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  1. Kidnapping (Part One)
  2. Kidnapping (Part Two)
  3. Kidnapping (Part Three)

Kidnapping (Part One)

Categories Diary, Boy, Hardcore, Rape

Author: Unrighteous

Published: 14 November 2017

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Lilly patted down her cat ears and made sure her cat tail was on straight as she stood up to leave the party. She hugged her friends goodbye and promised to see them all the next day in class, when the Freshman class would be throwing another Halloween party. She planned on wearing the exact same kitten outfit that day too, so she didn’t want to so much as ruffle a piece of the fabulous grey fur ears or tail, or the paws. She needed to make sure she said goodbye to her friend Lahna’s parents, letting them know she was leaving. Yet, she couldn’t find them. She told Lahna she was leaving and to tell her parents so her own could be alerted. Lahna did not remember, thus Lilly’s parents were not notified.

Lilly shut the door of the big white house behind her. She eyed the three story house once more, and then looked down the sidewalk, her eyes following the road to the street, and then down two blocks to her own, large (not as large as Lahna’s) red house. The sun had gone down far enough to create a sense of darkness, but not far enough to trigger the street lamps. She twirled her blonde pig-tails in her fingers, and walked down the steps leading from the house.

She was scared, yet excited at the same time. This was the first time her parents had let her walk anywhere in the dark by herself since she’d turned fourteen. As she walked, she had to continuously fix her shorts, which were riding up her ass. She was reminded to quickly put on her sweatpants that she’d kept in her backpack, so her parents wouldn’t know she’d went to a party with boys showing off so much skin. She was nearly halfway there when she decided to drop her backpack and fish her sweatpants out. She dug underneath her few gallons of candy that she knew her parents would not approve of her eating due to her braces (but she hardly cared, she was rebellious at this point, as are most girls with strict parents) and grabbed the sweatpants from the bottom. She had to remove the cat fur covers from her shoes so she could slip the sweatpants on over them. She was startled by a light shining on her. She scooped up her backpack, trying to zip it up as she walked - before realizing the lights she saw were just the streetlights.

She let out a long, exasperated sigh. Before she had a chance to breathe back in, a new set of lights was behind her. When she turned around, she saw a big, black van. It was mere feet from her, and still rolling. There was no way the van could have gotten that closely that quickly unless the driver was trying to (he was). The van pulled immediately alongside Lilly and the sliding door was thrown open and a big, strong man pulled her inside, backpack and all.


Chad wiped the sweat from his brow as he drove past the big white house. The sounds of a struggle still went on in the backseat, where Dominic was trying to completely muffle the screams. Chad turned up the music. “Shut her the fuck up!” He ran his hand through his hair. A paranoia grew in his gut that didn’t pass until he passed the girl’s house. Her parents weren’t waiting outside, so it was entirely possible this had worked the best in their favor. He looked over to his brother, Kyle, who was continuing to yell “Shut her the fuck up!” Kyle turned to Chad and cursed something at him about turning the music up. Chad could hardly concentrate with that feeling in his gut - Kyle had to turn the music up himself. The screams were at least masked by the loud metal music and the roar of the engine.

Kyle shook his head. Fucking pussy. His younger brother had protested time and time again about this plan, but it was fucking foolproof. He and Dominic had had to do all the work in plotting the girl’s timeline because Chad wasn’t going to do shit. But he still wanted to get paid, no matter his reservations about this. Find out everything about the girl. Check. Make sure her parents were rich. Check. Follow her, stalk her, until they knew they could snatch her without being seen. Check. Now all that was left was to use the untraceable phone and keep the girl in the abandoned house until her parents paid up.

Dominic held the squirming girl in his strong arms and pushed his hand over her mouth. She’d tried biting him a few times, but he had fully expected that and only squeezed her around the chest tighter, forcing the fight out of her. Dominic was not the brains of this organization, but the muscle. He was told that if he so much as hurt the girl, he wouldn’t receive a dime. During the planning stages, he wasn’t told how cute this little kitten was, though. As he held her, he ran his fingers over her breasts, which caused a shocked reaction in the girl, and more biting. He had to keep looking up to the front seat to be sure Kyle wasn’t watching him when he touched her; he had a feeling Kyle would take any excuse not to pay him.

Planning had been a complicated endeavor. At first, Kyle had made up a story about needing to hack into a guy’s phone to see if he was cheating with Kyle’s girlfriend. Chad had been more than happy to supply his knowledge. When Kyle sprung what the true reason was kidnapping, though, he’d turned white and rescinded all offers to help. All Kyle needed to do was tell him the price tag - and the fact that he would be an accomplice at this point - Chad had reluctantly agreed to do no more than drive and be sure to cover their tracks. After all, after their father had died a few months back, they needed to stick together to take care of their sick mother.

Dominic was a different story. He lived for this shit. A childhood friend of Kyle, the two of them had always done things that should probably get them put away. With a few sexual assault charges under his belt, a few years in Juvie, he needed to lay low. But staying out of trouble wasn’t his style. Having Kyle as an accomplice to his crimes had kept him out of trouble. Kyle might be a sociopath, but he was extremely smart. Dominic would follow Kyle into about anything, and this girl seemed to be their ticket.

The van roared into the silence of the night, echoing throughout the forest. The cabin appeared at the end of a long dirt road and sat hauntingly alone in the center of the wilderness. Lilly sat in the backseat, her fight was gone at this point, but when the car stopped, she twisted her core hard. This time, the man holding her gripped her hard between the legs, his fingers pressing into her virgin (yeah, she’s 14, so she’s a virgin) pussy over her pants. She yelped in pain into his hand and Chad looked in the rearview mirror, making him stop quickly. Lilly felt the pain soar through her entire body. Kyle jumped out of the van and ran around to the sliding door, slipping on his mask before opening it and yanking her by the hair out of Dominic’s grasp. The two men worked together to pull her into the house. Lilly looked back as Dominic threw her over his shoulder, seeing a look of regret in the eyes of the driver before he put on his own mask. She hoped that maybe, just maybe, she wasn’t in this alone.


Lilly found herself sitting on the floor, chained to an old radiator in the corner of a room. She thought briefly about not having told Lahna’s parents she was leaving. She worried that Lahna didn’t tell her parents either, so she had no idea whether anyone knew she was missing yet. Her tears had stopped falling long ago. Now, she just felt fear. She was positive that her clit was bruised because of the strong one’s grip. She was afraid of that one more than the other two. She could almost differentiate their voices by now, and therefore had an idea of their names. She was pretty astute for a teenager, and was sure to try committing their names to memory. If she got out of here, she would have at least some information to tell whoever she could and try getting these guys into trouble.

She suddenly heard yelling. The room certainly wasn’t sound-proof, so she was able to hear the voice of who she thought was the smaller of the two scary guys. She didn’t hear the driver whom she was sure would be her saving grace.

“Come on, Chad, you can’t leave now. We already have her. We have the phone number for the bitch’s parents. We’re so close, don’t pussy out now.” Chad was the empathetic one. “Just take a breath, we don’t need Dominic hearing this shit from you. He’ll be more than happy to drive the knife through your chest and take your cut. Just calm the fuck down.” Dominic. And a knife? She took mental notes, even over the scariest of them. She knew Chad was sympathetic and Dominic was the scary one, the one with the knife. That just left the one who was talking, the one in charge.

The door to the room opened and one of the masked men entered, closing it behind him. She recognized him as the passenger solely by his clothes - he was still masked. She took into consideration his shirt, his pants, his eyes, anything she could remember. He knelt down in front of her. “Listen, Rich Bitch,” always a great way to start a conversation. She tried to keep the tears from welling in her eyes. For some reason, she thought about her cat whiskers and decided that they were probably ruined. Anything was better than thinking about what he was saying, anything to distract herself. “Your parents don’t know you’re gone yet. When they find out, they’re going to come looking for you, but they’re never going to find you.” He adjusted his mask. “There’s only one way you’re possibly going to get out of here, though. When we need you to talk to your parents, you say exactly what we say. You don’t say anything about any of us. You say exactly what we tell you to say.” She nodded, but her eyes were welling with tears.

Kyle stood up, looking down at her. He could read it in her eyes that she didn’t believe him. He’d heard her screaming for help and he knew she wanted an escape. The fact of the matter was, if she didn’t stop, if she tried to escape, Dom would probably have to handle it. That wasn’t good at all - the oaf was entirely capable of snapping the bitch’s neck if he got scared. He was like a fucking bull. Good to plow the field, but a fucking disaster when he felt cornered. He realized that there would be certain measures he would have to take to get her to behave. He, of course, had a few things in mind, but he would have to keep Chad out of the know. If he found out she was getting hurt, he might try altering the situation and Dom would have to manage that too.

Lilly looked up at him. He had something behind his back, and at that moment, he tossed it at her. It was her backpack, and it was open. Candy from the party scattered onto the floor. Her too-short shorts laid just within the bag. “Sit on your ass.” His words startled her and she didn’t move. He grabbed her hair. “I said sit on your fucking ass!” She shrieked slightly before pushing her feet forward and falling back onto her ass. He immediately leaned forward, pushing his shoulder into her face, knocking her onto her back. He had the waist of her sweatpants in his hands and he slid the pants down her legs, revealing her tiny black underwear. He looked at her for a second and her heart filled with fear. She tried kicking him, but his fingers immediately found her throat. “Calm the fuck down. I’m just putting these shorts on you, Rich Bitch.” Her kicking subsided, mostly due to the hand on her neck, but also due in part to her curiosity about his motives. She laid still as he put the shorts back onto her, and helped her to her knees. He left the room and she still wondered about his motive.

The motive was clear. Kyle left the room and shut the door. For a moment, he felt regret for the plan he had set in motion. But the things he’d noticed in the car provided an opportunity he would be a fool to pass up.


Dom approached the door a few hours later. He pulled the mask over his face and grabbed the door handle. For a moment, he looked over his shoulder to see Kyle and Chad leaving the cabin. The two of them had to pick up some provisions - you have to keep the prisoner alive if you want your ransom - and Kyle had left Dom in charge of her. He’d been very clear that he wanted a close eye kept on her. As he entered the room, he fumbled for a lightswitch. When he did find it, flipping it on startled Lilly from sleep. She sat on the floor, looking up at him. She looked scared. Dom’s eyes couldn’t help but travel down her body. He took a step towards her, before reaching down and grabbing her bag, pulling a candy bar out of it. He opened it and took a bite. When he’d eaten half of it, he pushed it down in front of her face. She thought about denying it, but this was an opportunity she’d be a fool to pass up. She let him shove the entire candy bar into her mouth, choking her as he started shoving more and more inside, completely surprising her. The candy bar didn’t stop getting pushed inside until she gagged as it hit the back of her throat. Dom laughed as she choked and sputtered and the candy bar fell to the floor. He picked it up with his bare hands and pushed it into his own mouth, laughing. She gagged at the sight.

Dom found himself entertained. He thought that if she had so much trouble swallowing that, it would really be difficult to take his cock, which was certainly bigger than half of a Snickers bar. He swallowed the candy, savoring the girl’s spit. He thought of it as a loophole, something Kyle wouldn’t take his cut for. But as he looked down at her, the smudged cat makeup, messed up hair, showy shirt that was ripped and tattered at this point, and then down to her shorts that were showing off almost every inch of her legs. When he looked at her face, the makeup streaming down her face from gagging on the candy gave him so many ideas. He looked down at the pathetic mess on the floor, remembering how her tits felt in the van. The cabin was silent. Kyle and Chad were gone. Dominic dropped his pants.

Lilly shrank backwards into the radiator. She’d never seen a cock. She prided herself on avoiding porn when everyone else seemed to be getting into it at this age (Lahna had tried getting Lilly to watch something about “femdom” last time they were alone and Lilly had freaked out upon learning what that meant, while Lahna put away a hairbrush and her dog’s collar for some reason). Yet, despite all of that, here she sat, watching his lump in his underwear grow along his leg until a pink part pushed against the opening of the leg.

“Now, you’re not going to tell either one of them about this, are you?” She hesitated. “Because if you do, I’ll break your pretty little neck.” She nodded quickly, her eyes staying on the ground. Her arms were chained behind her, there was no way she could escape whatever he might do. He took a step toward her and a tiny squeak escaped her throat. He tugged down on the waistband, and his huge cock bounced out from under his underwear. He wrapped his fingers around it and took another step towards her. He was a mere foot from her now, his hardened cock hung inches from her face. She tried her hardest to avoid looking at it, but when his fingers wrapped around her left pigtail and he tugged on her, pulling her towards him, she couldn’t help but stare at it.

Her attempts at keeping her lips closed were misguided, as it only caused him to pull her other pigtail as well. She felt her scalp pulling in half, and her mouth opened in a scream, which was quickly muffled when the tip of his cock pushed between her lips. She gagged the second his cock touched her tongue, absolutely disgusted. She felt every impulse to bite down, but she remembered that he could easily snap her neck - or rip her pigtails out - and she decided it better not to. His cock slid back down her tongue and her back stiffened against the radiator. She felt her entire mouth being overtaken by his long, thick cock. Panic overrode her logic, and she tried pulling back. He grunted a barbaric grunt and pulled her head hard towards his body and his cock hit the back of her throat.

She was coughing and gagging and sputtering uncontrollably as he let his cock push into the back of her throat. She didn’t dare bite down, but she felt that if she could, she couldn’t put much force into it due to how much space his cock took up. Her jaw felt a terrible pain as she twisted and coughed. Spit was dribbling down her chin as he laughed down at her. “Look at me, slut!” Her eyes finally met his. She tasted something at the back of her tongue where his tip was and hoped it wasn’t blood. “Now close your fucking lips around it!”

Tears were streaming down her face. She could hardly close her lips her jaw hurt so much, but she didn’t want to piss him off. She slowly closed her jaw, careful not to bite him, and let her lips close, even as his cock pressed her tongue to the bottom of her mouth. As soon as her lips surrounded his cock, he pulled back and she felt the pressure in the back of her mouth lessen. A trail of that taste followed his cock as it slid down her tongue. He pushed his hips forward and his cock slid between her lips. Desperate whines were the only sounds she could manage as his cock pushed back into her tonsils. She sat there, not letting her eyes drift from his in fear, as he continued that motion, going faster and faster, ruining her virgin mouth. She soon became aware that the taste was from him. Tears met the drool coming from her mouth as she cried and gagged, sure she would throw up if this didn’t stop soon. He pressed into her again, hard, letting out another primitive moan. And then her mouth was filled with the taste. She coughed and gagged and spit, but he quickly pulled his cock out and put a hand over her mouth. Her head shook violently. “Swallow, you fucking whore.” She gagged and was sure she puked a little, but she couldn’t tell at this point (it was just spit), but her mouth was filled his his taste. She tried, desperately, to swallow... She gagged, but she was able to get every last drop down.

He took a step back, smiling behind the mask. He reached down into the backpack and pulled out a candybar, opening it and tossing it onto the ground where she now lay, spitting and coughing. “Eat that off the ground like the dog you are.” He pulled up his pants right away and turned off the light and left the room, luckily only just now hearing the van pull up. He desperately hoped they didn’t check on her and find any traces of evidence.

As Kyle went into the room to check on her, he smiled down at the Rich Bitch. He figured that everything had went to plan. She looked up at him but didn’t say anything. He reached down and wiped a bit of cum off her lip (the fucking neandrathal) and wiped it onto her tongue, causing a whine from her. She seemed to understand, in that moment, why he changed her into her shorts and then left her with the big one. And she fucking hated him.

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Kidnapping (Part One)

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