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A random rape and murder

Categories Fantasy, Male / Female, Murder, Non-consensual sex

Author: Priyakiller

Published: 25 October 2017

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He knows she is married .She posses the red bangle and have saffron in head like all hindu married woman ,like a public "not available" poster on her body. But she is ultimately a woman and he is man ,and no social law can stop him from banging her ,and he is ready to go for any limit.

Akram ,an illegal who works for local political leader ,he made him papers and give him money which he send to his family in otherside against some low scale dirtyjobs for politician and she is local school teacher name Sumitra.

She is from a town nearby ,from his contacts he learn that she is newly married .She came in morning train and leave in evening one all alone ,he follow her for weeks ,path she follows ,people she contacts etc ,he conclude he can't get her while she is arriving ,best to deal with her while she return.

Though most of the day she return by main road ,too many people so no chance .But at every Tuesday she follows a different routine ,she went to a temple while she returning back and from that she took a shortcut as she lose a plenty of time during puja ,and train is on schedule always .That shortcut provide him the only opportunity in whole episode ,it's a dirt road through a small patch of forest land with lots of bushes ,not many ppl go through there due to security concern as the forest famous for being the dumping ground of dead bodies and illegal activities .Busiest time is when train arrive at station as many people use it by that time.

Also he is concern about doing it alone ,one of the younger "brother" of him ,Selim. Fellow illegal of late teen borrowed money from him but struggling to return back ,he perused him to help him in this plan otherwise he know "different" approach to take his money .Fearing the consequences he agree to help .

So they wait for her next tuesday .It's just before 4.00 clock and as expected they watch her approaching while themselves waiting behind the bushes.She is wearings set of Shalwar-kameez ,yellow kameez with green shalwar with matching green dupatta, her shoulder long black silky hair weaving in strong evening wind ,she is walking fast ,she is concern too about safety ,but this 100m stretch of path would pass within blink of an eye. Alas the window of opportunity is too big and as she arrive at the spot ,Akram jumped infront of her and block her path .Before she could react Selim too cameout from hiding and hold her by her chest ,just below of her large breasts. He put another hand in good use to cover her mouth ,she try to scream but strong pressure of his muscular hand only allow suppress muffle .

Selim despite in teen age still far stronger than same aged boys, this city woman don't have power to fight rural guy like him despite being older. He pull her off the ground with grip power of single hand and carry her inside couple of meter of forest and threw her down ,Akram took her bag which fall on the ground and
follows leaving no tress of her behind. No one can see anything going to happen behind the cover of large bushes.

Selim still holding her ,he settle thing by laying her down on her stomach and laid himself over her ,effectively pinning her with his weight .She throw her hands and legs, some of the punches land of his back and arms but he hold on. Now his crotch is exactly at top of her ass and thinking about what Akram going to do with her make his cock get hard and now as she struggle just underneath of him and her ass pressed to his crotch ,his boner now sinking in her soft cake like butt.
As it's stick in her ass he think more of it and his prick gone bigger . She surely can realize what pointy stuff sinking in her fat butt. Though he never fuck anybody for now but his porn experience is enough for his mind to tell his body how to enjoy the soft ass below his body.Thankfully Akram bind her hands behind her back with his gamocha towel and relieve some pressure from Selim who would soon ejaculate in same condition if his partner don't interrupt, considering how quickly he gone hard.

After that they roll her and laid her on her back ,it give them first closeup of her boobs which feel very stiff under silk kameez .Selim rearrange himself at the end of her head and they placed her head on his thigh while her rest of the body lies on ground . Her legs are still free and she try her best to hit them with those but Akram nullify them by sitting on them. After getting in control he hold them with left hand and with right start unzipping his pants ,within moments he is only on his shirt while his throbbing circumcised penis stand pointing towards her ,waiting to invade and destroy honour and pussy of a married woman.

They in intensity of situation forget to put a simple piece of any cloth on her mouth. Selim still holding her mouth strongly, strong enough to let some low muffle only ,it's also important as crowd getting little heavier in that sidepath. She try to lick his palms to force him to retract in tickle, but he is too experienced and aged
to be fooled by that .Once positioning himself Akram pull her shalwar down and throw it in jungle .Now only panties left at her bottom part ,soon they follow the same path and now her unshaved vulva completely expose to air and lust of this 2 criminal.

Selim not want to join in anykind of "main" act ,but all these "boner in ass" thing and imagining giant breast still under wrapper of kameez he started to get hot .He want to tease the bitch like he saw in many porn, but he can sense people going through the road next ,as train just arrive .It's the same train she catches
everyday ,not today and never again.

All this happens just within 5-10 minutes ,but it's seems like hours ,she also victim of it ,she don't realize how quickly her worlds turn like that ,she heard about many rape cases ,but this time she is the one who is taken against will ,she have anger in her eyes first ,but now with time it's turn into fear ,she realize she
had no chance against 2 grown up men and start losing hope ,she still fighting but her eyes goes wet thinking of her honour ,husband. How gonna she confess it to him ??

Without wasting anymore time ,Akram put her 2 feet on his soldier and positioned his thick long manhood infront of her vaginal gate .Try to sense it wetness by teasing the outerwall of her vagina by touching ,hitting it with his prick .Her outer lips are close and when he parted them to check inner once..

NOTHING...DRY .... "It's going to be rough" he thinks and send his 2 finger in his mouth to coat them with his saliva and with them start lubricating her innerlips and whole entrench of her heaven ,he knows this action would relax her a bit too .As time goes she started to shiver a bit in growing orgasm but thats not mean she giveup ,success of the mission depend on how Selim hold her ,his grip for now stop her screaming but real test of him begins ,when finally Akram punched through her vaginal opening with his 9 inch circumcised cock ,cock of a low class illegal scum and start pounding her ,her..a classy woman from upper side of society from nearby town, she started crying as tears start pouring out of her eyes and she momentarily stop struggling on this defeat ,but again violently start fighting like no other time. Her innerwalls still dry as it's painful for both of them ,Akram pounding her hard while Selim fought hard to keep his victim under grip
,realizing Selim can't hold her anymore ,Akram send his one hand to her throat and start choking her ,it's intensify her struggle for few moments ,but soon cutoff air supply start taking it's toll. Her eyes started to roll and bursting vein start making it red ,she fall towards unconsciousness with each passing time .This also indirectly propel her slowly developing orgasm as her vaginal muscle get contracted but also at same time start getting wet ,this tightening pussy beg Akram to fed his baby batter to her as he start feeling his orgasm building too, she hung their in complex situation of sensing both her death and orgasm and thats the
time when Akram no longer hold and star filling her inner cavity with his potent sperm ,he eject multiple stream of cum inside her and finally fall on her chest .He wait for every last drop of his precious matter to collect inside her before pulling out his semi-erect tool.

He lose her grip , but she did't scream ,rather start breathing heavily ,her eyes are closed in disgust to them and herself ,she also losses her strong look of resistance gone and tears still rolling down her chick in this defeat. There is no hand to stop her scream now but she is now struggling to speak due to the torture on her neck ,her honour is taken ,even if nobody knows that she can never forget that ,she can't think of living with this shame .She suddenly just realize that he came inside ,she and her husband just met the doctor and they decide to take the child in this session and it's the time of the month. She cursed them in her broken voice ,once realize Akram rejoice the fact that he really knock the right bitch at right time .

Generally from his old experience many woman don't acknowledge rape to her husband .If timing is right their husbands actually feeding their rapists children without knowing anything. He is the winner of "battle of womb" ,now thats what he really want for days since he get her first glance ,stupid hindu bitch get breed by muslim ,like his father grandfather did with many hindu woman during partition.

This all action of chocking her and watching live rape also effect Selim, his first boner subsides but then all this event rekindle it and his hard prick no longer containable inside his jeans and giving him pain but before he can use his one ,sensing their guard down ,she scream. she able to produce one sharp "help m..uuuu"
before Selim put his hand on her face to suppress it again. Alas nobody near now ,Selim confirm it by peeking above the bushes. Thanks god for this time but this is unforgiving mistake ,it's also mean this bitch can't be trusted and she might go to police ,they are without mask ,it will be end for them.

Sensing possible danger in leaving her alive ,Akram quickly took her dupatta and roll it like a thick rope. Her heart fill with terror which reflect through her eyes. In a blink of an eye Akram wrap it around her throat twice and start pulling bothside with all his strength. Soon Selim realize there is no use to hold her mouth as she already lose power to scream since the handmade garrote start contracting her air-pipes .Not long after her muffle like sound turn into gurgle as droll and foam start forming in her mouth and came out with occasional cough ,her eye started to bulge and become red with exploding veins ,her face start getting purple shed .

She try to dislodge her attacker even with binded hand by maneuvering her body but Selim for now holding her down strongly by her chest ,enough to turn any of her attempt useless ,sooner her body goes on spasm as her feet extended in hope of getting hold of anything ,her tongue came out in a hope of getting any more air which also bring the large amount of droll and foam from inside which start rolling towards left.

As of Akram he did't notice how his body react to this ,but his prick now hard again and as he put more and more strength on both edge of her dupatta ,harder it become. Then her spasm stop and replaced with occasional twitches .She is now on the verge of strangled to death by her rapist whose cum now start dribble out of her well used pussy but nobody to notice that as all want to ensure that this stupid bitch representation of all they hate dead as fast as possible ,they notice how her pretty face now not even have that earlier purple aura as it now completely grey and faded ,tongue protruded out with red bursting rolling eyes looking at eternity with death and fear all over it .
The well develop body of her whose seducive movement bring her to this phase of life now only give occasional twitches. A gasp like cough-gurgle came out of her mouth after long time ,it's not over yet .He put pressure for another few minutes ,until he heard a small snap .He did it he break her neckbones which confirm by a small trickling blood line from her mouth .He is now gasping like a marathon athlete ,putting all his anger towards society ,woman and to this nation on this woman ,finally he stop after being alerted by Selim,who sense somebody passing by the road. It also give them the opportunity to check her pulse .

Selim loosen tightly wapped dupatta of her to reveal dark purple black strangling mark on her neck ,he put his 2 finger there ,no pulse.she is dead. Realizing that a dead body laying infront of him with it's head on his thigh he jumped off the ground and stands near . He is sweating heavily ,he never imagine situation would be so extreme .Akram also finally notice how hard his wood is ,he kill few person even woman but never strangle any woman like this .May be it's the feeling of dominance and taking out the life of a sex object create this and no way he would ignore it .

Her legs now lying straight extended due to effect of strangulation he quickly spread them aside and look at the pussy which leaking white subjects..hmm.. he think about it ,first though of his is to leave as soon as possible ,but his hard prick already tookover his brain ,watching her dead meeting partner give him an extraordinary idea , in normal condition he might never think of it..but situation is't normal..to kill his boner he decided to fuck this dead bitch ,he place himself in missionary style and start fucking her corpse .He never fuck a dead body ,never imagine that ,it's a new experience and now he fucking loving it .A conquered dead wife of hindu being ravaged by superior muslim cock. thinking of it raising his orgasm rapidly even when due to his cum of earlier deposit, there is very low friction in her now dead pussy.

As she this time without any resistance so he put another gear and start pumping her dead vagina like a machine ,so hard that his scrotum start spanking her ass, start making iconic flap....flap sound ,his eyes goes to her chest where two jumbo balloon like tits of her in hide ,thinking of them he feel itching on his palms .He hold the "v" of her kameez and in one pull rip it from middle for a considerable length ,exposed her bubbly tits covered by bra for the first time in this ordeal. He tug her bra down exposing pinkish aurora and her nipples who are surprisingly hard ,pointing to the sky. Is she had a good time before her death ? not thinking much of secondary stuff he grab them with his hand ,they are so firm that even without bra they don't go out of shape ,he push himself forward and send his juicy tongue in her cleavage first and start licking it like a dog ,after clearing her "rift valley of breast" he take her left globe and start licking it ,he suck her nipples ,lick it ,bit it, try to suck imaginary baby milk from her mammary when he senses pressure is growing again ,he don't have enough time ,he shift to her right breast but as ge gone nearer to climaxing ,he try to control it by biting her rubbery tits ,he ravage her right boobs with his bite marks ,it's relieving for her that she don't have to be alive to feel the torture on her such femin part .

In his mind too he started to think that he already dump one load here in pussy and it's overloaded why to put another one here ? the bitch no longer going to get pregnant so no fun in dumping load inside vagina ,time to put this one in another hole.

In their text doing anal is haram but who cares ,don't he did unethical job as per his religion ? don't he take alcoholic stuff ?why to keep this one ,he pull his dick out of his pussy and role the dead meat on it's stomach ,the tiny hole is impossible to fuck ,he try to push his prick ,but fail miserably ,when he started to think how others fuck this shithole ,suddenly he figure out like wearing tight ring or bracelet ,it might also need some lubricant ,his eyes goes to her cum leaking dead pussy .He took some of his leaking cum from her pussy and start lubricating the entrene of her anal whole ,It still seems impossible to penetrate that ,surely she is anal virgin like many indian woman. Fucking it going to be hard ,but he can satisfy himself by thinking of taking her anal virginity ,he need to win it .

After heavy struggle and using lots of cum lubricant he finally able to push his fat dick there and then it's started ,one of the hardest fuck of his life but after initial struggle when the hole adopted to his cock's size ,it's a feeling he never get before, it's like best fuck he ever get ,eating forbidden fruit like anal sex also intensify his pleasure. But tight hole and first time in anus send situation out of his control very soon as his orgasm hit too early .He cum in anal hole for the first time ,her body too send satisfactory signal with a twitch after long time ,afterall it's first time her body feel what anal sex is and get poo in asshole ,stupid bitch never allow it in her lifetime ,this twitches probably "thank u" massage to him from her unsatisfied body for ending this stupid prude woman's useless life. His cock too finally give up as it's slide out completely weak and helpless after dumping every last baby making seed it gather for weeks since watching her for the first time. The amount of load in her pussy is enough to make her pregnant ,alas it did't happen but he took satisfaction to make her corpse "pregnant" and enjoying anal sex for fist time .He standup but not before giving her body a one last kiss on her nape.

Selim watching all this while faping his dick ,he never have intercourse in his own life and he saw today a rape ,murder and necro sex within a fucking hour. His initial inexperience and fear holding him from releasing his boner but watching necrofuck is too much for his teenage body to take. Akram happy to watch Selim enjoying it .Watching Akram to stand up make him uncomfortable but instead he give him a little pat to his soldier and wink his eye to the the body indicating him that this body is all his as he quickly dress up and leave .

Selim indecisive how to enjoy this body. He off his pants completely and roll her again on her back again ,her breasts now completely covered with dust and the the saliva from Akram 's earlier treatment work like glue for them. He is from porn loveing generation ,even in this village with CD they are available. They know many more trick than that old dogs from very start. Her big tits are perfect to get a titty fuck ,he torn her kameez little more for better view of her "step mountains" ,sending his finger to her back he unpin her bra completely and throw the useless piece of cloth ,straddled over her chest from where looking down he can see his prick dangling over her cleavage .
But first he remove some dirt from her boobs ,specially aurora and nipples ,then try to test hers ,but all of it's taste already soaked by Akram s skillful tongue and now only taste of wet dirt over her breast is predominant when try to taste and bite her tits and nipples ,unable to exploit her balloons completely he proceed to next phase .He place his prick over the cleavage and press it inside through the narrow gap ,his teenage dick is't as large as Akram ,but still good in size probably even thicker and better than her husband .He mesmerize thinking even in death her melons are so good and firm ,they are now feel even better when he himself using them.
Pressing it and fit his hard cock tightly in her cleavage he start pushing himself forward and start fucking her tits ,it's harder than he expected ,occasionally spring out from the breast channel. Holding her tits in both hand he press it on his rod to suffocate it within her mountains ,he continue his forward-backward motion
as he feel pressure along with pleasure start building ,he want to hit her chin with his dick while fucking her love apples, but seems his dick is't big enough to achieve that .
He look at her ,he enjoys the rolled eye of dead woman infront ,any other person might think that her eye rolled on pleasure of orgasm if they don't know that backstory . He try to imagine from porn that she beg her to fuck her tits harder and harder ,her protruded tongue is so seductive that remind him how pornstar
take cum on their toungh ,he imagine she is moaning under her.

After giving a good amount of fuck and coating her two globes with his precum he try to take her pussy ,but as Akram already deposit cum in her both hole ,fear of sexually transmitted disease stop him from fucking them. So he decided to release himself in her throat and give her physical body the last drink .As he place himself in 69 position ,he avoid touching her cum leaking pussy and place his now rock hard cock just above her open ,begging mouth .He try to push his dick completely inside ,but it first stopped by her still juicy tongue ,he is so hard now that this touch from her soft bed like tongue enough to spoil the party. But he some how hold still and find the way to the opening of her pipes.
Preparing himself for ejecting cum for the first time inside any woman he start pushing his hip up and down and pumping her throat with his throbbing hard cock. At first it did't go well as it's interrupted by her walls of jaw ,but as he start giving more and more pressure it's start getting into the intended place ,deep inside
her throat pipes ,meantime her tongue inside start rolling against his prick giving it a nice massage ,soon he start sensing building up lotion inside his balls . He start pounding her dead head harder and harder as the flapping starts with his scrotum start hitting her face.

After minutes of deepthroating he found himself ejaculating in her pipes ,he hold it there untill his boner die ,finally pulling out his machine coated in cum-droll and blood.

Nothing more to get from this dead bitch. It's shame they can't video recorded this otherwise they would save great memories. He notice her bag to check something valuable, a expensive smartphone ,some money. Also keys, books inside and some medicine ,these medicine are prescribed by her doctor as she try to conceive this time. He want the phone but it no use as police would catch him. He took the money ,he also took other ornaments from her and check her tied hand ,Her golden wedding ring was there ,he took all of them and leave.

He left her body there unknown to civilization until next night when search party found her body. Little blotted ,on her back, hand tied behind ,her kammez ripped almost to her bellybutton ,shalwar found few meters away with her dupatta still wrapped around her neck where strangulation mark enough telling them the
cause of death .Leg spread with wide open entrance of her baby factory where trail of dried seamen still visible ,flies coming out of her gasping mouth .But her looking for nowhere ,exploding eyes still contain the fear and torment .

Her panty was never found ,Akram before leaving took that with him ,he would sniff that like a dog as long as it containher taste and smell in it.

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A random rape and murder

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