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My submissive Ex

Categories True Story, Domination/submission, Teen, Toys

Author: MisterD.

Published: 31 October 2017

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So naturally when the day came, there was anxiety, shyness, all of that stuff. When we were walking along the lakeside near where we were staying, we kissed for the first time. Later that day I got to finger her pussy for the first time, and it was good. If someone told me back then what difference one and a half year would make, I'd have laughed straight in their face. After our first real meeting, things evolved as we increased our sexting into phone sex, which in itself was pretty arousing. A year passed fooling around like that, getting each other off via the phone and when we did see each other, making one another cum. Still, we felt like there was something missing. We decided it'd be fun to have some more quality time together, so once Christmas came rolling around, she visited me for roughly 2 weeks and boy did those two weeks lead to a new level of … „interaction“.

One of those days we found ourselves lying on my bed making out and touching each other, as you do. and after a quick bit of undressing, I found myself under a busty black-haired beauty, grinding herself on my engorged cock. But this wasn't going where you might think. Without going into too much detail, I was and still am unable to have sex in the proper way without causing pain to myself and risking my partner's health. However, we had alot of fun despite of that. Back to the scene, I'm lying there under her, her grinding against me, me fondling her grapefruit sized tits. She bent forward, leading to a deep tongue kiss, her plump breasts stroking across my bare chest. She lifted her butt into the air, prompting me to stretch her ass cheeks and start caressing her cunt. Our tongues twisted and turned around each other, my prick tensing up each time she moaned into my mouth. Now, I tried once before to get her to try anal, but she refused, saying it wouldn't feel good. Well I was about to show her. After I got my fingers nice and wet by inserting them into her womanhood, I played with her clit with my other hand to distract her while my lubed up fingers slowly stroked her anus, getting it nice and wet for my fingers. Luckily for me she didn't break the kiss, so either she was really horny and distracted so that she didn't notice, or she felt like she trusted me enough to be willing to finally try it. Either way moments later I went back for a quick dip into her pussy to get my fingers wet again, and then gently pushing one finger against her butthole. There was some resistance at first, but it didn't feel like she was restricting the access in any way, so it found its way inside of her soon after. I felt euphoric, I managed to sneak a finger into my girlfriends ass. It felt amazing, so naturally I wanted to keep going. I pushed in farther until the first two knuckles of my finger disappeared into her butt. All the while still kissing, occasionally biting her lip and sucking her tongue, I played with her clit with my other hand to keep her at peak excitement, just as I sticked my middle finger into her pussy with my index finger still lodged inside her ample behind. I wiggled it a bit to loosen her up and started moving in and out with it, after a while trying to get a second finger into her but she cut me short by orgasming, which was also acceptable. During the post-cum snuggling I asked whether she noticed what I was doing and she said that she did, actually agreeing that it didn't feel as bad as she'd originally thought. Success.

On a different day in those two weeks, we had some more fun in a different way, which planted the seeds to the dominating tendencies I have today. Being a long ways away from your boyfriend and his... skillful hands can leave any girl craving. So unsurpringly, my girlfriend found a way to help herself in moments of loneliness and lust. She had quite the collection of toys, that one. One of which was a vibrating egg, golden finished on the outside and attached via cable to a small remote that controlled intensity and interval of the vibrations. At the moment where she showed it to me, my mind already started concocting plans of what to do with that. After plenty of foreplay and getting her nice and wet downstairs, I slowly inserted said egg into her flower pot, watching her face as excitement rushed across it. As I got back to kissing her deeply, I grabbed the remote and turned the device on, a very faint rumble could be heard as well as pleasured moans from my girlfriend. A smug grin washed over my face as I held in my hands a means to control my partner's orgasm. I was giddy to say the least. She layed herself down on the mattress while I ever so slightly increased the intensity of the vibration. I could clearly make out whenever another increment was reached, as her body contorted in lustful spasms and she began moaning louder every time. Just when it looked like she was about to hit peak city, I turned the egg off, without any warning. She was shocked, eyes wide open, staring at me. And before she could utter a single swear word I yanked the remote up to full power, sending her head flying back onto the bed and her back arching upward as she came vigourously.

Now, you might be wondering: „Hang on Mister D, when did you ever get a reacharound for what you gave her?“ Ah, dear readers, this is where it gets tricky. See, with my aforementioned condition in effect, I couldn't release my sexual tensions via regular intercourse. And since she (unfortunately) hadn't mastered the art of handjobs by that time and also wasn't the biggest advocate of sucking a dude off, I found a different way to help myself. What I did was telling her to turn around so she would lie face down on the mattress, firstly giving me a beautiful sight of her hind quarters and also inciting an almost primal kind of instinct that told me to pound that ass like there was no tomorrow. Sadly, as I said, that wasn't in the realm of possibilities, so instead I opted for the next best thing: Sticking my prick between her legs and telling her to press them together to the best of her ability. And boy, did this act as a magnificent substitute pussy. With my cock between her thighs and pressure applied, I leaned forward to balance myself by placing my hands left and right of her shoulders, her hands soon grabbing mine in excitement. I lowered my hand to kiss the back of her neck tenderly and began pushing and pulling my hips in a motion many of you are surely all too familiar with. It felt like heaven I tell you, and since I had nothing to compare it too, it was the closest thing to sex I'd ever felt. I had to contain myself not to cum all over her in the first couple of pumps. I slowly established a rhythm and with every push and pull, I got more and more aroused. As well as she did, in fact. See, my stiffy between her legs also managed to rub her moist cunt flaps at the same time, so I wasn't the only one getting his fun out of this deal. At one point she even got so distracted by moaning that she almost suffocated from breathing only into my pillow. Luckily I noticed and placed one hand right next to her face to allow her to breathe freely again. After I shoved my cock down this triangle of lust a couple more times I was unable to contain myself any longer. I placed my knees firmly next to her ass cheeks, wound my arms around her stomach and bit down on her shoulder (gently, mind, but I don't exactly recall if she got marks from that) and furiously fucking my girlfriend's legs and pussy until I came all over that glorious creation that I had envisioned.

After we both had calmed down, I told her that this was the best I've felt in many years and she was happy to agree. She told me that we could do it like that as often as I'd like until we found a solution to my problem. And after a couple more of love-filled days, she had to depart again. It was one week after New Year's and I felt my heart getting ripped to pieces as the train she was on left the station.

End of Part One.

----- This is my first erotic story, so please feel free to tell me what you think. I'd love to continue, since there was more action down the road, but I'd like to know whether it resounds with people first.

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My submissive Ex

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