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Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Job/Place-of-work, Male / Female

Authror: James Dylan Dean

Published: 21 November 2017

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Maurice gets off the airplane at Rio’s airport and is greeted by the embassy’s long black limousine with a young driver in the Marine uniform of a corporal. ’So much for coming in secrecy,’ He thought. The handsome Marine took his bags and guided him to the car. They took off with all the subtitles of a walk on the red carpet at a movie showing. Could have run the siren on the way out and not caused any more any attentions on themselves.

M. sat in the back just shaking his head. A government assassin on assignment and he might as well have had a brass band, too. Oh well, here in Rio, both sides know almost everything about each other’s personnel and their whereabouts and current missions. That helps a lot to avoid unfortunate misunderstandings and the possibly tragic consequences of them.

Despite the movies and books about the competition between senior assassins, they rarely shoot at each other, despite all the James Bond movie’s depictions. They are simply too valuable to allow for that, and the vicious retributions that they would cause moderates the actions between them. Sometimes the whole issue is handled in a face to face conversations and balanced concessions to attain the real objectives of the two sides without the dirty necessity of actual death of either of them or the intended target.

This would be the first time that Maurice would meet Anastasia, his female counterpart from the USSR security forces. He was of course very familiar with her work. Very precise and with as much gentleness as an assassination could entail. She always left enough of the victim for an honorable funeral and burial. Evidently, she had never missed or failed in taking her target down.

This time, the negotiations proceeded very slowly. Both sides had a considerable stake in these talks. There were issues that simply couldn’t be ignored or even materially compromised in whatever agreement was produced. M. and A. worked very hard from very hardened stances to make this work and surprisingly after many tiring hours came to an agreement that both sides could live with. Not, be happy with. But, the agreement would continue to sponsor the shaky balance that was in order by the two world giants to the relief of all the other nations.

With the talks over and the agreement finalized they were both absolutely melted down in fatigue and mental strain and agreed to share a delivered dinner to save further time and energy on each of their parts. With the more relaxed air about them, they got to see each other as people now, each a very attractive version of a man and a woman.

Maurice was by American standards, six foot-two, about two hundred twenty pounds and in excellent physical shape. He had the manner of a wall street businessman. Very focused, intense and prepared in any conversation. Though he was thirty years old, he was unmarried and evidently uninterested in changing that status. While not a roué in the flavor of famous spies real or imagined, he did have his female admirers and he didn’t need to be alone any time he wanted intimate attentions.

Anastasia, was of the best of her people. By the same standards as Maurice, she was five foot-seven inches, dark hair, ripe body and a whole lot more physically able than first appearances would tend to indicate. Many of her targets learned that to their chagrin.

As the face-off finished along with their meals, they broke up to report to their respective handlers and knew that they would meet again. Both of the security services had the same thing in mind.

It happened again in Hong Kong, about three months later and this time they had the same target. The two security services asked that they work together on this one, acting as they were on a holiday together to confuse the target and his protecting security service. They were booked into the same hotel room for appearances sake and took to the deception with more than a little enthusiasm each. As they settled into the rented condo, and parked their clothing on hangers and in bureaus, they made small talk about nonconsequential things. To throw off whoever might be listening in on their conversations.

Without saying it, but by pantomime gestures, they got the message off to each other, that they would have to ‘lovey dovey’ it up and either fuck or make a very good appearance of having done so. This would help to definitely throw off the target and his men.

The shoot was planned for the next morning, so to while away the time, they availed themselves of the dining room attached to the condo complex. They acted very proper and civil with each other, like they were trying to hide how involved they were with each other. Just letting a little slippage of affections show through a couple of times. And then when dinner was over they took the nearest elevator up and showed that they were losing their reserve with a very hot ride up to their floor.

When they got to their room, they undressed immediately and moved to the bathroom and the shower. This was the first time that they had seen each other nude, and was of considerable interest to each of them. With the hot water washing down on them from the front and back, they moved up to each other and began an even hotter interaction with each other. Their hands were everywhere and very actively pursuing each of their particular interests. His began on her lovely breasts with his hands and then his mouth. They finished with him suckling on her nipples, which caused a notable reaction on her part.

Her attentions started with enthusiastic kissing, moving down to nibble and suckle on his nipples and then with her moving down to her knees to first inspect and then service his cock. Anyone watching the video or live feed of this would themselves need emergency servicing themselves.

They then moved out of the shower and very quickly toweled each other off and moved to the opened bed. They kissed and hugged, then caressed each other. With the obvious evidences of each being turned on, they then turned to the ‘dance of new life’ with each other. His cock found a very warm and willing place in her love vault and the reciprocal pumping was accomplished mutually. Very soon they both climaxed and laid into each other’s arms to sleep the night away.

The observers of this sensual drama, both of their security forces and the forces of the target were all pretty well believing this was real, despite the obvious setup in it all.

In the middle of the night, they woke up for a while and began to murmur under their breaths with each other. Do, we really need to kill this guy? Isn’t there some middle ground on this? What does each of our nations really need here? They talked for over an hour and then went back to sleep.

In the morning, they again took a shower and then called in their flunkies stationed outside of their rooms with matching position papers to be immediately passed up to their superiors in charge of this mission. Within an hour they got their mutual agreements on the course that the pair wanted to pursue. It involved them meeting with the target on his turf and discussing with him an alternative to him being offed.

When faced with two very attractive hit persons with stone eyes and a determined but reasonable approach to the situation, the target gave in and moved on to an island that he owned to live out his days in luxurious seclusion.

Again the two security services congratulated themselves on a job well done, with passing mentions of the good work of the two agents involved. At this both services mutually decided that these two agents would be automatically assigned to the most dangerous and difficult to resolve international challenges.

They did this three more times in Johannesburg, Oslo and Istanbul. Each time they acted as lovers to throw off the local security forces. They did a very good job of it, too. And when she allowed him in full sight of the spy eyes, to enter her behind, the forces there completely bought into them as a real lover’s couple. Only once in these collaborations, did one of them have to follow through with the hit.

Seven months after that, they were both assigned to Budapest for competing assignments. But, it was just a cover for the Russian security offices. A new ‘hard-liner’ official took over for Anastasia’s Department and was shocked to see the interplay between her and Maurice. He determined that Maurice knew just too much about the Soviet Security services and so ordered him hit by Anastasia. To deflect any possible resistance on Anastasia’s part on this order, which was expected because of the very close working relationship that they had had, the Russian superior officer had her near relatives shipped off to Siberia until the hit was done. The threat in this was unmistakable. But, there was no chance of that. Anastasia was a real warrior and would carry out her orders no matter how distasteful they might be. Even if her family had not been threatened.

So, they joined each other and booked into the shared rooms together just like they had done several times over the past couple of years. She was especially beautiful and the typical solemn during dinner. When they got back to the room a very affectionate shower ensued and then to bed in the greatest lovemaking that they had ever shared. After sleeping for a couple of hours, Maurice was awoken to the feel of hard and cold steel against his temple.

“I’m sorry, my love but I have to do this!”

“It is okay, darling. I am just glad that it is you to give me the mercy shot. I always feared that it would be a big bad ugly that would do so.”

She smiled at that and then pulled the trigger. With him dead, she arranged him in a very respectful pose on the bed and afterward cuddled up to him, kissed him on his still warm lips and then put the gun to her head and finished off herself.

When the word got back to the two security forces, there was a terrible outrage at the loss two of the best agents that either force possessed. And the consequences were marked with a greater effort to coordinate the two forces to avoid anything like this again. They each were awarded their nation’s highest honors. And the ordering official, did not live to see those honors given just a few months after their deaths.

Twenty four years later a tall imposing figure of a man entered into the headquarters of the CIA to take up his daily duties as an analyst in foreign intrigues. He had a remarkable resemblance to a man who was held in the highest honor from the past, and he walked by his picture each day. He had noticed it in passing once, but then paid it no mind after that.

Anastasia during a seven month absence from working with Maurice had delivered a baby, their son. He never knew of it, because of the ruin that it might make of their working relationship. And Anastasia was made to believe that the baby was born stillborn for the same reasons.

The baby was put in with the best family situation that the service could find, with him learning all about Russia, including its very difficult language to learn along with English. Upon his thirteenth birthday, he was turned over to the U.S. security services with the understanding that he would be eventually trained to man the Russian analyst’s desk. William finished his education in the U.S. and was snapped up by the CIA to man, the Russian desk. The Russians were advised of this and enlisted him to serve much as his father had, but with no guns at all. They had found a young girl who more than slightly resembled Anastasia, and both services like expectant fathers watched to see if the magic would happen again!

Each night, William would return to his bachelor’s ‘Man Cave” and as he went to sleep look over at a twelve inch by twelve inch picture on the wall of two people who were obviously deeply in love. A yellow sticky note that came with it remained. It said only, ‘Your Parents.’

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