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  1. Teacher’s Pet…..Homework
  2. Teacher's Pet

Teacher’s Pet…..Homework

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing

Authror: JSipes7798

Published: 14 November 2017

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In chapter one you learned that when Jimmy started to school all the teachers complained about him disrupting the class and making a general nuisance of himself. He was a brilliant child, with a photographic memory and made good grades, but the effort it took to teach him was very emotionally draining on his teachers. Jimmy was definitely a hyperactive child, and although he had never been officially tested, it was also suspected he was probably suffering from Attention Deficit Syndrome. When Jimmy was ready to move on to the seventh grade no veteran teacher wanted him in her class. They had all read the summaries from his past teachers and used their seniority to reject him.

Shannon Hildebrand was a new young teacher with no seniority. She was 22 years old and had just received her teaching certificate. Most veteran teachers predicted she wouldn’t last long because of her youth and beauty. Shannon was 5’ 2” maybe 110 pounds with shoulder length curly blonde hair. She had an exquisite figure that was envied by the older female teachers and desired by all the male teachers. She was anxious to prove herself a capable teacher.

Shannon saw Jimmy as a challenge and a perfect way to demonstrate her teaching skills. She was quickly able to bring Jimmy under some control by making him sit at her desk next to her whenever he disrupted the class. Everything seem to improve while she kept him close at hand. The only problem was that Jimmy formed an attachment to his teacher that led to bigger problems for them both.

One day she had to hold him after class to punish his disruptive behavior towards the girls in his class. He seem to be fascinated with the anatomy of the girls and began putting his hands on them; fondling breast, snapping bra straps and trying to put his finger into the vagina of one girl. Shannon chose personal counseling instead of reporting him to the principal. She thought that would be better than expelling him from school.

When the final bell rang that day, the entire class, except Jimmy, filed out. Shannon made Jimmy sit in a student desk at the rear of the classroom. He was told to write 500 times, “I MUST LEARN TO NOT TOUCH ANYONE ELSE’S BODY WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION.”

All went well until a weak moment when Shannon’s inexperience allowed it to become a sexual encounter between the two of them. Unknown to Shannon, Jimmy had been watching his Dad’s porn sites for many years and was much more sexually advanced than other teenagers his own age. Jimmy actually thought he was acting normal and there was nothing wrong with his behavior. All the men on the porn site acted just like he does and the women love it. So he thought nothing was wrong channeling his lust toward Shannon. He caught her in a sexually weak moment and she allowed him to perform oral sex on her. The oral sex was so gratifying and her sexual desires so strong, she found herself powerless to terminate her illicit affair with the young teenager. Her body cried out for the sexual fulfillment that only this young boy had been able to convey. No one had ever made her cum as hard as Jimmy. In order to continue receiving his immoral gift, she felt compelled to arrange with Jimmy’s mother to tutor him after school at her apartment. Jimmy’s mother was so happy someone was finally taking an interest in her son’s education rather than complain about his behavior; she gave her immediate approval.

Shannon lived in a two story condo about a mile from Jimmy’s home. When one enters her condo on the ground floor, they find a large living room with a nice sitting room just off the kitchen. There is a small eating area between the sitting room and the kitchen. She had a half bath on the ground floor and a full bath with shower in the master bedroom on the second floor.

That first day of tutoring, Jimmy rode his bicycle to Miss Shannon’s condo. She greeted him at the front door wearing a white polo shirt with no bra, and tight khaki cotton short shorts. Jimmy got an immediate erection as soon as he walked in and saw how she was dressed. He was reasonably sure why he was there in the privacy of her condo. Miss Shannon promptly noticed his bulge and smiled. Jimmy blushed and tried to hide it with his book bag.

Shannon directed Jimmy to a comfy sofa in the sitting area and told him they would conduct their work on the sofa. Jimmy dropped his book bag on the floor and settled in the center of the sofa. The first few minutes were awkward for them both. They both knew why he was there alone with her in her personal residence. He timidly glanced at her as if he wanted to say something, but remained silent. Shannon’s heart raced and her pussy got really wet while she tried to consider of the best way to instigate what she really sought after. Shannon took a deep gulp of air and offered him a cool drink. She told him his options were water or coke. He declined both.

There was another brief pause as Shannon gathered her courage and decided to be as audacious as Jimmy had been the day before when he, with no forewarning, went down on her and gave her the most incredible orgasm of her life. She reached over and unzipped his pants. He swallowed hard and let out a profound apprehensive moan. She was acting like the women on the porn site and he liked it. She slipped her lips around his already hard cock and took it deep into her throat. Jimmy had never had a blowjob before now. It didn’t take him long to propel his thick heavy load down her throat. She swallowed every drop of his young teenage juices without once gagging. Jimmy broke out into a sweat and fell back on the sofa. His head began spinning and he couldn’t believe how magnificent his first blowjob had been.

Shannon then stood up and slipped off her white top and short shorts and said, “Well if you don’t want anything to drink, perhaps you would like something to eat.”

Jimmy’s eyes lit up and a huge smile broaden across his young teenage face.

“Yes ma’am!”

Miss Shannon lay back on the sofa, closed her eyes and spread her legs to him. He stripped off his clothes and dropped down on his knees and began doing what he does best. What his favorite porn site had taught him to do. He leaned forward and kissed her tenderly on her on her belly button. She cooed as he began stroking her breast with his tongue. She scooted her vagina closer to him and urged him to make her feel as she did yesterday. She closed her eyes while he toyed with her nipples. He began to tease and kiss his way down her body. He took his time kissing and licking on her neck, nibbling on her ears and telling her how much he loved making her cum. She blushed as she felt herself getting incredibly wet. He continued down, leisurely licking every inch of her breasts. He teased each nipple for what seemed like forever. Finally, with encouragement from Shannon’s forceful push on the back of his head, he engulfed as much of her C-cup tits, one at a time, as he possibly could. He paid particular attention to her nipples; licking, sucking and lightly biting. Her breathing was getting heavier, with short shallow bursts; her moans were getting louder with anticipation. She was so wet it made a puddle on the sofa beneath her. Shannon’s wetness didn’t go unnoticed by Jimmy. He was enjoying her response and it caused his cock to become even harder.

He repeated all the magnificent things he had done the day before at school and she had two of the same breathtaking orgasms she had experienced at the back of her classroom. Her third and last orgasm was so potent it caused her to tremble and convulse until she passed out for about two minutes. It scared Jimmy. He was afraid he had done something harmful to her.

“You ok, Miss ‘H’?” Jimmy asked, trying to make sure he hadn’t injured her. He couldn’t recall anything like that occurring on the porn site.

Shannon took a deep breath and sighed profoundly. “Oh, my gosh, Jimmy...” she breathlessly heaved. “That was without a doubt….absolutely the most incredible....most fabulous orgasm I have ever experienced. Any girls you date are going to be extremely lucky girls indeed.”

“You really think so?”

“I know so. I knew you were...or I least I thought you were”.…she searched for the right, cordial word, “...young and inexperienced, so that first time in the classroom, I didn’t really have a whole lot of expectations. I mean, who would have ever guessed that you possessed the sexual skills of a grown man.”

She grinned awkwardly while Jimmy displayed a proud smile.

“I guess I should have at least expected something spectacular out of you. I mean, you know the way you daringly operate around the girls in your class.” She said.

They laughed together in the quiet of her sitting room. Miss Shannon looked up at her closed bedroom door and reflected on all the wonderful sex she and her fiancé had enjoyed in that room in the past.

“I’ll tell you a little secret, Jimmy; your performance just now was just as good, if not better, than anything my fiancé has ever done.”

“Seriously?” Jimmy’s eyes went wide with disbelief.

“Oh, yeah,” she smiled. “I just hope it wasn’t too much for you. Some guys don’t really like the taste of a woman’s cum. They feel repulsed.”

Jimmy raised an eyebrow. “Oh, Miss ‘H’...don’t you worry about me, that was extraordinary! You taste really great!”

She sat up and placed both hands around the back of his head and gradually pulled him close to her. Their lips met in a sizzling bond of love and lust. Jimmy had never really been kissed passionately like that by anyone. It made his cock get truly hard again. Their tongues darted into each other’s mouth, sliding along the each others’ lips. She could taste her own cum on his lips. After several delightful seconds of passionate intimacy, Shannon pulled her lips away.

“Mm...” she sighed. “I seriously think you are probably the most skilled young lover I have ever taken to my bed. Yes, I do.”

Their hands lingered on one another, softly touching and tenderly caressing each another’s bodies. Jimmy could feel his rigid cock standing straight out from his body again. It wasn’t long before Shannon’s hands found it. Her eyes followed her hands as she began to stroke his stiff cock.

“Oh, my gosh, Jimmy!” she remarked as her fingertips slowly massaged him from base of his cock to tip. “You’re hard again already?”

She made another slow stroke along his hard member. The tender teasing she gave him amplified his desire for more intimacy.

“Y-yeah...” he stuttered and stumbled over his words as he felt his knees getting weak and wobbly with every stroke she made with his cock.

“You young teenagers and your sex drive,” she commented with a devious smile and another soft caress to his hard cock. “I suppose you want me to do something about it.”

“Mm-hmmm... That would be nice.” Jimmy hummed anxiously.

Her hands roamed over his teenage body once more. Slowly, she urged him to lie back on the couch. He lay down on his back, expecting her to lie down beside him as she had earlier. Her alternate course of action shocked him.

Instead of cuddling up next to him, Shannon crawled over his naked body. She knelt on one side of him and planted her left foot firmly on the floor beside the couch. She lowered her vagina to his cock, reaching down and directing it upwards toward her waiting wet pussy. She began to ride him cowgirl style.

“Miss ‘H’...?” he gasped as the reality of the circumstances set in. “Miss ‘H’...are you certain? I have never had my cock in a woman before.”

Shannon closed her eyes and breathed quietly as she felt her young student’s solid erection penetrated her body.

“Yes, Jimmy,” she assured him. “I want it so badly.”

She rocked forward slowly, letting Jimmy’s six-inch organ settle firmly inside of her.

“I want to cum again, Jimmy. And I think you do, too, right?” She told him.

She rocked back, her smooth soft walls gripping and holding onto her student’s special endowment. The pleasure was enough to take Jimmy’s breath away. All around his stiff erection, Jimmy could feel his Teacher’s hot, velvet like vagina squeezing, caressing and milking. The exquisite, luxurious pleasure would have made him orgasm instantly if this had been his first round. He couldn’t imagine anything else feeling so grand.

“Yes...” he grunted deeply in his throat.

“Then let’s make love, my little sexually experienced student,” she petitioned him formally.

Jimmy voiced his concern. “But what if I get you pregnant?”

“No worry of that,” she smiled. “I have been on the pill for years.”

And then, that was it. There was no more conversation, only love and the lustful sounds that go with it. Although his Teacher had been reluctant at first, Jimmy could see she was now the one leading the charge.

She put her hands on his chest and leaned forwards to get a better angle. Her long, blond hair fell all around them, making a canopy that sheltered them and the love they shared as Teacher and student from the rest of the world. Then, she exerted more and more pressure between them, pressing their bodies together, and moving back and forth with a splendid swaying motion rubbing their pubic mounds together.

“Oh, Miss ‘H’...”

Jimmy adored her, running his hands up and down the length of her grown-up body. He found her ample breasts and played happily, squeezing and pinching her nipples lightly.

“Ohhh...Miss ‘H’...”

“Suck on them, Jimmy...” his Teacher urged, riding him harder. “Like you did your mother’s when you were a small baby...”

Her student obeyed, leaning up and taking one pink areola into his mouth. Slowly he ran his tongue over and around her hard nipple.

“Ohhh... Mmmm...Oh, Jimmy... I love it...when a man...sucks on them...!” she panted between thrusts against her teenage student’s body.

“Ohhh...Jimmy...! I’m so turned on...! I’m so horny...! Oh, this...this won’t...take long...!”

And it didn’t. Almost immediately after transferring his mouth to her other breast, Jimmy could feel his Teacher tense up. She grunted and groaned, squeaked and squealed with delight as the intense pleasure echoed all the way through her body. She fell forward onto his chest, still grinding her pelvic mound against his, her hands holding onto the couch for support. Jimmy saw her face looking like she was filled with passion as she squinted and clenched it, but he knew from the porn sites it was only the face of absolute orgasmic ecstasy.

Suddenly, she stopped stirring entirely except for long, deep breaths. Her face relaxed and softened. Jimmy caressed her body, hoping to ease her tremulous body. Perspiration had begun to gather on her skin, collecting into small drops that ran down her naked body with the call of gravity.

“Jimmy...” she whispered in her ear. “That was wonderful...!”

She sat back up, brushing her hair back behind her head. “Whether or not we should be doing this” she rationalized, “I don’t really care. That was wonderful! That was so good, Jimmy...”

A broad smile crossed Jimmy’s face. “Glad you enjoyed it, Miss ‘H’.”

“And now it’s time for you to feel the same thing,” she whispered, gyrating her hips around his still erect cock.

Jimmy always followed the advice of his favorite porn site; make sure the women experiences at least one good orgasm before you ever think of having one yourself. He was sure that she had just experienced hers and could now let himself enjoy his own.

The passionate delight returned. With his cock lodged deeply inside his Teacher’s warm vagina, Jimmy let the incredible sensation soak through his entire consciousness. He could feel his Teacher’s love with every thrust. He kept his hands on her breasts, rubbing back and forth, and up and down. Jimmy was satisfied just to feel her soft, full breast. Except for the sacred place in which his cock was now residing, he couldn’t imagine any other part of her lithe body feeling so warm and welcoming.

“Ohhh...mmmm...! Aaah...ohhh...! Oooh...” he groaned quietly, still aware that they were the only two in the apartment. “Miss ‘H’...oh, it feels so good, Miss ‘H’... Ohhh... Oh...Miss ‘H’...!”

A sensation began to amass in his groin, a force that had only one exit for release. A flow of tingles and warmness washed over him from head to toe. He breathed harder, faster. Like an intensifying electric current, the orgasm was growing, threatening to burst into flames any second. Jimmy knew he didn’t have long, before it shook his whole body.

“Oh, Miss ‘H’...! Ohhh...oh, yeah...! Oh, hell yes...!” he moaned out, feeling their bodies melt together in tender love. “Miss ‘H’...oh, Miss ‘H’...! I’m gonna cum...! Miss ‘H’, I’m...I’m...OHHH!!!” he groaned in perfect gratification.

“Enjoy it, Jimmy,” he could hear his Teacher say. Her voice seemed so far off. “Enjoy it, Jimmy...”

Jimmy closed his eyes. His whole body shivered. The pressure between his legs was freed in a set of volleys like a cycle of machine gun blasts deeply into his Teacher’s womb. He knew his thick fluid was there to stay, but he didn’t care. As the tsunami of emotion ebbed, all he could think about was how deeply he and his Teacher’s love and lust ran.

She rubbed his arms lovingly. “Look at you, all covered in goose bumps,” she observed.

Jimmy opened his eyes. It was true. No matter how many times he had gotten himself off by simply masturbating, he had never experienced anything like that. It was something totally new.

“Must have been a good one.” She remarked.

“Oh...it was, Miss ‘H’...” he confirmed breathlessly with another stroke of his hands along her entire, sexy, naked body. “That was truly amazing...!”

She laid forward on him again, her breasts pressing against his chest. Jimmy put his arms around his Teacher and hugged her lovingly. She kissed his cheek and rested her face on his.

“I know, Jimmy,” she whispered compassionately to him. “I know.”

They laid there together for some time, just breathing and enjoying the afterglow as the embers of their passionate love making cooled down. How long they laid there was anyone’s guess. Eventually, though, it was time to leave their secretive world and return to the reality they both wanted to avoid.

“Ok,” Jimmy heard his Teacher say. “It’s time for you to get dressed and go home.”

She got up and started replacing her panties around her waist. “Your mother might get very suspicious if you don’t get home soon,” she told him, picking up her bra and shorts. Jimmy told her he wished they could find a reason for him to stay longer, but she told him that would be too dangerous and could lead to their being caught.

Jimmy sat up and just admired her as she finished dressing. “Don’t you sit up late some nights and read?”

“Yes,” his Teacher confirmed.”

“I could sneak out after everyone goes to sleep and ride my bike here. We could spend the whole night together.”

“Jimmy, I am sorry, but there is no way I can justify having you here late at night. If we were still cuddling naked on the couch, that could get very difficult to explain, don’t you think?”

“I guess so,” Jimmy grumble, picking up his boxers. They were still wet and sticky with the semen he had excreted earlier. He grimaced. “Um...yeah...”

Shannon giggled softly. “Just put them in the hamper when you get home and put on a new pair before you go to bed.”

Jimmy stood up and headed for the bathroom, happily strutting around naked in front of his Teacher as she went to grab one more glass of water. Only hours ago, he would have been embarrassed to do it. Now, though, there was no shame whatsoever.

Walking back out of the bathroom, he and his Teacher crossed paths one more time. He reached out and stroked her beast gently with the back of his hand. It travelled down her soft skin until it met her hand. Their fingers intertwined. Jimmy and his Teacher looked at one another. The soft teacher/student relationship that they once shared was now a taboo love that they could express only between the two of them.

Jimmy leaned in and kissed Shannon fully on the lips. She kissed back with equal passion. “Goodnight,” she cooed.

“Same time tomorrow?” he asked.

“If I have any control over it, you will be here the same time everyday!”

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Teacher’s Pet…..Homework

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