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MC Pontooning

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Mind Control, Oral Sex

Authror: stifflittlepoints

Published: 22 November 2017

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MC Pontooning by Stifflittlepoints

Mike passed them every day while walking the dogs. He had two black labs and on many occasions one or more of the girls came up to pet them. The walk often took up to a half hour and once he made it around the curve he knew there was the chance the girls would be hanging out. So many high school students today stay inside and watch TV or play video games. These three girls liked to be outside. Chelsea was the leader and most vocal. You could hear her voice almost a block away. She had apple-sized breasts and lately enjoyed wearing tops that revealed her developing curves. When she was with Rachel, the discussion often got rather silly and once they both got cell phones, you could hear them yelling at guys into their phones, sometimes taunting them and making up other flirtations.
Rachel's breasts were similar in size to her bff, but were somehow more appealing, probably because of the long blonde hair that sometimes hid them. Mike was especially fond of hair that length . . . almost to her waist. He fantasized about seeing her topless with her hair over her breasts, maybe with stiff pink nipples surfacing through the strands of golden hair. Michelle, who was Chelsea's younger sister, was very quiet and her physical attributes were late to develop, which could be seen daily in her tight outfits. Mike got the idea from surfing the Internet years ago, and decided how fun it would be to use his gift of mind control and newly developed telekinesis powers to add a little spice to his walks and his carnal cravings for the three teens.

It was a Thursday as he rounded the bend before the area where the girls usually hung out. They lived on a lake and their front yards were literally only 20 feet before water. They had a basketball hoop and continually loved to play "horse". When Mike came by Chelsea was on the phone and he was able to pick up that her parents were going on a "weekend trip" and that she and her sister were going to stay the night at Rachel's house which created the opportunity to begin his plan. It was oppressively hot and all three girls were wearing bikini tops and shorts. As usual, the girls came up and gushed over the dogs, and for some reason Michelle's top was a bit loose and when she bent over he was able to view her naked breasts that had only recently sprouted . . . in all their glory.
While Chelsea kept talking to the boy on her cell phone, Rachel petted the other dog, but noticed Mike's glance at Michelle's breasts. It was at that point that Mike elected to read her mind and was surprised at what she was thinking . . . "What a horny man. I wonder what he would think if I flashed my boobs at him. I got more up front than she does. Shit . . . look at that boner pressing up against the front of his pants. Looks like a REAL big one to me . . . just like my brothers."

Rachel looked up at Mike while he was reading her mind and smiled. It was at that point in her kneeling position that he elected to use his telekinesis talents to untie the back of her bikini top and let the cups fall away from her breasts. He also used his MC to not let her stop what was happening. Soon her top was only being held up by the strap around her neck and her bare breasts were now visible to the man.

She felt the breeze touch her nipples and wanted to cover them up, but she couldn't lift her hands up to follow through with what her mind was thinking. Soon her nips grew stiff and he became even more aroused watching her try to deal with her helplessness. Without any guilt whatsoever he peered at two perfect NAKED apple sized cones, topped with light pink buds. Suddenly his voyeurism was interrupted as young Michelle looked across at her friend and noticed how her top had come undone.

"Looks like someone needs to retie up their top," she said moving over next to Rachel. Mike made the girl cup and fondle the embarrassed girl's young bare breasts in her hands and tweak her nipples for a few seconds, before allowing her to pull the two strings together and recapture her tits inside the cups. Rachel secretly shivered at the feel of the girl’s bare fingers on her tits, knowing that the man was eagerly watching. Mike released his thought control and watched the two girls fumble to get the top back on correctly.

"Whoops," he said. "Looks like you came undone."

"This is sooooo embarrassing," cried Rachel, and she immediately remembered her thoughts seconds earlier about wanting to show off her teen breasts to the man, and began to wonder whether she had actually willed things to happen as they did. In the background Chelsea ended her conversation telling the boy he could probably come over once her parents were gone, and walked towards Mike and the girls.

"That was Tom. He might drop by later," she said rather matter-of-factly.

"So your parents are going away for the weekend?" Mike asked.

"Uh huh . . . FINALLY!" said Chelsea. It was at that point that Mike planted a seed in all three girls' heads about inviting him over.

"Finally some time to yourselves, huh?" he said.

"Can you stop by later?" Rachel said, not understanding where the idea came from.

"Who me . . . I guess I could. Probably have to leave the dogs at home though."

"Bring over your swimming suit and we can all go for a night swim," said Michelle still recovering from giving her topless peep show minutes earlier and also feeling Rachel's breasts in her fingers.

"Or maybe we could play some old fashion game like . . . Truth or Dare," said Michelle, and the other girls began to giggle.

"How about if I come over around 8:00?" he asked, continually putting positive and arousing thoughts into each of the girls' minds.

"Excellent," said Rachel. "Maybe we'll make you lose your bathing suit like I did," she said, winking at Michelle . . . and again giggles filled the air.

"See you then," said Mike as he walked off letting the dogs lead the way.

Later Things Get Very Naughty

Mike was impressed that his telekinetic powers appeared to be working and couldn't wait to arrive back after dark. He was well known around the neighborhood as the "two dog man", and wanted to make sure he wasn't seen entering the girl's house by anyone. As he left his home, he began going into each of the girls' minds and planting certain wicked thoughts and behaviors that would make the evening an entertaining one . . . at least for him. The first thought was that each of them was to wear their swim suits when he arrived. He had on a sweat shirt and matching sweat pants and a lycra Speedo suit on underneath. It was difficult stuffing his huge shaft into the tiny suit back at the house, especially thinking of the trio that were waiting for him.

For the first time without dogs leading the way, Mike strolled up the road to Chelsea and Michelle's house and traveled through the garage that was on the front of the property. The structure had a 2 ½ garage size door at one end and a similar door at the other, so that when both doors were open you could see straight through to their house and out into the water. For the first time he saw their pontoon boat tied to a dock. Instantly he decided he would take the girls out on the water and have them strip naked for him and begin the evening of lewd behavior. Michelle greeted him at the back door and said "Hi". He smiled as he noticed she was wearing her tiny bikini, like he had suggested.

"I don't even know your name, even though we see you every day," she volunteered bashfully.

"It's Mike and you are Michelle . . . right?" he asked. As she was about to answer him he elected to place a thought into her mind about his pants.

"You look over dressed. Why don't you take off those sweat pants?" she suggested.

"What IF I am not wearing ANYTHING underneath," he teased. The girl was not ready for that response and turned red and looked down at his growing shaft that was pushing up against the material of the pants. He walked up to her and placed his hands on his hips. "Go ahead . . . pull down my pants Michelle. You can see for yourself whether I am naked underneath or not." He made her kneel in front of him with his mind and raise her hands up to his waist and look up at him while she started to pull down his pants. He got into her mind and was amused at her thoughts . . . "I've never seen a man's COCK before. Maybe he really IS naked underneath. I wonder how BIG it is? I guess I'm gonna find out." She carefully untied the pull string, curled her fingers under the waist and slowly pulled the pants down to his knees. Michelle stopped as his 8" shaft poked outwards, pressing up against the beige colored Speedo suit, to complete an image almost as if he were naked. Mike smiled as he looked down at the girl.

"Guess I had a suit on, didn't I?" he said with a sly grin on his face. "Are you a little disappointed . . . that you are not looking at a NAKED COCK Michelle?" Without thinking she said:

"A little. I have never seen one before, but this sure looks like an awfully BIG one," she said reaching up and gently rubbing her finger on the tip through the lycra fabric. Mike had to control his impulses as he was about to shoot his load, feeling the girl’s finger touching against his rod.

"I liked seeing your bare tits this afternoon you know. Did you leave your top a little loose so that I could see your breasts?"

"Yeah, I was being kinda naughty wasn't I? I don't have much on top yet."

"I love your tits Michelle. And these (as he placed his fingers on her breasts) seem perfect to me. Maybe we can take a boat ride and you can show them to me again and you can see my naked COCK up close. Would you like that?" he asked.

"Uh huh. And maybe Rachel and Chelsea could see it too!" He then placed an image of him receiving a blow job from Rachel in her mind. She shivered in excitement hoping that experience might take place. They were interrupted as Rachel and Chelsea came bursting out of the door towards them. As was the case with Michelle, they too were wearing cute bikini suits . . . but Rachel had put on a much smaller one than earlier in the day.

"Hey Mike. Glad you could make it," said Chelsea, her brunette hair gathered in a ponytail, somewhat curious why her sister was on her knees in front of Mike with his sweat pants at half-mast and still touching and rubbing the tip of his full blown erection.

"Thanks again for inviting me. Michelle volunteered to help me get out of these HOT sweat pants. It's just too boiling outside for them tonight," he said stepping out of the garment. He made all three girls stare at his COCK in its erect state. It was pushing sideways against the front of the tiny suit. He was proud of his muscle-bound body and was excited at their allegiance to it.

"Might as well get down to the Nitti Gritty," he said lifting the sweat shirt top up over his head. When he looked back at the girls, they had circled around his waist and each was staring at his cock's mammoth length.

"It's a BIG one ain't it?" he bragged looking down at his erect shaft hidden only by a thin layer of fabric.

"REALLY BIG," said Chelsea. "Must be uncomfortable being all contained in that suit."

"I agree. I can show it to you girls . . . but ONLY for a small price?" he teased, placing his hands back on his hips. The girls continued to be mesmerized by the lewd sheltered phallic image. He began to place a multitude of erotic thoughts into their minds and he was enjoying sensing what they were imagining once those feelings were in place. Then Michelle suggested:

"How about if we take you on a pontoon ride and in exchange . . . for you showing us your uh . . . cock . . . AND you'll get to see us without our tops on?" she whispered. The other girls were about to react negatively . . . but through his guidance they began to nod their heads in excitement.

"Let's say . . . topless for starter's. Are there lights on the inside of the boat?" he asked.

"Yup . . . you should be able to see our titties without any problem. We just can't get too close to other boats though. We don't want to put on our little show for anyone else still on the lake," said Chelsea. She immediately turned around and went into the house and came back with the keys.

"How about if Rachel drives? She knows more about it than Michelle or I do, cuz her Dad let's her drive theirs all the time." Mike nodded and all four moved towards the dock and boarded the boat. He elected to just wear his Speedo and leave everything else behind.

Fun at Sea

Mike sat down on the comfortable cushioned seat across from where Rachel was backing up the pontoon boat. Michelle sat next to Mike and almost immediately looked down at his crotch. He knew she was dying to see her first cock, but elected to have some fun with the other girls as a warm up.

"Let's head over to the island Rachel. We can put out the anchor and go for a midnight swim," suggested Chelsea.

"Sounds good to me," said Rachel as she made a slight adjustment on her steering.

"Are you and your sister close?" Mike asked Chelsea.


"Come over her and kiss her," he said and at the same time placed a warm feeling in the girl's minds welcoming the suggestion. Silently Chelsea moved across the boat, moving back and forth trying to keep her balance. She sat on Michelle's left side.

"Let's move around a little bit. Chelsea before you kiss your sister," he started and then stood up, "pull off my suit so that your sister can see my COCK."

"That would be awesome," whispered the girl. Chelsea looked straight in his eyes and smiled as she moved her thumbs into the side of the suit and began to navigate it downward . . . slowly leaving his hips . . .and with some difficulty down to mid-thigh level. Suddenly his 8" cock flipped out of its hiding place and stood straight up for the two sisters to examine. Mike's hand went immediately to his throbbing erection as his mind filled with sordid thoughts of fucking each of them.

His prick jerked in his hand as he began to rub his fingers up and down the solid length of his cock-shaft. He slowly milked the bulbous head and watched the lube-juice ooze out of the purple tip top. There seemed to be more precum than usual . . . so much so that it leaked out and trickled down the little furrow on the head of his cock. He rubbed it over the flared tip of his organ and into the groove under the rim.

"That's awesome Mike," whispered Michelle mesmerized by his naked shaft.

"Kneel down Chelsea and pull my suit the rest of the way off," he said. Michelle stared at his huge rod with her mouth open. Chelsea looked over at Rachel for some support, but the young pilot was trying to steer the pontoon boat using the light from the moon on the water. Without waiting, she knelt in front of the man, making her mouth and face directly across from his bobbing cock. Just as she was about to touch the suit, she was interrupted by Mike.

"Before you do that, I want your sister to take off your top so that I can see your breasts Chelsea. You've been wanting to show them to me for a long time, haven't you." The horny girl looked at him and smiled, and nodded her head. Michelle untied the top of her sister's halter like suit and let it fall down past her teen tits.

"Turn on the inside lights Rachel . . . I want to see your friends naked body," he said. The inside spot lights immediately lit up and Chelsea's bare breasts were displayed . . . showcasing her stiff nipples. Soon Michelle had unloosened the back tie of the garment and the top fell to the deck. That seemed to be Chelsea's signal to pull the skimpy suit past the man's knees and down past his ankles. With little difficulty he stepped out of them and deliberately moved his bobbing cock towards Chelsea's pink moist lips.

"I know you want to lick and SUCK it Chelsea . . . but you and your sis need to kiss first remember? Michelle, I want you to take off your bathing suit top AND bottom and kneel across from your sister.” As fast as she could, Chelsea's sister pulled the panty part of the suit down and off displaying her recently shaved pussy lips and then unhooked her top and tossed it on the seat. As she knelt down, Mike almost shot his wad as he saw her bare breasts jiggle slightly as she positioned herself across from her sister.

The upturned nipples were pink and slightly swollen as the girl anticipated what was to happen next. He looked down between her legs again and knew he would drive her crazy with his tongue, lubricating her for his long cock that would soon follow. Michelle was shorter than Chelsea but both girls were within a few inches of each other as they both looked across at Mike's 8" cock.

"Move in closer girls. I want your tits to touch each other as you kiss." The girls placed their arms around the shoulders of the other person and suddenly their teen breasts were in contact with each other, almost causing an electric spark of lust between them. The two sisters giggled as they rubbed their bare nipples against each other. Next, they tried their best to touch lips, but Mike's cock was in the way as they moved their heads around to try and lock lips.

"Looks like you girls will just have to kiss my COCK as you move towards your kiss. Chelsea . . . have you ever kissed a boy's cock before?"

"Not really kissed one (taking her mouth off of his shining cock) . . . but . . . uh . . . uh."

"She DID suck her boyfriend's COCK in my garage last week," shouted Rachel who had stopped the boat and gently let the anchor touch the bottom of the sandy lake floor.

"Well come on over Rachel. And DO tell me more! I want to hear all about it as you and I watch the pretty naked sisters kiss and lick my cock" said the excited man. Rachel got up from the captain's chair and sat right in front of Mike (who was barely standing at this point due to the action the girls were providing) so that she could carefully watch the man's COCK. She loved cocks! Her pussy was already dripping with excitement as Michelle began to lick the total length of his cock for the pubic haired base straight up the 8" shaft to the purple top. Suddenly both girls were moving their lips all over his cock and wiggling their tongues against each other's mouths and lips at the same time. For a few minutes Mike let the girls go at it and then he gave Rachel her instructions.

"Get your suit off Rachel. . . and then tell me what happened with her boyfriend." Rachel unsnapped the clasp between her breasts and then opened up her top, with a mischievous grin on her face. She knew she had the horny man's attention as the cups fell away and she slowly twisted her stiff nipples between her thumbs and fingers. He noticed a thin line of pale skin surrounding her firm, youthful breasts. Her long blond hair was tied off in a ponytail high on the back of her head and fell to the middle of her back. It swung gently as she turned her head from side to side, posing for Mike.

She lifted her tight little ass off the cushion, slowly pulled down the panty portion of the bikini, soon baring her smooth vulva for his inspection. She covered it with her right hand, holding her palm still against the warm flesh and rotating her crotch in small circles. He knew then . . . he would have to FUCK this girl before the evening was over.

"Very fine body Rachel," said Mike. "Now for your instructions . . . As you tell your story, I want you to rub your pussy AND pinch and twist your nipples."

"With pleasure," she said winking at him. "I knew Tom wanted to get together with Chelsea, so I set up a time when I knew mom and dad would be gone . . . as well as my brother. We have a soft couch in the garage, and I figured that would work rather than taking a chance on them coming inside my house and having someone bust in. I told her about my plan in school and then when the bus dropped us off, she hid in the garage waiting for him." She paused as she noticed Mike was getting MUCH closer to shooting his load all over the two sisters.

"Anyway, he came by and I told him to wait in the garage to surprise her. He ducked inside and then the action started. I couldn't help but sneak a peek through the window as he went up to her, kissed her and then stripped off all her clothes. She was like naked in a minute! Then he was shouting, "TAKE OUT MY COCK AND SUCK IT DRY BABY!"
She sat on the couch all horny and stuff, and pulled down his zipper . . . and reached inside and pulled out his stiff cock. It wasn't as big as yours but it was huge in my eyes! But that wasn't enough for him so; he unhooked his pants and like yanked his skivvies and pants down to the ground and waved his big cock back and forth in front of her mouth and lips. She wasn't afraid or anything she grabbed the base of his cock and leaned over . . . and began to lick like under the head . . . and the poor guy was already shooting his load all over her face. He must not have jacked off for about a week because her face was covered with his sperm”.

“Again and again he kept shooting cum all over her face, mouth and then he aimed it at her tits too." She paused and looked at Mike. He suddenly yelled at Rachel to "GET UP AND KNEEL NEXT TO THE GIRLS!" Rachel slipped off the cushioned chair and fell into place next to Michelle. She looked down and noticed for the first time that both of the sisters were now wiggling their fingers across their pussy. Chelsea had slipped her bottoms off on her own and she had three fingers up her love hole.

Rachel reached over and tightened her arms around his naked ass, and closed her eyes as she felt his cock pulse wildly between her lips. She heard him give a yelp, and shuddered as jet after jet of hot, spunk erupted from the end of Mike's hard, piston acting cock. He pulled it out of her mouth momentarily and like a bazooka sprayed back and forth across all three girls' faces. His movements were jerky as squirt after hot, sticky squirt shot into their mouths, coating each girls tongue and the insides of her cheeks with his spunk. Rachel, having received the first major load, gulped loudly as her mouth filled with Mike's creamy seed.

Chelsea swallowed down every drop, enjoying the lascivious act of consuming Mike's sperm immensely. Her cunt twitched and bubbled with desire as she savored the excitingly masculine taste of him. The man suddenly grabbed young Michelle's head again ramming his cock down the young girl's throat as he began to feel a new load of boiling-hot cum rise rapidly in his balls.

"Oh, baby.... I'm there... ohhhhhhhh, God! Suck that cock, honey... Uhhhhhhhhh, yesssssss! I can't wait to FUCK all three of your pussies", Mike groaned hoarsely.

Mike had the three girls put back on their bikinis before they docked at Rachel's house. He had manipulated Tom, Chelsea's boyfriend . . . into being in the bathroom up on the second floor at Rachel's house. When they arrived, Rachel had instructed Michelle to go upstairs and freshen up. Meanwhile, Mr. Mike couldn't wait to control the encounter that was about to happen between the younger sister and the horny boy. He finds an empty room and has now tapped into her thoughts and listens to what she is thinking:

"That was a bunch of fun. I couldn't believe he blew his cum all over my face and tits. It was a good thing I remembered to bring along a towel. Wait a minute . . . there is already someone in the bathroom. How can that be? The door is open ajar let me see who it is. Holy cow (as she looks into the mirror from a side angle and sees the boy standing there) . . . that's Tom . . . Chelsea's boyfriend!"

"But wait a minute, he's rubbing his stiff COCK through his pants. Hmmm, not as big as Mike's but plenty big that's for sure. I should not be peaking in on him . . . but I can't help myself." The next moment the door flew open, and the boy inside caught me . . . as I started to take off down the stairs. He quickly looked in the hallway and when he saw I was the only one there, he hastily pulled me back into the bathroom and closed the door. I was petrified, but at the same time, rather aroused as his rod was poking out the material of his dress slacks.

There I stood, being caught watching at the door and now helplessly inside, not knowing what might happen next. I began to concentrate on the enormous bulge in the boy's pants and I watched him continue to deliberately rub himself to make my concentration stay on his growing groin as well.

"Well, well" Tom said, "What do we have here? My girlfriend’s little sister staring at this big lump in my pants?" I had little to say at that moment . . . besides I had a blushing red face, that certainly gave away my emotions.

"I will have to inform your sister about this because it is very naughty to do these kind of things, to your sister’s boyfriend”. Of course he got me frightened by just saying this, so I begged him not to tell my sister. But after saying that . . . to my surprise he continued with a much nicer and friendlier tone.

"OK, I won't tell, if you stay and watch and let me finish, and of course never tell a soul!" he whispered. Of course this was one of the easiest decisions I have ever had to make so I agreed on the spot. He had me pull down the toilet seat and sit on the edge as he began to pull the brass zipper down on the front of his pants. I was suddenly conscious of what I was wearing . . . and wish I had put on a t-shirt to hide my small breasts that were encased in my tiny bikini top. At this angle, the boy could leisurely pleasure himself and look at my nearly almost bare titties at the same time. But I knew, if I said anything, he would tell my sister, so I kept quiet.

Immediately after that, he got his monstrous cock out of his pants and started to stroke it. I had never watched a boy masturbate his shaft before, and I was somewhat mesmerized by its appearance . . . and VERY long length. As he moved his hand and fingers up the rigid shaft, the dark purple head began to leak a clear liquid and I wondered whether this was the pre-cum fluid we had learned about in health class.

He told me he was relieving himself but got interrupted when he heard me outside. I asked him why he needed to relief himself right now, and he told me he had gotten excited by thinking about my sister yesterday in the garage, when she stripped naked and sucked his cock. As he said that, he moved closer to me, almost within a foot of my face. I looked up at him and watched his eyes as they inspected my young breasts inside my suit. I knew it was very naughty, but I suddenly hunched my shoulders slightly forward, knowing he would probably be able to see both of my boobs. Then I did something that made no sense. I reached behind my back and unhooked the top of my bathing suit.

His eyes grew wild with excitement as he peered down at my bare breasts, and his shaft quickly inched forward even more. I got to thinking as I inspected his huge cock that he had actually gotten excited over me. This actually made me feel rather grown up . . . imagine, me making a senior boy get so excited! He continued his stroking and curiously asked if I wanted to touch his stiff shaft, as he stared at my two stiff nipples. By now I wasn't just moist between my legs; I just was dripping with excitement all over. And of course, my stiff buds were another reminder of my arousal. Since I was still somewhat scared by his threat to tell my sister, I thought it would be best to go along with his request so I reached out and touched his thick rod with my shaking finger.

It actually felt much softer than I expected and as I let several of my fingers gently grasp its width, it seemed to get even thicker yet. I suddenly felt like a much younger girl because I could not get all of my hand wrapped around his stiffening cock, for it was as thick as the base of a Coke bottle. As my fingers began to slowly manipulate and fondle his erect shaft, I also noticed that his breathing began to increase the more I touched it. He gently guided my hand up and down until I was soon stroking his purple helmeted shaft. Despite what had happened on the pontoon earlier, I did not know what was going to happen next. In fact, it truly felt quite nice to grasp and move my small fingers up and down . . . knowing how I must be exciting Chelsea's boyfriend, maybe like she did in the garage the other day.

"Oh Goooooood.... Sweet girl.... Ohhhhh yesss' I heard him mumble and then "squeeze harder... Harder.....HARDER !' All I could think of doing was to push my hand back down to the base of his dick, and then pull it up as far as I could. It didn't take long however before I felt his cock swell even more. This cock must be almost a half a foot long I thought to myself. This strangely thrilled me even more. I looked straight ahead, now getting extra excited as I knew his deep purple cockhead was about to explode just like Mike’s had done an hour earlier, and in a way that's exactly what it did.

Before I even realized what was happening, he had reached down and had seized one of my breasts. He began to twist and turn my stiff little nipples as long squirts of a thick, white, cream-like stuff came out of his exploding cock. At first I felt it squirt into my hair, but the next ones were deliberately aimed at my face as I watched him aim his shaft. The greyish slimy juices kept belching a steady rope of cream on my cheeks, forehead, and even my lips. No need to tell how shocked I was by this. As the loads of cream began to subside, he gently squeezed my naked breasts and placed his hand on my shoulder.

"We gotta get you cleaned up so that we can go downstairs and see Chelsea and Rachel. Don't worry . . . I won't tell her you just gave me the BEST hand job I have ever received in my life. Maybe I can pay you back later on . . . I love to lick girl’s pussies and make them go wild!" Minutes later he left and I was in Rachel's shower fantasizing over what had just happened and his promise.

Mr. Mike had of course experienced what had happened upstairs down in the den in his mind. It was time to get the gang together for a little Truth or Dare, courtesy of an iPad app.

Truth or Dare on the iPad

All three girls had taken showers and were back into their street clothes. Chelsea introduced Mr. Mike to Tom who turned somewhat scarlet as Michelle came down stairs dressed in a pink spaghetti strap cami, matching shorts and sandals. Her cute teen figure was enhanced by two stiff nipples that poked out the front of her shirt showing everyone she wore nothing underneath. Chelsea and Rachel wore matching white scoop necked tops and prep school plaid skirts. Tom also noticed the absence of any bras under their outfits and with the white color of the garment, each of their hidden areolas were faintly visible, adding to their attractiveness. Mr. Mike had of course orchestrated their outfits, to match his own lewd preferences.

"Probably all of you have played Truth or Dare before . . . but probably not on an iPad. When everyone was getting ready, I downloaded the app and I think we will all enjoy ourselves as we play the game."

"How do you play it on a tablet?" asked Rachel somewhat surprised Mike knew her password to load the app. What she didn't know was that he had inserted some of his own dares and questions to guide the orgy that was about to ensue for his own lecherous enjoyment.

"We will play as a group and pass around the iPad, taking turns on reading off questions and activities that have to be done." Mike sent out the subconscious MC message that everyone would not hesitate to do exactly what was on the screen. "Why don't we have Rachel start off, since this is her iPad and her house. Let's go clockwise, so Michelle will be the first to participate, then Tom, Chelsea and finally me." Everyone was sitting on the floor in a circle as Rachel began:

" Truth or Dare . . . Michelle?" she asked. Michelle didn't want to be first and certainly did not want to have to do something, so she took the easy way out and said:

"Truth." Rachel tapped the screen and surprisingly the sound of someone breathing hard sounded, and then this message appeared:

"HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A BOYS PENIS BEFORE, AND IF SO, WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME?" said Rachel, with a wicked grin on her face as she looked at Michelle.

"Ugh . . . yeah and it was upstairs . . . like here about 20 minutes ago," she mumbled. Everyone looked at each other somewhat startled. Chelsea stared at her sister, remembering she and Tom were upstairs. Mike planted a neutral signal into Chelsea's head, as if it was no big thing. Rachel passed the tablet to Michelle.

Looking at Tom, Michelle said, "Truth or Dare"?

"Dare," he said. Michelle shook the device and she read what was displayed:


"That's easy," said Tom as he leaned over to Chelsea, placed his hand behind her head and kissed her on her lips. Mike wanted this to be a little more exciting for the rest of the group, so he made Tom's other hand slowly caress Chelsea's breast. Since she was not wearing anything under her top, her stiff nipple began to grow under his fondling hand.

"Time's up!" said Michelle, not knowing how she knew a minute was up. She passed the device to Tom, who was aroused by his girlfriend's knew excited condition.

"Truth or Dare?" he asked.

"Dare," she said.

"Here is what it says, WHILE BLINDFOLDED, HAVE YOUR HAND GUIDED OVER THE BODY OF WHOEVER IS TO YOUR LEFT." Mike was of course to her left and he almost magically pulled out a black scarf and handed it to Tom. Everyone laughed as he secured the scarf over her eyes. In total silence the group watched as Tom pulled Chelsea up from her sitting position. Mike did the same and faced her. Little did Tom know that it would be Mike's thoughts that guided her hands.

Tom placed his girlfriends' hand over Mikes face and then down over his chest. He wiggled her hand over each hidden nipple on his chest and then moved it down past the man's belt. With a mischievous wink, he placed her hand on the growing lump in Mike's pants and then just let her hand go. Without any guidance, Chelsea grasped the man's cock through his pants and began to squeeze and rub it. Everyone else watched in surprise as Mike's erection began to balloon out the front of his pants. Chelsea was getting more and more aroused as she fondled the man's cock in between her fingers. It went through her mind that she should unzip his zipper and grab his cock hidden underneath but suddenly Tom said the time was up and he undid the scarf and both participants sat down back in the circle.

"Ok, Mr. Mike . . . it's your turn. Truth or Dare?" said Chelsea.

"Dare . . . of course," he said. Chelsea shook the device and read what it said:


"I didn't know it could ask you to take off clothes," whispered Michelle to Rachel. As they were talking, Mike stood up, unhooked his pants and let them drop to the floor. He was wearing a pair of red silk boxers underneath. While disrobing his pants . . . his rigid cock snuck out of the fly hole and after a few moments of exposure, he laughingly stuffed it back inside, watching the surprise on everyone's face.

"Those pants were getting to be MUCH too tight anyway, especially with the cute and VERY sexy girls around this circle," he said sitting back down and grabbing the iPad from Chelsea.

Rachel . . . Truth or Dare?" he said.

"Dare," she said.

"Here is what it says, STAND UP AND KISS THE FIRST GIRL OR GUY OF THE SAME GENDER ON YOUR LEFT FOR 30 SECONDS (ON THE LIPS) AND THE GROUP WILL COUNTDOWN OUT LOUD." Rachel shook her head in disbelief but smiled knowing it was her best friend Chelsea directly across from her. The two girls stood up, moved next to each other, and we heard Chelsea say, "Here goes!" The girl’s lips met in a passionate kiss and then if almost rehearsed, they each grabbed the sides of the other person's white top, pulled it directly up from the short skirts they were wearing . . . continuing all the way up to their shoulders. Now displaying their bare breasts to everyone they immediately pushed their tits together and reached behind the other person and pulled in. Tom and Michelle just stared at the erotic sight as the girls continued to kiss VERY enthusiastically and at the same time press their stiff nipples into the other person's buds.

"Let's count," said Mike, satisfied that the shock of the act was what he had hoped for. Slowly the trio counted down to zero. The girls stopped and bashfully pulled their tops back down.

"Why did we do that?" asked Rachel. Chelsea just shook her head, but also admitted to herself that it was VERY exciting and worth it. Sitting back down Chelsea asked Michelle what she wanted, and she said Dare. Things were going too slow, so Mike decided to intervene. This is what Chelsea read:

"In preparation for Michelle's dare, Tom I want you to STRIP naked." After she said that she wondered where it had come from.

"Are you crazy?" he said standing up, opening his pants and pulling them off."

"Tom, what are you doing?" asked Chelsea.

"I don't know. I'm taking my clothes off, but I feel strange doing it." He was soon stark-naked and no longer talking. All three girls were admiring his glistening shaft that had to be 7" long. Looking down at the iPad, Chelsea said:

"Michelle go over to Tom and hold his cock." Almost mesmerized the freshman didn't say anything as she went over to Tom. His cock was now fully erect right in front of her. It was pointing straight up to his belly button. Michelle took his cock in her hand and stood there.

"Michelle kneel down in front of him and put HIS COCK in your mouth." Without any hesitation . . . that's exactly what she did! She knelt there directly in front of him, with his erect cock in her mouth, not really knowing what to do. Meanwhile, Tom looked directly down at her and began to slowly move his hips so that his shaft traveled in and out only a couple of inches, but the suction she was providing was bringing him quickly to an orgasm.

"Suck on it Michelle! Wiggle your tongue around his purple head and especially underneath. It will taste like a strawberry popsicle." She sucked and Tom began to pant. Everyone watched in total surprise as Michelle expertly began to deliver the most erotic blowjob any of them had ever seen before. It was so perfect; it only took him about thirty seconds to cum tablespoons of jism. She greedily swallowed the whole thing as he pumped his full load into her eager mouth. She kept sucking even after he was completely flaccid and wondered about how he could cum again so soon after emptying his load upstairs.

"Tom, how do you feel?" asked Chelsea, knowing she should be upset, but instead felt horny having watched her sister suck dry her boyfriend.

"Man . . . that was something. I never thought my girlfriends' sister would give me such a FANTASTIC blow job." Tom remained nude as Chelsea passed the tablet to Michelle who was still swirling his cum inside her mouth.

"Wow! That was delicious," she said. "Well Tom, as crazy as this seems, you are next. Do you want Truth or Dare?"

"Dare . . . and how about we stick with Dares from now on. I think we all are getting into this now and Truths will just slow us down." Everyone agreed and Michelle read what was on the screen:

"DANCE WILDLY FOR 60 SECONDS. THE GROUP WILL JOIN IN . . . TO PUMP THINGS UP!" Mr. Mike leaned over and selected Music on the iPad and pressed "Marry the Night" an old song by Lady Gaga and everyone stood up. He knew it was Tom's favorite song and without hesitation he began to jump up and down. Needless to say his cock did the same and the three girls all began to watch his bouncing shaft. Mike decided to take over the three teen girls minds and encouraged them to PUMP him up, just like Michelle had said. As he was dancing, Chelsea grasped his cock that was still plenty lubricated by her sister's mouth and began to jack on it.

Almost immediately it began to grow in length. Minutes later, it was her best friends turn and she worked in unison with Chelsea as the boy's cock grew longer and longer. Finally, Michelle was next as she cupped his balls and gently fondled them as the girls continued their carefully orchestrated hand job. In minutes it looked like his cock was a full 12" long, but that was only in their thoughts and wishes. The music stopped and Mike was certain the boy was about to cum, which is what he wanted. Michelle handed the tablet to Tom. He shook the device and then said to Chelsea:

"Strip down to your panties . . . ONLY . . . and have the next person of the opposite sex on your right French kiss your stomach for 30 seconds."

"Wow . . . that's a pretty hot idea," she said and without any hesitation she slipped off her sandals, and then found the bottom of her white scoop necked top and pulled it up over her head. Her chest was slightly damp from the dancing but her two perfect NAKED apple sized cones, topped with light pink buds were now on display for everyone to watch.

"Forgive me if I French kiss a lot more of you," said Mike. Chelsea started to stand up and he leaned forward and grabbed the waist band of her sheer panties. He pulled them all the way down and laughing she kicked them off and to the side. He pulled her closer and slowly slid his hand onto her pussy. She had shaved it so there was nothing stopping the others from watching him seduce the girl. He started to dip his fingers in between her moist pussy lips. Next, he extended his middle finger and pushed it into her wet pussy hole.

"Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She moaned as he slowly fingered her wet pussy. In fact, she was so wet that her inner thighs were shiny and now almost slippery. He started to kiss her stomach but then moved upwards and began to suck her nipples. Almost in seconds they had extended out a half inch or so, as he twirled his tongue around their circumference. She began to whimper and moan as he kissed as much of her body as possible. He kissed her inner thighs coating his lips with her sweet pussy nectar. He finally reached her pussy and flicked his tongue on her clit . . . making her body tense up as she moaned. He curved his finger and found her g spot and rubbed it gently and slowly.

Chelsea was breathing very hard and was continually moaning. It wasn't long before her body tensed up and her cum came pouring out of her pussy. All four of the other participants watched in envy as the girl began to shake in total climax. After a few minutes, her legs started to buckle, but Mike caught her and laid her back down on the carpet, like she was before he began. He placed the iPad in her hands and smiled.

"Wow . . .that was awesome. Now it's your turn Mike." She shook the iPad and then said:

"LET THE GIRL ON YOUR RIGHT PERFORM THE BEST LAP DANCE SHE HAS EVER DONE. IT IS UP TO YOU HOW YOU WANT TO DO IT." Mike had secretly been waiting for this and to be with Rachel.

"Ok girl . . . it's your turn," he said to the gorgeous long blonde teen girl. "Let's move up here on the couch." He sat on the middle cushion of a long couch and patted his lap. Rachel turned scarlet but stood up and gently sat down on his knees. His cock had already begun to grow and he directed her tight little butt to be right over his erection. Michelle put back on the music and slowly he began to move his hips. Rachel felt the man's long shaft underneath her, and his movements were also causing her pussy to begin to purr with excitement.

"This is going to be a lot more fun, if you get rid of your top," said Mike, and without any warning he briskly yanked her top up . . . and carefully moved it through her beautiful hair and tossed it aside. She began to muffle some objection, but instantly he cupped her teen breasts in his hand and as soon as he began to pinch her sensitive nipples with his thumbs and fingers, the muffles became moans. He planted a thought in her mind and all of a sudden she announced to the group:

"Mr. Mike . . . I want us to be NAKED for this, so let me get my skirt and panties off. I want to feel that COCK of yours up inside my PUSSY!" Michelle put her hand over her mouth slightly embarrassed, but watched closely as Rachel stood up and in seconds had whisked away all her clothing and the blonde nymph was on her knees in front of Mike.

"Stand up and let me help you!" she said. Mike immediately rose from the couch and just let his hands stay at his sides. Almost as if she was on fire, Rachel yanked down his red boxers, allowing his stiff cock to bolt forward.

"Now that is what I am talking about!" she said grasping his rod in her moist hands. "Sit back down so that I can ride this thick pole of yours." Mike moved backwards, sitting back down on the edge of the couch. Rachel placed one foot on each side of his legs, spread her own and then eagerly moved down and forward. Soon her bare pussy was up against his long naked cock.

"Now enjoy the lap dance of a lifetime!" she shouted. Mike obliged her request and soon they were both humping up and down. He deliberately made sure her clit was being stimulated to the max as he drove his shaft up and down against it.

"I want you to be VERY slippery for my finale, Mike," she said as she eased back down into a kneeling position and then to the surprise of everyone, she grasped his cock.

"Watch just how hot and sexy my mouth is going to look with this BIG COCK inside of it. Watch closely," she said. Not knowing why . . . she choose that set of words . . . Rachel opened her mouth and pointed his cock towards it. She stuck her tongue out and first licked his balls and then up the entire length of his cock slowly. She reached his cock head and kissed it giggling as she watched his cock twitch. Next she did the same thing again, only this time she kept her mouth wide opened, and wrapped her soft lips around his cock head and licked the underside of his glans.

He arched his back and moaned as she pushed her mouth down onto his cock further. She sucked and used her tongue to rub his shaft as she lifted her head. Her big blue eyes looked into Mike's and then she REALLY started to suck his cock just like a pro. His hips began to thrust in time with her sucking. She started jerking and twisting what she couldn't fit in her mouth, using her saliva as a lubricant. After several minutes of this, he was getting very close to shooting his load.

"I'm going to cum babyhhhhh.....ooooohh god....oh ssshhhhit!" Mike moaned.

Rachel popped his cock out of her mouth and then stuck her tongue out as she jerked his cock hard and fast. Mike's head fell back as he groaned. Soon his back arched and his body went stiff. He started to cum really REALLY hard. He could feel his cum shooting out of his cock but couldn't feel it landing anywhere.

After cumming really hard and long, he collapsed on his back and realized that his cock was still in Rachel's mouth. She looked into his eyes and slipped her mouth off of his cock and opened wide. Then believe it or not, his nearly spent cock twitched hard as he watched her swallow. Seconds later, she used her finger to scoop a lot of cum off of her tits, face and chin and swallowed that as well.

"Now let’s put this big boy back where it belongs,” she said and slowly lowered herself onto his almost spent cock. Miraculously Mike began to grow back to his normal size and for the next few minutes the three observers watched their very first FUCK ever courtesy of Rachel and Mr. Mike.

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