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Home Invasion

Categories True Story, Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob

Authror: JSipes7798

Published: 31 October 2017

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I am Detective Sergeant Jake Peterman. I have been a member of the Metro Police Department for 22 years. I am married to Sally Peterman and we have one daughter, Kelli. She is nineteen years old. We live in a large Metropolitan city in the Mid-West. For the last 10 years I have served on the Felony Apprehension Street Team. (F.A.S.T.) This team is part of a larger Federal Joint Task Force specializing in removing organized gangs and organize criminal activist from our city streets. We keep these groups under twenty four hour surveillance until we can accumulate enough evidence to take to a Federal Grand Jury. Once criminal indictments are handed down, we conduct a street sweep and take these indicted targets into custody. Sometimes innocent people are taken into custody along with the criminal elements. They are often only guilty by association. They just happen to be in the wrong place, with the wrong people, at the wrong time. When this happens, we work diligently to free the truly innocent from the hardcore violators.

I have arrested so many people while working this assignment; there is no way I can remember very many of them. Especially the ones that were scooped up, but not charged. That explains why I am now working a case involving me and my family as victims, with little to no possibility of apprehending the people responsible. It all happened several months ago with a home invasion at my home.

I am about thirty minutes late getting home and my wife and daughter are holding dinner in the oven until I can get home. Kelli is in her first year of college and is home for Christmas break. The door bell rings and my daughter Kelli answered the door. She is pushed inside by three masked gunmen. They bound and gag my wife and daughter to chairs in the den. When I arrive a short time later I am taken by surprise, disarmed and bound to a chair. None of the three men would speak or answer any of my questions. It seems they are waiting for their leader to arrive. Mr. Big arrives and is not wearing a mask. This is usually a bad sign when they don’t care if you see their face. I have no idea who he is. I have never seen him in my life. No one ever refers to him as anything other than ‘The Boss’.

Arriving with the Boss is three other masked men. It doesn’t take long for the Boss to explain who he is and why he is in my home. He is a multi-millionaire who made his fortune by inventing a computer chip that is used in millions of computerized devices. That is not enough information to actually identify him and he knows it. Tech millionaires were coming and going each day back in the 90s during the tech boom. Four years ago his 19 years old daughter was scooped up in a Task Force street sweep. I am not even sure I was involved in this particular sweep. The ordeal she went through while in police custody was so traumatic, she committed suicide. Even after years of therapy, she was unable to come to grip with what had happen to her. The really sad part is she happens to be one of the people in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Boss tells me that he intends to use my daughter to illustrate just what she went through and exactly how it affects the family. He orders two mask men to untie my daughter and take her to her bedroom. He has two other mask men to take my wife to her bedroom. The men are ordered not to harm either unless ordered to do so.

I am stripped naked and duct taped to a wooden straight back chair. Each ankle is taped to a leg of the chair. My waist is duct taped to the back of the chair, firmly holding me in place and my hands are taped behind my back. I am bound in place with absolutely no freedom of movement. He sends word to the two men holding my daughter, to strip her naked and bring her into the room. Kelli is 5’ 5” and weighs 119 pounds. She has a remarkable figure; large breast and tiny waist. She has shoulder length dishwater blonde hair. Boys and men can’t help but take notice when she is present.

When they bring her into the room my eyes fall first to her breast with pink aureole the size of a quarter and red nipples that stick out about a quarter of an inch when aroused. As soon as she sees me naked her nipples sprang up and my cock jumped to attention. Our bodies betrayed us both. As hard as I tried not to get an erection, I had no control over how my body reacted. The Boss seems to delight in how we react to each other’s nudity. He wants to know if we have ever had sex with each other. He laughs and says he bet we both have probably fantasized about each other. My stomach begins to churn acid and it’s all I can do not to vomit.

The Boss orders Kelli to jack me off until I cum. She refuses and tries to leave the room. The two mask men stop her. She is told that if she doesn’t comply with every order they will cut her mother’s throat and let her bleed to death on the floor in front of us. Kelli kneels in front of me and tells me how sorry she is for having to this to me. I let her know that I understand and nod for her to go ahead. Kelli takes my cock in her small smooth hand and begins to stroke me up and down. It feels remarkable but I try to put that out of my mind because it is against every value I believe in. Kelli strokes me for about 10 minutes and I am nowhere near a climax. Kelli complains that her arm is getting tired and wants to rest. The Boss tells her to improvise. Without hesitation Kelli shoves my cock in her warm mouth and circles the head with her tongue. I am shocked when I become aware of the fact she is really good at sucking cock. I almost blow my wad right then, but I put what she is doing out of my mind. I begin concentrating on ways to identify the culprits for later. It works. I am able to control my emotions.

The Boss gets impatient and orders my daughter to straddle my lap and fuck me until one of us has an orgasm. Kelli is agonizing over whether to do it or not until one of the men slaps her on the ass and reminds her of the consequences if she fails to follow orders. She straddles me and guides my cock into her velvety smooth vagina. I instantly become conscious she has no hymen and then remind myself that she is 19 years old and few girls are still virgins at nineteen. She is a college student now, and I understand that all kid explore their sexuality their first year away from home.

She puts her hands on my shoulders and begins sliding up and down on my cock and moving her hips forward and backward. My body reacts to her movements and I jolt, unable to stop the moan that involuntarily slips from my mouth. After a minute or two her face flushes crimson red and her tempo quickens. The Boss is pleased and orders her to put one of her tits in my mouth. I am ordered to suck it and make sure she enjoys it. I close my eyes, pretending she is someone else. I suck her nipple into my mouth and gently roll my tongue around the areola while alternating between sucking and chewing on it. Kelli quiver and pulls her breast out of my mouth and replaces it with her other breast. I suck it into my mouth and begin to flick the nipple with tongue. I tenderly bite down on it and she begins to whimper and fuck me faster and faster. I feel her body become rigid, her vagina is gripping and sucking my cock further into her pussy. She begins to quake and tremble intensely. She throws her head back and screams, “I’m ahhhhh…I’m ahhhhh… cummmming! Oh my god I’m Cumming sooooo fucking hard.”

At the same time she screams, I feel my cock spasm and discharge at least four strings of cum into my poor baby’s pussy. The room erupts with applause from the mask men. Kelli puts her arms around my neck and pulls my face into her breast. She holds me securely and repeats over and over how sorry she is that they made her do this me. I try to console her and tell her not to feel guilty because she had no say in the matter.

The Boss tells us that his daughter spent her first eight hours in a holding cell with seven black prostitutes. She was forced to eat every one of the prostitutes to an orgasm multiple times. When she begged them to let her stop, they punched and slapped her until she agreed to continue. At shift change a Detention Officer moves her to an isolation cell where she is stripped of her clothes. During the next two eight hour shifts she is visited by every Detention Officer on the floor. She is repeatedly raped and sodomized. Some of the Detention Officers made repeat visits.

The Boss sends for my wife, Sally. Two men lead her into the room. She is also naked and is trying to cover her body with her hands. The Boss tells Kelli that she will start her night of pussy eating by first going down on her own mother. Sally begs and pleads with them not to make her daughter suffer such degradation. They tell Sally that both mother and daughter will follow all directives. If either refuses, the other will have their throat slit. Sally looks at me and I nod my head yes. She is horrified, but finally understands the gravity of the circumstances. Kelli pushes her mother into a chair and begins to lick her vagina. It soon became obvious that this is not the first time that our baby girl had gone down on another female. I knew it and Sally knew it. My erection returns with a vengeance. The Boss expresses his delight by telling everyone that Daddy enjoys watching his daughter pleasure her mother. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Sally looks to me for help. It sickens me, but I am helpless to intervene.

One of the masked intruders brings a quilt from one of the bedrooms and spreads it on the floor in front of my chair. Sally and Kelli are instructed to get on the quilt in the 69 position. They are told that they must pleasure each other until both have had at least one orgasm. Kelli gets into it immediately, but Sally is making a half hearted effort. One of the intruders whips Sally several lashes across her but with a leather belt. Sally cries out in agony. She is told to show more passion or expect more pain. They roll over with Kelli on top. I see my cum dripping from Kelli’s vagina into Sally’s mouth. As soon as she tastes the difference she starts to vigorously lick and suck my juices into her mouth. The affect is immediate and both Kelli and Sally begin to rock and shake as they find themselves in the middle of a joyous orgasm.

As soon as they calm from their mutual orgasm, the Boss decides Kelli should get to taste my salty cum and orders the two women to kiss and push my cum back and forth into each other’s mouth. He then orders them to get on their hands and knees while continuing to kiss. Then two of the intruders mount my wife and daughter doggy style while they continue to tongue each other’s mouth. The men line up and take turns at the girls. After a while Kelli and Sally both begin to rock and push back against their attackers. It appears to be an unconscious thing as their bodies naturally act in response to the steady motion of large cocks moving in and out of their wet beseeching vaginas. And in a simultaneous chorus both women try to stifle the moans as they both scream, “Oh my God! I can’t help myself, I’mmmm cummingggg!”

I am so aroused that I shamelessly shoot my wad all over my chest and stomach. I have absolutely no control over my body’s reaction. I became so angry with myself for reacting in this manner. How can I ever convince my wife and daughter that I was not taking pleasure in their being abused? The Boss and all the men in the room gleefully express their delight in the erotic sex show. They insist that Kelli and Sally do and encore performance by licking my chest and stomach of the cum deposits.

The men line up again and announce they are going to fuck the women in the ass just like the Boss’s daughter had been sodomized by the Detention Officers. The girls beg them not to follow through with their plan. I implore them to have the common decency not too force such a barbaric punishment on two innocent women. The Boss says none of the Detention Officers seem to care about his daughter’s virgin rectum when they repeatedly violated her. The girls are made to assume the position on their hands and knees. The Boss is at least thoughtful enough to supply a lubricant.

The men each take a turn at dumping their seeds into to my wife and daughter. At first it seems to be very painful for the girls, but after a while they resolve to endure and move in sync with the men as they ravage their most private orifice. Kelli turns to me with tears streaming down her cheeks and says, “Daddy please don’t be angry with me but, I am..I amm…going to cummmmm. Oh my God I am cumming. I am cumming so harrrr…hard!”

My body betrays me again as my cock spews another stream of my spunk. I couldn’t help it. My shame is apparent. Sally’s body became ridged as Kelli screams with pleasure and I know she came at about the same time, but she was able to conceal this one emotion from everyone. She was determined to maintain some semblance of her dignity.

The Boss applauses and shouts “Bravo! Well done! Bring the curtains up for one last encore performance.”

I look at Sally and Kelli and wonder what else does this sick bastard want from my family. He wastes no time in announcing the closing performance. My wife and daughter have to clean up the evidence of my last explosion, and then suck each intruder’s cock until they are empty of all their sexual juices. They are to swallow every drop of the men’s nectar. The men line up and the girls kneel before them and submissively accept their cocks into their mouths. As they finish draining a man’s cock he gathers his things and slips out the back door.

Shortly after the last man leaves, a team of six forensic specialists arrive and begin to rid each room of any forensic evidence. Since every intruder had worn latex gloves, there were no fingerprints. The team goes to work swabbing every counter top and piece of furniture. They vacuum for hair and dry flakes of skin. Two nurses take Sally and Kelli to the bathroom and wash any evidence from their bodies. They even douche each woman’s vagina and enema their rectums. When they are through there is no trace of DNA or any hair or fibers that can detect the identity of any participants.

This whole ordeal took approximately 72 hours. Since I didn’t report back to work at my scheduled time, an officer was sent to my home where he found me still naked and taped to the chair. The Boss did have the decency to re-cloth Sally and Kelli before tying them up again.

I, along with several other Detectives have been actively investigating this invasion for the last 18 months with negative results. It must have cost the Boss a fortune to pull this off, but he had hired experts that knew exactly what they were doing and were skilled at leaving no evidence. I have no real hope of ever identifying any of the participants, but I feel obligated to continue my investigation. I owe it to my two special women.

Sally and Kelli are still receiving therapy from the departmental psychology professionals. Their psyches do not appear to have been as damaged as the Boss’s daughter. I pray they are able to go on with their healing without any deep emotion problems developing.

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Home Invasion

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Comments (1)
gfappsp — 01 November 2017 15:17
Great story ! We need more incestuous rape on this site !
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