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  4. My Friends Daughter Holly Part 4
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My Friends Daughter Holly Part 4

Categories Fiction, Lesbian, Group Sex, Incest

Authror: Wayne.ker

Published: 16 November 2017

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Part 4

It was nearly 4 am and I had been woken from my sleep after hearing a loud scream, as I started to wake up I started to remember where I was and what had happened. I looked to my side and there laying on the bed next to me was my boss's wife Barbara’s naked body, I remembered Barbara bring me up to her room and undressing me, I looked at Barbara’s large breasts and her trimmed cunt I remembered fucking her several times and how she had sucked my cock several times.

Then I remembered Holly being in my boss’s Bill’s bedroom with several other men, how I had seen Holly laying on the bed naked as the men took turns fucking her young bald cunt and how the men were lining up to push their cocks into Holly’s mouth for her to suck. I started to worry about Holly and thought I better go check on her, she is my friend's daughter and I did promise to look after her, I climbed of the bed and went to Bill’s bedroom.

When I looked inside I saw Holly’s head bouncing up and down on Bill's cock, sucking his cock like she was hungry for his cum. Then I saw a naked female between Holly’s legs licking and fingering Holly’s young bald cunt, the noises the woman’s fingers were making only made it more obvious that Holly’s cunt was full of the men’s cum, When Bill saw me watching he said to me to come in closer, then told me to fuck the other woman.

The woman lifted her mouth of Holly's wet cunt and turned to look at me, I knew her I had seen her before, she was the wife of one of my colleagues, and she was the female that had removed Holly’s thong and waved it around for everyone to see. I ran my fingers over her cunt and then pushed two fingers deep inside her cunt, she was also full of the men’s cum, I finger fucked her for a few minutes, then I lined up my throbbing hard cock with the entrance to her love hole.

As I pushed my cock into her cunt, I felt her body tense up, when my cock was all the way inside, I left it buried inside her cunt for a minutes, then I pulled my cock nearly all the way back out before thrusting it back in hard, I held onto the woman's hips as I kept pulling my cock back out and then thrusting back deep inside I repeated doing this over and over. As I continuied fucking the woman, I watched Holly holding her head down on Bill’s cock, I heard him grunt as his cock shot load after load of his cum into Holly’s mouth for her to swallow.

When Holly had finished sucking Bill’s cock she looked up at me and gave me a smile as I continued fucking the woman, the woman was no longer licking Holly’s wet cunt, she was moaning that she was about to have an orgasm, oh fuck yes keep fucking me she screamed as I began squirting my cum into her already cum filled cunt, when I had finished cumming I pulled my cock out of her wet hole and I sat down in the chair opposite the bed.

I watched as the woman moved up beside Holly and kissed her, they kissed each other passionately as their hands roamed over each others bodies. Bill climbed of the bed and asked if I wanted a beer, I followed Bill into the lounge and sat down on the couch. Bill went and grab the beers for us, when he came back, he handed me a beer and sat down next to me, we sat there still naked drinking our beers.

Bill said to me, Let's talk about your promotion you need to come and discuss a few things with me next week, I was surprised I didn't know I was up for a promotion. Then Bill began talking about Holly and how wonderful she is and how all the men loved fucking her and having her suck their cocks, and you can see how much Amanda loves her they have been eating each other’s cunts for hours. I never knew Holly was bisexual I told Bill. She certainly enjoys other females, Bill says to me.

What did you think of Barbara did you enjoy fucking her, yeah I sure did and she gives great head I tell Bill. I first met Barbara when she was teenager and after I had sex with her a few times, I knew I had to marry her. Barbara will go out and find teenagers and bring them home for us to fuck, Barbara likes the young female teenagers as much as I do, Bill tells me.

I told Barbara to keep you busy, after I had talked to Holly and learned more about her. Bill explains. What did Holly tell you, I asked Bill. She told me her real age and how her father took her cherry when she told me about her father fucking her, that just excited me more and I knew I had to get her up to my suite, That's why Barbara was keeping you busy so I could spend more time with Holly. I'm glad you found my wife attractive it made everything a lot easier.

Bill told me how he first met Barbara when she was a teenager and he fucked her, I had her move in with me and a year later they got married. Barbara would go out and find teenagers and bring them home for them to both enjoy. Barbara brought home Amanda and we all have been having sex regularly ever since the first night. When she got married to Tom I thought it was over but she convince Tom to share her with us and that's why I gave him a job in the company.

Bill asks me, How did you meet Holly, I told Bill how I had been watching Holly playing in the park and how I started chatting to her father about her, the next weekend they were there again and I as I watched Holly playing her father asked if I wanted to see some photo’s of Holly, he showed me some nude photos of her, that made my cock hard, when I pulled my cock out and started stroking it, Holly's father did the same as we continued talking about his daughter. After that day it became a regular event, it was only recently that I got to enjoy fucking Holly, I believe her father had fucked her a couple years earlier.

That sounds wonderful, it would be great to meet Holly’s father and discus Holly’s future with him, if he agreed I could arrange a traineeship for Holly when she's older. Do you think Holly’s father would be ok with me taking a close interest in his daughter, Bill asks me. I’m sure he would he loves men looking at her, I tell Bill. I take it that you would want to keep fucking Holly regularly. Yes that's correct and I would expect Holly to fuck the other managers as well. Bill tells me.

Let's go and see how Holly and Amanda are going, as we walk into Bill's bedroom we find Holly asleep laying naked on the bed by herself. Bill says, I know where Amanda will be and we look into Barbara's bedroom and we see Barbara and Amanda locked in a 69 position licking and fingering each other's cunts. We go back to Bill’s bedroom and Bill says to me Holly is exhausted she has had a big night it would be best to let her get some sleep, we can fuck her again in the morning, I leave Bill with the sleeping Holly.

And I walk back into Barbara's bedroom and see the two women laying beside each other and kissing, I look at Amanda's naked body her medium size tits are nice and firm and her nipples are hard and pointy, I run my hand over her bald cunt and Amanda looks at me and parts her legs further apart, I move between her legs and rub my hard cock over her wet cunt lips, when I begin pushing my cock inside her cunt she lets out a moan.

As I begin fucking Amanda's cunt with slow strokes, Barbara sucks one of Amanda's tits into her mouth and uses her fingers to rub Amanda's clit, I keep pumping my cock in and out of Amanda's bald cunt, and speed up my strokes as I get close to cumming, Amanda screams out that she is cumming, Barbara rubs Amanda’s clit faster and I fuck Amanda’s cunt faster, I feel my cock squirting my cum into Amanda’s cum filled hole, when I am finished cumming, I lay down on the bed next to Amanda, Barbara and I both cuddle up to Amanda, as we all drift off to sleep.

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My Friends Daughter Holly Part 4

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Comments (1)
Tiger_t — 20 November 2017 14:35
Another harding chapter.
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