him had to be tougher on me than it was on him… well… almost.


“Yellow… Fuck… Yellow…” Chris stammered while using his safe word for the first time.

By mistake, the fourth strike landed almost exactly where the second one had hit which must have produced pain that he couldn’t deal with.

Shit, not what I wanted.

“Are you okay, Chris?”

He took several deep breaths and got himself under control.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“You have one left, do you wish to continue?”

He thought for several seconds while silently contemplating his options.

“Yes, Ma’am, I want to continue.”

I had never been so proud of Chris as I was in that moment. I wasn’t going easy on him. I couldn’t. Yet, he was taking it. I took a second to compose myself and get back into character.

“Very well, worm. What is the count?”

He took a deep breath.

“Four, Ma’am.”

I lowered the cane down slowly, aiming… Making sure the last hit would be on the bottom portion of his ass and not near the other four. I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice.


Chris cried out and pulled again at the restraints which held true. Four very deep, black and blue welts had formed on the meaty section of his ass. His head was buried deep in the comforter and I could hear sounds of soft sobbing. It took a full minute before he had somewhat composed himself. Without warning, he raised his head several inches off the mattress.


I was so proud of him. He took my discipline so well. I had never been so honored and appreciative of my husband and what he was willing to endure for me. He had taken the punishment so well and in that moment, he was perfect to me.

I loosened the cuffs from his wrists and quietly spoke.

“Stay still so I can apply some cream, baby.”

I reached into the open treasure chest and produced a jar of heavy, thick white balm that was supposed to aid in healing and give him a measure of comfort. As I applied the cream, I inspected the welts. Even though they were severe, I administered the punishment perfectly, just as Edith had instructed me because I didn't break the skin and there was no blood.

Once I had covered the welts with cream, I took Chris into my arms and held him tight. After a few seconds, he broke down crying almost uncontrollably and I tenderly ran my fingers through his hair while I held him. I had read that sobbing like this was very common after such an intense, emotional session. However, it still caught me somewhat by surprise even though I had read extensively about it. I have to admit, there was also a few tears in my eyes as I consoled him. This was such a profoundly emotional experience for both of us and that element of his punishment took me by surprise. After several minutes, he was cried out and I continued to hold him lovingly in my arms. Finally, we broke our tender embrace.

“Are you okay with everything we did, Chris?”

He took a deep breath.

“Yes, Ma’am,” he said softly.

“We are out of the scene, it’s okay.”

He thought for several moments.

“I never thought you would…”

He paused again to collect his thoughts.

“I didn’t take your rules seriously, Greta.”

I tried so hard to keep a straight face because his expression was so honest and vulnerable… like a child.

“I know you didn’t.”

I looked into his eyes, he was still searching for the right words and I didn’t want to disturb him while he contemplated his actions and my reaction to what he had done.

“I guess I didn’t take you seriously, until this morning.”

I reached for his hand and gently held it.

“I know you didn’t, Chris.”

I paused for a moment to try to find the right words.

“For this lifestyle to be meaningful, it has to be real, for both of us and I think we took a big step today towards that end.”

He smiled.

“If you ever have a problem completing your chores Chris, you need to tell me so we can discuss it, okay… because simply neglecting your duties isn't going to be allowed.”

He looked into my eyes.

“I understand that now, and from here on out, all of my chores will be completed when you want them to be.”

We enjoyed a few moments of comfortable silence. Despite the tumultuous events we had just experienced, I felt so close to him, so in love with him. I was still amazed how this lifestyle had brought us together. We were communicating so much better and our marriage felt so much stronger. He had done so well taking his punishment, he needed a reward. Gently, I reached down, between his legs and slowly rubbed his cock.

I appeared to catch him off guard and he jumped, slightly.

“Do you like my hand on you, baby?” I cooed seductively.

He closed his eyes and began to moan softly as I gently stroked him back to hardness. I realized that it had been quite a while since I touched him. Lately, our loving making revolved around him pleasing me and giving me pleasure, but in this moment, I wanted to make it solely about him.

I could hear his breathing become shallow as I lovingly stroked his cock up and down. His low, guttural moans were letting me know he loved what I was doing; I loved how he felt in my hand.

“Tell Mama what you want, baby,” I said huskily.

“Please… Please put your mouth on me,” he begged.

It had been weeks since I went down on Chris and, stunningly, he never expressed missing it. Like a good submissive, when we made love, he concentrated on me and my pleasure almost solely. Yet, under these circumstances, I felt that he deserved… No… he’d earned some special attention.

Chris opened his legs and I kneeled between them. His cock looked almost painfully erect and a copious amount of pre-cum was already dripping from the head. I used my fingernails to gently scratch both sides of his inner thighs which caused him to elicit another low moan.

I took his turgid member in my hand again and began to gently stroke him up and down. His eyes rolled back into his head and he started to pump his hips up and down, raising them off the mattress.

“Do you want my mouth on you, baby?”

“Oh yes, Greta… oh yes, please, yes…”

I slowly lowered my mouth on him, swirling my tongue teasingly over the head. I could hear the moaning and gasps from above me. It was pretty obvious he loved what I was doing.

I relaxed my throat and took him deeper into my mouth and after a few seconds, saliva was dripping down his cock and collected in a small pool on his balls.

He lovingly ran his hands through my hair as I continued to indulgently fellate him. After a couple minutes, his breathing began to change and I knew he was getting close. I was tempted to let him cum in my mouth but instead, I wanted a measure of relief myself and decided against it. I opened my mouth and his cock slipped out.

“I want to feel you inside me, baby.”

A big smile broke across his face.

“I want that more than anything, Greta.”

I rose to my feet as Chris slid forward to the very edge of the bed, then I straddled him. I wrapped my arms around him and I could feel him reach beneath me and line up the head of his cock at my aperture.

I heard him moan as he thrust his hips upwards and slid himself into me. We wrapped our arms around each other and moved slowly, passionately in unison as our bodies melted together. As I moved on top of him, I knew that some of his moans were the result of our lovemaking. However, I also realized that some of his groans were the aftermath of our earlier torrid discipline session. My weight on top of him and the grinding motion of my hips had to be causing a considerable amount of pain on his freshly caned ass.

This realization caused a sense of power to course through my veins. The physical pain he was experiencing even as we made love, would serve as a reminder of his disobedience and of my ability to exert my will over him and guide our marriage in the direction I wanted it to go.

We moved in perfect harmony, as one. I loved feeling him inside me, riding him, squeezing his cock with the muscles in my vagina. It was what we needed after such a tumultuous morning. I needed to feel that connection with him and we needed to strengthen that bond between wife and husband, and between Domme and submissive.

I came twice times before we released together simultaneously. And for the first time since we redefined our marriage, I didn’t make him clean his cum from inside of me. Instead, we leisurely showered together and soaped each other’s bodies. It felt so intimate, so romantic… I realized we hadn’t showered together since we’d honeymooned in Mexico.

We dried each other off and I took a few minutes to inspect the welts on his bottom and apply another coat of the cream. Thankfully, the deep red marks were already starting to lose their intense crimson hue as his skin began to heal. Once I had finished tending to him, we sat down on the bed.

“We need to discuss something, Chris.”

Immediately, I could see the scared expression on his face. He thought he had someone did something wrong and I couldn’t help but smile.

“No… nothing is wrong Chris… you didn’t do anything wrong.

A look of relief washed over his face.

“Thank God, I can’t handle any more punishments today.”

We both broke into big smiles. Hopefully, he’d still be smiling when he saw what I had in store for him.

“In the past, you’ve expressed an interest in exploring chastity.”

This was an understatement of sizeable proportions. Chris had spent countless hours viewing web pages that were devoted entirely to men whose wives kept them locked in chastity devices and I knew it was something that he yearned for. However, I never felt it was the right time to introduce this into our relationship… until now.

“Have you… ummm… looked at devices?”

“I have, Chris. It took me a while to find one that I liked, but the one I chose for you should fit our needs quite nicely.”

His hands began to gently tremble. It was his tell, what he did when the excitement of something he craved became too much to bear.

"Would you like to look at the device I've chosen for you?"

“Y-y-y-e-e-s, Ma’am,” he stammered.

I opened our toy box and retrieved the chastity device that was still encased in its cardboard and plastic covered wrap and handed it to him so he could examine it. His mouth opened in a look of utter shock. Just the look of it was menacing. I had to admit that I knew very little about these instruments aside from the fact that Edith told me that the one she recommended was the only one worth purchasing, in her opinion.

The device was comprised of two brass rings that were held together by a small padlock. The smaller ring had a cage that enclosed the head of the penis and looked fairly standard as chastity devices go. What was truly ominous about this particular device was it had a four inch, silicone flexible tube that was designed to be inserted into the penis and then locked into place by the smaller, outer ring. The tube had a four and a half millimeter inner diameter that was supposed to allow for sufficient urine flow so the device could be worn for long periods of time. What sold me, though, was the picture on the back cover that showed a normal male penis that was shrunk down to less than an inch once the device was locked securely into place. When viewed from the side, it was as if the guy's cock disappeared almost completely; which had to be incredibly humiliating for the submissive.

“Greta… do you… do you really want me to wear this?”

I cut my eyes at him.

“Yes, Chris… this is going to be your new best friend,” I said sternly.

I could tell he wasn't very enthused about the chastity device that I chose for him, especially the insertable silicone tube that had a shocking resemblance to a catheter. For me, it came to living the lifestyle as realistically as possible. So many of the online videos I watched showed the submissive easily masturbating himself while caged in chastity. The point of a chastity device is… chastity… right?

“Stand up, Chris, let's give this thing a go…”

Hesitantly, he stood up in front of me. I could tell that he wasn’t very enthusiastic about actually trying something that he had wanted for years. I couldn’t help but think that the reality of putting on this chastity device had to be much different than the fantasy of seeing one on others on the internet.

I removed the device from the plastic packaging that protected it. I had to admit, I was a little unsure of myself. I had read the instructions multiple times and I wanted to act confident. However, I was trying to tame the nervous apprehension I was feeling inside.

I grasped the large brass ring and slid it behind his penis and testicles. Chris let out a low groan when I clamped the larger ring around his genitalia. It fit very snug and there was no way it was coming off once it was locked.

Now for the tricky part…

I picked up the small, silicone tube that was attached to the outer ring of the cock cage. Next, I lubricated it with a generous amount of Astroglide. I could feel Chris tense up when I took his cock in my hand. I looked up at him.

“Relax, Chris, I don’t want this to hurt you.”

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. As gently as I could, I inserted the lubricated end of the tube into the head of his penis. From what I read, the urethra was very sensitive so I attempted to be as tender as possible. Amazingly, there was only a small amount of resistance and the tip of the tube slipped inside. I waited a few seconds and studied his facial expression. He looked to be experiencing some discomfort. However, he didn’t appear to be in pain.

“Are you doing okay, Chris?”

He started to bite his lip a bit, maybe he was in more pain than I thought.

“I’m doing all right Greta, just keep going.”

As gently as possible, I slid the tube inside his cock the rest of the way until the head of his penis was touching the outside of the brass ring of the cock cage. I looked up again. He was breathing heavy, but he didn’t appear to be in any peril.

“Are you still with me up there?”

His breathing was getting more rapid.

“I’m fine, just do what you need to do.”

I estimated there were at least four inches between the two rings and for this device to work, they had to lock together. Slowly, I pushed the outer cock cage backward which contracted his penis into his body. After a couple of seconds, the clasps of both rings met.

“Keep holding still, Chris, we’re almost done.”

I’m not even sure that he heard me over his hyperventilation. Quickly, I grabbed the small padlock and latched both rings together. I stood up and looked down at my husband in utter amazement.

“We’re done, Chris, what do you think?”

His mouth dropped open when he looked down.

“Where the hell did my cock go?”

I couldn’t help but giggle.

“To be honest, I’m not sure. Are you in any pain?”

“There is some irritation, maybe a bit of discomfort, but I can’t really call it pain. It just feels really weird.”

No shit, ya think?

“Is it what you expected?”

“I’m not sure yet, I need to try to walk, and then I’ll know more.”

There was less than an inch of Chris's cock that was exposed. From the side, it looked more like a cock-let than an actual penis. The device was obviously working because there was nothing for him to stroke, even if he wanted. Additionally, he later learned the tube inside his cock prevented any type of pleasurable sensation when he attempted to rub what was left of his exposed penis. The device could only be described as ingeniously evil.

Chris spent the next hour in his cage before I let him remove it. He remained in chastity the rest of the weekend separated by extended breaks so he could get used to the sensation of being locked up. Urinating he said was tolerable, but produced a ‘different’ feeling of pressure that he’d never experienced. By Sunday evening, he had worked up to spending three straight hours in chastity before begging me to unlock him. Overall, I felt that three hours on the second day was a very good start. However, it was going to get worse for him, much worse.

- - - - -

It was 3:15 in the afternoon and I was gasping for breath. Liz and I had just finished an hour-long online spin class and my legs felt as weak as jello. Thankfully, the large workout room at our casino was empty and no one besides Liz saw the sweat dripping off my body, or me trying to catch my breath. Because of her amazing fitness level, she was barely breathing heavy.

It must be so nice to be that in shape.

Liz sat on the bench beside me and handed me a bottle of water so I could rehydrate.

“So, how is your submissive husband doing?”

I couldn't help but smile. At least once a week Liz grilled me on the latest goings-on with Chris. She seemed obsessed by our lifestyle and it was fun to talk to her about it.

“Would you like to see something?”

“Um... okay.”

I pulled out my iPhone and hit a couple buttons on the screen and pulled up a short video message that Chris had emailed me at 2:54.

“Okay, Liz, brace yourself…”

I pressed the play button and Chris’s image filled the screen. He was sitting shirtless at our computer desk in my office inside our home.

“Hello, Ma'am. I got home a half hour ago. I had a really good day and my professor actually let me teach a portion of our class which was incredibly exciting.”

Chris was a teacher's assistant and enrolled in a master's degree program at UNLV. I was so happy for him because he’d finally discovered what he wanted to do professionally, to become a college professor.

He continued speaking…

“I'm going to get started vacuuming the floor and I'll have dinner ready by the time you get home.”

He stood up, the camera panned out, and for the first time, we could see that he was naked. Silently, we watched as Chris grabbed the large ring of his chastity device and clasped it behind his cock and balls. Next, he took the small cage in his hand that was attached to the four-inch silicone tube. I heard Liz gasp in shock as Chris inserted the silicon tube into his penis and then compress both rings together and secured them solidly in place with the padlock.

He blew the camera a kiss and said, “I love you Greta and I'll see you when you get home.”

The screen of my iPhone went dark and I turned to look at Liz. Her mouth was still open in a state of shock and it took her several seconds to form words.

“What the hell did you just show me?”

I couldn't help but smile at her reaction.

"I showed you, my submissive husband, locking himself in his chastity device."

“Is that a daily occurrence?”

It had been almost a month since Chris started using his chastity device and he was quite proficient at putting it on by himself. I had shared many aspects of my BDSM marriage with Liz. However, this was the first time she learned of Chris’s chastity device.

“He has until three to send me that video every day to show me he's in chastity. He'll stay locked up until I get home which is usually around seven.”

I gave her a few seconds. It was very obvious that it was taking a bit for this very revealing information to sink in. It was almost as if I could see her mind spinning, trying to make sense of what I was showing her about my marriage.

“He's totally under your control, isn't he?”

“He’s had moments of defiance which is to be expected. However, he's very docile and I'm still amazed at how far he's come in the short time that I've taken control of our marriage.”

She took a deep breath in an obvious attempt to calm herself. It was easy to tell that she was becoming very aroused the more we talked.

“Have you... umm… thought more about what we discussed earlier?”

I took a moment to ponder her question. A week ago, Liz informed me that she was interested in joining me while I ‘Dommed’ Chris. I was torn between the lascivious idea of her helping me dominate him, and the unknown outcome of having another person so intimately involved in our rather unique sex life.

“Honestly, I'm still surprised you want to join us.”

“Talking to you about Chris and you showing me that video… well… it's just fucking hot. I’ve had a lot of sexual experiences Greta, but they pale in comparison to what you’ve been doing with Chris. I’d just really love to be involved… and you know… be a small part of what you have with him.”

I couldn't help but smile. She was aroused. Her nipples were poking through the thin Lycra material of her sports bra. It was obvious that she was incredibly turned on and in no way trying to hide it. Her arousal and enthusiasm was contagious and turning me on. I couldn’t help but give in to her.

“Do you have plans for this Friday night?”

She bit her lip and I could see the wheels turning in her mind.

“I would break my plans if it meant spending an evening with you and Chris.”

I took a sip of my water.

“I'll have Chris cook something special for dinner then.”

We enjoyed several moments of comfortable silence. I didn't expect this afternoon's events to take such an interesting turn. However, it was incredibly exciting. Just the thought of sharing our bed with Liz was incredibly erotic. She began speaking again which brought me back to the now.

“There's something else that I like to talk to you about,” she said hesitantly.

"I trust you, Liz, we can talk about anything."

It took her several moments to collect herself, it was almost as if she was trying to find the right words.

“Do you find me attractive?”

My mouth opened, but no words came out. Now it was my turn to try to figure out what to say.

“You're beautiful,” I said simply. “I've never known anyone like you.”

I paused for a few moments to collect my thoughts before I continued speaking.

“I have to admit I'm a little shocked, though. Your question implies that you’re… you know… into me.”

She took a moment to collect her thoughts.

“I love that you’ve taken control of your marriage and I find it incredibly erotic. The power he gives you, it just amazes me and it’s incredibly erotic to hear what you do with him.”

She paused for a moment before continuing.

“But it’s more than just that… your... transformation over the past few months has been nothing short of staggering. You've been so dedicated, so driven, I can't tell you how proud I am of you.”

Since we'd began working out together, I had lost a total of twenty-five pounds and gained at least fifteen pounds of pure muscle mass. Additionally, I had just been able to fit into a size six, something I hadn't been able to do since my freshmen year of high school. I still had a few areas of stubborn cellulite that I was working on, but overall, I couldn't be happier with my progress under Liz's direction.

Taking me by surprise, she took my hand firmly in hers and looked directly into my eyes before she continued to speak.

“You were always really pretty, but now… you have a beautiful body to go along with your stunning looks and congenial personality and I have to admit… I'm quite smitten with you and… I find you attractive in more ways than you'll probably ever know.”

I could feel my face blush in a deep, red crimson. It took me a few seconds to calm down enough to form a coherent thought and respond to her.

“Friday night will be interesting then.”

- - - - -

To be continued.

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A Femme Domme Tale Chapter 3

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Mojavejoe420 — 25 October 2017 16:21
A great installment to the series! Nicely done, Mel.
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this is getting really good for me can't wait for the the next chapter its got to be the hottest got me anticipating how hot it will be
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