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Kids go to the ravine

Categories Fiction, Male / Female, Voyeurism, Young

Authror: Joey Free

Published: 21 November 2017

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Nyle finished putting on the sunscreen, rubbing it into his dick and balls. He needed to make a last pass, just to be sure. It was a little cloudy, but you had to be careful.

“Do me too”, his daughter called, as Cassie came into the kitchen of their little cottage. She stood in front of him as he smoothed it into her skin. She lifted her arms so he could get her sides. It made her ribs look especially boney, exposed like that. Her lithe body was all skin and bones, a testament to her youthful athleticism. Then she moved her feet apart so he could get all around the legs to the inner thighs, and carefully coat her pubic lips.

“You can get someone else to do this. Your mother is right there.”

“I like having you massage me. It helps me feel close to you. Rubbing my belly like that. Rubbing my nipples like that. ”

She jumped a half circle.

“And my butt. Do my butt. “

First he did her neck and back, then kneeled down and did her butt. She smiled at her mother, sitting on the couch reading the newspaper. Mom gave a wry smile and shook her head. Kids these days.

Cassie did like having her dad rub her all over. He finished up going down her legs, and she jumped another half circle.

“and do that.”

Her bare pussy was inches from his face.

“Freshly shaved?” he inquired.

“Yup. “

He dabbed sunscreen carefully along the sides of her slit, and then lightly smoothed it in until it disappeared.

“Thanks.” She said, and put her hands lightly on his shoulders to lean in and give him a peck on the cheek.

“Come running with me?” he asked.

“Maybe later. I’m going down to the beach with Shona.”

Off she went out the door. As he pulled on his running shoes he found that his dick was at attention. They had been here a week, naked most the entire time, so the sight of her young body didn’t arouse him just by seeing her, but nevertheless touching her pussy lips like that was still a turn on. He gave his cock a light squeeze and it was enough. He went outside and headed up the path towards the ravine. There was a bit of a climb in that direction, and he was looking forward to the extra work. His dick flapped from side to side with the rhythm. It quickly lost the erection as his energy went into running. He had Vaseline on his inner thighs. Anything further than the planned run of an hour and he would have to put some on his balls as well. It was one of the effects of running nude. He liked when his daughter Cassie ran with him. Very quickly, he worked up a terrific sweat in the afternoon heat and was glistening with it.

Upon reaching the top of the bluff, he saw someone ahead, sitting on a log. He recognized little Camaro, one of the neighbor girls. He came to a stop and opened his water bottle for a drink.

“Hi Mr. Cadell. “

“Hi Camaro. What brings you up here.”

Camaro glanced to the ground, obviously dejected.

“They won’t let me hang out with them today. It’s not fair.”

“Who? You mean your sister?”

“Yeah, her and her boyfriend snuck off to fool around.” She said. “I could go with them. It’s not like it’s just the two of them. Farrah and Rajj went too. They’re down in the ravine over there.”

“Why would they go that way? It’s really rocky.”

“They are fooling around. Like I said. Come see.”

“Uh, okay. He wondered how much fooling around would be happening. The kids were regularly seen necking, and with everyone’s continual undress at the campground, there was much public fondling of each other. If they wanted to screw, it was easy enough to find one of the cabins empty.

“Down there.” She said as they came to the edge.

Below in the ravine, the kids had laid a large blanket among the clay and rocks. Farrah was splayed over Rajj doing 69, working his cock with her mouth while her pussy covered his face. Karen and Matt lay beside them, kissing and fondling each other. They were close enough that he could see several of Matt’s fingers deep up Karen’s snatch, while his thumb worked up and down through the upper end of her slit.

“Uhhh…” he mumbled, glancing down at Camaro. He wondered what she made of the lovers below.

“I know how to do that stuff. I wouldn’t be in the way.”

“You can do that?” He squeaked.

“It’s not like I’m a virgin or anything.” She sat down in the grass by the ravine’s lip. One hand went between her legs, stroking lightly. He sat down too.

She let out a long sigh. Continuing to fondle her pussy with her left hand, she reached over with her right and ran it along his cock. That brought it from firm pre-readiness to full strength.

“Sorry.” She said, withdrawing her hand. “You’re supposed to ask before doing that.”

He didn’t know how to respond. Of course, he liked the touch, but didn’t want to appear too eager, to be the old perv.

“You could touch mine if you want.” She took her hand away from between her legs, and cocked a knee to the side, exposing herself. “That way we would be even.”

“Uhh… okay” he said slowly, not sure just how even she intended to go. He used his two long middle fingers to scratch slowly along her puffy outer lips. She made her move too, grabbing at his cock this time with a squeeze, and proceeding to run her fingernails up and down it.

Below, the kids progressed to fucking. The girls climbed aboard their lovers’ hips, and slowly rode the cocks. He smiled at this. Make the guy be on bottom, against the rough bard ground.

Camaro squeezed his cock at the base, then tugged upwards. There, she slowly released, letting the skin slide back under her hand. Tug, release, Tug, release. Over and over.

With her on his lef side, it was awkward to properly work her pussy with his left hand. His elbow jabbed her in the chest, where her tits would be if she was old enough to have any. She only had the beginnings of them, slight mounds on her chest. He put his left arm around behind her, and reached across with his right. She was right into this, so he would be too. Rubbing her chest, he flicked at her nipples until they were both standing out. She leaned into him, putting her head on his chest. The top of her head was barely to his chin. With her nipples aroused, he moved again to her slit, wetting two fingers in her vaginal opening, then rubbing up and down through the length of the cleft.

“I could sit in your lap.” She suggested. “We could reach better.”

He didn’t agree with that. She would be in his way then, but the idea of the young girl on his knee was too good to pass up.

“Uhhh… okay” His lack of verbosity was becoming a theme, now.

He leaned back with his hands behind to steady himself, both legs straight out front. She got on, and immediately began running the head of his cock up and down her slit. Clearly the idea wasn’t for him to continue fingering her. She waggled it along her crack the same way he had done with his fingers, lubricated by her pussy juice. He could feel his dick-head being forced further and further into her tunnel each time, coming out all the more wet for her to stroke.

“Sorry, is that too much like fucking? I should have asked if that’s okay.” She commented, looking around at him.

Damn, it was fucking. What was she thinking it was? Still, wanted her to continue. “Uhh.. it’s okay.”

“Oh, good.” She rammed his cock in again. He couldn’t see, but it felt like she was getting half or more shoved into her cunt. The milking via her hand stopped, and she simply stroked it in and out of her wet love-tunnel. He was sure it was letting out ample pre-come, finishing the job of lubricating her. As she did so, she rubbed at her clit. Her breath was light and rapid.

He leaned forward, and ran his hands along her hip bones, up through her ribcage to her chest and her little beanbag-sized tits. Her perky nipples were hardened with her lust. He twiddled them.

“Ah. Ah. Ah.” She panted lightly as she stroked her pussy upon his cock. She had broken a sweat. God she was beautiful. Her skinny body glistened in the sun.

“Ow” she complained. “I can’t go too deep. Mu cunt isn’t that big, you know.

“Oh, sorry.” she continued. “I shouldn’t call it my cunt, should I? I mean my pussy.”

“It’s okay. When you’re fucking, it’s a cunt.”

She smiled briefly at that. She was wet, but damn, she was tight. The feeling on the head of his cock was exquisite. He heard his breath turn to short pants. This wasn’t going to be long. She had her hand down between her crotch, running the clit again. He glanced below, to see that the fucking had ended. The kids were cuddling on the blanket. Seeing that, he let go and unloaded his nuts into her.

“Oh…” she gasped over and over. “Oh, oh, ohh…”

The girl slid forward and they came apart.

She called down to her sister, “I told you I could do it too.”

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Kids go to the ravine

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Comments (2)
countrycadillac — 21 November 2017 16:14
Cute, enjoyable but way too short !!!!
countrycadillac — 21 November 2017 16:14
Cute, enjoyable but way too short !!!!
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