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  1. My Friends Daughter Holly Part 1
  2. My Friends Daughter Holly Part 2
  3. My Friends Daughter Holly Part 3
  4. My Friends Daughter Holly Part 4
  5. My Friends Daughter Holly Part 5
  6. My Friends Daughter Holly Part 6

My Friends Daughter Holly Part 5

Categories Fiction, Group Sex, Incest, Male / Female

Authror: Wayne.ker

Published: 21 November 2017

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Part 5

I woke up hearing the screams that sounded like someone was in pain, then I heard a someone scream out, “NO.”
I was alone in Barbara’s bedroom, I looked at the clock and it was nearly midday, I climbed of the bed and threw on a bathrobe and went looking for everyone, I looked into Bill’s bedroom and it was empty. As I entered the suites lounge room, I immediately saw Amanda laying there on the couch, she was being fucked by someone I didn't recognise and she was also sucking the cock of one of my colleagues. Barbara was on her hands and knees, her large tits swaying back and forth as she was being fucked by Amanda's husband Tom.

I looked around the room for Holly and Bill they were nowhere to be seen, then I heard another scream coming from the bathroom as I looked inside I saw Holly bent over the edge of the large spa bath, Bill was behind her fucking her arse and every time Bill drove his cock into her arse she screamed out in pain, he would pull his cock back out slowly before driving it back in, he kept repeating this over and over.
“Please take your cock out of my arse, it's too big, It’s hurting me.

There were three other men in the bathroom with them I recognized them, as managers, as Holly screamed out again one of the men yelled out, “For god's sake shut her up, shove a cock in her mouth.” I watched as a manager grabbed Holly by her hair and lifted her head up, then pushed his hard cock into her mouth, I could hear Holly’s muffled cries for help, but what could I do, I couldn't interfere with the managers or ask them to stop, if I did I could lose my job, I just stood there watching my friends daughter being used.

I watched as Bill grab Hollys hips and pull her backwards as he drove his cock into her arse, he grunted like an animal as his cock started shooting his cum into her arse, when his balls were empty he pulled his cock out leaving a hole in Holly’s arse where his cock had just been. Another manager stepped up behind Hollys arse and pushed his smaller cock into the hole that Bill had left, as he began pumping his cock in and out, Holly began wiggling her arse and pushing her butt backwards, trying to get the manager's cock to go deeper, Holly was enjoying having a smaller cock inside her.

When Bill saw me he came up beside me and removed the bathrobe I was wearing and squeezed my hard cock and said, “You like watching her being fucked don't you?”
“Yes I do she looks so sexy like this.”
The manager that was fucking Holly’s mouth started squirting his cum into her mouth after he squirted a couple times he pulled his cock out of her mouth and squirted a load all over her face and hair.

Bill said, “Have a go at fucking her mouth, she loves having a cock in her mouth.”
Bill moved me to the front of Hollys head and when Holly saw it was me she smiled and opened her mouth and grabbed my cock and pulled me closer, she then wrapped her mouth around my cock. As I began moving my cock in and out her mouth, I ran my fingers through her hair, it was a mess of dried and wet cum, there was dry cum all over her face and body. It didn't take me long before I was cumming in my friends daughters mouth, after removing my cock from Holly’s mouth I moved closer to Bill.

I asked Bill,“When did you start fucking Holly, why didn't you wake me?”
“There was an early morning meeting with the managers scheduled for 9 am.” Bill explain and then said “The meeting had just started and was interrupted by Holly walking into the lounge naked and coming over and sitting on my lap.” Bill went on to say, “When Holly asked if she could use the spa bath, we all decided to join her and everything happened from there.”

“Holly’s been fucking all morning?” I ask.
Bill said, “Yeah that's about right, except for when she and Amanda put on a nice girl on girl show for everyone while the spa bath was being filled, and as you can see Tom loves fucking my wife.”
When I look over at Holly I see that she has another cock in her mouth and I watch as the manager fucking her, pulls his limp cock out her arse hole and I watch as his cum runs out of her arse hole.

Bill sees my cock is throbbing and again he squeezes my cock and gives it a few strokes. Bill says, “You have a nice cock, has it fucked Holly’s arse yet?”
“No I haven't.”
Bill smiles, “Did you know her father has fucked her arse?”
“No I never knew that.”
Bill says, “Holly told me all about her father and everything he has done with her.”
“Why don't you have a turn fucking her arse and see how good it feels?” Bill says.

I move over to Holly as she lays on the edge of the spa, she looks exhausted, when I smack her on her butt cheek she lifts her arse up ready to take another cock. I pull her butt cheeks apart and press my cock against her butt hole my cock just needs a slight push, to get the knob of my cock to enter her butt, with a nice steady rhythm I began fucking my friends daughters butt.

I can feel her butt muscles tightening around my cock as Holly says. “Fuck my arse harder uncle Robert, I start fucking her arse harder and faster and I hear her moaning and watch as her fingers go to her pussy and she begins rubbing her clit. I’m close to cumming and shooting my load of cum into Holly’s arse. When Holly screams that she is cumming, my cock erupts shooting cum deep into her arse, we both have cum together.

I sit down beside Holly in the spa and give her a cuddle and ask. “Are you ok, are you happy with all those men fucking you?”
Holly kisses me and says, “Yeah I've enjoyed everything, and uncle Bill has offered me a job.”

Bill walks into the bathroom he is dressed and he says to us, “Why don't you both go shower and get dressed and come have something to eat.”
As Bill leaves the bathroom he turns and looks at Holly and says, “I have a couple guests coming this afternoon that I would like you to meet.” I wonder if it's any more of his friends that Holly will be fucking.

We both shower together and I wash Holly’s hair for her, after we have finished we throw on a bathrobe and head back into the lounge looking for our clothes, sitting at the table is Bill and Barbara and there is a smorgasbord of food on the table along with bottles of wine, for us to eat and drink, it's just the four of us everyone else has left.

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My Friends Daughter Holly Part 5

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Comments (1)
Louise St John — 21 November 2017 14:13
Great story lines...I hope to read more in the futur.....Thanks
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