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A Vow Broken...Or Was It?

Categories Diary, Exhibitionism, First Time, Non-consensual sex

Author: phyllisroger

Published: 27 October 2017

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A Vow Broken…or Was it?

By Phyllisroger

Code: M/F, teen, non-consensual, public sex…exhibitionism

It wouldn’t happen these days but when my boyfriend and I started dating there were different rules: condoms were hard to find, virginity was important, casual sex was for ‘other’ people, etc., etc. So it is no surprise that when Brett and I started getting serious we made sacred promises to each other including: “no sex before marriage” though we loved each other. And, you know, being good kids we stuck to it. I mean, after we began dating he kissed me on our third date (another old rule) and then we graduated to other tings, like tits…fifth date…and I had to be persuaded at that…the rest was downhill…or uphill depending on we looked at it..and from then on and it wasn’t long before he was in my pants…I did a little resistance act at first, to tease him…it felt so good to have his hand on me there, his fingers slippery…and then I was unzipping him…heavy petting during and after a show at the drive-in…It was the first erect cock I had seen, or stroked or kissed…I learned all about cocks and how to squeeze, kiss, caress, make him wet…then he got me to lick him. He showed me all about my body but we still kept our promised to wait until “later’ to go ‘all the way.’ Brett ad I were sticking to our mutual vow…barely. I was desperate for what the real thing would be like but we had agreed to wait.

One night we were at a party at a friend’s house and we girls got to talking…the boys on another side of the room…I told them about my vow with Brett and it got discussed and some of the girls tittered at that and said we’d really already had sex…just not penetration. Of course, his fingers had penetrated my wet cunt and his stiff cock had penetrated my mouth…I loved it when we did that…but no cock penetrating cunt…and we were proud of that but there it was…the penetration word…we were abstaining from that one, penultimate, thing…indulging in the rest. Later I told Brett about our conversation and we both agreed to continue with our vows…meaning: no penetration…most but not all of our emotions were satisfied without that part. I confess I had urges beyond what we did…I didn’t tell Brett of my frustrations but I took care of them in another way. My body…my cunt…still ached for Brett but we had our vow…damn!

A few weeks after the party, Bret and I went on a double date and drove to the beach. We had a couple six packs…we weren’t complete prudes…and sat on the sand on blankets my girlfriend brought and we were soon drinking, kissing, feeling and all…Brett was under my dress, inside my panties as usual, his fingers setting me on fire and my girlfriend getting played with by her boyfriend near me and she was also breathing hard. I looked over at her and she at me…we smiled. Isn’t the beach great? With all the breathing and fingering I didn’t notice when my girlfriend and her date got up and stood over us…just shadows… My girlfriend said: “We’re going to have an intervention for you two lovebirds,” and then her boyfriend announced: “Right here…right now!” I didn’t know what to think or say…

My legs shot together; I pushed my dress down, Brett stopped what he was doing. I felt threatened. “No…” I said, “We’re not having an intervention.” Her boyfriend responded: “Oh yes we are…Enough of this silly vow you two have…it’s all ridiculous.”

I didn’t know what else to say. I just looked at Brett, kneeling beside me and he was nonplussed…there was another voice: “Yeh…you guys…this vow stuff is shit!”

It was two other guys who were at the party a few weeks ago…I was shocked and a little scared. What would happen? They had planned all this. Did Brett know, too? My mind was a mess…my body hot…but my mind a mess.

“We’re taking charge here, you two idiots. Brett’s girl is one hot chick and I’ve wanted to fuck her myself,” the voice in the dark said. I tried to see his face but everything was shadows. And the waves were pounding…the sand in my toes. There was moonlight and clouds and the pounding of the waves and my head was throbbing. “There’s a time for fucking,” he said…“that time is now!”

I started to stand but hands pushed me back down on the blanket…holding me there…and…”we saw what you were doing with your boyfriend…you were all over each other…it’s time to finish up what you started!” I was scared and looked at Brett, still beside me, asking: “What do we do now?”

I was looking for help but Brett was silent. What an asshole! I think he liked the whole scene…I thought he might even have planned it…”This wasn’t my idea, honest,” he said. He was still a suspect! And now there were hands, lots of hands, holding my wrists above my head and grabbing my legs at the ankles, holding them apart, my dress at my waist, my privates only protected by my wet panties…I was prone and twisted away…they pulled me back. “Help!” I said. The waves pounded against the sound of my voice. “You can’t do this! Stop!”

Brett was outnumbered and helpless at this point. I didn’t know what to do…screaming was a waste on that isolated beach. The waves were loud in my ears…the sky overcast…I couldn’t see any stars. No moon and I was being held by strong guys…my girlfriend was no help…she whispered to me: “No one’s going to hurt you.” Her hands were on me; she pulled up my dress…took down my panties. I was now open to the world. I was scared…but I knew I wouldn’t be hurt…at the worst I would get fucked…how bad could it be? But I wasn’t going to be easy and tried to squirm away. “God! What a body,” one guy said.

“Can’t let that pretty cunt go to waste,” said another. There was that exciting word…cunt…and it was my cunt…which until a few moments before was wet, hot and excited. Now, I confess, the scene and the hands holding…it was all exciting and my head pounded.

I was in the firm grip of guys who were filled with lust…lust for my body…I was pulsing and frightened at it all but, yes, I was also full of lust on the blanket, at the beach, with the sound of nature…my body naked…legs spread…I felt the air cooling and also exciting me…I squirmed again…then: “I want to get down and lick that thing,” said yet another and I felt a mouth on my little virgin cunt…I flexed…a hot tongue licking up one side and then up the other…a cold nose moving on my clit…it stiffened and I squirmed again but this time, spontaneously, it felt so good…I fought the feeling…didn’t want to respond but I did. I dug my bottom into the blanket but two hands lifted my butt cheeks…thumbs spreading me. This had to stop. The air was cool, waves were licking the shoreline…the licking of my cunt was continuing. I tried to move to one side, then the other, my legs being held, and squeezed my pussy but the licking…Oh God…that tongue! Hands lifting me up…the licking continued. I couldn’t help it and then another lick. I had to let myself go now. My body had taken charge.

“She’s a hard one, but wet and tasty,” the voice said, between licks…and oh that damned nose lifting my clit…I couldn’t help it. I just couldn’t. It was feeling good and I didn’t want anyone to know. I was thrashing my head from side to side…”No…don’t” I mumbled. His hand was on my stomach, pulling my skin back…lifting my clit…a nose, a thumb…it was too, too good. I couldn’t help myself and lifted for more of his wonderful tongue.

His tongue was slipping in me and along my cunt walls as I twisted from side to side…I opened my eyes and saw Brett in the shadows…he just stood there, watching me…the Bastard! But what could he do? I hated him at that moment…he could at least ‘TRY’ to do something…we could run to the…”uh, unh, uh” my body said to me and I tried not to hear it. It came again, with the waves, “Uh, UH, UH, OH” I spasmed. The beach was loud and alive with water rushing in, rushing out; my feelings were rushing the same…my cheeks hot, blushing. I hoped they couldn’t see me. He pushed on my stomach, licking harder…in an awful, beautiful rhythm…he was a bastard…all of them…Brett and all of them.

“You wet bitch,” the licker said…looking up…”You are so fucking wet!” It was true…I was.

I tried once more to squirm away and I slipped from his grasp on my cunt lips but only briefly as he encircled my legs with his arms, lifting me for serious tonguing…I was captured…no way out…”UH, OH!” but I was not getting away fro him this time. I was in lust…wanting this violation…and lifted now, arching open for his tongue and my other captor sensing my lust, released my wrists.

My hands went to the head of this licking bastard at my waist and I rode that face…writhing on his mouth as waves were pulsing inside me now. Suddenly he stopped. “She’s ready guys!” he said…”My tongue’s tired! Jesus!” I started to relax a little, my wet pussy open to the night but my ankles were still held…my hands covered myself and for the first time I realized how wet I was…I had never been that wet…I was embarrassed and looked into the dark shadows of these guys and my girlfriend…but I hadn’t cum yet…it had felt good but my body needed finishing…my body was thirsting for the finale but was cooling down rapidly. I said nothing but I was silently begging for more….my cunt was aching…the cool air was on my cunt lips..inside I was bursting and hot.

“Come on Brett. We’ve got her ready…now finish her!” Oh no, I thought: OUR VOWS. I looked up. Brett just stood there…looking at me, the scene, the guys and my girlfriend…I could see her smiling in the shadows. Brett and I had our vows, after all…it was sacred to me and to him…they couldn’t be broken…or could they?

“Come on Brett…it’s either you or we’ll take a turn at her…she’s ready…so let’s go.” Brett looked at me, at my eyes, I looked back…my legs being held and spread opne…my pussy hot and dripping, my mental state confused and hot…and I do mean HOT! We loved each other; we were going to marry some day…why were we putting it off? I was confused, doubting, questioning my future husband and his resolve…I laid my head back, closed my eyes…It was true: I was hot, and ready and aching…

“Make up your mind, guy,” it was the voice holding one of my legs. I looked up, Brett looked at me, lying there, about to be ravished by others…or Him…what to do. I shook my head: “No!” I said. I could see he was weakening. He was so handsome, a tent in his shorts, I wanted him so much…”What can I do honey?” he said. “It’s either them or me. You love me, don’t you?” I froze. No motion. We had promised each other, several times and here we were…them ofrhim…I just closed my eyes again. “I don’t want to,” Brett said from the shadow. “I don’t want you to do anything. Just leave us alone.”

Moments passed…I heard a zipper…zippers?…and then felt someone getting between my legs…I stared up at the dark sky…my hands over my privates, hands taking my wrists exposing me again, pushing them back over my head. I felt movement between my legs and a stiff cock poking at me, I looked up at Brett, standing there, looking down….then someone held my wrists, firmly, I was open and ready…more poking at my cunt then spreading my pussy lips…the shadowy figure knelt close…”It’s him or me,” said the guy between my legs…”One last chance…make your choice…him or me…you’re ready and so am I.”

I looked at him and then at Brett…”Brett,” I cried…”Please help me.”

The waves were loud. I hoped he heard the desperation in my voice. I waited. I was numb and closed my eyes again. I didn’t have to wait long as I felt a cock begin teasing my pussy lips then moved away..my hands still held away from my privates…I felt dizzy, confused. I wanted pricking. I waited. I was so incredibly hot, willing, vulnerable…there was more movement on the blanket and then

A prick was pressing at me, teasing again, massaging my puffed lips. I kept my eyes shut, listening to the waves, the prick was playing at me, over and over, and I was hungry for it…I wanted to feel what a real prick was like inside me…not just one of my dildos I enjoyed…I had never told Brett I had cheated on him with dildos…we had a vow…dildos didn’t violate the vow did they? Right then I wanted hot flesh, without my hands guiding it…a cock fucking me, taking control. It was what I had dreamed of on so many nights after heavy petting with Brett. I couldn’t tell him about it…now it had all come to me there in the night on the blanket at the beach. I wanted the real thing fucking me. I listened to the pounding waves and wanting my own pounding…that prick was entering me now and I lifted to meet it.

I was a captive to my body, mind and captors…whoever it was inside me was taking it slow…milking. But wait! This wasn’t my familiar ‘ladies’ size, for personal use, my dildo toy…this was hot…and big…BIG…it was stretching me like never before…it would fit, wouldn’t it? My personal dildo was slender, delicate…this thing inching into me was awful…I lifted as it squeezed inside…stretching me, exploring, the guys released my wrists, sensing now my willingness…it was hurting me and I reached for it…my hands were at my waist, smoothing my legs…feeling my hair, my clit…this hot thick cock…I outlined it with my fingernails…I wanted this…opening myself more…they released my legs…my fingers touching on this awful, wonderful thing that began stroking inside…each time going deeper…hands lifting my bottom…I wanted all of the pricking and stroking and fucking…feeling it move in and out of me…”OH!” I exclaimed as he hit into me.

It was my turn to tease…fingers on each side of the monster…wetting our privates with our fluids…I stroked the sides of his tool…balls hitting me. I was churning from side to side…his breath on me. Brett was at my ear, whispering “I don’t want this. I love you darling.” I could only grunt and mumble and lift for more.

Brett was whispering but was he also fucking me? I wasn’t sure. I couldn’t tell. I didn’t care about it…I was all senseless and I abandoned myself in lust and was humping on this great tool which searched to my mouth, chewing on it as it was in my throat and I went numb. I couldn’t breathe, the waves were swirling on the beach, in my brain, washing through my cunt to all of me. My ankles were released, and I was holding this body, this great cock, bucking with it. “OH! OH!” Then the world went quiet…slowly the wonderful cock softened and withdrew.

I didn’t want it to leave and I squeezed to hold it but it slipped out. Then there were other cocks and more kissing and licking…I had turned on all the guys with my passions...I was weak and couldn’t resist…I wanted more, I did…my cunt ached for more…more and more fucking on the beach, on the blanket, in the dark, I wanted more cock-milking of my body and soul. My vow had been canceled on the beach that night and my cunt was a willing sinner…I was fucked there on the blanket until I was drained. Brett held my hand and stroked my thighs and then covered me as we lay together, breathing deeply. He was kissing me down now, down from the top. It was quiet, dark, the tide was receding, the waves more distant. I put my head on his shoulder and reached to his waist to feel if it was him who was first to have me. It had been so dark and my lust so intense I wasn’t sure. His cock stiffened with my stroking. I measured it with my hand around it, wondering, but not saying. It felt like that very first cock but I wasn’t an expert.

I just couldn’t be sure and almost didn’t care. I loved Brett and loved all the fucking but I couldn’t keep doing this. We had a modified vow. It had been a one night thing. One thing was for sure. I would need a bigger dildo. My girlfriend would never say who fucked me first. She said: “You’re not sure if it was Brett, are you? Neither am I…it was so dark. Besides, I was off to the side also being fucked.”

“By Brett?” I asked. She just smiled. Brett was such a bastard but I loved him. Someday I would find out if it was his…the huge first cock I mean. I couldn’t wait to find out.

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A Vow Broken...Or Was It?

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