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  1. The Amazon Box
  2. The Amazon Box Chapter 2
  3. The Amazon Box Chapter 3

The Amazon Box

Categories Fiction, Voyeurism

Author: Mat Porter

Published: 14 November 2017

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The Amazon Box – Chapter 1

Nelson couldn’t believe how long it had taken him to come up with his idea as he hurried home from school. His box from Amazon was supposed to arrive today, and he didn’t want anyone, especially one of his sisters to find it before he got it safely out of sight.

Nelson was a pretty normal looking senior, with short blond hair and a skinny adolescent build that had caused its fair share of friendly teasing over the years. Fortunately, he had a ready smile and was a genuinely nice guy so the teasing was always good natured and friendly.

He thought of some of that teasing as he rode his number 62 Royal Oaks bus towards home, but only until he caught sight of the pretty blond with the short skirt sit down on a sideways facing seat. He took that as his cue to find a seat across from her in the hopes of peeking up her skirt. He wondered what kind of teasing he would be subject to if his friends new the lengths he would go to, to get a peak at a pretty girl – any pretty girl.

The thoughts of how what to do with his package, and of his friends, were put to one side as the girl wriggled out of her backpack. The entire time Nelson willed the girl’s legs to spread, but unfortunately she was far to modest and kept her knees locked together. Nelson was amused at how fast his heart was beating in hopes of seeing her panties, or maybe, if the fates were smiling, her naked pussy, if she had chosen not to wear panties.

With only 2 stops to go, the girl leaned over to get something from her backpack that she had put on the floor beside her, and to Nelson’s delight, as she did the bus hit a pothole and the girl slightly lost her balance, and twisted as she was, she had to shift her legs to regain it. What this meant, was that for a brief moment, certainly less than 2 seconds, the girl’s left leg was outstretched a bit forward, but mostly to the side, giving Nelson a great view of her crotch. The view was so excellent that the crotch of her bikini panties was stretched wide, and failed to cover the entirety of her cunt. Not only could Nelson see that she trimmed her pubes, but that one entire lip had slipped out and could be seen.

Not quite as good as a bare pussy sighting, but those were few and far between! The day, already promising to be a good one, had rewarded him with this treat, and an iron hard cock that Nelson was grateful he could cover with his own backpack.

As the bus pulled to a stop, half a block from his house, Nelson got up and smiled at the pretty girl, who looked at his knowing smile curiously, obviously utterly unaware that she had just given Nelson quite a treat. In fact, Nelson was so caught up on the memory that he almost forgot to try to peek down her top, and only remembered in time to note that her bra matched her panties . . .

Nelson walked quickly, covering the half block in record time, even knowing he should have at least half an hour before his step-sisters typically got home. Sure enough, the stereotypical Amazon box was visible from the walkway as Nelson neared his house. There it was, leaning against the front door and Nelson’s heart began to race again at the potential it offered. The fact that it was still sitting there was clear evidence that he was the first one home and even though he hadn’t been worried, he was very relieved.

He unlocked the door, grabbed the box and went in, pausing only to kick off his shoes as he made a beeline for his room, with his treasured box in hand. Not only did he marvel at the potential, but for a fleeting moment, he also suffered pangs of buyer’s remorse, knowing that this box represented most of the money he had saved from his summer job lifeguarding.

After dropping his backpack on his desk and putting his precious box on his bed, he returned to his bedroom door and carefully closed and locked it before returning to his box with a penknife from his desk in hand, to carefully slit the tape holding the box shut.

Moments later, with the box now open he began to pull out the contents. On top was a CD in an envelope with the software installation instructions on it that he would need. Under it were the 2-dozen spy cameras that he had been researching for the last few weeks. His favorites were the 4 cameras mounted in fully operational smoke detectors. He liked these not only because they were his only hi-res 1080 cameras, but also because they could be both steered and zoomed, anywhere in a 180 degree arc.

Under that were 4 USB charging adapters for wall plug ins that housed single point of focus 720P cameras. Beside them were a full 8 plug in deodorant spy cameras, also with 720P resolution. Nelson had selected these because, as plugins, they would never need battery replacement and could broadcast 24/7 with no problems.

Next, he pulled out the clock radio and tissue box cameras. The clock radio was good because it was also a plug in, but the tissue box would need battery replacement.

Finally, he looked at the 6 micro-cameras that he would have to find places to install.

As he put the last of the bubble wrap back in the box and looked at his pile of cameras he heard his sister, the 19 year old college freshman burst into the house the way she so often did. He listened to her as he frantically pushed the Amazon box out of sight and gathered up all his cameras and put them in his closet.

As was so typical, she ignored Nelson’s very existence and he could hear her walk up the stairs to the short hall that contained his room, hers, and their older sister’s room, as well as the bathroom that they had to share.

After a brief pause in her room, presumably to drop her bags or whatever she had been carrying, he heard her walk into the bathroom on the other side of his bedroom wall and close the door. Then moments later he heard her sigh of relief as he listened to her pee. He couldn’t count the times that he had tried to imagine the sight of her sitting on the toilet. In fact, it was this very act that had provided Nelson with his inspiration to buy the spy cameras. Try as he might, he simply had not been able to devise a plan to cut a hole in the wall that wouldn’t have been immediately visible, on one side, the other or both.

As he listened to the stream of piss hit the water in the toilet bowl he unzipped his pants quietly, and pulled out his already rock hard 5 inch cock, visualizing her cunt, this time, looking just like the one he had glimpsed on the bus. He slowly stroked as he closed his eyes in imagination. He almost came, but wanted to savor the moment so slowed down his hand to near motionlessness as he listened and thought that this time tomorrow, if all went well he wouldn’t have to imagine any more, but could watch!

After his sister left the bathroom Nelson went in with one of the air freshener cameras and plugged it into the wall socket immediately in front of the toilet. He noted the indicator light come on briefly and then go out as the heater element began to warm the fragrant ‘sea grass’ scent in the small liquid tank. He would have to remember to stock up on those so that there would be a continued excuse to have them about the house.

He then went back to his room and got out his laptop and the software installation CD that had come in the box. It turned out to be a simple installation, but a complex program as it offered innumerable settings for the Wi-Fi signals, power saving settings, visual and audio settings and so on. In fact, it took Nelson almost an hour of cussing and muttering under his breath to get the camera in the bathroom up and running. However, it immediately became obvious that his efforts would be well rewarded. The standard height of the plug in put it pointing at exactly where his sisters’ pussies would be. As he sat on his bed, staring at the image of the toilet he got his cock out and began to stroke it again, and almost as if on cue his sister walked in to the scene.

The precum instantly began to ooze from his cock head as for the first time since they were all little he got to see his sister’s cunt. She was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, and she nonchalantly undid her pants and lowered them and her panties instantly bring a very hairy crotch into sight. Unfortunately, she didn’t push the pants below her knees so they totally blocked the sight of her hairy twat as she once again peed, but this time Nelson at least had actually seen her cunt, and now knew that she neither shaved nor waxed.

His orgasm came so quickly that he almost shot his load all over his computer keyboard, and he barely had time to aim it onto his own t-shirt clad chest. This perfectly coincided with his second view of her crotch as she again stood and pulled first her panties and then her pants up.

She hadn’t wiped! He made a mental note of the pair of panties to go looking for them later as he was hoping for at least some residual smell if not taste.

He was lost in a post-orgasmic daze as she walked out of the bathroom, banged once on his door and called out “I’m off to Susan’s – back by supper”.

Only then did he frantically search for the record settings, only to note that he had missed them and he had no way of replaying that amazing sight. Only the certain knowledge that there was much more to ‘cum’ kept him in good spirits. He then set things up to record any time there was motion, even though that would mean he would have to sift through endless hours of useless video.

As he waited for the front door to slam, he pulled off his t-shirt, making sure to keep the sticky mess of his cum from getting on anything else. He then tossed his shirt in his laundry hamper and grabbed a different one before deciding which smoke detector to install first.

Ultimately he wanted both of his sister’s room totally visible as well as his dad and step-mom’s. Watching his dad fuck his hot step mom was almost as high a priority as watching every moment of his sister’s naked bodies as he could.

As the first cam would already potentially catch both his sisters he decided to take advantage of an empty house to swap out the smoke detector in the master bedroom. It turned out to be far easier than he had thought it might be. After figuring out how to put the foot stool in his dad’s bedroom on his bed so he could reach the smoke detector, all it took was a few turns of a Phillips screw driver to pop remove it from the ceiling. The little wire connector was just as universal as the instructions claimed and slid out of the little plug and back into the new one. Replacing the screws in the old holes was even easier than taking them out had been. In fact, the biggest hassle was putting the bed back the way it had been so that there was no evidence that he had even been in the room.

Once safely back in his own room he got his laptop out again and finished the set up for this second camera. He spent almost an hour fiddling around with zooming it in and out and steering it to look at different parts of the bed, or the floor in front of the fireplace or the stool by the vanity as he pictured his dad fucking his step mom like in all the porn he had watched of MILF’s getting fucked.

Even though Mandy (his step mom) dressed very sexily, she didn’t actually ever tease Nelson and he had never seen her naked, and had had to work very hard to even look up her skirt the 3 times he had successfully seen her panties. He was very much looking forward to having his own bird’s eye view of their action. He barely had time to go back in to the master bedroom’s en-suite to add another air freshener and then he swapped out the USB charger on the night stand beside the bed, carefully aiming it so that he would have a nice view.

As he was fiddling with the settings he heard his ‘mom’ and dad get home, shortly followed by his sister. Mom started supper right away and Amy (his step sister) dominated the conversation with talk of how nice it would be to have Mandy (his other step sister) home from college for Thanksgiving. Of course, Nelson had trouble concentrating on the conversation as he was looking forward to locking himself away in his room and watching the house.

After supper, dad went out to rake the lawn and mom went grocery shopping to make sure that the house was fully stocked for Mandy’s return. Amy went back to her friend Susan’s and that gave Nelson just enough time to install the other 3 smoke detectors. One in each of his sisters’ rooms and one in the living room. As well he distributed the USB plugs in his sisters’ rooms as well as one in the living room. The Tissue box also ended up in the living room even though he wasn’t sure why.

He then went back to his room and set up his laptop to display any camera that had detected motion.

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The Amazon Box

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