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  1. June Gets Blackmailed.

June Gets Blackmailed.

Categories Fiction, Blackmail, Cheating, Mature

Author: pdocker5000

Published: 14 November 2017

  • Font:

June Gets Blackmailed.

Jason sneaks out of school and meets his older friend.
The two lads discover Jason’s mother having sex with two men in her living room.

Chapter 1

Jason Clark was extremely bored as he sat in class as his teacher went on about something.
Jason was completely ignoring him.
Jason just continued to look out of the classroom window.
His regular English teacher was off sick and the substitute teacher that was standing in for her was completely hopeless.
He was only a year or so out of university and was extremely boring.

Just then, there was a tap on the window.
This brought Jason out of his daydream and he turned to look out of the window.
A grinning face now appeared at the window.
It was his best friend Trevor.

Trevor had his mobile phone in his hand.
He then pushed a button on his phone.
A few seconds later Jason’s phone that was in his pocket and on silent started to vibrate. Jason now looked around the classroom.
Most of the other students were just like him.
Bored and wishing they were some were else.
Nobody was paying any attention to him or the teacher.
He quickly slipped his phone out of his pocket.
Jason now read the text message his friend had just sent him.

Jason smiled to himself when the bell ending the lesson finally went off.
Jason made sure he was the last one to leave the classroom.
He now followed the rest of the students down the corridor.
They were now heading to their next lesson.
Jason quickly slipped down a different corridor and he was soon outside.
He now darted for the carpark at the rear of the school.

Jason now looked around the car park until he saw what he had been looking for.
He quickly smiled to himself then he ran towards his friend’s car.
Trevor was sat in his old red beaten up Ford Fiesta.
He was now waving to him.
Soon Jason was in the car and his mate was now speeding out of the school car park.

Jason now said to his friend.
“Excellent timing mate.
I was so bored my teacher is a complete prat.”

Trevor just smiled to his friend as he continued to speed down the road taking no notice of the 20 mph speed limit.
He now took the next corner so fast that he nearly slammed into an oncoming van, which had to brake hard to avoid hitting him.
Trevor just gave the driver the finger as he sped off in the opposite direction.
Jason just laughed.
His friend was a complete maniac behind the wheel of a car.

Jason now asked his friend.
“When he was next due to have a go at trying to pass his driving test?”
Trevor smiled back at his friend and told him.
“It was next Thursday.”
Jason then added.
“Maybe it would be a good idea not to get killed and maybe he should slow down.”

Trevor just looked at his friend with a great big grin on his face. However, he did slow down to the speed limit.
Trevor now headed towards the local park where some more of his mates hung out.
Trevor was two years older than Jason was.
Trevor was really a bad influence on Jason.
Moreover, Jason’s parents had forbidden him from having anything to do with him.
Trevor was always getting arrested for silly little things the last time he set fire to somebody’s shed and got himself banged up for four months.

When the lads got to the park, it was empty apart from two police cars. Trevor quickly reversed out of the park before the police saw him.
His car was nowhere near road legal and he had no car insurance and only a provisional driving licence.

As it was getting near dinnertime, Trevor now headed for the local McDonald’s drive through where both boys got burger and chips.
After they had eaten their food.
Trevor found a quiet car park where there were a couple of older cars.
He parked next to one of them and while Jason kept a look out.
He siphoned some petrol from it.

The two boys now just drove around hoping to see some girls that they knew.
However, they saw no one.
Trevor was getting a little bit nervous about being spotted by the police.
He usually only drove his car at quiet times.
Nevertheless, he knew that he was now pushing his luck.

Jason now told Trevor.
“To head for his house, his parents were at work and they could hang out for a few hours at his house."
He always got home from school before his parents did.
His mother usually got home around an hour after he got home from school.
Therefore, they could chill out without anybody disturbing them.

Trevor quickly agreed with Jason’s idea.
He wanted to get his car off the road as soon as possible and he remembered that Jason had a driveway that he could use.
Then the police couldn’t do anything about it because his car was not on the road and it was legally off the road with the road tax office.

Trevor now turned down Jason’s street.
Jason’s house was at the bottom of the street on the left.
The street was a dead end and Jason’s house was the last on the street.
However, when they got towards his house the driveway was not empty two cars were parked on the drive now.
One car belonged to Jason’s mother.
However, Jason did not recognise the other car.
It was a top of the range BMW.

Trevor was now getting very nervous.
He really needed to get his car off the road before a passing police patrol noticed it and its APR Camera picked up that he should not be on the road in the first place.

Jason told Trevor to.
“Turn around and go back up to the top of the street and then take the next left. Then go all the way down to the bottom, there was some waste land which he could park his car on.” Trevor wasn’t happy about this.
Nevertheless, he did not have a choice.
Soon the boys had parked the car were Jason had indicated.
Now Trevor followed Jason as he led him to the back of his house.
Jason’s house had a large garden with a high wooden fence protecting it.
There was not a rear gate and the fence was topped with barbed wire to deter anyone from trying to break in.

Trevor now asked his friend.
“What the hell was he doing and why were they at the back of his house when they could go in the front door?”
Jason just looked at his friend he then said to him.
“I want to know why my mom is home this early in the afternoon and I want to know who owns the other car.”

Trevor now pointed out to his friend.
“That there was no way he was climbing over barbed wire and getting his new jeans ripped.”

Jason just told his friend to.
“Trust him.”
Jason now started to look through some leaves on the floor.
At the back of his house, there were a lot of trees.
He quickly found what he was looking for it was a wooden ladder which was totally hidden by the leaves.

Jason now explained to Trevor.
“That if they put the ladder up against the left hand corner of the fence.
They would be able to climb up it and then get onto the shed roof.
Then they could jump down into the garden.

Trevor now asked him.
“How he knew there was a ladder hidden?”
Jason explained to him.
“That he had hidden it.
When he wanted to go out on a night without anyone knowing he would seek out his bedroom window climb onto the shed and then use the ladder to get over the barbed wire. He then would come back the same way and he would pull up the ladder up after him. However, the last time he went out, he had come back in through the front door.
So the ladder had remained hidden under the leaves until he needed it again.”

Jason and Trevor were now at the back door of Jason’s house.
Jason could not unlock the back door as the key was in the lock on the other side.
Jason now climbed up onto the conservatory roof, which was directly underneath his bedroom window.
Trevor looked at his new jeans and then he reluctantly followed his friend.
Soon Jason had his bedroom window open.
He never locked it.
Now the two friends were now in Jason’s bedroom.
Trevor was just about to grumble about his jeans getting filthy.
Nevertheless, Jason just put a finger to his lips and Trevor remained silent.

Jason now very quietly opened his bedroom door; he now quietly walked onto the landing. Trevor was still totally confused by his actions but he followed suit and followed his friend quietly onto the landing.
Jason and Trevor could not hear anybody upstairs but there was a funny noise coming from the living room.
Both boys now took the stairs one at a time so that they would not make any noise.
Jason had some suspicions about his mother.
However, he was not prepared to explain them to his friend at the moment.
Jason and Trevor were now stood outside the closed living room door.
There was something going on in the living room.
They both could hear the sounds of several voices.
In addition, it sounded like someone was getting screwed.
Trevor whispered into Jason’s ear now.
“Do you think your mum’s fucking some guy in their?”

Jason quickly spans around on his friend, but he resisted the urge to knock him out.
He just dragged him into the kitchen.
The kitchen had double doors, which led into the living room.
Both boys were now looking through the glass doors.
Trevor was looking through one door and Jason was looking through the other door.
Both boys couldn’t believe what they were now seeing.

Jason’s so-called quiet innocent mother was now completely naked apart from a pair of fishnet stockings and high-heeled shoes.
She was on all fours on the living room carpet and an old fat guy was behind her ramming his cock in and out of her.
There was also another man probably in his mid-thirties he too was naked and he was just watching them fuck.
He then got in front of her his cock in his hand.
She just smiled it him and she now opened her mouth for him.
He now rammed his cock deep into her mouth as the old guy continued to do her from behind.
Jason couldn’t look away.

Jason just could not believe his mother was fucking two men while his dad was out of town working. He was now getting very angry.
Trevor had his mobile phone out and he was filming everything.
Jason was totally unaware that his friend was filming his mother getting screwed by these two unknown men.

The old man suddenly moaned out very loudly.
“That he was coming.”
He now thrust several times deep into her pussy.
He then pulled out of her and collapsed onto the sofa.
The younger man now pulled out of her mouth and he now rammed his cock into her cunt.
She screamed with pleasure as he rammed his cock deep into her cunt.

The old guy now watched with a huge smile on his face as the younger man now really
Started to ram his cock deep into her pussy.
He also had hold of her hips as he powered into her from the rear.
She was now moaning like a common whore as the younger man fucked her.

The younger man now fucked her hard and fast for nearly 15 minutes. Before he to moaned out very loudly in pleasure and he too filled her cunt with his younger cum.
Both boys could not take their eyes off her especially the way her big boobs were bouncing up and down as the younger man fucked her.
He was also pulling her long dark hair.
Which she looked like she enjoyed.
She screamed out in pleasure everytime he pulled her hair.
It looked like she enjoyed getting it rough.
She also had cum herself many times as the young guy fucked her hard and fast from the rear.

He now pulled his cock out of her.
She took him in her mouth and she started to suck him clean.
She wrapped her lips so tightly round his cock that when she pulled off his cock there was a loud popping sound.

The younger guy now walked over to the table where there was a briefcase and he now opened the briefcase.
He now took out some papers and a pen and he now carried them over to the old guy.
The old guy was still sat on the sofa and he was still trying to catch his breath.
However, he was still grinning as he looked at Jason’s mother who was now pushing her fingers in and out of her pussy and licking up all the cum that was on them now.
She was also smiling at the old man in a very teasing way.

The young man now handed the old man the papers and the pen.
He then said to the old man.
“I believe we have finally reached a happy conclusion to our negotiations.”

The old man just smiled and said to him.
“Maybe I need a little further persuasion.”
The younger man now looked rather annoyed.
However, Jason’s mother just crawled over to him on her hands and knees and she started to suck on his soft small cock.

Her sucking soon had him fully hard once more and the younger guy just smiled at her as he now watched her head once more bobbing up and down on the old man’s cock.
He now offered the old man the contracts once more to sign.
The old man was moaning and groaning but he took the pen with a shaking hand and he signed the documents.
The young guy now winked at her, she increased the speed of her sucking, and she also squeezed his balls causeing him to shoot off into her mouth a lot sooner than he would have done. She then finished him off by slowly licking his cock clean.

June Gets Blackmailed.

Trevor blackmails Jason’s mother into having sex with him by threatening to upload the video of her to the Internet.

Chapter 2

Jason and Trevor now let themselves out of the back door and they now left Jason’s house the same way they got in.
After Jason had re-hidden the ladder, they made their way back to Trevor’s car.
Trevor now drove them to where he kept his car.
He was using his brother’s garage.
His brother was in jail for selling drugs.
Therefore, he was using the garage while he was in jail.
His brother however, did not know he even knew where the garage was never mind that Trevor even had a key to it.

Trevor did not mention to his friend that he had videoed his mother on his mobile phone that was going to be his ace in the hole.
Trevor now asked Jason.
“If he knew who the men were?”

Jason just shook his head.
He then said to Trevor.
“That he thought the younger guy was his mother’s new boss.
But he had never seen the older guy before.”

Jason and Trevor now lucked up the garage and then they started to walk back towards Trevor’s house.
Halfway towards Trevor’s house Jason turned to his friend and told him.
“That he was going to make his way home.”
Trevor just nodded to his friend.
The two lads now walked off in different directions.

Jason was just walking down his street when his mother’s car passed him.
She blew her horn at him as she drove past him.
When he got to his house.
She was just getting some groceries out of the hatchback.
She gave him a warm smile and asked him.
“If he could help her carry some of the shopping bags into the kitchen?”
Jason did not return her smile he was still very angry with her.
However, he did not want her to know that he knew her little secret.
Therefore, he helped with the shopping.
Jason and his mother were not very close.
Jason had been brought up by his father’s mother as his parents worked a lot.
His father tried to make it up to him by taking him out on special trips when he had the time and Jason really liked going on them.
But his mother didn’t really bother with him.
Jason got the impression he was a hindrance to her career.

Jason now asked her in a very sarcastic voice.
“How was her day?”
June was now surprise by his question.
He never ever asked her how her day was.
She was pleased that he had started to realise how important her job was to her.
June told her son.
“That she had a really successful day.
She and her boss had managed to land a very large contract to supply some electronic components to a large company.”

Jason now asked her.
“How much was it worth to her company.”
He wanted to know how much it took for her to do what she had done today.
He still couldn’t believe his mother had whored herself out just to land a contract for her boss.

June now finished putting her groceries away.
She then turned to look at her son; she now had a huge smile on her face.
She now told Jason.
“That the contract was for 12 months and hopefully they would be able to negotiate an extension and it would earn her company £3.2 million per year.”

June then added with an even bigger smile on her face.
“For her part in all the hard negotiations she was looking at a bonus cheque of £7500.”
Even Jason thought that was a lot.

As June walked past Jason, she ruffled his hair.
She never showed him any signs of affection and this took him completely by surprise.
Jason turned and watched her walk into the living room.
He now followed her into the living room.
Jason still could not believe what she had done to win a contract.
He now watched her as she climbed the stairs.
He was now looking at her in a completely different way.
Her skirt was tight and it showed off her nice firm ass and her long legs.
Jason now looked at her not as his mother but as a hot mature woman.
However, he still hated her for what she had done to his father.

Jason followed her upstairs and he pretended to go into his own room.
June was in her room getting changed.
Jason noticed that her door was not all the way closed. So he quietly crept towards her door and he looked into her room using the door to hide his body.

June was just removing her suit jacket, which she put on a clothes hanger and hung up in her wardrobe.
Jason now noticed for the first time how big and shapely her breasts were in her white silk blouse.
He could see the outline of her white bra under her blouse.

June now had her back to the door as she undid her skirt and let it slip off her body.
Jason had to catch his breath so she did not hear him as he let out a little gasp of surprise. She was wearing black fishnet stockings like the ones she had worn earlier on.
But now they were attached to a suspender belt.
Jason had always liked looking at women wearing stockings and suspenders in his porn magazines, which he had hidden under his bed.

Jason continued to watch as his mother with her back still towards him started to undo the buttons of her blouse.
Once her buttons were all undone she took off her blouse and tossed it onto her bed. Jason’s breathing now started to get harder and he found himself starting to stare in his trousers.

She then reached behind her back and unclipped her bra.
Her bra soon joined her blouse on the bed.
Even know Jason had seen her breasts before he couldn’t wait for her to turn round so that he could get another good look at her ample breasts.

Jason was now getting very excited and frustrated however, she still didn’t turn around.
She now unclipped her stockings from her suspender belt and she removed them one by one. He was now fully hard in his trousers as he continued to watch her.
Then her suspender belt went followed by her panties, which she dropped onto the floor.
She now bent down to pick them up.

Jason was shocked to see that she had a white liquid in both her pussy and asshole.
She must have fucked her boss at work before she came home Jason thought to himself.
He was now wondering how long she had been screwing around.
When the front door opened.
Jason quickly darted into his own bedroom closing his door behind him.
He was so frustrated that he had no choice but to Jack himself off thinking of his mother has he relieved himself.
At the same time, Trevor Jason’s friend was also in his bedroom jacking himself off as he watched the video he had taken of Jason’s mother getting fucked on his phone.

Jason got a quick shower and he also got changed before he went down stairs when he got down stairs he found his father and mother in the living room.
He greeted his dad with a bear hug he was not expecting him home until Sunday night.

The three of them now spent a quiet night in watching some TV his father ordered them a takeaway for their tea.
Jason was the first to go to bed he wanted to let his father have some time alone with his mother. His mother had surprised Jason by being very attentive to her husband all night and it looked like she really had missed him.
This was really confusing him.
Jason thought only people who were unhappy with each other had affairs.
But they both looked very happy with each other now.

Jason was awaken just after midnight by the sound of bed springs creaking.
He smiled to himself when he realized that his mum and dad must be having sex.
They were very quiet but when he listened carefully, he could hear the soft moans of his mother over the sounds of the bedsprings.

Jason was so confused he knew his father really loved his mother and he now believed that she loved her husband.
So why was she cheating on him with her boss.
He then decided she was doing what she had to do to keep her job.
But why did she look like she really enjoyed screwing around on her husband.
Jason really needed to confront her and tell her what he had seen.

It was a Thursday night and June was walking to the car park where she parked her car.
She had just finished work and was feeling extremely tired.
She then heard a voice asking her.
“If she had a minute.”
She turned around and saw Trevor Jason’s friend.
June had only met this lad a few times and she had taken an instant dislike to him.
He was bad news and so was his entire family.

June just looked at the lad with sheer contempt in her eyes.
She then said to him.
“And what the hell do you want.
I’ve told you before to stay away from my son.”

Trevor just smiled at her and took out his mobile phone and started to play the movie.
He then held the phone up so that she could see what was playing on the screen.
Her hand went to her face in complete shock.
She looked around there were people coming to their cars now.
He quickly stopped the movie and then he put his phone back into his pocket.
He then said to her.
“Maybe we should talk in your car were its more private.”

June reluctantly unlocked her car.
Trevor now got into the passenger seat.
She now got into the car and left the car park.
He indicated for her to go down several roads then turned down another road, which led them into an old disused industrial estate.
He then said to her with a huge smile on his face.
“We can talk here without being disturbed.”
And to emphasize how he knew this he now said to her.
“This is where my brother does most of his drug deals.
The police never bothered him down here.
So you don’t have to worry about anybody bothering us.”
June did not like the way he said us.
As if he was expecting something was going to happen between them.

Trevor now said to her.
“You really do have a nice set of big tits.
I want to see them again, take your jacket off and undo your blouse and show me your big juicy tits.”

June was so shocked she told him.
“To drop dead and to get out of her car.”
Trevor just held up his phone he had his finger on one of the buttons.
He now said to her.
“If I’d push this button that little film you starred in will be up loaded to the Internet and everyone you know will see it.
You will become an overnight Internet porn sensation.
So stop fucking around and show me your tits NOW.”

Junes mind was now racing she didn’t know what to do.
But she couldn’t allow him to upload that video.
Reluctantly she took off her jacket and undid the buttons of her blouse.
She then unclipped the front of her bra, as it was a front fastening bra.
She now pulled her bra away so that he could see her tits.
She held each tit in her hands and just held them up to him.
Trevor now started to roughly fondle each of her tits.
She had to close her eyes as he took one of her nipples into his mouth and he started to bite and suck on it.
She cried out in pain as he bit down hard on her nipples.

Trevor now forcefully pulled up her skirt.
June tried her best to stop him.
But he was too strong and he continued to blackmail her by telling her.
“That if she did not stop fighting him he would upload the video of her cheating on her husband.”
Very reluctantly, she stopped struggling and allowed him to push her skirt up.
He whistled when he saw that she was wearing stockings and suspenders and a small black pair of silk panties.

Trevor could see that her panties were getting very wet.
He now said to her.
“You are a whore and you like it when you are forced to fuck, it really gets you wet in your cunt you fucking bitch.”

June just glared at him with hatred in her eyes, but deep inside of herself, she knew he was right.
The first time her boss had taken her, it was by force over his big old wooden desk.
And she had loved every minute of it.
She was now his willing sex slave at work.

June finally said to him.
“Will you stop it?
I will take it off myself you are going to rip it and it’s a very expensive skirt.”
Trevor just grinned as she removed her own skirt and panties herself.
She then said to him.
“I suggest we get in the back seat, it will be a lot more comfortable and we can get this over with a lot quicker.”

Trevor and June now both got out of the car.
June now took off her skirt and panties.
She then opened the back door and got inside, she tried her best to get herself comfortable on the back seat.

Trevor now quickly took off his shoes, jeans and boxer shorts.
He was ready for action and his cock was rock hard.
When he looked into the back seat there, she was with her legs wide open and her big tits on display to him.
She was now fingering her own pussy with one hand and touching her big boobs with the other.
June now said to him.
Are you going to fuck me or just stand there like a complete prat?”

June really did dislike this lad.
However, she was going to make the best out of a bad situation, and she was getting very excited to.
Trevor now clumsily got on top of her.
June had to grab his cock and guide it to the entrance of her pussy.
Because he was clumsily thrusting forward and missing his target every time.

Eventually Trevor managed to get himself into some kind of rhythm.
June now started to moan as he thrust deep and fast into her pussy.
Trevor was also moaning and grunting now.
June just tried to forget about who was screwing her and she just let herself enjoy the sex. June was turning into a nymphomaniac.
She just could not get enough of a big hard cock in her pussy or mouth.

Trevor was really enjoying screwing his friends stuck up mother.
He knew that she did not like him and he was really loving fucking her pussy now.
He was brutally ramming his cock in and out of her pussy.
He would smile and grin to himself every time she moaned out in a different kind of way as he continued to slam his cock into her.
Trevor continued to really pound her for the next five minutes.

Trevor could feel himself about to blow.
However, he wanted to humiliate her even further.
He quickly pulled out of her pussy and grabbing his cock, he now jacked it a few times and shot off all over her face.

June was now taken by surprise by his sudden action and before she knew what was happening her face was covered in his cum.
However, June was now desperate to cum herself.
She now begged him to put his cock back into her pussy.
Trevor just looked at her and grinned.
June now gave him a pleading look.
She even moved forward, took his cock into her mouth, and sucked it a few times.
He eventually did as she bagged and put his cock back into her pussy.
June now used her hands to spread his cum all over her big breasts as he now continued to pound into her.
It only took a few minutes of brutal fucking before she was squirting her cunt juices all over his cock and lower body.
She then collapsed back onto the seat fulfilled and with a big smile on her face.

Trevor now collapsed back against the side passenger door.
He just looked at his friend’s mother.
Her face still had his cum on it and her body was covered in his sweat.
Her tits to were still covered in his cum and her legs were wide open and he could see her cunt juices still leaking out of her.
She looked like a complete slut.
June just smiled at him she knew what he was looking at and she knew what he was thinking but she did not really care what he thought of her.

She now said to him.
“I want your fucking Phone right now.
You little perverted shit.”

Trevor now smiled then said to her.
“You call me a perverted shit.
You are the one covered in my cum.
You are the one who still has her legs wide open and her own finger in her own cunt.
I think if anyone is perverted it is you bitch.
So why should I give you my phone?”

June just smiled at him.
She now repositioned herself on the seat.
She was now on all fours with her big ass up in the air.
She then reached behind herself and started to stroke her own pussy once more.
She now put two fingers into her pussy and started to finger herself.
Once her fingers were nice and moist she pushed them deep into her own asshole.
June now started to work her fingers in and out of her own ass getting it nice and lubricated.

June now turned her head to look at Trevor.
She now held her hand out for his phone.
Her other hand held her asshole open.
June now said to him.
“Your phone for my asshole.
It is your choice, but you will never get this opportunity again.
It’s a one off deal.”

Her actions had taken Trevor by complete surprise.
He had no idea she was such a hot slut.
She was smiling at him so sweetly now.
Trevor could feel himself getting hard once more.
Moreover, when he looked at his cock.
It was already rock hard and had started to drip some pre-cum out of his piss-hole.
With a shaking hand.
He put his phone into her hand.
She smiled at him and turned away to look at the phone.
She quickly went through the menu until she found the video.
She quickly deleted it and to make sure that he could not get it back she quickly reset his phone.

June's face now broke out into a big smile and she now started to moan out in pleasure.
Trevor had just pushed his entire prick into her well-lubricated asshole.
Trevor could not believe that he had his cock deep in his best friend’s mother’s asshole.
She was now moaning like a whore as he quickly banged his cock in and out of her ass.
He could not believe how tight her asshole was.
He did not really understand why women liked being fucked in the ass.
Nevertheless, she was really moaning with pleasure and pushing her hips back every time he thrusted his cock deep into her ass.

Trevor could only last a minute or so in her tight asshole and he was soon coming in her ass.
All the time he was pounding in and out of her tight asshole.
June was working a couple of fingers in and out of her own pussy.
June quickly brought herself to another satisfying orgasm.

When Trevor finally stopped coming he pulled his prick from her asshole.
It came out with a loud popping sound.
Her ass and pussy were now messy with his cum.
Trevor now felt very pleased with himself.
She now handed him his phone back.
He was not even that annoyed when he found out she had reset it and he had lost some very important numbers.
He just put the phone back in his pocket and smiled at her.
She got out of the car, opened the glove compartment, and handed him some tissues. She then pushed some tissues into her asshole and pussy to soak up all his cum.
She then put back on her panties and her skirt.
June then put her tits back into her bra.
She now refastened her blouse and put her suit jacket back on.
He was still sat on the back seat looking at her with a stupid expression on his face.
She drove him back to the car park and told him.
“To get out.”

Trevor now stood just looking at her as she sped off.
The last thing she said to him before she sped off was.
“To stay away from her son.”
He just grinned at her as she sped off.

June Gets Blackmailed.

Trevor comes back for some more fun.
And he had a friend with him.

Chapter 3

When June got home, she found the house deserted.
She found a note on the kitchen table telling her.
That her son and husband had popped out to get a takeaway and that they would get her.
Her usual and they would see her soon.
June now went up to her bedroom and started to get undressed.
When she was down to her underwear and stockings.
She had a strange idea.

June quickly found her phone; she then took off her panties and bra.
She was now only dressed in her stockings and high-heeled shoes.
She now walked over to her full-length mirror, which was in the corner of her large bedroom.
June now started to take some pictures of herself. She used her full-length mirror to capture her reflection.
June now changed positions.
She even got down on all fours and onto her back with her legs wide open.
She took some very hardcore pictures of her wide-open pussy and asshole.
June even used a candle on her cunt and asshole too.

After she was satisfied with the pictures, she had taken.
She removed her stockings and high-heeled shoes.
June now went to get a shower.
When her husband and son came home, she was downstairs looking through the pictures she had taken with her phone.
She quickly put her phone away and helped them serve the takeaway.

After dinner June and her husband Harry were both sat on the sofa cuddling as they watched some TV.
Jason felt a little awkward by his parent’s show of affection.
Therefore, he went to bed early at least tomorrow was Saturday.
As soon as James announced he was going to bed June grinned at her husband Harry.

June waited until she was sure her son was not coming back down stairs.
She then whispered something into Harry’s ear.
Moreover, at the same time, she pulled her dress up over her waist.
Harry just looked at her.
At first, he did not believe her.
Nevertheless, when he glanced down at her groin he just smiled to himself.
He then slipped off the sofa and onto the carpet in front of her.

June now opened her dress so that her big firm breasts were now exposed to him as well.
She also parted her legs even wider for him.
Harry was now in-between his wife’s open legs and he now started to lick her pussy out for her.
June had whispered into his ear. That she was not wearing any panties and why didn’t he have a little taste before bedtime.

Harry now gave June an orgasm with his tongue. June now shot all her juices all over his face and into his open mouth.
Harry now greedily swallowed all her tasty juices.
June now smiled at her husband.
She now got down on her hands and knees in the middle of the living room floor.
Harry now positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy.
He teased her a few times by rubbing his cock-head up and down her pussy lips.
She moaned with pleasure as he teased her with his now rock hard cock.

Harry now banged away at his wife’s pussy for the next 15 minutes.
He pounded into her without stopping once.
Her moans were low.
However, the harder and faster he fucked her the louder she got.
Jason was now woken up by the sounds of his mom and dad fucking.
He just turned over and went back to sleep, he was used to them screwing around.
Harry now gritted his teeth and let out a low moan of pleasure, he also gripped her hips tightly and rammed into her one last time.
He held her close to him as he now started to fill her pussy up with his cum.

Harry and June now both collapsed into a big heap on the living room floor.
They remained there for several moments.

June now quietly said to her husband.
“Why didn’t he go and start the shower, she would join him in a few minutes.

Harry smiled to himself and with a great effort, he made himself get up.
Harry now quietly went up the stairs as he did not want to disturb his son.
He did not know that they had already woken him up by their loud fucking.

June now sat on the sofa; she had her phone in her hands once more.
She turned the phone onto self-portrait mode.
She then opened her legs wide and took a few shots of her cunt full of her husband’s cum.
June now sent the picture of her cum filled cunt to her boss.
June knew he was with his fiancée and her folk’s tonight.
June also knew that his fiancée was very strait laced and only ever let him fuck her in the missionary position and she would never suck his cock for him.
However, she and her family had lots of money.
That was why he was going to marry her.
She also owned 50 percent of his company.
In addition, her Father had helped him start the company in the first place.
June also put a message on the picture.
Saying you could be fucking me over your desk right now.

June now walked up the stairs and into her bedroom.
She now removed the rest of her clothes, which she tossed onto the floor.
She now walked from her bedroom to the bathroom completely naked. June now joined her husband in the shower.
They now made love to each other under the warm waters of the shower.
When they were done screwing, they cleaned each other up.

June now led her husband by his hand and they both now walked back into their bedroom naked.
They both got into the big bed.
They both fell asleep now wrapped up in each other’s arms.
June did love her husband dearly.
However, she was also in love with her boss and very jealous of any other woman he spent time with.
That is why she was so willing to do anything he wanted.
She did not want him to get married she was quite prepared to service all his sexual needs whenever he needed her.

John June’s boss was at a party with his fiancée and her parents when he received the picture message that June had sent him.
He quickly looked at the picture and instantly got hard in his trousers.
He now wished he had made up some excuse so that he could have missed this party and got June to work some over-time tonight.
He could have her bent over his desk right now or in any other position, he could think of.
She was always willing to cater for any of his sexual fantasies.

The weekend passed without anything really exceptional happening.
Jason and his dad went out to a local go-kart track and they had a really good time.
June stayed at home, as she was not really into go-karts and she gave the house a good top to bottom clean.
Her boss did ring and txt her a few times.
He wanted her to meet up with him as he was desperate to get laid.
June did meet up with him in a disused car park and they did fuck in his car for over an hour before she had to get home before her husband and son returned from the go-kart track.

It was a Wednesday night and Trevor and his other friend Martin were both sat in his old beat-up car parked across from the car park where Jason’s mother always parked her car. They were waiting for her to finish work.
Trevor had told his friend Martin how good a fuck Jason’s mother was and he wanted to try her out for himself.

Trevor still had a copy of the movie showing June cheating on her husband.
He had transferred the movie of June having a threesome at her house to an older phone he still had. Therefore, when she deleted the movie and reset his phone all he had to do was to transfer it back on to his new phone.
The two lads were now watching the movie again.
They had already watched it three times up to now.

Martin, Trevor’s friend also had a PC, they had linked the phone up to the computer, and they had printed off some rather hardcore stills from the movie showing her in several very compromising positions.
They were prepared to post them around the area where she worked if she refused to fuck them both.

Trevor was the first to spot her coming into the car park.
He quickly got out of his car and put one of the printouts on her windscreen.
However, he did turn it over.
June was now approaching her car when she saw the piece of A4 blank paper under one of her windscreen wipers.
She moved her windscreen wiper and looked at the blank paper.
She then turned it over.
June now dropped the paper in shock and it blew off to who knows where.
She then looked around the car park.
June now saw Trevor and another lad sat in his car not too far away from her.
Both lads now had big grins on their faces.
June now stormed over to them and she now demanded to know what the fuck they thought they were playing at putting something like that on her windscreen for anyone to see who was passing by.

Trevor now told her.
“To shut the fuck up.”
June just looked at him in shock.
He then said to her.
“You are going to do what I tell you to do. Otherwise I’m going to put these printouts up all over the area for everyone to see.”
He now held up more printouts of her fucking her boss and her client.

June now knew that she was totally under his control and she started to cry and begged for mercy. She asked him.
“Not to be so heartless, this could ruin her career plus cause her husband to divorce her.”
She told him.
“That this would hurt her son his friend.”
She now just looked at him her tears now running down her eyes. She hoped that he would be merciful towards her.

Unfortunately, for June Trevor was like the rest of his family.
He never gave any consideration to anybody else’s thoughts or feelings.
He just got what he wanted no matter who or how he had to do it.
And he did not give a shit if anyone got hurt along the way.
That was their problem not his.

Martin now opened the passenger door and pulled the seat forward.
Trevor told her.
“To get in the back.”
Trevor’s car was only a three door.

June now started to look around the car park she really did not know what she was looking for. She really could not call for help without exposing herself and losing everything she had worked so hard for.
She just looked at Trevor and then she got into the back seat.
Martin now got in the back with her.
Trevor quickly got into the driver’s seat and he now sped out of the car park nearly hitting a car that was just coming in.
He now put his foot down and drove her to wear his brother had his garage.

Once at the garage Trevor parked up outside.
He now unlocked the two big old wooden doors and they all went inside.
June now looked around the garage it was dark.
But there was some light from some candles which were already lit.
She now wondered why they had brought her to this old oily and smelly garage.
She then spotted the old dirty mattress laid on the floor and her heart now sank.
June now knew exactly what they wanted from her.
She really did consider trying to make a run for it or screaming for help.
But deep down she knew she just had to get this over with.
And afterwards hopefully he would leave her alone from then on.

June now had her head hung low and she said to them both in a low voice.
“What do you want me to do?”
Trevor now grinned at his friend Martin.
He then said to June.
“Why don’t you strip off and let my friend here see your body he doesn’t believe me when I told him.
That you are a fucking slut.”

June now looked at both lads all her self-respect had nearly all gone now and a single tear was leaking from her left eye.
She now said to them both with a little bit of anger in her voice.
“Before we do anything I want your phones, there is no way you are going to video me again.”

Trevor now told her.
“That she was in no position to demand anything.”
June just looked at him and folded her arms across her chest.
She then said to them.
“Then you are going to have to force me and are you really prepared to take the chance I will not go to the police.
I may lose everything.
But you two will spend the next 10 years in jail.
I will do what you tell me to do.
But I want your phones that is my only condition.”

Martin and Trevor now just looked at each other.
They really did not have any choice if they wanted her to willingly give herself to them and to do whatever they wanted her to do.
They both turned off their phones and handed them to her.
June now told them.
“To close their eyes while she hid their phones, she would tell them where to find them when they had finished with her.”

After June had hid their phones and hid them well.
She now said to both of them.
“What do you want me to do first?”
And she hung her head in submission.

Martin had an idea now, but he suddenly got very shy.
He now whispered something into Trevor’s ear.
Trevor now smiled to his friend he then walked over to where there was a radio on a shelf. After playing around with it for a few seconds, he got it working.
The radio now started to play some soft music.
He quickly switched stations until he found more music that was more suitable for what he now had in mind.
He now said to June.
“We want you to do a strip-tease and we want you to put some life into it. We do not want you to just go through the motions.
We want you to do a proper strip-tease like we would see down the club on a Sunday afternoon.”

June now forced herself to smile at them both.
She now started to move her body to the music.
She had done this for both her husband and her boss.
She had done this for her boss only a few days ago.
She had done this for her husband on their wedding night when she stripped out of her wedding dress.
She smiled to herself as she remembered both occasions fondly.

June now removed her suit jacket.
She now used her hands to run up to her breasts and she squeezed them through her white blouse. June’s hands now ran down to her legs and ass.
She bent over and patted her own ass now.
Both lads just watched in fascination and with two growing hardon’s in their pants.

June now slowly started to undo the buttons on her skirt. She now pulled down the zipper. She turned her back on the two lads and she pushed her skirt down to her knees.
She was now bent over flashing her panties and stockings to the two lads.

June now turned around to face both lads. She could see their bulges growing in their pants and secretly she started to get turned on herself.
She now did a high kick sending her skirt flying over to the lads.
Trevor quickly grabbed it.
She smiled at him then said to him in a very sultry voice.
“Make sure that doesn’t get dirty.”
He just grinned and nodded his head to her.

June now started to dance around and thrust her hips back and forth, as she teased the lads as she started to undo the buttons to her white blouse.
Once all her buttons were undone, she pulled it open flashing her bra at the lads.
Her bra was white and low cut and it only just kept her huge breasts from falling out of it as she danced around for the two young lads.

She now tossed her blouse towards the lads this time Martin caught it and just grinned at her. She was now dancing around in just her bra, panties, stockings and high-heeled shoes. Both lads were nearly coming in their pants.
They had a hot mature woman doing a very sexy and erotic strip tease just for them.
Her show up to now was better than anything they had seen down the club on a Sunday afternoon.

June now smiled at both lads as she put her hands behind her back and started to undo the clip to her bra.
She quickly removed her bra, and then very quickly she covered her big juicy tits with her hands so that the lads could only see her tit flesh and not her big hard nipples and her areola's.
She turned her back once more on the lads and grabbed her suit jacket, which she now put back on.
She now arranged it so that the jacket showed off a lot of her cleavage.
But her nipples and areola’s were still hidden as she danced around some more.
June now teased the lads by pushing her hands into the front of her panties and fingering her own pussy.
She then turned around and bent over and she started to run her hands all over the gusset of her panties rubbing her own cunt.

Trevor could not take it any longer and he now removed his jeans and boxer shorts.
He did not care what his friend thought of him.
He just needed to jack himself off.
Martin soon followed suit now both lads were now jacking themselves off as they watched her doing her very erotic strip-tease routine just for them.

June now tossed away her suit jacket revealing her big breasts in all their Glory.
She now wet her fingers and started to tease her own nipples.
She then went towards both lads and she dropped to her knees directly in between them both. She now slapped their hands away from their own cocks and her hands soon took over.
June now started to jack them both off she even gave each of their cock-heads a nice lick and a deep suck in turn.

She then went back to her strip-tease routine.
Her panties were the last to go.
She now turned her back on both lads.
June now gripped her knees and she started to bend over very slowly so that as she bent over her pussy lips would split open revealing her cunt in all its glory.
And it was now dripping wet as she was so turned on herself now.

Once her strip-tease routine had, finished she went over to the mattress and she now lay down on her back with her stocking covered legs wide open.
She now held a finger up to Trevor and told him.
“To come and fuck her and to fuck her good.”

The two lads now took it in turn to fuck her in every-one of her holes now for the next hour or so. At one point she had Trevor in her pussy and Martin in her ass.
June now let the lads do whatever they wanted.
She even played with some tools like the handle of a big hammer while she sucked both their cocks in her mouth at the same time.

She was their own whore and she acted like one.
June had always wanted to try something. But she had always been too nervous to ask her husband or even her lover to do it to her.
But now she asked the two lads to do it to her.
At first, they were a little surprised but then they smiled at her and they both just nodded their heads to her.

June now got down onto her knees in front of both lads; June now smiled at them both and just opened her mouth wide.
Martin and Trevor now both positioned themselves on either side of her face.
Both lads now started to piss all over her face and into her mouth.
She took Trevor’s cock into her mouth and just swallowed all his piss.
Martin now pissed all over her tits and cunt.
June now rubbed Martins piss all over her face and tits.

They all now had another hot fuck session.
She ended the session by giving them both a long slow deep throat blowjob and swallowing their cum.
She now told them both.
“That if they stopped black mailing her, she would arrange to see them whenever she could and they could continue fucking each other.”

Both lads now promised that they would now stop blackmailing her as long as they could continue to fuck her.
June was quite happy to continue with this arrangement now.
She could now act out all the fantasies that she did not want to do with her lover or husband with the two young lads and even some more of Trevor’s friends if she was in the mood for a gangbang.

Trevor now dropped her off at the car park where she parked her own car.
As June drove home, she just smiled to herself.
She smelled of piss and cum and she loved playing the dirty whore for her two young lovers.
All her holes now had cum leaking out of them now.
When she got to her house, she slipped upstairs and into the bathroom.

June now took a hot shower and she very reluctantly washed the lads cum from her tired and bruised body.
They had been very forceful with her, which was something else she had really enjoyed.

After her shower, June was relaxing in a hot bubble bath when there was a knock on the door. Her husband came in and asked her.
“If everything was okay?”

June just smiled at him and told him.
“She had just had a hard day, a very hard day.”

The End.

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June Gets Blackmailed.

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