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Mall Princess

Categories True Story, Coercion, Interracial

Author: Barbiebnympho

Published: 14 November 2017

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I will never understand how I got into all this. At the time everything was so right with my life it would seem nothing like this could possibly happen to me. I was a seventeen year old high school senior ready to graduate in a couple weeks. My grades were really good, my ACTs and SATs were great. I had applied to three really good colleges and been accepted by all three. I had chosen the very best, Brighton University, an excellent, small private school. My parents had set up a college fund for me years ago and I had added two very attractive scholarship packages. My life was about as good as it could get.
I was very popular, well dressed and coddled by over protective parents. I did not come from a broken home. I did not do drugs, nor smoke, nor drink, nor hang out with trashy kids.
I was really looking forward to going to college in the fall, but I did have a concern, my new boyfriend. For the first time I actually had a boyfriend. My parents had always been overprotective of me. I am an only child. All through grade school and the first two years of high school they really discouraged my direct association with boys in any fashion; even in a group. I was very popular, had lots of friends, but my relationship with boys had been very limited until my senior year.
During my senior year, I had started to date and then “go steady” with Kyle Wainright. This was a big step in my young life. Kyle was an all round good guy: top student, president of our senior class, and a good soccer player. We knew one another very well. All through high school we had been together in classes and in the same group of friends. My parents and Kyle’s parents belonged to the Monroe Country Club and knew one another very well. They were frequently involved in activities together at the Country Club as well as two local charities they supported. All four of them approved of our dating. I know it was just assumed Kyle and I were the good kids and would not make mistakes. We were young people destined for bright futures.
Looking back, it is so obvious. We were both only children and our parents were living vicariously through us. In both cases, we were our parent’s main interest in life. We were going to avoid all pitfalls, as they defined the “pitfalls”, and really achieve something, as they defined “achievement”. They had great plans for our futures, but really these plans were their plans and these plans certainly did not include an early entangled relationship with one another.
So Kyle and I had been friends all through school, but nothing more until recently. Now we were considered the perfect couple doing all the right things.
We were the attractive ones. He was tall, handsome and in very good shape. He had nice longer, light brown, hair, and dark eyes which were striking. We looked good together, but it was our personalities that were the real winners. You could tell kids at school wanted to be in our group. Even adults, like our parents, found our relationship attractive. Kyle liked my friends and I liked his, which seemed unusual at my school. He was one very nice guy to hang out with. We had fun together.
But let’s get the elephant out of the closet. As our senior year passed along the question of sex came up, of course. Kyle began to make it clear he wanted to move our relationship in that direction. We talked a lot about commitment and I did feel committed to him, but I had very strong opinions about sex. I had watched too many kids my age make some very bad life decisions, and sex by far was the most common mistake. Sex was not going to happen for me until much later. Kyle reluctantly agreed and did not push the issue too much. I was glad.
I have to admit to you, I had a very strong sexual curiosity deep inside. This had been with me since long before puberty and it was strong enough that it worried me. Thus, I kept everything under tight control when Kyle was around. I knew my limitations when it came to intimacy and even heavy petting was out of the question. I was uncertain about how I would handle tempting situations. And I wanted no real sex.
Beyond all the social issues, my virginity was actually very important to me. First, I had a very strong moral issue about sex before marriage...it was just wrong...it was dangerous... but also, my sexual innocence was such an important part of my persona...my self-image. I was the cute virgin and I liked playing that role.
Now put on top of that, health class had really scared me. The thought of disease or unwanted pregnancy really bothered me. The pictures in our health book were terrible and the text so vividly portrayed all the bad stuff that could happen. Frankly, health classes in high school had scared the crap out of me.
For all these reasons I wanted nothing to do with sex at this age, but the issue created real conflicts for me.
Kyle and I had kissed and hugged some, but I was not going let things go further. From time to time, he would get all over me wanting to move even part way to the next level, but I skillfully and emphatically resisted. Sex was not going to happen and I needed to avoid temptations.
All protestations to the contrary I knew Kyle liked who I was. I was the cute, sweet, innocent virgin. I was the consistently happy, carefree one and I was always the vivacious center of attention. I could tell Kyle, and his family, thought I showed very well, and that was important.
In addition I was certain that the possibility of premarital sex would become less of an issue when we left for college in the fall. Kyle and I could keep the same close relationship, but we would physically be apart a good bit of the time. There would be far fewer times when I would have to hold him at bay and “going with someone back home” might even have some real positive benefits as I adjusted to being away at school.
College life was going to be something very different for me. I was going to need emotional support. Knowing that Kyle and I were still close would really help with the transition. I had always been very coddled at home.
My family was such a big consideration for me when thinking about leaving for college. I could not have a more loving and supportive mother and dad. They were both very busy with business, activities, and friends; but they always found time to be involved in my life as well.
Here is something very important to this story. My parents were very active socially and went out of their way to include me in almost every social activity. Looking back that is just another way of saying...they liked to show me off. I was very cute and very successful in school and they wanted all their friends to know.
There were many times around their country club, when they would just brag about me so much I was embarrassed. I have to admit it was a thin line, because up to a point I found all the flattery exciting. I know I glowed; part embarrassment, part appreciation. Their friends were, for the most part, older so they made me somebody very special in their circle. I was the center of attention.
My dad was a wonderful, successful guy and several of these people were business associates.
He was doing very well in a very large international trading company, Aronow & Associates. He made tons of money but he had to travel a lot. He was important. He had business friends all over the world and was constantly in contact with someone, somewhere.
Dad and I had always been close and as I grew older it was obvious how proud he was of me. As I move through my high school years our relationship had just grown stronger. My world was changing and he was traveling internationally more and more, but he still made time for his Caroline.
I was no longer his little buddy, but I had become a young woman he clearly admired. Our relationship was about perfect, he was always there for me, but he knew when to step back a little as well.
He bought me a new Ford Mustang for graduation; cute, blue, I love it. He gave it to me early in my senior year so I could get used to driving it while still at home, but that was just his excuse. He really wanted me to have fun with it while I was still in high school. I had a great dad.
Mother was also very much on my team. I was still her little girl. She had not been able to see me as an adult yet, but she could not have been more supportive. She just flat doted on me. She arranged everything from my hair to my shoes to make sure I was always looked my very best.
My mother had been a Miss Michigan finalist while in college. Many, including my Dad, said I resembled her a lot; blonde hair, blue eyes; with a slim shapely build. I was a bit taller than my friends, perhaps a little smaller in the top; but, but, but, I had a butt to remember. It was by far my best “asset” according to my amigos.
I had three very close female friends. The four of us had been together in the class all through school. We had been buddies since freshman year. We were known everywhere as the four amigos. We were together whenever possible. We were the group all the kids wanted to hang with—we were the cute girls. To us it seemed like all the girls wanted to emulate us and all the boys wanted to date us.
This last year, our senior year, we had started to spread our wings together. We now had more freedom at home and we had transportation. One of our most interesting routine events was to run over to the mall after school several times a week. Sometimes we might buy a little something, or get a soda, but mostly we just walked around together and jabber about things.
Think about it. We were seventeen years old and we had nothing more interesting or important to do after school than to go to the shopping mall and waste time. None of us had part time jobs. We didn’t need them. None of us were in music or sports or extracurricular activities or anything that mattered. We were so lazy and coddled.
Looking back it is very clear; our lives had only one glaring shortcoming...we were bored, very bored.
This might be very hard to understand, but it is very important to this story. Day after day we went through the same routine with no motivation to change. We were upper class kids, from well to do families, where everything was handed to us.
Consider the subject of money. Money was never an issue. In my case, my Dad gave me money whenever I needed. In fact, often he would just leave money on my dresser. I had my own credit card and he made sure the monthly balance was always paid, no questions asked. My friends all seemed to have plenty of resources as well.
My parents, my school, the entire community did everything to assure life was good and safe. All I had to do was fall in line and move along with those things expected of me. The track ahead could not have been more clear...college, marriage, and a predictable upper middle class future with two or three kids. The expectations were like an old TV show.
Boredom was impossible to recognize but it was the big negative issue for me. There was something missing from my life, for sure. The highpoint of my typical day was an afternoon trip to the mall and the typical silly things I said and did there with my girl friends. We did ridiculous thing for a titter...a little thrilly-dilly. We were so complacent and bored, but we just didn’t recognize it.


So we come to a fateful day in mid May, just a couple weeks before graduation. School was out at three and, as usual, the four amigos were at the mall by three thirty.
I drove separately this time. My plan was to walk around the mall for a short while with the amigos, then leave them and run to Mallmart to buy some makeup before heading home. I wanted to be home in time to change and go to a soccer game beginning at six. Kyle was playing and the captain of the team. I wanted to surprise him by being there to watch.
Dad was out of town and mother would be gone for the evening. She was to be with a group of her Country Club ladies, setting up for a charity auction. Dinner for me would be “on the fly” as I passed through the house on my way to the soccer match.
Everything went as planned. I got to the Mall on time and met my amigos at the entry. There was a major period of hugs and titters as we met even though we had been apart less than twenty minutes. I was feeling very euphoric, almost what you could call a high. Kyle, school, graduation, college application...everything was going great and these trips to the mall were such fun entertainment. We were laughing as we started up the main corridor.
I loved the games we played at the mall. The four of us walked around catching the attention of a good many guys who were just walking around. Some of them we knew from school, some we knew from the mall, others, were complete strangers. No matter, the attention of these boys was very exciting...I had to admit it...and no one got more or their attention than I did.
I always looked great, but today I really looked great. I was wearing my favorite outfit; a short dark red pleated skirt and a white sleeveless top with a little black vest. This skirt was very cute, but very short.
Like several of my other skirts it had been the subject of discussion at home. Dad thought most of my skirts showed way too much, while my mother thought most of them were ok. This particular skirt was among the shortest I had and both mother and dad agreed this skirt should stay in the closet. For me, it was short, very short, but it was sure a lot of fun to wear.
On this fateful morning they were both gone from the house before I dressed for school, so this cute, short, skirt was in for a happy day. I had not had it on for a long time. As I slipped it up over my legs I was reminded how very short it was. I only wore little white panties underneath. It felt so sexy, so decadent. I shuddered. I knew I would have to be careful all the time. Just thinking about that created a tingle up my spine.
As I walked out of my room I could feel the hem of the skirt moving against the back of my upper legs and that caused a wonderful tingle.
Frankly, I have to be honest; I really liked shorter skirts. I looked so cute and they emphasized my butt which is my very best feature. But then, I really had great looking legs as well...sooooo in a short skirt, I got a lot of attention.
I knew we would be doing a safari to the mall after school. This outfit, and the responses I anticipated getting from the boys, created an excitement which would increase throughout the day. Moving from class to class was a real adventure. Dressing this way, was the big excitement in an otherwise boring day.
Looking back I cannot believe how aroused I would get sitting in class just thinking about teasing the boys. My thoughts would focus on how attractive my cute butt was in this short skirt and how much attention I would get in the crowded halls between classes. By the time school was out I was so horny, there were times I wondered if I could safely drive to the mall.
At this point judging from what I have told you, you must think I was a sexual slut. But you must understand another point about my sexuality that is very important to this story. Sexually, I was a Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. My sexuality was such a conflict for me...a major conflict...a conflict that had gone on for a long time. It was a tremendous battle going on deep within me...a battle between good and evil. I dressed and acted one way, but my moral compass was strongly in the other direction.
I got such pleasure wearing sexy stuff and flirting. I wanted to tease these guys until they cried all the staying in complete control of the situation so absolutely nothing would happen. I referred to myself as the reluctant virgin and wearing a cute outfit like this provided a constant reinforcement of my conflict. I knew I had deep seated passion that could go wild if I did not keep it firmly under control...and I kept it under control.
This unrequited need deep within me was never mentioned to anyone...not even the amigos. I kept it well hidden. It scared me.
Thus, this conflict raged. I loved to wear the outfits, flirt, and go wild with the game, but I constantly was on guard with a firm resolve to arrive at my wedding as a moral virgin.
Beyond the flirting, a big part of the safari for the amigos was the chatter. Chatter among ourselves and chatter with the boys. This afternoon was no exception.
As soon as we got in the corridor, we began to run into groups of guys who tried to corner us into conversation and join us. It was flattering but we had perfected the art of “flirt and flee”. We had invented that term to describe what we did, and we used it often as we talked, teased and terminated with one group after another.
Particularly interesting were the gangs of black guys roaming the mall. There was always a special tension when we passed them. They dressed like a bunch of young gangster...their comments were crude and often profane. Unlike the white guys who tried to befriend us, come on to us, and get to know us...these black guys just tried to intimidate us into having an interest in them. It seemed like way too much of their stuff was directed at me. I stayed in the middle of the amigos.
Today, as soon as we entered the mall, there were two groups of tall gangsta looking black guys who really tested our game. In both cases they were particularly insistent, tagging along making rude comments about how a cute white girl would “get off” on a “date” with them.
Frankly they scared me. They looked and acted like criminals, like black mobsters.
I was the only one of the amigos with light hair and blue eyes and that seemed to get me a lot of unwanted crap from them.
For example, at one point, a strange thrill caused me to lag a few steps behind to look in a dress shop window. It’s hard to explain. I had no interest in the items in the window. I had seen a small gang of black guys behind us and I was stopping because this created a strange tension me. I honestly did not understand what got into me sometimes.
Right away these two taller black guys surrounded me. The tension increased. They suggesting I go with them in their car to get ice cream outside the mall. Unimaginable tension...I shook all over. It took some effort to catch back up to the safety of the amigos. I did not look back.
My amigos always tried to protect me by putting me in the middle and moving us along with appropriate snide comments to the black aggressors, but this gang of black guys caused concern. They caught up with us quickly, surrounded us, and then started to get very specific and personal with their sexual innuendoes. They were insistent about getting my cell phone number and trying to hook up later.
The amigos moved along as fast as possible and ended up ducking into the ladies room to get away. I was tingling with fright but the strange reactions deep inside me scared me more than those black gangstas.
If things grew the least bit dull as we went around at the mall, we would get into a titter. One of our favorites was to talk about white women dragging half-breed black babies around. Considering the undesirable antics of the young black criminals that were always bugging us, we had to wonder how any white woman would end up that way. We amigos agreed it would be horrible having sex with something like that. The little black kids could be so cute, but the white pregnant mothers were a spectacle. Their waddle was a hoot for us. What a show. They gave the bored minds of the amigos a lot of entertainment.
Other conversations we frequently had at the mall were about fat people and the embarrassing things they would wear. We were young, slim and cute, and I was the cutest. We had so much good chatter about fat “trailer court” men with “plumber butt”, and even fatter women. They would put on outfits that were so weird and funny it could make you choke with laughter.
Anyhow, we were at the mall...occupying our bored minds for a while with the usual games as we moved along the corridors.
Today was going to be an exception to our routine in that I had less time than normal. I had plans to go to a soccer game and I was anxious to get out of the mall and on my way. All this crazy stuff with the boys and our wild titters would have to wait. I actually had something meaningful to do.
It was four by the time I left the others at the shopping mall and was in my Mustang headed across the large parking lot to Mallmart to get the things I needed. I was a bit behind schedule. I was hurrying. I was really upbeat about the whole idea of surprising Kyle at his soccer game. I found a parking space right away. It was fairly close to the entry...this was going to be my lucky day.
I parked, went into Mallmart and headed directly down the aisles toward the cosmetics section. I was in a hurry. No shopping today. I knew exactly what I wanted...special lipstick and eyeliner. I knew right where they were...I look at anything else. I just rushed along.
The store was crowded. It took several minutes for me to get all the way back through the store, find what I wanted, pay for it, and head back out. Cosmetics were a bit of a bother. They wanted you to pay for them right there in the department rather than at checkout. There were two girls in line ahead of me, so by the time I got it all done I was really getting late.
As I hurried back through the aisles toward the exit I realized I had been given an extra large shopping bag for the three little items I had purchased. It was way bigger than I needed and hard to handle as I rushed along. My mind had settled on the notion that she must have been out of smaller bags in cosmetics as I was hustling by the electronics section.
There, sticking right out in the aisle; was a big display of the new Play Station Four. I was really hurrying along, but the display caught my attention. It actually came way out into the aisle. They were cute attractive boxes that just looked interesting. I had a sudden titillation and reached over to drop one in my shopping bag without even slowing down. It was a relatively small box, my shopping bag was way bigger than it should have been, and that was it, I just hurried on my way.
An undeniable thrill began to well up inside me as I rushed along. It grew into an intense thrilly-dilly feeling by the time I was out of the electronics section and headed out through the maze of isles toward the exits.
I had never thought about doing anything like this. Stealing was something that had never crossed my mind. I always had money. I could buy anything I wanted. But this instant thrill was something else. It made the little thrills I got teasing the boys in my short skirt, pale by comparison.
I had no need for the Play Station Four. I did not even know what it did. We amigos had talked about a PS4 a while back, but I don’t think any of us wanted one. We had just heard it advertised a lot.
I knew taking it was very wrong. I knew it was illegal.
Looking back, I shoplifted it just for an intense cheap momentary thrill but as I moved through the aisles this thrill grew stronger and stronger.
I feared setting something off. Were there sensors somewhere which would sound an alarm? The tensions grew even more rapidly. I moved faster toward the exit.
I began to worry. This was not a good idea. It was then I noticed two very large black security guards walking a ways behind me. I had to keep moving faster; to slow down would be suspicious.
I had a panicky thought to just drop the entire shopping bag on a counter somewhere. I really didn’t need the cosmetics. A glance behind told me the guards had gotten closer. They were talking and looking around rather nonchalantly, but now they seemed to be getting closer all the time. Maybe it was just my guilty conscious, but they seemed to be moving right with me as I passed the checkout counters by going out among the incoming customers and moved on toward the exits.
All I could do was keep a straight face and walk on out. I remember my heart beating in my ears. There was a nervous lump in my throat. I had never done anything like this. What was I thinking?
As I approached the automatic doors, the two guards were finally right behind me, and as I went out the doors I was met by two incoming guards. The four of them surrounded me just outside the exit, one showed me credentials, as together they walked me into a small security room just to the right of the main exit door.
It was the ultimate trauma of my young life. The momentary thrill had been replaced by a stark reality. I was a wreck. I could hardly walk. I was choking. I could not speak. Tears were running down my face.


Once in the security office I was told to wait in a straight chair backed up against the wall. I could feel my eyes filling with tears. I sat down and stared at the floor. I was shaking all over.
Three of the guards turned and left the room, leaving me alone with the older and larger guy who had joined us at the door. He was scary, black, and big, with close cut hair and a military bearing. He looked like a monster. He didn’t say a word. He just walked over, sat on the edge of the small desk, and looked down at me sitting in a little red plastic chair. Minutes passed. He continued to look at me sternly while I looked at the floor, sweating. The room kept getting smaller and smaller. I was having trouble breathing. I felt like I was going to choke or vomit.
Finally, there was a knock at the door. It was one of the guards returning with a CD. He placed it into a PC on the desk, said something to the big guard, turned toward me with a grin, and left the room.
Immediately a flat screen on the wall came alive. I clearly showed me moving down an aisle, hesitating in front of the Play Station display, placing an object in my cosmetics bag, and then continuing on my way.
My terror was interrupted when the senior guard spoke to me for the first time,
“Young lady, do you know why we apprehended you?”
There was nothing to be gained by arguing.
“Yes, I think so.”
I whispered in fright. I was shaking all over.
He hesitated just looking down at me very sternly,
“I must warn you, this is being recorded. Everything you say or do may be used against you in a court of law. Do you understand?”
I nodded, yes.
“I want you to stand up, take the stolen merchandise from your bag, and place it on the table. Also I want you to put your driver’s license on the table for identification. You can take your driver’s license back once we have the picture of it.”
I stood up, and as I reached down to get the shopping bag I was shocked to realize just how very short my skirt really was. No wonder my dad was upset about it.
I shook all over.
This big black guard was watching every move I made. His eyes seemed fixed on my legs.
My vest was the small open type. Under it, my blouse was thin and revealing. I tied to wrap the vest around me and hold it in place across my breasts with one hand as I struggled to place the required items on the table with the other. My attempts failed. Each time I reached down for something my vest fell open. Fear was causing my nipples to stand out and show through my thin bra and blouse. Standing where he was, he could easily see.
It was terrible. His eyes were locked on me. Each time I bent down for an item my vest fell open and my skirt moved upward behind me. I could feel his gaze move from my legs to my breasts.
Why had I worn such seductive things to a shopping mall? I shuddered all over from fear and embarrassment.
I saw the guard’s gaze move momentarily to a large flat screen monitor on the wall beside his desk. Right now it was showing every move I made. I trembled all over. I was being recorded and what I had put on today to tempt the boys in the mall was now so embarrassingly salacious.
Once I finished putting the contents of my shopping bag on the table, I gathered my vest around me and turned to face my accuser. I was unstable. I went back against the table for support. He pointed back to the chair against the wall. I struggled over and sat down carefully adjusting my skirt while he watched every move I made.
I was sobbing,
“Please sir. I am sorry. I have never done anything like this. I don’t know why I would do such a thing. I have plenty of money. Please let me just pay for it.”
I turned a little and pointed at the Play Station.
“That one thing is all I took...the rest I paid for back in cosmetics. I have no idea why I took it. I don’t even want it. You have everything right there. I just made a terrible mistake. Please just let me go...”
I kept sobbing. I was stammering, saying what ever came to my mind.
He looked at me with a scowl I will never forget. I felt so trapped. There was not one pleasant thing about him. He was so black, so enormous; he was scary, plain scary,
“Young lady it is nowhere near that simple. You are a shoplifter, caught dead to rights. It could not have been clearer. From the moment you took the product, you had no intention of paying for it. You simply dropped it into your bag and walked out of the store. Shoplifting is a major crime and one we address very severely here. When you shoplift you are as guilty as someone who robs a bank. That PS4 you shoplifted is valued at over five hundred dollars so that makes your crime a felony here in New York State; a major felony; just like you stole five hundred by sticking up a bank. Do you understand?”
I nod; tears were streaming down my face. I was shaking uncontrollably.
His look turned even colder,
“My main job here is to keep shoplifting to an absolute minimum and I am damn good at that. This company prosecutes to the limit. That is the only way to stop it.”
He froze for a moment looking directly at me. I was crying and shaking uncontrollably.
His face seemed to turn lighter. I knew I looked terrible scared and terrible cute. Was my regret and remorse getting to him?
Not so...his looks hardened again...he went right back at me,
“Sometimes with these young kids take little items and just scaring the hell out them can be effective, but that’s not the case here. Your shoplifting was a felony and you are clearly old enough to know damn well what you were doing and the consequences if you got caught.”
He hesitated and scowled at me.
“Do you want to see the evidence? There are security cameras and security personnel everywhere in this store. I have two guards who witnessed and reported you. I have a clear security camera record of you shoplifting a major item in electronics, not paying for the item and rushing past the check out to the exit with the item. Finally, I have video of you removing the item from your bag here in the office while admitting for the record you committed the felony. Do you want to see the tape?”
I shook my head, no.
All I could do was look down at the floor as I tried to control my tears.
He paced back and forth. For the moment he seemed to be lost as to what to do next.
“I assume you’ve done things like this before? Do you have a criminal record?”
I shook my head no.
He looked at me sternly,
“Yah, I’ll bet. I’ll never understand you little shitheads that are dumb enough to do this. It seems like it gets it in your blood. It’s an addiction. You didn’t need this stuff. It isn’t like you were starving and stealing food. You just wanted the trill. It’s like taking drugs to get high.”
I sat silently, shaking. Tears streamed down my face. My teeth were chattering. Each breath was coming as a gasp. I was perspiring all over.
He stood there staring down at me. It seemed like forever. Maybe he was bending to the appeal of my tears. He had lectured me severely. Perhaps he now felt he had done enough. Maybe he was finished.
I glanced up. His black features seemed to have softened just a little. It might help if I begged.
I struggled to look at him directly,
“Please, please, I am a good person, I have never shoplifted before. I have never stolen anything. Please, believe me. If you have me arrested you will ruin my life.”
Once more his looks turned harsh,
“I will not have ruined your life, princess...you will have ruined your life; you and you alone. You stole the shit. You should have thought about this possibility before you did it.
Now you’re caught and you want me to let you off. You want me to violate company policy, risk my job, and let you get away with a criminal act? You realize my company has witnesses and they have security camera footage, right? I’m not the one who caught you. I’m just the one who has to deal with it.”
His look turned darker and darker as he paced back and forth.
He retorted in disgust as he walked over to a control box on the desk and the video screen went blank. He had shut it off. He was not recording any more. He had everything he needed. I had admitted everything. Maybe he was going to let me off with a warning.
He came back across the room toward me with a strange look on his face.
I looked up at him. It was time to really beg.
“Please, let me go?”
I stammered.
He stared down at me fiercely,
“Little kids that come in the store and do this are one thing. We can normally scare the shit out of them and they will never do it again, but this is something else. Teenage tramps like you come in here and steal just for the cheap thrill. You’re type will try it again and again, getting deeper every time. The thrill is as addictive as drugs for you. You’re just a young thug on the road to destruction. The only way to stop the whole thing is to have you booked and let you face a judge. You need some time in the slammer to think this all over.”
I squirmed in my chair. He watched every move I made. He stood looking at me, like he really didn’t want to do what he thought he had to do.
I could do nothing but beg,
“Please don’t do this to me. I am sorry. I just made a big mistake. I will never do it again. Please let me go.”
He stood looking down at me with the strangest look. Finally, he broke into a strange grin,
“Well how about this. You want out of this and I don’t want to lose my job. I’ll step out of the whole thing. I’ll have the two security guards who caught you come back in here and you can deal with them. They’re the witnesses. You can use all that good looks you flaunt around and try to convince them to let you off the hook. Maybe if you do enough fancy shit you can make them forget what they saw and throw away the tape. That would solve the problem for both of us, wouldn’t it?”
He stopped and looked at me with this strange smile.
I sat frozen.
“What do you think about that?”
He asked.
I couldn’t say a word. Was he suggesting I bribe those guards? Did he think I was a little rich girl who would pay big time to get out of this?
His eyes were playing up and done my body and chilling thought occurred to me. I glanced downward. I shuddered. The way I was sitting I was sending a message for sure. My short skirt was all bunched up on the sides from squirming, making it even shorter. Was he thinking I could pay them off another way? A terrible fear overcame me. I sat absolutely frozen.
He was looking at me like he thought I would jump at the chance to pay off the guards with my body. Was he really suggesting I could get out of this that way or was he just playing a horrible game with me?
I sat shaking. I could not look up from the floor.
It seemed like several minutes passed with nothing but the sound of his heavy breathing and my occasional sob.
After awhile when I did not respond he turned angry,
“Well what the fuck, I guess you don’t like that idea. That’s a jolt. Who knows what those two horny bastards would want of a cute young tramp like you. They caught you guilty of some major shit? This is a felony and they know it. They know its major stuff and they would want major stuff from you to take the risk and let you off.”
He looked at me harshly and walked over to the desk,
“Well I don’t like that idea either. It’s wrong. It’s not what I am hired to do. I am hired to put people like you in jail not let you off the hook. Let’s get this over with.”
He sat down at the desk, lifted the receiver, and then looked across the room at me with his fingers poised over the buttons on the phone. His face went blank. He sat with the phone in his hand looking at me so strangely. It seemed like he was trying to convince himself or maybe he thought I needed a final lecture before execution.
He started back through things again, but now it seemed like he was reviewing for himself. Like he needed assurance that what he was about to do was necessary and right.
“You’re just another criminal shoplifter. We got you dead to rights on a felony rap. The police are used to this. They will have you down town and booked in thirty minutes. The judge will set your bond later this afternoon. Your daddy can come down, post bail and get you out. Then you just face the court case and the penalty. I suspect a good expensive lawyer can keep the sentence for this felony reasonable. Maybe just time served, court costs and a fine, but even so you will have a record and that will be a reminder for you. This is serious shit.”
He sat, still holding the phone, hesitating. Each of his bitter words had increased my anxiety. I could not have been more scared.
It seemed like he had now come to the end. He had said everything he could. He had thoroughly threatened me, scared me senseless, and now it was a pivotal moment. For him it was all over except the call. I watched as his fingers moved toward the buttons.
I had to do something. Once he called there would be no road back; my life would be ruined...arrest, court, jail, and a felony record. Nothing could be worse. All the hopes and dreams my family had for me would be lost. There was no way this could be kept under wraps. It would be in the paper. All their friends would know. My image with everyone would be ruined. I had to do anything I could to keep him from calling.
All I could think to do was beg one more time. It was my last chance.
I gathering all my courage and looked at him directly,
“Please, please don’t call. Don’t you realize what you would do to me? You would ruin my life.”
I was shaking from head to toe. Tears were flowing down my face.
“Please, please don’t call.”
I choked. I was unable to say anything more. I looked directly into his eyes and sat shaking. It was over. It was all I could do.
He continued to look at me with an expression that was stern and determined...but at least he had hesitated for a moment.
Perhaps he now realized how much I regretted stealing? Perhaps he had started to feel sorry for me?
Or did he think I was a cute kid who thought she could talk her way out of anything?
He sat looking at me in the strangest way. He said nothing.
It was going to go one way or the other, right now. I could see his fingers moving over the phone.
I could not just sit still and let him dial. This was so critical. I needed to do anything to keep him from calling. My entire life was on the line and it seemed like my sincere remorse was not working. I needed to stop him.
I could think of only one additional appeal...one that had always worked with every male. The skirt I had on was very short and it made me look very cute and my cuteness had always gotten me what I wanted. I had to do something to keep him from calling the police...anything!
I purposely turned toward him and made no effort to straighten my skirt as I did. I could feel the hem moving upward on my legs. I did not dare look down but I knew more of my legs were showing for sure.
Was he watching? Was he appreciating how cute I was?
It was so obvious he had noticed. He was staring down at my legs in a trance. He was mesmerized. I could watch him now without embarrassment.
How high had my skirt moved? I had no way to know. But, it had been high enough.
Slowly his black face took on a new expression. A hypnotized expression replaced his anger.
Things had changed for sure. He began to breathe very heavily. I had gotten to him.
He hung up the phone, stood up behind the desk, and looked across at me.
He spoke very slowly almost like he was in a trance,
“On second thought I’ll just deal with this myself. I guess you want to get off the hook real bad; right?”
I struggled to look directly at him and nodded, yes.
He pointed to the side of his desk.
“Well, let’s see what we can do about that, come over here!”
At least for the moment, I had changed his mind about calling the police. I was winning. The phone was hung up.
All the time he was talking he continued to watch my skirt. This short skirt had won me a temporary reprieve, but how long would that last. How did I get out of here?
I hesitated.
“If that’s what you want, get over here.”
He ordered again, still staring at my lower body.
I stood up and walked cautiously toward his desk.
As I got closer his expression told me my move in the chair had really worked. His eyes followed every move I made and for right now his attitude was better. Things were moving in the right direction, but something told me, I needed to use everything I had. I was cute from head to toe. An additional nudge could only help my situation.
I purposely let my vest hang open as I walked toward him. I knew the outline of my breasts would be clearly visible through my thin white blouse.
Would this work in my favor as well?
As I move closer to the desk his eyes moved up to my breasts. Then his gaze started to move slowly up and down my body as his face softened remarkably. This was good. The phone was forgotten. I moved more slowly.
As I got closer his face started to fill with emotion.
“Lean over the desk, princess.”
He ordered, as he came around from behind the desk.
This was scary but he had moved away from that phone and that was all that mattered.
He was going to spank me. He had said, with younger kids, threats of a spanking seemed to work. This was so humiliating.
I went limp as I leaned part way over the desk and he came around behind me. With a firm left hand on my back he pushed me down onto the desk. What in the world was this? What an embarrassing position. This was terrible. I lay there, bent over, flat on my tummy with my chin on the desk and my feet still on the floor.
Then one thought dominated all else. I was winning. No calls had been made and he was a long way from that phone.
I could put up with a little humiliation. Bending me over the desk like this had to really help my case. In this position the short skirt had to really work to my advantage. He was behind me. I could envision how cute I looked to him in this position. No way would he be able to hit me very hard. My butt was just too appealing.
I was feeling better and better. His mind was on other things now for sure. No way was he going to call the police. The phone was forgotten. I had won. Maybe a couple embarrassing smacks...maybe not even that... and I would be out the door. I was home free.
He moved up close behind me. His left hand remained firmly on my back holding me down. I waited for the first smack on my butt.
Then his left hand moved up between my shoulder blades holding me down on the desk leaving his right hand was free behind me for a smack. The sound of his heavy breathing filled the room. Nothing more seemed to be happening. I was so nervous. It seemed like he held me in this position forever. What was he thinking?
Then finally he whispered intensely,
“Here’s the deal, lady. See the phone right in front of you, reach over and hand it to me, or...”
He hesitated; like he couldn’t figure out what to say next.
Then the pressure of his big left hand moved on up to the base of my neck.
“Do you want me to just take care of things right here and then let you go?”
What did he mean? What was he waiting for? Why did he not just smack me? I had no idea what he wanted me to say...what he expected me to do. All I could think of was to beg.
I summoned my strength and tried to speak. It came out as a husky whisper,
“Sir please; please let me go. I made a terrible mistake but I am a good person. Getting arrested would ruin my life. I promise you I will never do anything like this again...“
He interrupted me by moving down close to my right ear,
“So I guess that means you want me to take care of things right here and now, and then just let you go.”
I froze,
“Please, please, anything; just don’t call the police.”
I stammered and waited for him to smack me.
Slowly, his free right hand lifted the back of my skirt while his left hand still held me pinned to the desk. I was mortified. The thought of him spanking me was unbelievable embarrassing, but if that is what it took.
I waited, only to feel him start sliding my panties downward behind me. I tightened my legs together as much as I could, but he took them clear down the back of my legs to the floor.
More humiliation; was he actually going to spank me on my bare butt?
He bent back down over me again, very close to my ear. His words were hesitant, stern, dark,
“Well, let’s get this over with... here it is, sister; the choice is yours. Move your legs apart or reach over there and hand me that phone. One or the other... just let me know what you want.
Do it now...one or the other. Let’s get this over with.”
With that, it was very clear; he wasn’t going to spank me.
His hold on my neck got stronger. I heard his zipper. I felt him come against me. I felt pressure. He was so hard. He began moving up and down against me. I could feel moisture.
Each breath he took was getting louder and louder, almost like a snort.
He hesitated and then he whispered right down next to my ear in the most excited voice I had ever heard,
“So it would seem this is what you want, right? You want to take little of this and then just get the hell out of here...right?”
His whisper was so low and so intense.
His penis had found the right place. I could tell; right against the entrance to my body. He had stopped there, waiting; it seemed like forever. I was facing the wall with the side of my face pressed down against the desk. He had one hand firmly on the back of my neck holding me down. He had the other hand guiding it against me. I couldn’t move.
This was such a misunderstanding. I was mortified...frozen in place. I tried to speak, but nothing came out. I tried again and again, but I managed nothing but a choking sob.
Time after time he would push it against me; then moved it up or down just a little, and then push again, over and over. It went on and on as he pushed harder and harder. He was pushing at me hard enough to hurt the front of my legs against the sharp edge of the desk.
Finally, he let up the pressure and began just slowly moving it up and down along me. It felt wet and enormous.
A feeling of relief overcame me. He was getting nowhere. There was no way he could get in me. He had to be embarrassed. He would certainly let me go soon. I had paid my price.
Then he stopped completely, with it still positioned against me. He was breathing very heavily. Once more he leaned down right next to my ear. He sounded very frustrated,
“Say the word, sister. Is this what you want? One thing or another; either hand me that phone or quit fighting me and move your damn legs apart. Take a little of this and you’re out the door Scott free. What’s the verdict sister?”
In that moment, it seemed like my whole world depended on just getting the shoplifting behind me and getting out of there.
He had to know he was way too big to possibly enter me. He had tried very hard and gotten nowhere. I calmed a bit. A couple more minutes rubbing against me and it would be over. He would conclude he had scared me enough. What he had done to me was terrible, but it was nowhere near as bad as being arrested.
I nodded and moved my legs apart just a little.
That was it. Maybe my movement was too submissive...looking back it doesn’t matter. When I move, he was done just rubbing me.
It was clear he thought he could fuck me. He pushed it straight against me until it was unbearable. The fronts of my legs were driven against the sharp edge of the desktop. His weight spread me even further. I felt my body starting to give way, horrible pain!
I remember moaning and begging,
“Stop, please stop. Please. It hurts. It hurts so badly. I’ve never done this. You are way too big. Please!”
He decreased the pressure and hesitated tight against me.
I could still feel the very end of him against me, but he released the pressure and the pain subsided. His hold on the back of my neck decreased as well. His heavy breathing slowed.
Everything came to a stop. He waited. He seemed to wait forever.
Finally he bent down very close to my ear. His voice was very low and husky,
“So you have never had sex and you think it is going to hurt too much. Ok, just hand me that phone in front of you.”
He waited.
Everything was absolutely frozen in time. I was fully aware of the position I was in, his slight intrusion into my body, and what he was trying to do to me, but I couldn’t do a thing. I couldn’t say a word. I couldn’t move. I was completely catatonic.
The phone was directly ahead of me on the desk, within easy reach. All I had to do was hand it to him. If I did, this would all be over, but I couldn’t move. All I could think was my entire existence depended on my getting out of this mess without the police being involved.
He whispered again,
“I guess you think this is going to hurt too much. Do you want me to quit and just make the call?”
I swallowed deeply and replied with a struggle,
“No! Please, please don’t call!”
I sobbed and tried to move back from the sharp edge of the desk. As I did I moved back against him harder and my legs moved apart just a bit further.
That was all it took.
He snorted in my ear.
“That’s good princess, that’s what I want. Here it is!”
And, in one unforgettable horrible move he lunged forward. Unbelievable pain; I let out a scream. His hand slapped around to cover my mouth.
He lunged at me again and again, and there was no question what was happening. His first enormous thrust gained entry; then another hard thrust split my virginity completely; then thrust by thrust, inch by inch, he invaded, deeper and deeper. The pain was excruciating.
He kept driving until finally he could go no further. He was completely inside me. I cannot describe how much it hurt. The initial sharp stabbing pain was now joined by an aching deep inside my body. They combined to hurt more than anything I have ever known.
I struggled but he had me pinned down securely. I screamed but it was muffled by his hand.
Nothing fazed him. He kept working in a frenzy trying to go deeper and deeper. There was nothing I could do. There was no way to stop him. His weight had me pinned to the desk. Everything hurt...my legs, my sex, inside and out. He repeatedly drove into me as hard as he could.
Then all of a sudden he stopped, shuddered all over, and I felt him pulsating deep in my body as everything inside me turning very warm.
He moaned loudly and started to breath heavily.
There was no question. He was climaxing. He was finishing deep inside me.
I lost all track of time as he kept pulsating deep in my body. After sometime everything stopped. His heavy breathing started to slowly subside.
He remained deeply inside me, but his movement had stopped and with that the pain decreased.
Then he withdrew a little and rested. I could feel his warm breath against the back of my neck. He still held me tightly.
Terror overcame me. It was a strange combination of panic and embarrassment. I had been completely fucked by this big black monster. Every lurid thing I had ever read seemed to flash before my eyes. He had me.
I had paid my price.
I lay exhausted in a panic. It felt like I was impaled by a large stake driven right through me into the desk. All I wanted was to get out from under him and go but he was so heavy I couldn’t move. I was pinned beneath him.
I was getting warmer and warmer deep inside. I could feel his heart beating inside my lower body...or maybe it was my heartbeat...I didn’t know. All I wanted was for him to get off and let me go home.
My panic kept growing. I wanted out of this so badly. It was over. Why didn’t he just get off and let me go as he had promised? He had said “just take a little of this”; well I sure had. I had taken everything. He had really fucked me.
At some point his hand released from my mouth and I started to sob.
It seemed like forever I lay under him, waiting for him to release me.
Finally, I tried to move...to escape. He immediately tightened his hold around me and drove it back into me as far as he could.
He was very deep again, but it was less traumatic than before. While he had me pinned down things had changed a little. There was far less pain. I just felt very full down there.
Then he started to move again. He started very slowly, very gently, but soon it began to get stronger and stronger. His breathing became louder again. In no time he was sexing me just like before, but there was still far less pain. Everything was so wet.
He went at me for quite a while until finally he shook all over, clung to me, moaned quietly; and once more I felt a warm flood deep inside. He was finishing in me a second time.
This time his body pulsated and he let out moan after moan. It went on and on. He clung to me tightly and deposited more and more deep in my vagina.
Finally he calmed a second time. His breathing quieted completely. He just lay on top of me, buried deeply inside me. It was all over.
I became aware of this sensation deep in my vagina. I could clearly feel it. It was like a strong pulsation...was it him? Was it me?
There was no question things were different for me now. There was much less discomfort. He was not as heavy. I did not feel as trapped as before.
A strange sense of relief came over me almost euphoria. It was over. He had done it to me. In fact he had done it to me twice. It seemed impossible when he started but somehow he had been able to get his enormous penis into me completely and have intercourse with me. He had gotten everything he wanted.
He was still inside me but it didn’t hurt at all now; it just felt very strange. He had quit moving. This sure could have been worse.
My mind went into high gear as I lay there under him. I had paid the biggest price. I had been fucked, nailed, screwed, whatever you want to call it, but it was over and I had survived. I was going home with no police, no lawyers, no trial, and no criminal record.
Then suddenly my thoughts turned to my virginity. My virginity was something that had always been important to me. I wanted to save my body for true love and marriage. Now that was gone forever. He was still inside deep me. Not only was my virginity gone forever but I could feel my vagina convulsing around him. He had to feel what my body was doing down there, but he was not reacting; not a word...not a movement.
I was no longer the cute virgin school girl. I was a low life slut who had just been fucked twice by a black man who was at least twice my age. I was filled with his sperm. I was a tramp. I lay under him consumed by regret. I struggled to turn positive. These horrible thoughts would get me nowhere. I was now a low life tramp but it was over. I had to hope all this would quickly be forgotten. But, would I ever forget it? No! And would his black monster ever forget this. No!
This had to be the adventure of a life time for him. Once again I could feel my vagina tightening around him as I responded to these dark thoughts. I couldn’t stop these reactions inside my body and I knew neither of us would ever forget them.
Then there were the guards out there. By now they all had to know what had happened in here. Would they ever forget this? No!
Embarrassment swept over me. I could feel my face getting warmer and warmer. My heart was racing. This was terrible. I needed to get away from him. I needed to get out of this place. I needed to go home and hide.
It seemed like he had been on top of me for hours. He was so big, so heavy. He had me pinned to the desk, but now he was done moving...he was finished with me...it was over.
This time I struggled much harder to get out from under him. But, as soon as I moved I realized he was still deeply inside me. As I started to struggle, he murmured and tightened his arms around me. Slowly, almost gently, he moved against me, hesitated, kissed the back of my neck, and then started to stroke in and out of me again. Once more my effort to move from under him only brought him back to life. This time he moved in and out of my vagina with very long smooth strokes.
My head began spinning. My shoplifting was a terrible thing and I was going to pay even more for what I did.
With each long stroke a crude term for what he was doing would crash into my mind. He was raping me...fucking me...screwing me...boning me...sexing me...banging me...fucking me...screwing me...each time he stroked into my body another crude term would shoot through my mind.
It went on and on. I lost track of time. Finally, out of nowhere, a shudder passed up through my body, then another. It brought me back to reality. While I had been lost in the crude terms describing what he was doing, he had become more and more gentle. Everything had changed. His movements had become slow and purposeful.
He was making love to me. Caroline was being “loved” by the biggest blackest man she had ever seen. A panicky feeling came over me. This is what they call “making love”? I did not like that idea at all. As crude as all the other terms were that had shot through my mind while he was doing it, they were far more acceptable to my warped physic than the idea of his “making love” to me. Any crude term was more acceptable than the thought of him gently “making love” to me.
Now as I lay under him, one by one new found response were moving up through my body. I struggled to deal with these new sensations. Gentle or not, I was still being fucked. I was a tramp, a slut, a low life. I was worse than any of those trailer court wenches we kidded about. He was a black stranger over twice my age. He had taken my valued virginity and was now just making love. I shook all over.
At some point all my dark thoughts were swept away for a moment as I became aware that the edge of the desk was cutting into the front of my legs. I tried to move back a bit.
As I struggled backward he slid both his hands under me. My thin blouse and bra give way as he found my bare breasts and lifted me up from the desk. Holding me tightly this way, he moved us backward together until my upper legs were away from the sharp edge of the desk as he continued to stroke deep into my body.
For months, Kyle had tried to just touch my breasts and I had absolutely refused. I was proud that they had never been touched. Now this big black stranger had my breasts encased in his enormous hands and was massaging them as he slowly made love to me. He was working my breasts in rhythm making my body respond with each thrust as he wanted.
He became more and more aggressive; lifting me higher and higher from the desk, gripping my breasts tighter and tighter...driving harder and harder as he worked faster and faster.
Finally, he snorted loudly, tightened his grip even more, drove into me to the limit, and time after time I could feel his surges deep inside my body. He was finishing, again. It seemed like forever as he held me suspended by my tender breasts and delivered into me. There was no way to escape...no way to even lessen his grasp...he had me.
Then a repulsive realization passed over me. This time as he climaxed inside me, my lower body responded repeatedly. Each time he deposited his semen I could feel my vagina spontaneously tightening deep inside willingly taking what he gave. I couldn’t stop it. I could only hope he wasn’t aware of my reaction.
For reasons I will never know, I counted every time he delivered. After twenty surges he finally slowed and settled the two of us back down onto the desk top, keeping us tightly together. Now his body weight along with all of mine rested directly on my breasts which were still clenched tightly in his huge hands. This caused very disconcerting feelings in my breasts. It didn’t hurt necessarily, it was a tight feeling I had never before known.
My entire body started to react. I could feel a pulsating sensation deep inside and each time it occurred a strong shudder would pass upward.
I will never forget him resting inside me...strongly and deeply.
We lay there like before, with his weight on me, but this time things were different. Maybe it was exhaustion, but this time I had no panicky urge to get away. I lay very still, except for the uncontrolled spasms deep inside. All pain was gone now. I was left with just a stunned, shocked feeling.
I was resigned to everything. No embarrassment, no panicky feeling, no real sadness.
It was over. I had handled it all. With this realization things began to change for me. My mood started to turn positive. My valued virginity was gone, but I had won. I had been able to give him everything he wanted. I had taken all he had. I was absolutely sure my felony shoplifting was no longer on his mind. He had become very gentle almost loving. There was no way he would report me now...not ever.
I lay there bound in his arms as my thoughts moved onward. All I had to do was lie here until he released me and then go home. It would be over and no one would ever know about this.
But wait, it might not be that simple. Who might have seen me being escorted into this office? What a story they would have. What would my parents think if they ever learned about this mess? What if their friends at the club got wind? What would my amigos say if they learned somehow? Holy shit would they have a titter. What about Kyle? One by one these thoughts invaded my mind as I lay pinned beneath this enormous black man.
I could only hope that no one connected with me had witnessed my being hauled into the security office. He had done a lot of scary things to me that I hoped would remain as my darkest secret forever. I would hope to carry this secret alone. I would confide in no one.
After some time his weight became less. He slowly began to withdraw. He was very deep. There was an extraordinary strange feeling inside me as he pulled outward. It took so much effort but finally he was free.
It was over. He was out of me. He released my breasts and lifting his weight from me. I began to move out from under him, but as I moved I came back against him and he responded immediately. Once more he came down over me...his arms encircle me...his hands found my breasts again... he lifted me up and moved back deep inside my vagina all in one solid movement.
My slightest motion had rekindled everything.
Completely remounted, he returned to stroking deep inside me once more and right away strange warm sensations past up through me as my body responded. Time did not matter anymore. I was resigned to what he was doing to me. I simply allowed my body and mind to go blank. I was too spent to do anything else.
I was lost in a strange confusion until he began surging into me once again and with each surge he gripped my breasts harder, drove deeper, and deposited more. This time the strange feelings deep inside my body rose to a fevered pitch. Feelings I had never felt before. My entire body began responding spontaneously, arching upward to meet him. I couldn’t stop.
At the same time internal spasms were causing my vagina to tighten around him. At first it seemed like my body was trying to limit him coming into me, but then a panicky realization came over me...my body was actually trying to stop his withdrawal.
Each time he pulled outward an uncomfortable empty feeling came over me. I was trying unconsciously to keep him inside me. This was the last thing I wanted to do. This was the last thing I wanted him to be aware of, but over and over, as he moved inward, and deposited I would struggle to retain him.
There was no question he knew things had changed for me. It was so obvious. He could recognize the changes in me and he was responding more and more gently and lovingly.
Finally, he let his weight down onto my back gently, but completely, and his hands firmed up under my breast into a strong embrace. He stayed that way, wrapped around me, holding me tightly. All went quiet and he simply lay on top of me holding upward against him. He was such a big man but he no longer seemed heavy on me.
Then, it was over. He released my breasts and I felt his weight come off me as he slowly began to withdraw. I had a tinge of embarrassment as my vagina reacted and tightened around him such that it once again took effort. Finally, with a strange pulling sensation and a sound I will never forget he was out of me. It felt strange, wet and cold with him gone.
He stood up and backed away. I heard his zipper. He was done with me. I lay exhausted on my tummy knowing my bare butt was exposed. I was completely free of his weight, but I couldn’t move...I couldn’t get up. I was in the strangest position, frozen in place on his desk with my back side fully exposed to him. I should have been embarrassed, but I wasn’t. It seemed like I didn’t know what to do next.
Finally, the sound of him moving behind me shocked me into reality. He pulled my skirt down over my back side and with his help I managed to stand slowly, facing the desk with my back toward him. I struggled to straighten my skirt and my top. I turned looking down at the floor for my panties. I could see them kicked over by the trash can. Without looking at him I moved to get them. With that, he spoke his first words since taking me.
“Leave them there.”
He ordered, sternly. I stopped.
He turned to the table behind him, picked up the Play Station Four, and came toward me.
“I want you to take this thing back where you got it and then get the hell out of my store.”
He ordered gruffly, as he rudely shoved the Play Station toward me.
I took it and started to move, but my legs refused to work. I fell backward against desk. My body was jumping all over inside. I was limp.
He looked at me strangely...it was a look I will never forget.
He took my arm and moved me away from the desk. With his firm grip on my arm I walked gingerly toward the door. Each step was a labor. My lower body was jumping all over. I was so sore, so wet. My legs felt like rubber.
He unlocked the door and ushered me out.
I heard him firmly close and lock the security office door behind me. I stood there just outside the door shaking. That was it.
I did not look back.

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Mall Princess

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