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  1. African Pirates - Journey into Sex Slavery
  2. African Pirates - Journey into Sex Slavery 2
  3. African Pirates - Journey into Sex Slavery 3

African Pirates - Journey into Sex Slavery 3

Categories Fantastic, Coercion, Rape, Torture

Author: gaggedKitty23

Published: 21 November 2017

  • Font:

Somewhere off the coast of Africa, a cruise ship had been taken hostage by a brutal group of Somali pirates. Their leader, General Khari, had captured an entire ship's worth of innocent western tourists. He and his men had wasted no time in separating out the attractive young men and women from the rest. Stripping them naked, they'd raped the women and forced the young men to participate. Soon all would be sold as slaves, netting General Khari a tidy profit. Three of the westerners in particular had caught General Khari's eye. Scott and his blonde wife, Amy, had taken this cruise as a treat for their 1-year anniversary. Amy's younger sister, Jennifer, a slender, knock-out gorgeous brunette, had joined them for the fun.

Now all three were in the captain's quarters below deck, being tormented by Khari and the General's two nubile sisters, Lady Neka and Lady Kunto. Amy's poor husband, Scott, had been tied to a chair naked. Lady Neka had put a cock-ring around the base of his shaft and threatened to cut his balls off if he didn't come in 15 minutes. Then she'd proceeded to mount that shaft, humping him hard with her moistening slit as Amy and Jennifer could do nothing except watch in horror.

Kunto knelt between Scott's legs. Her finely sculpted black ass faced everyone else as she poised her knife near Scott's testicles. She spoke to her older sister as she fucked the man's cock.

"Ooooh baby, his cock's straining, but he won't bust a nut in time. He likes your pussy, Big Sis, but not enough. We gonna have to cut his balls off and teach our new man-slave a lesson he won't forget." Kunto's awful words nearly drove Amy insane as she watched helplessly. She struggled in the grip of Afua, one of the General's soldiers. He squeezed her tits and kissed the side of her face.

"Be still, bitch. Just wait to see what's going to happen. Watch the General's sister take your husband's manhood!"

The growing whirr of helicopter blades created a faint flicker of hope as Amy and Jen exchanged looks. Had someone come to save them? 'Please hurry,' Amy thought. 'Please save my husband!' But when they saw a short, wiry soldier sneak into the cabin to whisper in the General's ear, and the General's face relax noticeably, their hearts sank. No one was coming to save them. No one.

Meanwhile, Amy and Jennifer watched the awful scene progress. Neka was a beautiful black girl with big, lovely tits. Those tits now rubbed against Scott's chest as the sadistic girl pumped her pussy up and down his shaft. The glistening along Scott's penis was all thanks to Neka's luxuriant juices. Her pussy was fully aroused, dominating her male slave, and the whole room could both see and smell the evidence of the girl's lust. Neka reached around, fondling Scott's scrotum as she purred.

"You enjoy me massaging your balls, slave? You best enjoy it. You won't be having them much longer. Little sis, give the man's balls a little attention. They deserve a fond farewell." Lady Neka's horrible promise was followed by Lady Kunto leaning in, flicking her tongue against each of Scott's testicles. Lady Kunto stroked her older sister's smooth ass cheeks, continuing to lick and then even suck on Scott's balls, and all the while the sound of his plaintive grunts and Lady Neka's happy coos grew and grew. A trickle of pre-cum seeped from the seal of Neka's cunt lips, down Scott's straining prick.

"Ooohhh, he's almost there, Big Sis. Our American slave wants to CUM real bad," Lady Kunto purred between tongue flicks. She sucked hard on Scott's right testicle, and Scott groaned like a dying man. Now she moved to his left testicle, sucking even harder. Kunto's delicate, long fingers stroked Scott's thighs as she felt Scott shudder under her touch. Amy couldn't take much more of this. She tried to lunge at them, to save her husband, but Afua yanked her back hard and locked one arm around her neck. She felt his hard cock pressed against her lower back.

"Stop squirming bitch, or I'll fuck you in the ass." Amy stilled, stifling the urge to sob.

The blonde beauty watched as the black girl's perfectly curved buttocks bounced on her husband's lap again and again, the entirety of his pale manhood vanishing inside the black girl's sopping-wet cunt. The seal of those cunt lips greedily hugged the contours of Scott's penis, claiming it as hers and hers alone. It was such a violation, one among so many violations since they'd been captured by this cruel madman and his soldiers. Somehow this put Amy over the edge into full-blown despair. Amy felt like a hole had been torn through her chest. She watched with tears in her eyes as Neka's warm, wet pussy sank onto Scott's cock for what seemed the millionth time.

Kunto's loud slurping sounds on Scott's balls were interrupted by the sudden low, desperate groan coming from her husband's lips. Scott's testicles were churning with so much cum desperately yearning to shoot. His face scrunched up as he prepared to shoot the most desperate load of sperm in his entire life. Neka raked her nails down his chest, pinching his pierced nipples as she felt his cock swelling inside her wet, horny fuck-hole.

"Yeah, baby. He's about to CUM. Oh fuck! He's getting big and thick in my pussy. I can feel it, he's about to burst!"

Kunto removed her mouth from Scott's balls, glancing up at the clock hanging on the wall. "It's been 16 minutes, Big Sis. Our bad boy failed to CUM on time. Can I cut off his balls now?"

"Not yet!" Neka cried. "I want to feel that hot sticky cum shoot up my twat." Now the black girl moaned, grinding on Scott's lap. Scott bellowed like a desperate animal as his cock finally burst, cum spewing its geyser of sperm deep up Neka's snatch.

"Ooohhhh!!! Fuck!" Neka purred. "This big stud had a lot of cum built up in these heavy balls of his. Ohhh! His warm seed feels so good," she sighed. Lady Kunto felt Scott's testicles stiffen in her hand as he spewed his load, his manhood twitching uncontrollably inside her sister's damp heat. Kunto had taken the cock-ring away from the base of Scott's shaft. Now she watched as that semi-flaccid dick slipped free of her older sister's soft folds. It drooped towards her, covered in Neka's fluids, and Kunto instinctively leaned forward, slurping up the combined fluids of male jism and her sister's cunt cream.

Finally, licking up the last of the sexual fluids, the alluring younger sister looked up at her big sis, Neka. Neka had bigger tits than Kunto, but Kunto's were more perfectly shaped. Neka reached down now to fondle her younger sister's breasts.

Kunto begged, "Can I cut off his balls now? Please Sis?"

"No! Please don't!" Amy wailed. Scott was just sobbing, limp as his face tipped forward, downcast.

But Lady Neka nodded toward her younger sister even as she caressed her younger sister's tits just so. "Yeah, go ahead girl. He had 15 minutes to CUM, and our man-slave failed to follow orders. He gets what he deserves. Cut 'em off."

Just as Kunto positioned the knife, a door slammed open. General Khari's eyes narrowed, clearly irritated at the interruption. His soldier meekly bowed before speaking. "Sorry to interrupt, General. General Azik has just arrived. He demands to see you."

General Khari's fat bulk slowly lifted into an upright position. He pulled the sexy brunette up with him, idly fondling the girl's ass as he kept her snug against his side. Kunto had gone still, her knife poised near Scott's testicles. Neka looked back with a disappointed, pouty expression.

"Azikiwe, that bastard. Just when we are about to have our fun, your boss-man has to choose NOW to show up? What's he want, anyway? Doesn't he always take his cut once we get back to shore?" she said to her brother. General Khari frowned.

"I'll see what he wants." He pointed at Neka, who was still sitting on Scott's lap, and at Kunto, who was fondling Scott's balls with one hand even as she had her knife poised with the other.

"Don't make that pathetic American boy-toy a eunuch quite yet. You can play with him while I'm gone. When I get back, then I want to watch you finish him."

Both sisters answered in unison, disappointment clearly evident in their tones. "Yes, Brother."

Just as General Khari neared the doorway to the captain's quarters with Jennifer in tow, he turned around and motioned toward Afua. "Bring my blonde bitch with us too. General Azik may want a pleasurable distraction as we chat, and she'll do fine."

Afua had tied Amy's wrists behind her back. Now he rose swiftly, dragging Amy to her feet by her hair.

"AAAHHH!!" she squealed.

"Shut up, whore." Afua slapped her ass hard. Then he smacked his open palm across her cunt, which was still so sensitive from being pierced. She yelped in pain, squeezing her legs together, and would have stumbled to her knees if it weren't for the soldier's strong grip holding her up.

"Don't make me hurt you, bitch," he barked. "Now move!" Amy snuck one final look at her poor husband. Scott's loving eyes met those of his stricken young wife. She watched as Neka stepped off his lap and let Kunto straddle him now. Neka kneeled down, her tongue sliding up from the base of Scott's shaft to twirl on the tip, making it spasm as fresh blood flowed to his male organ. She began to suck hard on the tip. Lady Kunto's seductive, evil voice filled the room as she looked down at her sister's efforts.

"Get his cock hard for me, big sis. I may as well get a chance to enjoy the pleasures of riding our slave's cock once too, before we cut off his balls, yeah?"

"Mmmm! SLURP! Baby sis, I'll make this cock good and hard for you," Lady Neka cooed.

Amy looked at the man she cared about so much as she felt Afua's rough hands pulling her farther and farther away. All the while, Scott's tormented gaze could only say 'I'm sorry, Amy. I'm so sorry, but I'll always love you,' as General Khari stepped aside to usher her through the doorway and out of sight.

Amy and Jennifer exchanged looks now. At least the two sisters had been able to face this nightmarish ordeal together. That had been the one saving grace since this horrific event had all began, since the pirates had taken over the ship. Now, as General Khari and Afua walked out onto the main deck, they saw a man that exuded raw power no one could deny. If General Khari was a big fish in a small lake, then this newcomer was like a great white shark. Whereas General Khari was big, squat, fat-faced with some notable muscle despite his overweight frame, General Azik was the pinnacle of a lean, mean predator. He was tall, his physique toned and potent with muscle, a panther in human form. He had tattoos along both arms and along his brow. They were skull-and-crossbones motifs. His blazing eyes shone with a dark intensity that automatically made the recipient of that stare either want to look away or be enthralled by it.

General Azik's lean, predatory face reminded Jennifer and Amy of a hawk. He lounged on a sofa that General Khari's men had brought up on deck earlier. He was chewing on the end of a cigar. He took it from his mouth and blew a perfect ring of smoke into the night air before snuffing out the cigar and leaving it discarded in the ashtray beside him.

"So good of you to join me, Little Brother." They were not really brothers, but the pretense existed between the two business partners so that each of them acknowledged their proper place. General Azik was the more powerful of the two. He was General Khari's patron. Without his resources and influence all along the West African coast, Khari's ships would have had no hidden coves in which to dock and unload their loot, human slaves or otherwise. Khari shook hands with Azik and sat down on the couch which had been placed across the way.

"Forgive me if I kept you waiting, Big Brother," Khari said respectfully to Azik. "It is so rare that I receive a visit from you unannounced, and on open water no less. What can I do for you?" Khari saw Azik eyeing the blonde girl with her luscious breasts, her nipple studs glinting in the moonlight, before those eyes dipped to the girl's sexy thighs, and especially to the sexy pussy between those thighs, which glinted with the piercing they had adorned her with only recently. "Ah, where are my manners?" Khari continued with a broad smile. "You want to fuck one of the new acquisitions? This blonde cunt has a dreamy body, as you can see."

Azik's gaze flared with desire even as his overall expression remained dispassionate. "Have her kneel here. She can suck my cock as we discuss business." Azik shrugged out of his military fatigues while Afua forced Amy to her knees and got her in position. As soon as Azik was ready, the soldier withdrew, knowing that the Generals would want some space. Kneeling at the foot of the sofa, Amy's eyes widened in shock. General Azik's cock was no ordinary cock. The man was a freak of nature. That was all there was to it. His mighty shaft towered a good 12-13 inches, which made even General Khari's 10-inch cock modest by comparison. Worse than that though was the sheer thickness of it. The thing was massive. It lolled like a giant, deranged lollipop of flesh. With a shudder and an inward prayer for this nightmare to end, the cute blonde prepared to try to take at least the tip of it into her mouth. She knew she could do that much.

"Wait," Azik grunted. "Untie the little cunt's wrists. Let me see if she is good with her hands." Nodding, Afua approached and undid the ropes around the girl's slender wrists. Amy sighed with relief as the chafing of the ropes vanished. She stared at that tall spear of impossibly rigid flesh. Now she gripped the base of General Azik's monstrous manhood with both hands and began flicking her head seductively along the tip of his massive dick, tasting where pre-cum already seeped from the tiny slit-opening at the top.

She groaned, vacuuming just the bulbous head of his prick between her lips. Sucking as hard as she possibly could, the sexy young blonde stroked the length of his thick shaft with both hands at the same time. She still couldn't believe the epic size of this man's penis. It was like sucking the dick of an elephant. Her blue eyes watered as she tried to take in as much of him as she conceivably could. Her breasts jiggled as she bobbed up and down madly with her efforts. Her pretty face contorted with the bulging cock rippling in her mouth. She moaned, fighting the gag reflex and trying to relax her throat to take more of him in. Soon she was drooling down the length of his cock, slurping wildly, desperately, as her hands lovingly stroked the base of his fully engorged penis, her tits flying up and down in time to her frantic slurps.

"Ahhh. Khari, this young bitch is a real treasure. I'll take her as part of my cut for this shipment."

'Oh my god,' Amy thought. Just when she didn't think her ordeal could possibly get any worse, it had. Would she just be passed off to this new madman like a piece of property?

"If you wish, Azik, she is all yours." Khari's tone was all generosity, yet there was a stoniness to his face which said it all: the man was pissed. His favorite slave captive had just been taken from him. Azik's hands gathered up Amy's luxuriant golden hair, holding it away from her face as she continued to slurp feverishly on his prick.

"Does this bitch have any other family on board?"

Grumpy about giving up his prized blonde cunt, Khari did not immediately reply. He had been letting Jennifer lounge on his lap on the couch, but now he thrust the naked girl onto her hands and knees between the two couches.

"Ass in the air, bitch. I want to rape your tight pussy again. Let's see how sore your piercing is."

"OHHHH!" Jen moaned. "Please, Sir, it's still so sore. It's supposed to have time to fully heal," she squealed. She tried not to clench up on Khari's invading cock as it spread her vaginal lips inexorably, moving inch by excruciating inch. The piercing in her clitoral hood brushed against her clit with each slow, deep thrust. Khari's impressive girth spread her pussy and filled it, stretching it as he sighed with contentment.

"Shall I pick up the pace, little cunt?" So saying, Khari slapped the girl's butt cheeks with his right hand. Jen flinched, her body unprepared for what came next. Now Khari abandoned all pretense of gentleness or slowness. His hips swept forward again and again and again as he fucked her brutally, his balls slapping against her thighs. He loved the way she moaned and squirmed, the metal piercing grazing her clit just so, forcing her to feel pleasure even as the swollen tissue was still too sore. Jen's plaintive moans sailed out over the ocean as she felt her pussy take a pummeling beyond what she thought she could ever endure. The sore burn in her pussy combined with traitorous arousal between her legs until her fluids began slickening Khari's savage cock despite everything.

"You like that, bitch? Tell me how much you LOVE having your General's cock deep up your American pussy!"

He grasped Jen's hair. The slender, pale-skinned girl with exquisitely shaped breasts could only moan more plaintively as he tugged her head back, forcing her to kiss him as he raped her hard from behind. Between awful, passionate kissing, Jennifer answered her captor.

"Yes, General, I love your cock deep in my American pussy. Fuck me so hard! Fuck my sore pussy. Pleeeeasse! UHH!!" Jen tried to say what she thought would please him. She'd grown familiar with how sadistic the General was. The reference to her sore pussy would be a major turn-on for the bastard, and if that made him gush sooner up her twat and leave her alone, then it was worth debasing herself. So she just went with it, grinding her cunt back against his stabbing manhood. General Azik meanwhile just admired the brunette's jiggling cones, noting how they too glinted with nipple piercings, making her lovely tits look that much sexier. Still, Azik's face darkened.

"You seem distracted…Little Brother. Shall I repeat my question?" Azik said, and there was warning in that tone.

While still fucking his captive, Khari tried to recover.

"Uh… uh… uh… Where were we? Uh!! Ah, forgive me. Uh… uh! You asked about the little blonde cunt. Yes, she has family. Her husband is below deck. I have given him as a toy to my younger sisters, Neka and Kunto. As for this one here," Khari growled, plunging his cock once more into her silky-soft pussy as her moans intensified, "this brunette bitch is the blonde's younger sister." Suddenly Khari's eyes narrowed suspiciously at his patron. "Why…do you ask?"

Amy was curious about that same question herself, not that she could voice her opinion. Not that these two brutal men would care. She slid her tongue up the side of Azik's cock and then re-smothered his saliva-coated shaft with her mouth, sucking deep and hard. Her delicate hands slid furiously up and down his big, black dick, pumping it with all the dedication of a sex slave who knows her life might hang in the balance.

"I ask because I want the younger sister and the husband too, as part of my share. I'll add them to my slave harem."

Relief flooded Amy. Whatever this other crazed General Azik might do to them, at least it would mean a reprieve for her poor husband. She couldn't stand the thought of seeing those two black harpies below deck cut off her husband's balls. Without needing any more prodding, and as if to show her gratitude to her new owner, Amy's pretty face contorted with effort on Azik's rigid length. She groaned with renewed dedication. She had managed now to get nearly one-third of his humongous dick down her throat. Her hands pumped him more and more furiously as she literally impaled her mouth on him, gurgling as bits of pre-cum seeped from the corners of her mouth and around the seal of her lips.

"UHHH!!! MMMmmmmm!!! SLURP! UGH!!!" she groaned, making embarrassing sounds of greedy slurping as she sucked that cock as if it was the ultimate prize to be worshipped with gratitude. In a way, it was. This man had just saved her husband's life, whether he knew it or not.

"The husband too? Why do you want him?" Khari growled. "The men are less valuable than the cunts anyway."

"Yes, but I think having her husband nearby will make this slave VERY responsive to my needs. If his survival is at stake, I think this blonde beauty will be very motivated. Won't you, girl?"

As if to shout yes, Amy opened her mouth wider. She plunged her mouth on him, her lips pressed in a tight O-shaped seal. Her gurgling reached a new level as she nearly blacked out, choking on black dick. Suddenly the General Azik grunted, surprise showing on his face.

"Ahhh you sexy little cock-sucker. You…UGH!" Amy wasn't prepared for what happened next. Azik pushed Amy's mouth off of his bulbous head just in time. The busty young blonde flinched as warm jism sprayed from the tip of Azik's cock like a geyser. He peppered her face and breasts with so much cum, groaning as his dick shot like a cannon. It twitched violently, again and again, shooting cum with appalling, potent force. By the time the last twitch of his mammoth-shaft had run its course, the slender blonde was a creamy, cum-coated mess. Her tits gleamed with a generous coating of spunk. More spunk oozed down her face, her nose, her chin…everywhere. A big, creamy dollop had even landed on her shaved pubic muff. She'd been totally and completely defiled. And, at least judging by the smug look in General Azik's eyes, he'd never seen a girl look any sexier than Amy did now.

But what Azik said next made Amy's jaw drop. "What are you waiting for, little cunt? That was just my first load. Get back up here and start sucking again. Then we can FUCK."

"Um…Yes, Master."

Amy's disbelieving eyes re-focused on Azik's already reinvigorating penis. She crawled back to his lap and began licking the sides of his cock. Her hands lovingly fondled his testicles even though she could barely see, all thanks to the cum dripping from her forehead into her eyes. One thing was certain. Her new Master was an absolute masculine freak of nature. She teased the head of his cock and lapped at it like a divine delicacy. Then she almost yelped as Azik picked her up by her armpits and poised her cunt above his cock. She felt his egg-shaped head begin to press between her swollen cunt lips. She looked down. No…this couldn't be happening…that huge cock was about to stuff her full.

"Now we fuck." He grinned, watching the gorgeous blonde's disbelief as he impaled her on his manhood. Her naked, cum-coated body writhed on his lap as the cock slid deep up her pussy. Azik's hands cupped her tits, squeezing as he lay back and let her ride him, pumping her pussy up and down, up and down. The man's cock was far too elongated for her cunt to take all of him inside her though. His tip merely stabbed at the poor girl's cervix and stimulated the piercing in her clitoral hood until she was cooing and groaning on his lap, her pierced nipples hardening up with arousal.

"Oh please. Oh god. Oooohhh!" Amy cooed. "I've never been fucked by a cock this big," she crooned. And it was true. She hadn't. The beautiful blonde just let her feminine instincts take over, her primal instincts on overdrive. She rode that cock hard, letting her cunt engulf that shaft again and again until there was only the sweet, hot burn between her legs, a growing inferno. It burned hot, white-hot, as her cunt clenched and gripped Azik's enormous cock. Her hands settled on his shoulders, using them for leverage as she rose her body up off of that mighty dick only to bring her pussy crashing back down, stuffing herself so full as her tits shook with the force of her continuous fucking.

Jen watched in disbelief, seeing her sister's cunt grip the shaft of her newest rapist and Master with total, fervent submission. She tried to ignore the cock slamming through her own delicate sex, penetrating deeply with her piercing rubbing against her engorged clitoris.

"Look at your sister fucking her new owner. He's your new owner too, bitch. Better learn what pleases him," General Khari growled. "You think I'm a harsh Master? Wait until you learn the true delights of Azik's harem." Jen groaned as she felt General Khari bottom out inside her. His balls rested flush against her thighs as he came hard with a grunt, and she felt every spurt of cum like a new soul-searing violation.

"AAHHHH! Deep in your pussy, you worthless bitch. UGH!" General Khari covered Jen's mouth with one hand, stifling her plaintive wail as he finished emptying his testicles deep inside her helpless snatch. Her orgasm hit her at the tail-end of his, and her love-hole convulsed greedily around General Khari's shaft until, breathless, her mouth still covered by his one hand, she went completely limp. Jennifer sagged forward facedown onto the deck, and General Khari stood up, his cock glistening in the moonlight.

General Khari stood beside the couch where General Azik lay back, just admiring his newly acquired blonde vixen grinding on his lap. The sexy girl was moaning on top of him, her cunt gripping him like the tightest glove imaginable, her silken folds hugging him and squeezing each time that pussy pumped up and down his shaft, bottoming out as far as it possibly could, until only the bottom third of his cock showed above his heavy testicles. Amy's well-sculpted ass kept bouncing as her cunt milked his shaft towards a fresh, potent release.

"Uhhh! You are upset with me, aren't you Little Brother? For taking your prized slaves," Azik murmured. There was a twinkle in Azik's eyes.

Khari glowered, unable to deny it.

"What of it?" he spat. "This is not our DEAL. You do not get to swoop in unannounced after my men take all the risk, seeking out the most vulnerable western ships and boarding them, sometimes against armed resistance even then! You have not yet told me why you are here…"

Azik's hands slid up the contours of Amy's ass, fondling the smooth curves of her body.

"Do not be so surprised, Little Brother." Azik's eyes narrowed. "Some little birds told me that you've been hiding part of your 'bounty' before you return to shore, to ensure that my take of the profits is far less than it should be."

Khari's face turned ashen.

"Don't look so surprised, Little Brother. Did you really think I would just take your word for it, one shipment after the next, valued just as you claim? No, I took out a nice insurance policy. Quite a few within your crew are on my payroll, Khari, and the little messages they've passed me these last few weeks have been…instructive, to say the least."

General Khari tensed up and looked around. He realized that many of his soldiers on deck had been called away elsewhere, replaced by Azik's finest bodyguards, all of them heavily armed. He also realized that there was not just the one, but in fact three of Azik's helicopters on the upper deck of the cruise ship. Come to think of it, where was Imari, his own trusted second-in-command? General Khari suddenly felt his mouth turn dry.

"Did you really think I would not notice, friend?" Azik repeated. Amy moaned, impaling her sore snatch on his dick and yet loving the sensations it hurled at her engorged little clit, that piercing rubbing at just the right angle thanks to the pressure of Azik's monstrous cock. In the back of her mind, though, Amy felt a distinct chill. She wasn’t sure she liked where this conversation was headed. It sounded like it might end in…OW! A new sensation distracted the gorgeous blonde girl.

Azik pinched the blonde girl's nipples. "Yes, keep fucking me, slut. Move that pussy. I like seeing it bottom out on my dick." She obeyed, cooing as she felt Azik's cock straining in her sex. Now he turned back toward General Khari and pointed up to a silhouette at the uppermost level of the cruise ship. "Do you know what that is, Little Brother?" There was a brief moment of recognition. The sheen of the moon's light bathed the barrel of a perfectly aimed rifle.

General Khari had started to squint up in the direction Azik had pointed. He didn't see the signal Azik made with his hand right behind him. He realized Azik's intentions just a second too late. There was the crack of a rifle. General Khari's body collapsed onto the deck. In tandem several other shots rang out, and then there were pirates getting down on their knees, hands on top of their heads. The remainder of General Khari's crew threw down their weapons and begged for mercy. General Azik merely grinned. Amy gaped at him.

"Well now, little cunt. Now that I've liberated you from your captor, do I deserve a reward? Hmm? How do you like your new owner?" Amy didn't know what to say. She was speechless. Jennifer lay naked on the deck, too scared to even move, as cum seeped from her pussy.

"Answer me, bitch." General Azik suddenly reached up, grasping her by the throat.

Amy sputtered. "Y-yes Master. You deserve a reward. I-I'll give you anything."

He let go of her neck and looked down at their enjoined pubic muffs, his cock mostly hidden inside her wet folds. "Keep fucking me until you CUM, little bitch. That is the reward I wish." Amy nodded, obeying her new master. She tightened her cunt muscles around his dick, sucking him in as she rode him like a shameless sex slave. Her breasts jostled in perfect rhythm to her impalements. She sheathed his cock in her wet folds, her slit hammering down onto his spear of engorged flesh until she felt herself nearing the pinnacle. Reaching down with one hand, she rubbed her own clit. Between that and the constant friction of the piercing in her hood, the blonde's clit pulsed, throbbing, and that's when it finally slammed into her—a massive, mind-altering climax. The girl's cunt bathed Azik's cock in sweet, feminine nectar. Her cunt cream flowed and flowed, coating her new Master's manhood.

With a groan, Azik responded. His hands tightened up on the blonde's slender waist as he erupted for the second time. He gushed inside her slit, filling up her stretched pussy until it was just a receptacle for his gallon of cum. The excess jism came flowing back out of her cunt lips, dribbling between her thighs and congealing on their enjoined pubic mounds as he kept her snug against him. At last, exhausted by the intensity of her orgasm, Amy flopped forward into the General's arms. The General Azik stroked Amy's back and whispered soothingly into her ear.

"Very good, slave. You are a fast learner. A true submissive at heart. In my demanding harem, this trait will serve you well."


"Round up all the passengers." General Azik stood at the center of the main deck now, giving orders to Haja, his chief of security. Nearly as tall and sturdy as his Master, Haja was nothing if not efficient, ruthless, and, above all—loyal. "Have Khari's men kneel in one line. Execute them before we leave. I want all the attractive young women and men in two lines, ready to be loaded into the incoming helicopters. Give all the women Plan B pills. We can't have these sexy American fuck-slaves getting pregnant yet, not until they sell for good money."

A few of the women and men were kneeling off to the side, Amy, Jennifer, and Scott included. These were the slaves which General Azik had personally selected to join his 'harem,' slaves who were not for sale.

"Yes, Master." Haja nodded, his thick nose ring protruding from his face. "What of the children and the older passengers below deck, General? Shall we dispose of them?"

General Azik raised an eyebrow. "I do not kill the elderly or the young. I am a businessman with sadistic sexual appetites, not a depraved lunatic. Just before the final helicopter leaves, activate the distress beacon and leave them enough food and supplies to tide them over until help can arrive. We take the 42 slaves with us, and any valuables. The rest, we leave."

Soon, the General strode along the deck, looking at rows of young men and women. They were all naked, wrists bound in front of them, kneeling and looking down dejectedly at the ship's planking. So many nubile naked young bodies. It made his dick hard as he stalked along the deck. He spotted one dark-haired girl, a pretty, svelte young thing. She had mouth-wateringly gorgeous, firm, pale tits, the areolas so light that it set off the pink tone of her nipples. He caressed those breasts as he bent over, turning her chin up so that he could look into her eyes.

"What is your name, girl?"


He knelt down, his hand reaching between her thighs, cupping her young sex. "Would you like to be one of my slaves, Cayla?"

The black-haired girl's eyes glistened with tears. "Please Sir, where are my parents? What are you going to do with…with the other passengers?"

General Azik's fingers nudged inside the girl's delicate slit. He immediately felt the stickiness of so much cum. The girl had been raped recently, probably by at least several men, judging by how swollen her lips were.

"Your parents will be just fine, girl," he soothed. "I am leaving all the older and younger passengers here, safe and sound. You, however, my sweet, sexy girl, will be another new addition to my harem."

"No! Please let me go with my parents," the girl sobbed. But General Azik took hold of Cayla's face, cupping it with both hands.

"Give me a kiss, little one. Let me taste you." She whimpered as his lips captured hers, claiming her tongue until one of his big hands slid down her back all the way to her smooth, alluring ass, cupping her ass cheek as she groaned and wondered whether she would ever see her parents again.


The alabaster-tiled pool was pristine. It shone like a perfect white gemstone beneath the sunny sky. This small, uncharted island in the Pacific might not have been paradise, but it certainly wasn't far from it. Relaxing on one of his patio sofas, General Azik, naked as the day of his birth, enjoyed the view…not to mention the sensations. A diligent, petite, teenage black-haired girl knelt over his crotch. Cayla laved and sucked at his cock, worshipping it even as he fondled her ass and gently finger-fucked her easily accessible pussy. When he alternated his fingers to rubbing her clit instead, she moaned with his cock in her mouth.

"MMmmmppppp!!!" she sighed, and he petted her clit more vigorously, enjoying the way her cock-slurping grew frenzied in response to the pleasure he was giving her.

"Keep going, sweet girl. You are a good little cock-sucker. Later we will come together…won't that be nice? For now though, just suck my cock slowly, calmly. I don't want to cum yet!" Despite Cayla's urgent efforts, something else had General Azik's almost-full attention. He looked across the swimming pool at his two pregnant slaves—Amy and Jennifer.

They were both extremely sexy, even when pregnant. In some ways, even more so. There was something breath-taking and uniquely beautiful about a fertile woman swollen with the promise of new life. Two of Azik's colleagues lay back in reclining beach chairs on the other side of the pool. Fahim lay back with Jennifer's form poised above his erect shaft. Gamal lay back, hands behind his head, and waited for a very pregnant, buxom blonde to impale her young pussy. Both women had their hands braced behind them on either side as they prepared themselves.

Azik marveled at the girls' figures. Jennifer and Amy each had the mark of a swollen, distended belly like all pregnancy brings. But they also glowed, their skin vibrant and healthy. Their breasts were so full, so sensitive, like ripe melons. He'd removed the nipple rings, letting the nipples heal in the intervening months. He liked to suck on them now and then. He could not wait until both girls gave birth. He called out now to the two women.

"What are you waiting for, darlings? I told my friends here that you always enjoy a good fuck. Why are you not showing more eagerness?"

A staunch, forbidding figure stood in the background holding a riding crop, one of Azik's enforcers. He slapped the crop against Amy's left buttock before switching it for a smack against Jen's right ass cheek.

"Start fucking, girls. I want to see a very enthusiastic show."

Amy groaned, easing her awkward figure onto Gamal's penis. She moaned, slowly impaling her pregnant form on his cock. Gamal groaned with happiness beneath her. His cock slid up into her soft folds, enjoying the delicious, enclosed warmth of the girl's welcoming slit.

"Uhhh!" Gamal groaned. "I have always wanted to fuck a pregnant woman, General. I am eternally in your debt."

Meanwhile, Jennifer, just like Amy, was facing so that her 'guest' was looking at her beautiful ass as she slowly lowered her pussy onto the waiting girth of his cock. Fahim stroked the girl's ass cheeks as he watched the pregnant girl's snatch slowly bottom out on his eager manhood. She started a slow, careful rhythm, but a steady rhythm too, her snug little sex gripping his cock as she fucked him with submissive dedication.

"Oooohhh! I think this brunette fuck-slave may be the best addition to your harem yet," Fahim said with approval. "When will these sluts give birth?"

General Azik sighed. "Just a month or two, or so my doctor tells me." He turned to glance at the edge of the pool, where a hog-tied and gagged man lay completely helpless. It was Scott, Amy's husband. Azik looked into Scott's eyes as he let the next words hit home. "And even better, according to the paternity tests, I am to be the father of both children." He stared into Scott's pained eyes. "Yes, Scott, your wife will give birth to MY child. It won't be long now. Take heart that I will let you live and breathe long enough to see it."

Scott's gaze and Amy's met like star-crossed lovers looking at each other across a gulf they would never overcome. Scott couldn't believe that their 1-year anniversary cruise, what should have been a joyful time, had ended up like this…their fate to become sex slaves to this brutal, exacting man. He watched his gorgeous, pregnant wife diligently impale her cunt on the man's cock, her moans drifting through the air in time to the gentle smacks each time her sex engulfed his entire length with her softness. Her breasts shone, so big, voluptuous and breath-taking.

General Azik called out, "Why are you not more vocal, girls? Let me hear you thank these fine gentlemen for letting you impale your pussies on their cocks. Let me really HEAR you or the next thing you hear and feel might be my whip smacking each of your backsides."

Immediately Amy crooned fervently at Gamal. "Thank you, Sir. Thank you for letting this unworthy slave fuck your cock." She plunged onto him with a faster pace, repeating the mantra of gratitude.

Jennifer cooed fervently in her own right to Fahim. "OOooohhh… I'm so thankful to you Sir, for allowing this slave to pump her pussy on your great cock. Thank you! Uhh!" Her generous breasts shook as she humped with more zeal, a slightly wet sound of suction just audible each time her cunt slid up…and then back down.

Even as Amy kept saying words of gratitude to the man she was fucking, her tormented eyes held fast to Scott's, still tender, as if to tell him without words - 'I love you Scott, and nothing, nothing the General can do to us will ever completely break us.' Despite all the depravity they'd withstood, they still had each other. Meanwhile, one thought lingered in Scott's head.

'I should never have taken us on a cruise in such dangerous waters. This is all my fault, sweetheart. All my fault. I'm so, so sorry.'

He saw once again as Amy's cunt bottomed out on Gamal's dark shaft, her distended belly looking obscenely beautiful with the promise of new life. He wished desperately, passionately, despite everything, that the child swelling in Amy's belly were his child, and not their sadistic Master's. He would always love Amy and do whatever he could to comfort her, no matter what happened. If this was their future, Scott would do what he could to be there for her, and for Jennifer too. He would do what he had to do. One way or another, the three of them would do what they had to do. After all, they were - and always would be - survivors.

THE END***************

Author's Note: All characters depicted in this story are 18 or older! I hope you liked the story. This is a fantasy. (I do not condone any of these acts in the real world). It's important to indulge your fantasies sometimes, even the darker ones. For anyone who's ever needed that in their life, just a safe place to explore those darker desires, this story was for you.


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African Pirates - Journey into Sex Slavery 3

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