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  1. The Farm's Bitch (An Animal Gangbang Story) Part One
  2. The Farm’s Bitch (an Animal Gangbang Story) Part Two

The Farm's Bitch (An Animal Gangbang Story) Part One

Categories Fantasy, Bestiality, Domination/submission, Group Sex

Author: Thatweirdthingyoulike

Published: 14 November 2017

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Turbulence jostled the plane and Aria lifted her head from the window. The announcement was then made that the plane was landing. The news gave Aria a start of energy and she took a deep breath to calm her racing heartbeat. She was finally about to meet her long time online lover, David. She opened her phone and used the camera as a mirror as she fixed her hair and touched up her make up. She wanted to look perfect when David saw her in person for the first time.

It did make her a little nervous to be meeting him. He was a much older man, almost twice her age. She had just turned nineteen three weeks ago and David was nearly thirty-eight. David had recently divorced and moved down to a rural part of texas, and bought a ranch. The two had been in contact for nearly a year, and their contact is part of the reason David had bought the large, secluded property. Aria shivered as she thought of everything she would be doing while she was here to visit, and the visuals played over and over again in her mind.

The moments ticked by endlessly as each one of her raunchy thoughts played out in her mind, making her tight cunt glisten with arousal. When the plane finally landed and pulled up to the gate, Aria stood up so abruptly that her short little skirt flipped up, and she accidentally flashed the men sitting next to her. She blushed, but said nothing and picked up her purse. She ended up sitting in the very back of the plane. When it was finally time for their row to step into the aisle, the men to her left motioned for her to walk out first. As she passed him, the man in the middle seat brushed his hips against hers and smirked.

“My colleague and I enjoyed that little glimpse. We have the rest of the afternoon off, what do you say to coming back to the hotel with us?” The man in the middle seat whispered softly into her ear.

She turned and smirked and grabbed both of their hands and let them both feel her wetness and giggled.

“I’m so sorry gentlemen, but I’m afraid I’m actually here to solve this problem. My lover is waiting for me.” She smiled sweetly at them then pulled their hands away and scooted out of the aisle, “If I was here for anything else, I would. Have a lovely day, you two.”

She strutted down the aisle and pushed her chest-length grape hair over her shoulders and smoothed down her dress. She wore a solid black mini dress with a deep v neck top that hardly covered her G-cup breasts. The top of the dress was very fitted and left none of her curves to the imagination. The dresses skirt hardly covered her ass at all, as it bounced with every step she took in her black leather heels. She threw her purse over her shoulder as she stepped out of the plane, and went to the baggage claim area where David was waiting for her.

As she approached baggage claim number three, her heart began to race again and she felt her breath catch in her throat. She turned the corner and saw her lover in person for the first time.

David was leaning up against the door in a three-piece tailored grey suit, glancing down at his watch. Her heart stopped and she couldn’t help the wide, goofy grin that stretched across her face. When he looked up he saw her, he began to walk towards her,and she ran the rest of the way into his arms.

“Daddy!” She squealed as she tossed her arms around his neck.

“It is amazing to finally see you in the flesh, babygirl.” He whispered as he wrapped his arms around her.

She giggled and gazed up at his face. His hair was a deep chocolate color with hints of grey, and his full, trimmed beard was the same shade. His eyes were the color of a clear sky, and he had a large, sturdy frame that was soft and warm.

“I can’t believe you’re real!” She gasped and nuzzled her head into his chest and took in his scent. “You’re even more handsome in person!”

He pulled away and twirled Aria around, “Babygirl, I don’t think I can find the words to describe how fantastic you look.”

“I’m glad my outfit meets your approval, Daddy.”

“Mmm,” His deep voice rumbled in his chest. “Let’s get going on home, darling. I’d hate to make you wait much longer.

Aria blushed and took his arm and the two walked over to the valet parking. The valet pulled their car forward and the deep, glossy blue cadillac came into view. David smirked as he tipped the young man who couldn’t keep his eyes off Aria’s thick and curvy body and opened the passenger door for her.

Aria slid in and buckled up. Her heart fluttered. She was really here. She was really doing this. It was happening. She opened her purse and made sure she had everything. Even though she would be here a full two weeks, David had given her explicit instructions to not take anything but a purse with only a makeup bag, her phone, wallet, keys, and one comfy outfit to wear on her way home. He told her everything else she needed he would provide her.

David sat in the driver's seat and started the car up.“Are you ready to go, babydoll?”

“Y-yes.” She stuttered.

David smirked and put his hand on her inner thigh as they drove off onto the highway. The ranch was an hour and a half from the airport, and over the drive, David kept moving his hand up and down Aria’s thigh and squeezing it in his hand. They talked the entire drive, and while Aria was more than happy to finally spend some time with David, his teasing only made her pussy more eager for attention.

The couple eventually pulled up to the small ranch style home that was freshly built on nearly thirty-five acres. The long driveway ended at a garage and after an eternity in the car, David put it in park and helped Aria out of the car.

“Welcome home, babygirl.” David smiled. “We’re going to have lots of fun back here, I had the house built here because you can’t see a damn thing from the road, which is exactly what I wanted.”

They walked in and the house, even though new felt very homey. Aria laid her purse down on the entry table and took David’s hand. Neither one of them said a thing, but David led her to the master bedroom.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled Aria close to him so that she was standing between his legs. Aria blushed, even when sitting down he was taller than her. She gulped as she felt his eyes examine her body, and when he locked eyes with her she climbed up on his lap and pressed her soaked pussy down on his already hard and throbbing cock. David started to kiss her neck as he lifted her skirt and gripped at her huge, firm ass. He couldn’t fit all of it in his large hands so he gave each cheek a firm spank that ilicited a slutty moan from Aria. Slowly, he pushed the shoulders of the dress down and her massive tits came into his view. He kissed and licked his way down from her neck to her tits and didn’t stop teasing her until her voice shook with each moan.

“Before I take you outside, I need to have that tight little teen pussy wrapped around my big, thick cock.” He growled into her ear.

Aria’s entire body shook and she nodded as he quickly shoved his pants down and pushed her young body down on his dick. They both moaned, and Aria squirmed as David’s fat cock shoved it’s way inside of her. His was the biggest she had ever taken, at ten inches in length, and almost just as thick as it was long. Even though she was drenched, taking the whole thing inside her cunt was difficult.

Once he had filled her all the way he flipped them around and pushed her back down into the mattress and wrapped his strong hand around her neck, and started to fuck her wildly. Aria screamed as he destroyed her little pussy, and couldn’t help but moan for him as he deeply thrusted in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around his hips and his other hand gripped her wrists and pinned them above her head.

“You are my dirty little whore, and you will fuck whatever I tell you to, whenever I tell you to, isn’t that right, baby?” He grumbled into her ear.

“Oh fuck yes, Daddy!” She croaked, “I promise Daddy! I promise I will!”

“That’s my good girl,” He moaned and freed her neck of his grasp, using his now free hand to rub her sensitive clit.

Aria’s body writhed in pleasure as he expertly toyed with her, and it wasn’t long before she could feel herself shaking and on edge.

“Pleasepleaseplease!” She sobbed, “Please, Daddy!”

“Mmm, please what, baby?”

“Please can I cum Daddy? Please!”

“Yes babygirl!” He groaned and gripped her neck tightly once again, “Cum for Daddy!”

Aria’s entire body conculsed and she came with a fury she didn’t expect. Her cunt gushed as she squirted all over David’s cock. She squeezed him tightly inside of her and felt him twitch and fill her cunt up with his thick cum.

He held her there for a moment, then kissed her deeply as they both came down from their orgasmic high.

“It was worth the wait, babydoll.” He sighed into her hair. “You are amazing.”

She giggled and looked up at him, “I’m amazing? Can we talk about how you forced the soul out of my body?”

“I’m glad you’re having fun so far, baby.” He laughed and gave her a firm spank, “But, the day isn’t over yet. Keep your shoes on, wear nothing else. I’ll meet you in the barn in a few minutes.”

“Yes Daddy,” Aria sighed dreamily and stood on shaky legs. She walked out the back door of the house and headed off to the large barn, her face flushed and hair tousled.

As she approached the barn, a new wave of excitement rolled through her and she slowly opened the door. The barn was dark, but she saw a large leather swing in the middle of the room. The scent of leather and horses hung heavy in the air and she laid her bare body back on the cool leather of the swing. She couldn’t keep her hands at her sides, so she crossed them behind her back and waited.

She didn’t know how long she waited there in the dark, but suddenly the lights in the barn came on and she was blinded. David had Aria sit up so he could secure her hands behind her back, and he attached a spreader bar to her legs and clipped it down to the floor.
Aria breathed in and out deeply, and looked up at David as she gnawed on her lower lip. David whistled and suddenly five dogs appeared in the doorway.

“Slut,” David began, “I have my five best studs here for you. A mastiff, a great dane, an irish wolfhound, a saint bernard, and, of course, my wolfdog. They know what you are here for. They know what to do. They know a bitch in heat when they smell one. None of these boys have been fucked in awhile and you are here just for them to empty their balls in all of your slutty holes. Once I give the command, they will all be on you and they will not stop. Are you ready?”

“Yes Daddy!” Aria said excitedly.

David spat the command and suddenly Aria was swarmed with all five of the massive dogs. The dane rolled under her and laid on his back, and he started to lick and nip at her tits. The irish wolfhound put his paws on her back and his already hard, bright red doggy cock was right in front of her face. Aria moaned and leaned forward and took the hot red cock into her mouth. The taste was different, but fuck, she loved it. Aria greedily slurped on the irish wolfhounds cock as the other dogs bathed her backside with tongues. She felt one of the dog's tongue brush past her clit and she shook. Another snaked his tongue in her cunt, and the third licked her asshole.

She couldn’t handle much more, and she already felt herself on edge because of all the dogs attention on her holes. The dane under her suddenly jerked his hips up and she felt his burning hot cock poke at her clit twice, before he finally found his mark and started jackhammering his massive doggy cock in her slutty, cum-filled cunt. She heard a growl behind her and then a sudden, sharp pain as a gigantic dog cock was shoved into her ass full force and she came hard from the pain and pleasure. From the sheer size of the cock in her ass, she assumed the wolf was in her backdoor. Aria screamed around the wolfhounds cock from the pain, but she didn’t protest as she slowly came down from her second orgasam of the day. She sloppily sucked on the huge cock in front of her face as the wolfhound fucked her throat and forced her to choke and gag over his doggy dick.

She heard David snapping pictures, but she couldn’t pay any attention to him as she was stuffed full with huge, juicy dog cocks in all three of her holes. Aria didn’t see which one nipped at her hair and pulled, but all of her holes clenched as her body trembled, on the edge of yet another orgasam. The dane under her continued to lick and nip at her nipples, tits, and face, and she slid back and forth on all three cocks, stuffed to the brim. The dane got more frequent, and with one, hard thrust he slammed his full knot inside Aria’s abused cunt. Her body trembled again, but she couldn’t stop the next orgasam when the wolf in her ass bit the rope around her hands and jammed his knot all the way inside her ass. The two dogs in her pussy and ass came with her, their steaming seed pouring deeply inside her. The wolfhound stepped down and licked her face as she came, and she opened her mouth so he could kiss her, and kiss her he did. The wolfhound probed his tongue in and out of her mouth and the two made out as she remained tied to her other two lovers The mastiff and saint bernard didn’t want to be left out, and both came over to lick and kiss her as well. The two remaining dogs in her thrusted a few more times before they both popped out of her and forced her to cum yet again. The wolfhound didn’t wait, as soon as the dane was standing up, he took his place. The wolfhound’s hot, throbbing cock didn’t hesitate, and he jammed his cock all the way up to the knot inside Aria. He opened his mouth and held one of her massive tits in his jaw, using his tongue to lick her nipple as he fucked her as deeply as he could. The mastiff went behind her and followed the wolfhound’s lead, and bucked his cock all the way inside her stretched little asshole. The saint bernard was content making out with her for now, his soft mouth and tongue were gentle against hers. He only jumped up and put his paws on her back when the other two dogs forced their knots inside Aria’s abused holes. Aria cried and slurped up and down the bernard’s cock, and he grumbled as he started to fuck her throat. Aria could hardly see anything under his long, warm coat, but she didn’t need to. She felt his drool leaking down onto her back and as all three of these dogs ravaged her, she squeezed her holes down and groaned out for more.

The mastiff was relentless in his attack on her ass, and as she swayed back and forth on all of the huge, hot red cocks, it pulled on both of the knots that rested in her. This seemed to aggravate both of the dogs, and while the wolfhound sunk his teeth down into her breast, the mastiff wrapped his jaws around her neck and placed his paws on her shoulders to keep her still. Both dogs bucked their cocks inside her, but locked in by their knots, they just pulled and further stretched her holes, forcing her to cum until she was dizzy.

Finally the wolfhound and Mastiff pulled out, then went to lay down and clean themselves off. The saint bernard quickly popped his cock out of her mouth and darted over to her ass and humped his cock into her cunt. The wolf stalked back over and laid underneath her. True to his nature, the wolf did not wait, and did not care what happened to the bitch. He forced his entire cock inside of Aria’s stretched cunt in one motion. The bernard seemed to be surprised, but he didn’t stop his fucking of her cunt. She had two of the biggest dog cocks here inside her cunt and she couldn’t believe it was happening. She was being double fucked in her cunt! Aria screamed and buried her head into the wolf’s fur, her poor little pussy was stretched right to the max.

The wolf grumbled deep in his chest and as soon as Aria lifted her head up, the wolf gripped her neck and slammed his knot inside her. Not wanting to be outdone, the bernard followed suit, and soon not only did Aria have two dog cocks in her, but she also had two thick knots. The bernard licked Aria’s back and did long, slow thrusts, while the wolf jabbed inside her erratically. Aria nearly passed out from the intensity of her constant orgasam, she couldn’t fucking stop cumming. Between the sharp teeth digging into the sensitive flesh of her neck, the coarse fur brushing up against her hard nipples, and the two pulsating, burning cocks dumping cum inside her at the same time, she couldn’t handle it all. As they filled her with cum, Aria screamed and squirted hard, her entire body trembling to the point where she couldn’t see straight, and then, Aria passed out.

She came to when the wolf and bernard pulled their cocks out of her cunt with an audible ‘pop’. Her body was still shaking, and she could hardly form any words.
“Are you okay, Aria?” David asked as he opened a bottle of water and helped her drink.

“Y-ye-yes Daddy!” She sighed blissfully. “That felt so amazing!”

“You made me so proud babygirl. That was so hot.” David said with pride as he rubbed the back of her head.


“Yes, baby?”

“Can I please fuck the horses next?” She asked timidly.

“My god,” David sighed lovingly as he kissed her forehead. “Of course, anything for my babygirl. Are you sure you’re ready?”

“Yes!” Aria beamed. “I promise!”

David smiled and he pulled out a taller, padded bench. He undid her hands and legs and helped Aria move over to the bench. As she walked, dog cum gushed out of her cunt. Once she was on the bench, David secured her hands and feet, but keeping her face down, ass up.

He brought over a beautiful chestnut stallion.

“Open your mouth, little one.” David said.

Aria obeyed and soon enough she got her first taste of horse cock. She could hardly even wrap her lips around the head of the horse’s massive cock, but she sucked him until he was fully hard. David then lead him behind her, and the horse took over from there.

The stallion neighed, and wrapped his front hooves around her back before he jammed his full cock inside her stretched, dog cum filled cunt. The horse didn’t hold back at all, he pumped her and fucked her just as he would any other mare. Aria was crying and screaming, because even though she had just been stretched and lubed up, the size of the horse’s cock was more than she had ever taken before, and he did not care that he hit, or was trying to push past her cervix. David brought out another horse, but this time, the stallion was grey. David instructed Aria to suck off the grey horse while she was being fucked,

Being an obedient slut, Aria did as she was told, gagging and choking and drooling all over the grey horse while the chestnut one bucked inside her roughly, destroying her insides and fucking her with wild abandon. Both horses suddenly jerked roughly, and all Aria could see was stars as she came. The last thing she remembered, was being filled to the limit with warm, gooey horse cum.

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The Farm's Bitch (An Animal Gangbang Story) Part One

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