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Phyliss and Rolf: The next day

Categories True Story, Bestiality, Wife

Author: txrock

Published: 15 November 2017

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Since it was Saturday I took our daughter to the park to play for a couple of hours. When I got back I could see that Phyliss was a little spaced out but didn't think much about it. After we had ate supper and watched a little TV she got both kids in bed and she came back to the living room to sit on the couch with me. We cuddled a little and I had plans of some more pussy tonight when Phyliss said I measured Rolf's cock while you were at the park. I damned near fell off the couch, I said why did you do that? She said I let him in the house and he kept rubbing my leg, I sat down to pet him when I noticed his cock was hanging out like last night. She said I didn't know what to do so I rubbed it for him and it just kept growing longer and getting fatter, til his knot came out. She said I then got my sewing tape measure to see how long it was, she said it is 6 inches from the tip to his knot and 11 inches from the tip to the back of his knot. She said there are another couple of inches behind his knot, she said his knot is 5 inches across and the widest part of his shaft between the head and his knot is 2 1/2 inches across. I couldn't believe she had actually measured him or how big he was but what she said next blew me away. She said he needed some relief so I sucked his cock until he cummed in my mouth again. So much for me worrying if I could get her to have sex with him again.

She said it was just like last night except this time I hadn't been drinking so I can't blame it on anything or anyone but me. I said how was it this time? She said just like last night it was awesome, his cock is so hot and his cum burns when I swallowed it. She said he gets his cock in my throat about the time his knot gets to my lips and she said he cums a quart it seems like. My dick was again hard just from talking about her and Rolf and she was rubbing her pussy so I knew she was on fire. I said lets go to bed even thou its only 8:30pm, she didn't say anything but got up and started for the bedroom. I stood for just a second trying to decide what to do when I went to the back door and let Rolf in. I patted him on the head and said good luck big boy. We went to the bedroom where Phyliss was already naked and in bed, she didn't ask where I had been so I figured she knew.

We were really getting into foreplay with her between my legs sucking my dick when I felt the bed shift, I looked over her back and saw Rolf just fixing to lick her pussy. I put my hands on her head so she couldn't go anywhere but there was no need, when Rolf stuck his tongue in her cunt she went ooowwww ffffuuuuuccckkk!!! and she reached back and spread her asscheeks so he could get as deep as he could. I slowly worked my way back away from Phyliss and moved off the bed to give Rolf the whole thing. She was orgasming every time he would work his tongue in and out of her pussy. It didn't take long before she was telling him to fuck her, she was calling his name as he moved back and then moved forward to mount her just like the first time. The difference was this time she knew what she was doing, so as soon as he was on her she put his cock in her pussy.

The thing she didn't know this time was that his knot had not swelled up so when his cock shot into her pussy his knot went in also, she hollored to me that he had his whole cock in her this time so I knew she was in for a surprise. It was about that time that she screamed that he was swelling in her pussy, she said I am cumming ooohhh God it is so biiiiggggg!!!
He was now serious about fucking her since he was tied and she was his bitch. She moaned for me to do something and then she said ooohhh it feels so good, ooohhh it feels so good. She said he is cumming, then she said I think he is in my cervix. The whole time she was trying to talk she was also telling Rolf to fuck her. I turned on the bedroom light so I could get a good look at their coupling and I was amazed. Rolf's knot was pulling her pussy back and then he would go back in so fast it was hard to see, I figured there would be cum everywhere but there was only a couple of drops on her swelled up clit. Finally after 20 minutes or so Rolf pushed in and squeezed my wife's waist and just held there, he was drooling on her back and she was moaning that he was still cumming in her pussy. Finally I laid back by her head so I could tell her how hot her fucking Rolf was and she asked what he was doing, I said you are his bitch and he is filling you full of his cum so you will have a big litter of pups.

She said that's not funny and then she said he is trying to pull out, God don't let him pull out so I went back to Rolf and started stroking his neck and I swear the bastard was laughing at me. I held him in place and I heard Phyliss mewling at him again and I looked underneath where she was stroking his cock with her hand. Finally after another 20 minutes she said he is getting smaller so he will be pulling out in just a minute. When he pulled I swear he must have cummed a gallon as it went everywhere. She just laid down on the bed as Rolf jumped down and went to the corner to lick his red cock. Phyliss's pussy was still gapped open and she had cum pooled all up under her pussy as she said lick my pussy. This time I didn't think about it and I put my face right in her freshly dog fucked pussy. As I cleaned her pussy for her she told me she loved me licking Rolf's dog cum out of her pussy and if I would keep cleaning her pussy with my tongue she would keep fucking him. I agreed and said but right now I need to get me some pussy, I moved her out of the big wet spot and hung her legs over the side of the bed with her on her back. I put my dick in her and could hardly feel anything after Rolf had put his whole 11 inches and his knot in her.

I was able to cum just by thinking about what I had just watched and as I pulled out Rolf mounted her again. She was surprised and tried to wiggle away but he growled so she got still. He was a little confused about her facing him but as soon as he felt his cock slide in her pussy he knew what was up. Again he was able to get his cock in her before his knot swelled and now she could feel his sheath as it would rub her clit and her bare cunt as he fucked his cock in her. This time I could tell she was going to be in for a real long fuck since he had shot so much cum in her before. This time she was able to put her arms and legs around him so he was able to get even deeper. I put my hand between them and I could feel his cock in her belly as he was fucking her. In this position he could really drive his cock hard in to her belly and he did it for almost a 30 minutes before he started trying to pull out. I told her to hold on as he finally backed off the bed. He worked them around until they were butt to butt and he just stood there with her pussy plugged by his big knot. she said his knot swelled even more this time than it did before. I said he stretched your pussy so he his making you fit his cock. I said you really are his bitch this time. She said it felt even better with me on my back, she said he got so deep I thought he would come out my mouth.

They stayed that way for 20 minutes before he pulled out of her, stretching her pussy as he pulled his knot out. I just thought he cummed a lot the first time, it was like when her water broke when she was having a baby. She said she could feel pressure he put so much cum in her and his knot was so tight none could get out. This time we went to the shower where I ate Rolf's cum out of her pussy again. I cleaned up the floor as she got in bed, then I put Rolf out and shut the door. She was very sore the next day so we kept Rolf away from her for the next week. After that she got used to him stretching her pussy and she fucked him 3 or 4 times a week at least, some times it was more than that. After that first weekend she would fuck him without me being there a lot.

We had a couple more dogs over the next 10 or 12 years that she also fucked and she also fucked her sister's Great Dane when we kept him when they went to Colorado for 2 weeks one summer but that's another story.

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Phyliss and Rolf: The next day

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Comments (1)
joker9 (guest) — 14 February 2018 00:00
Good story. Could use punctuation work. Main problem for me was the guy cleaning dog cum with his mouth. Ugh.
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