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  1. Sister helps after hard hit
  2. Sister helps after hard hit part 2 sister escalates it
  3. Sister helps after hard hit part 2

Sister helps after hard hit part 2

Categories Fiction, Anal, Drug, Incest

Authror: Victor Payton

Published: 16 November 2017

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The three days flew by without events . basic everyday things like cookin, cleaning, laundy and other small things . when she came home jumping with joy and shopping bags with that beautiful smile I knew i had to make her mine.

she took her bags to her room as i mixed us a couple of drinks.  I was sitting on the couch when she came back in a seethrough nightie with matching purple panties. "Do you like?" she says doing a little twirl.  "You look amazing but i think you look better all natural." I say with a wink  and hand her the cup before sitting back down. Pam put her drink down and strips off the nightie and panties. I stare at her body as she sits next to me and cuddles up . While we sit there watching tv i ask how her trip went . she sits up with a big smile and asks me to follow her to her room so i obliged.

As i sit down on her bed she runs to the closet and brings out two pink bags and a big black one.  The first two (the pink ones)  were all skimpy underwear witch some were for me. The black bag however held more fun items. She set it down on the bed and said "well you going to look or not?".  I opened the bag and looked in with shock.  Right on top was a 10" dildo. Beneath the dildo was a small bag of aphrodisiacs. I look at her, smile and ask "What is the dildo for?" . "I got it for a couple reasons . I got it in case your not  in the mood."  she says not even blushing. I look at her with puzzelment and ask what the other reason was.

She reacts by blushing and siting next to me. " My best friend is single has been sice her senior year of high school cause her boyfriend left and told everyone she was a tease. Shes still a virgin but i told her about you." What did you tell her'" i asked.

She continues " She remembered you as my brother so i had to lie and tell her i caught you having sex and that you didn't see me. She said she always had a little crush on you but you always had a girlfriend when she was single. She asked me how big you were but i didn't tell her . I told her to ask you out and find out herself." With a big smile on my face i say" So you will share me?" " I don't think you will need the dildo so give it to her as a gift so she will be ready for it cause i plan on tesing her a little bit before taking her to bed."

"What do you mean i won't need it?" she  asks. I just smile and give her a passionate kiss on the lips. i pull back and say " do you want to take me for a ride before you toss me to your friend."'. She just smiles and says " I am not tossing you off i'm sharing. Now go put this on." She hands me a tear away speedo and points towards the bathroom.

I put on the speedo but my half hard dick was sticking half out. I walk out and see pam eating one of the aphrodisiacs and she hands me one to eat. A few minutes later the effects were kicking in for both of us. My dick was full mass and sis was dripping wet. she beckons me closer and i crawl onto the bed and climb on top of her.

Our faces meet and as i look at the lust in her eyes she juts up and parts my lips with her tounge. we kiss feverishly and start to rub our hands all over one anoher. I reach down to grab her boob while i kiss and suck on her neck. I start to kiss down her body but she stops me , flips us over and her mouth goes straight to my swolen prick.

She licks the head of my dick a few times before she takes me into her mouth and starts to blow me. Even though i was sticking out of the speedo quite a bit  she still yanked them open and off. As she tore away the small material my cock sprang up but she kept her mouh  on me and went back to giving a great bj. she was bobbing up and down slowly getting faster till i was close to cumming.

i manage to say " Shit im cumming" before i start to shoot my load into her mouth. She looks up at me while i cum and swallows all i have to give. Because of the aphrodisiac im still fully erect and wanting more. She makes her way up and we kiss deeply . I taste my own cum orgasims but  im so lost in pleasure that i don't care.

I'm rubbing her brests as she mounts me while she positions heself right over my rock hard dick and starts to slowly slide down till she was on my pelvis. Smak. I came down with a light spank then another ,her butt was turning red so she started to rise and fall. Her pumping increases wih every thrust of our bodies. The only noise in the room was the sound of our bodies slaping together and her beautiful wild moans. I used my muscles and weight to roll us over so that i was on top. Looking up with hazey eyes she nods and i plunge deep into her waiting pussy. I start to really pound her as fast and as hard as i can without hurting her but the aphros aren't letting me be easy.

I kept pounding her pussy as she convlses with many small orgasims
I start to approach my climax and tell her. As i start to cum she screams out that shes cummig so hard she cant see anything. I collapse beside her when i finish . I look over at her and shes smiling but her eyes are closed and her breath is really shallow "Hey pam " i say while jostling her but nothing changes. I shake her a few more times beofre she comes to.

"What happened" she asked beathlessly. With a slight chuckle i tell her that her orgasm made her black out. Surprised by that she asks for round two . being a nympho im always ready.

I kiss her lips and start to roll her over while putting some pillows under her stomach . I reach over to the end table and grab some lotion. "Since we dont have lube this will have to do." i say as i put some on my hand. She says wait then opens the top drawer of the night stand and pulls out flavored lube. I squirt a good amount on my tounge then bend down to aply it to her asshole. I spit some of the strawberry lube out and start to push my tounge around and in to her sweet ass.

Once im done lubricating her tight pucker i pour some on to her tounge and tell her to lube me up. She did as i told her and started to rub her tounge and the lube all over my once again erect cock. She kisses me when shes done . I position at her tight ass and ask if shes ready. While she is answering me i push the first few inches which thanks to the lube went in very easily. She lets out a loud moan and screams my name. I sat there for a few seconds so she could get used to the intruder. When she gets used to it i push all the way down in one quick motion causing her to scream in a combination of pain and pleasure.

Once she's ready i slowly pull out till just the heads in then i push back in slowly. With a steady pumping of my cock in her tight asshole , even though i came twice already , i knew it wouldn't be long.

I start to fuck her faster while increasing the force of my thrust. My balls are slapping her clit with every thrust and her moaning uncontrollably was driving me to go harder and faster. I was fucking her for all i was worth ramming my hard dick in her tight ass. She moans out that she is coming which she didnt need to tell me cause her tight hole became a vice and cause me to cum.

I collapse next to her, both of us breathing heavily, smiling and kissing. "That was amazing little brother" she says with a smirk. " please call me lover ." i say with a wicked smile. "So when am i meeting your friend."

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Sister helps after hard hit part 2

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