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Game Night

Categories True Story, Consensual Sex, Erotica, First Time

Author: Akeelah Merin

Published: 16 November 2017

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Boom – my DMR went off. The shot was beautiful. The heavily armored beast of a man on the far side dropped like a rock. I could feel the rage as I sat back and smiled, my headset reverberating with the sounds of victory calls from my teammates as the victory screen faded into view. There was my gamer tag floating at the top with twenty-four kills. I giggled as I leaned back against my little piece of institutionalized education. The room very much felt like a prison, with my door hanging ajar so that anyone passing by would feel welcome to say hello. I pulled my headset off my head a dropped it on the Xbox in front of me as the screen turned into a swirling circle of ‘searching for other players’. I hung up the headset and pushed the large round button bringing a silence to the humming and whirring sound of my computerized gaming system.

I wore a loose set of yoga pants, and a loose shirt with a picture of the master chief throwing down a bubble shield. I through my legs onto the bunk bed and put my hands behind my head as I slid onto the forgiving surface of my pillow, allowing a comfortable view of the hallway. It wasn’t long before I heard heavy footsteps coming down the hall at a jog. Swinging around the corner came the heavy figure of my friend Joshua. Josh was tall but bulky. Not horrifically so, just heavy. His bowl cut didn’t help though. He was still like a puppy at his mother’s command when it came to his appearance. Though he had taken this chance to put on his gym shorts – more comfortable than jeans I suppose.

“Nice game,” He called, “You did pretty well.”

“Pretty well?” I let out a moan, “Oh please I got twice as many pilots kill as you and easily as many grunts!”

He shrugged, “yeah you're better than me, I know.”

“Oh hush, you do fine!”

Josh lived on the other side of the dorm – it was a coed floor but we separated the floor into sides. Josh had a real dick of a roommate – who had made the poor guy's life miserable. Josh made it easy though – he suffered from Aspergers and often stuttered or misread situations into train wrecks very quickly. I had become his friend mainly because we both liked the diehard series – and I didn’t judge the poor guy for his issues. He was actually kind of cute sometimes.

“Hey want to grab some chow from the cafeteria,” He pointed towards the door.

I gave him a shrug, “I’m still full from that huge lunch we went to.”

“Okay,” He nodded, “It’s not that I want to be there for every meal or anything – I just like eating you …” he paused as his brain caught up, “eating with you! I don’t mean cannibalism – erg” he bobbed his temple, “stupid brain.”

I let out a chuckle, “Your fine Josh,” I replied, “I really am full – remember I’m not a big guy like you, I’m a short girl.”

“I know, I’m fat,” He looked down at the pot belly that gently pressed against his shirt.

I grabbed a dry towel and chucked it at him with a laugh as he flinched, “You’re not fat, just a bit bulky you oaf.”

He gave me smile, “Thanks – Adam was just … well – being Adam really. You know he likes to bring up my weight.”

“Adam is a fucking asshole,” I sat up as Josh crashed onto the bed burying his head in his hands, I patted him on the back, “don’t listen to him. Have you talked to the RA about this?”

“I don’t want to be a wussy too,” Josh said, ‘He wasn’t nice to you either. I know he hits on you – please don’t go out with him.”

“Adam couldn’t get me out on a date if he paid a billion dollars.”

Josh stood up again and paced around the small room a few times and then marched towards the door, “I’ll go do the essay due next week in Bergner’s class.”

Without further adieu, Josh marched out. I sat there waiting for him to realize he forgot to say goodbye but he didn’t. I felt that little twang in my stomach. Usually, he figured that out after a few seconds and came running back with apologies. I gave him about ten minutes, and after no texts, I decided to push myself out of bed. Grabbing my room key I broke into a swift walk across the rather dimly lit brick corridor of the ten-story Dorm. State schools had some advantages, good accommodations were not among them.

As I approached 717, I noticed the door was open. I peaked in and sure enough, there was Josh hunched over his laptop, his slightly pudgy face illuminated by the bluish light of his laptops LCD screen. I announced my presence with a knock on the metal frame. Josh turned to see me. His eyes met mine, and he gave me a slight smile.

“You forgot goodbye,” I said.

“Oh,” Josh was distant as he turned his eyes back to the screen, “I was distracted. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I replied slipping into the room and sitting down on Josh’s bed.

The scent of unwashed sheets blasted my nostrils like a blasting of sulfur dioxide. I ignored it. I had slept with a number of college boys and discovered this to be the norm of their sanitation habits. I took a deep breath as I glanced at Josh’s paper. After all, I had a high enough understanding of the works of Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky to have completed the full six-page essay already. I found myself looking at a complex analysis of Euclidian Geometry. My eyebrows raised. Both Russian literary masters had written and done much between the two of them, Geometry had not been among their many accomplishments.

“Josh, I thought you passed Geometry last year, got rid of your math credit that way,” I leaned forward, “Why are you writing a complex dissection on the grid graphing of convex polygons?”

Josh stared at his computer, “Adam needed it done.”

“Adam needed it done?” I repeated – my mind seemed to go blank at the notion, “Then why didn’t Adam do it.”

“He said he was high on THC or something,” He let out a sigh.

“Fuck him,” I replied astonished at what I was hearing, “Like fuck that guy. Not your job.”

“Look it’s just easier if I do it,” He sighed, “He won’t steal my D&D campaign again.”

“Okay, okay, A) you are running a D&D campaign and didn’t invite me? And B) give me the notebook and board and tell him he can go find it if he wants to steal it, and C) seriously delete that paper and leave him to hang in the breeze.”

Josh looked at the computer and then down at his bed. He quickly dove beneath his bed and pulled out a box filled with figurines, a heavy book, and a large campaign board. He shoved it into my hands and slammed his laptop shut. I nodded and took the heavy box and made my way through the door. As to where I would put it loomed in my head: there he was. The fat ugly unshaved face of Joshua’s wonderful roommate.

“Hey,” He said with a smile at me, “Watcha got there?”

“School project,” I tried to step past.

“With pot belly back there?” He jabbed a finger at Josh as he brushed his, arguably gorgeous hair, behind his ears, “what’s he got to do with it.”

“We take two classes together, do the math,” I replied.

Adam stepped in front of me, “Can I get a quick peek under your shirt sweetheart, ask any price. It’ll be worth it.”

“Here lady killer,” I cocked my head to one side, “Go find hell, get a really good thermostat installed, and FREEZE IT OVER!”

“Can I get a direction to hell,” Adam gave a laugh and stepped away.

I rolled my eyes and pushed passed with Josh in hot pursuit. I could smell the harsh undertones of Pot drifting from his shirt. I struggled to keep my stomach. It was bad stuff, smelled like a bloody skunk. After a quick jaunt, we managed to slide into my dorm room. After a quick glance, I slide the large box between my desk and bed. I knew Maria was going to be gone all night. She needed to spend a ‘productive’ night with her ‘math teacher’. I wasn’t one to talk – but I didn’t play my rather large libido off as tutoring.

“Thanks, Akeelah,” Josh said pushing on the box slightly, “I need it at 4:00 at the library. I didn’t know you played.”

I frowned, “I don’t – just always wanted to.”

“I can teach you,” He perked up, “I’d love to teach you.”

He reached into the box and sat down opening a large handbook the size of a textbook, and began to explain the 20-sided dice, HP, movements, encounters, responses, and roles. Powers and levels. He was in love with the long explanations of how campaigns were built, the world of D&D. I honestly had never seen him glow like that. I sat back and listened, interjecting questions and various comments trying to comprehend the incredibly complex gameplay of D&D. I’m pretty sure I didn’t figure it out until several campaigns later.

“…and then the final area should bring a conclusion to the stories you’ve set in motion. It can be a lot of fun to see the amazement of people as they figure out various part of the campaign that didn’t make sense until they realized the context,” Josh barreled on, “Still on the page?”

I nodded, and stifled a yawn, “It’s a lot to take in at 10 in the evening.”

I saw the RA tap their watch and point at Josh. I waved my understanding and nodded. The RA brought the lights to a low dim casting the hallway in darkness before slipping away. Josh frowned as he cracked open the box wedged in the corner and slipped the book into it.

“You up for joining us at 4:00 pm tomorrow,” Josh looked at me anxiously.

I nodded, “yes Josh, I’m up for it,”

He smiled broadly as he reached into his pocket rummaging for something. He found something and pulled it out. His pockets exploded with a few dollar bills, a couple of coins, some cards, and package that looked like a mint. They clattered to the floor. I laughed as I stood up and switched on the main light in the room instead of the amp. The floor looked like a small confetti machine had hit it. I giggled slightly as I knelt down to pick up some of the clutter. The first thing I picked up was Josh Henry Collin – Dungeon master. He had his own set of business cards. He looked so proud of them when I held one up.

“Yeah, it’s so cool!” He smiled, “I’m the dungeon master for the club on campus.”

I looked down and picked up a large green package, about the size of a large candy. It had Trojan written in bright white colors. The thick round rim rolled between my thumb and forefinger as I picked one up.

“Condoms?” I asked.

Josh’s face went blank and seemed to glow red. He stood there staring at the condom like it was some kind of secret device to be kept classified by a special agent. Or maybe the proof that he actually had a sex drive. I felt a jump in my chest, he was getting some! I imagined some cute nerdy girl with blond hair holding his hand and talking D&D with him. For some reason, she had pigtails in my mind.

“Who’s the lucky girl?” I asked picking up on the ribbed one from the ground as well and handing both to him.

He shook his head, “Nobody – I don’t know why I have them.”

I felt something akin to sorrow flood me as I looked at the guy eyeing the Condom, like it was the remains of some great tragedy, Troy itself perhaps. Suddenly he looked like Paris eyeing Helen from afar. The impossible twinkling in his eye. Suddenly I felt a rush inside me – that kind of rush that heats your skin and causes your heart to flutter ever so slightly. At first, my brain wanted words – powerful words as Josh took the condoms and pocketed them, his face still alight shedding its own sullen glow. Then my brain had a strange idea.

“Josh,” I asked carefully, “You’re a really sweet guy, that counts for a lot.”

I could hear his thoughts even without him saying them, ‘yeah right. Sweet gets you bullied and abandoned them. It counts for nothing on the hormone scale.’ He turned away but I caught his hand. My hand squeezed. His momentum pulled my arm taught – he was taller than me, standing nearly six feet tall, whereas I hovered at a mighty Five foot five. I’m pretty sure I heard his heart beating. My hand reached up to his shoulder and pulled until he turned around.

“Hey, it counts,” I replied, “It fucking counts.”

He nodded, “I know – it just feels like it doesn’t.”

His face was a bit pudgy true, but he had deep blue eyes and these adorable dimples that he really needed to emphasize by smiling more. My other hand reached up to his neck and gave him a pull. I leaned up and pressed my lips against his. His mouth seemed to tighten in response. I opened a little bit and gave him a second peck before leaning back. His face had gotten redder.

“Was that too far?” I asked.

He nodded and then said, “No – just surprised.”

I moved to my bed and sat down. Josh moved beside me. I lifted a hand up to his face and came in for another kiss. Our lips touched and my heart erupted a sprint. At first h stumbled over the basics, he seemed far too shy to open his mouth. My tongue gently pushed aside his barriers and entered. I felt his tongue brush against mine. His body began to jitter slightly, like a leaf battered by a wandering wind. I eased closer to him. His hands finally moved from their slack alignments and touched my body. I felt him slide a gently up my back. But his touch was light. I swung a leg over his lap shifted my weight onto him, without parting my lips from his.

I slid my hand onto his back and pulled him closer. When we finally broke apart I could hear his breath coming in shudders, tortured by a shiver that continued to plague his body. I brushed his unfortunate bowl cut back from his hears with my free hands as they drifted over him. He wasn’t short on muscles ironically as I slid a hand under his white shirt sleeves.

“I’m sorry for shaking,” He said as he lifted shuttering hands from my back, “I’ve never been this close to a girl.”

“Never?” I asked.

“I only ever saw the videos online,” He hung his hand in shame, “I don’t know …”

“Hey,” I positioned my body to make eye contact, “You okay. We don’t have to do anything today.”

That’s when it happened. I felt something beneath his gym shorts. It prodded me ever so slightly and sent a wave through my body. It was different though – there was something else strange in that mix. At first, I thought I felt sorry for him – but then I looked into those eyes, something warm seemed to boil over.

“What do I say to tell you I like this,” He looked me dead in the eye as he spoke, “I don’t know what to say.”

“You just said it,” I gave him a large smile and shook my blond hair from my face.

Sliding my hands beneath his shirt I lifted it. He caught my hand in a wild frantic wave and held his shirt down. I could see him trying to protect that pot belly from sight. He had always been very self-conscious about his weight. Honestly, I didn’t think it looked that bad. I slowly pulled his hands away from the shirt. I leaned in and gave him a kiss on the lips as I pulled his shirt up. It slid over his head and I got a good peek at his body. His belly was a little round, but his arms were well defined, his muscles clearly defined beneath the skin. I slid down and placed some lips on his stomach and gave it a little kiss.

I rose to my feet and turned to the open dorm door and slid it closed. When I turned back to Josh he had pulled off his shoes and socks and sat on the bed, shirtless. The light fell upon him. His dimples were deep, as a smile had crept its way onto his face. As his eyes fell upon me again I gave him a coy smile and bit my upper lip moving my shoulders back and forth. Pressure had begun to build up inside me – this primal desire that woke like a cat, and purred.

“What would you like to see first?”

Josh looked at me in stunned silence. I stepped towards him and pulled his hands towards me and put them on my hips. It was his first time – I wanted to make it pleasant for him. Though I suspect I need not have worried. He slid up a bit and I felt his hands touch my skin. I pulled my shirt over my head leaned onto Josh’s lap and exposed my bare body to him. My soft smooth skin was broken only by the sports bra beneath. My B-cup breast rolled out beneath curves of the bra. Joshes hands slipped up to my breast. I felt him squeeze it gently as his other hand slid to my back. I eased in against that stiff piece between his legs that his Gym shorts were doing a bad job of displaying. He gasped as his grip on my back tightened.

Reaching behind my back I unclipped my bra and let it fall off my shoulders. His eyes were drawn to the large hills that rolled up from my chest. My nipple stiffened under the brush of his hand, and I let out a small moan. He gripped m breast again and I let out a hiss through my teeth as a wash of tingling pleasure jolted through my body.

I put a hand on his chest and pushed him onto the bed, it creaked beneath the weight. I felt his covered member jab in my groin and let out another moan. I felt him thrust up gently as he did so – as a grunt escaped him. I ran a hand over his body gently as I ground my hips, letting the sparks of pleasure boil within me. Josh leaned back and let out a moan as his hips thrust upwards a few times. I bit down on my own voice and stifled a cry to avoid the letting my voice travel through the walls of the dorm.

I slid off of him, feeling the heat within me subsiding. It was college and Maria was gone, we had all night. Josh gasped again. I looked at him and saw the tent pole that had risen beneath his tent pole. I smiled as I slid a hand underneath his pants and pulled them down. His underwear was incredibly moist as I pulled them off. There it stood. A nice helmet atop a good six-inch pole upon which I could dance. He looked up from his prone position as I moved in. I wrapped my fingers around the moist sticky pole. My hand brought forth a tormented moan from Josh. I leaned in with my mouth and licked the helmet. I felt his precum pool on my tongue as I sucked the sultry liquid into my mouth. A tingling sensation filled my mouth.

My mouth encompassed him again as my hand pulled up gently on his cock. His moans shuttered out of him – my tongue swirled around his head as I thrust it into my mouth. Precum and saliva pooled in my mouth, dripping from my lips as my throat protested the object it had been pushed to endure. He thrust up as I toyed with his penis. He moaned again as I slipped off his head, careful to take the liquid he gave me.

Again, I rose to my feet and slipped my hand into my Yoga pants. Josh sat up as I did so. I knelt on my bed and spread my legs apart. He caught his breath as he reached for my groin. His hand touched me. I shuttered and let out a mon as I gripped the bed board behind me to stabilize myself. He pressed harder as a shot of red-hot fire erupted through my body. I moaned as I leaned into his hand, feeling the sensation, followed by a warm moisture between my legs. I knew it would slip through my pants quickly, so I pressed against his hand again. He responded in kind as he rolled to face me. I let my head fall back as I bet my lip and whimpered at his touch. He pressed in again and felt a contraction of lust pulse through me as another louder whimper caught itself in my throats. The sound of moist fabric reached my ears as he pressed again. Oh god, I was wet.

“In my pants,” I whispered to him.

Eagerly Josh slipped his hand into my pants, slipping through my underwear. I felt his fingers slide over my Labia. I shook in response and tried to focus on him, and keep my moan from waking up the floor. A pained sigh erupted from me, caught between it desired cry and a stifled scream. Josh slid his finger back and forth, and found my opening, as a finger slid in. My body contracted as I gave him a cry and spasmed against the backboard I held myself upon. I felt the pressure race through my body as my body clenched down around.

“was that ...” Josh pulled his hand from my pants.

I smiled as I sunk into the bed a nodded, “That was me having an Orgasm.”

He smiled happily, “I loved it, you sounded beautiful,” He paused, “You are beautiful.”

He received a well-deserved kiss, as I slid off the bed and pulled down my soaked pants and thong exposing my warm, wet shaven pussy to him. He looked at me, his eyes focused on my groin and the glistening moisture he had put there. I gave him a smile as I moved over him swing my leg wide.

“Inside you?” He asked.

I nodded, “yeah.”

“Condom?” He leaned towards his pants.

“You clean?” I asked.

He nodded, “I don’t want to get you pregnant.”

I smiled, “I have an IUD, you are fine.”

Josh relaxed as I moved lower onto him, “if you insist we can put one on.”

“What do you want?” He asked.

“I want to feel you,” I replied, “Inside me.”

He seemed to orgasm at the very sentence but relaxed onto his back. I reached a hand between my legs and grabbed his stiff cock and angled it towards my opening. I pushed my labia down over his head. I felt it push into me – the hot shaft seemingly burning inside me. His head broke into my vagina as I lower myself over him. His mouth hung open, in a silent scream as I pressed down, his shaft sliding into my moist well. His cock sung to me, I could feel its pulse as my walls contracted around him. Waves of pleasure rolled into one tsunami as I ground onto him.

Josh gasped beneath me. I let out a stifled moan – and then on the second roar of bodily contractions, I let out a cry that echoed around the dorm for certain. Again, he pushed his cock into me with his hips, causing a spring of warmth to trickle down my walls, like a great torrent of pleasure. A whimper escaped me. Josh began to grunt – his voice grew in desperation. His face contorted into a grimace of desperation.

“It’s okay,” I whispered through my oxygen deprivation, “let it go – it’s okay.”

He thrust up again, as he went into a silent scream again. I could feel his cock jump inside me. My pussy erupted in heat driven pleasure as a searing liquid burst from his cock into my body. The throbs brought forth wave after wave of thick hot fluid. I cried out as my body clenched around his cock, drinking the fluids.


Josh drew in a deep breath as the last of his seed shot into me, he lay there, panting. I felt it shrink inside me, leaving my soft wet walls begging for me. Rolling off him brought forth a deep calmness as I slid my hands around Josh’s bare body.

“Thank you,” I whispered in his ear.

“Oh god,” Josh gasped, “What about D&D tomorrow?”

“I’ll still be there,” I kissed him, “And after its over, we can go again maybe?”

“Are we … are we like together?”

I nodded, “If you want to be.”

“Yes,” He decisively responded, “Yes!”

Curled up alongside his naked body with his arm around my petite body and mine around him we drifted to sleep. The last thing I heard was the sound of his heartbeat it was the first thing I heard when I woke up – feeling his thick seed still inside me. I smiled, it felt good.

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Game Night

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Comments (1)
ohiohikerguy — 16 November 2017 22:19
Bravo and well done, Akeelah. Your stories always have a sweet blend of realistic plot & descriptions, along with steamy, erotic sex. I'm not a gamer, but I enjoyed this tale immensely. THANKS!
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