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Seeing Red

Categories Fiction, Incest, Male / Female, Prostitution

Author: Teddybear84

Published: 22 November 2017

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Our Mother once sat us both down one day and told us without any hesitation that she was going to work in a brothel as the Madame and insisted that it was a clean and safe environment and she would not be involved with any of the sex work.
Mom was struggling financially to pay back bills and loans and a few times we had the power and water cut off on us so this new job would give her a lot of money fast and it wasn’t hard work.
It was her theory that the more we knew what she did, the easier it would be for us to lie for her when someone asked where she worked.
I did not fully understand what she did but my older sister Gabby was able to explain it to me because she had learned about sex in school.
We kept her secret for many years, even after she got her life back on track, Mom loved her job and stayed there long after she had promised to quit
But she was there for so long we just thought it was normal and we never questioned her about it.
Surprisingly, Mom found it difficult to have a relationship because her life was a secret on the outside and anyone she met on the inside wasn’t trustworthy.
Since she was around sex all day, Mom had to keep a collection of pornographic movies and sex toys at home to satisfy her cravings which she brought home from work.
In a time before the Internet, having easy access to so many videos while I was starting puberty felt like Christmas day for me and I watched them so many times I knew every scene from memory.
When Mom caught me the first time, she wasn’t angry or upset because she knew it was inevitable I would watch them so she just smiled and told me to clean up after myself.

Part of Mom’s job wasn’t just to collect money and introduce the ladies but also to make the clients feel comfortable which is why she wore sexy lingerie to work.
She had a milky white complexion with short natural red hair and freckles so to improve her appearance, Mom would go outside on weekends and sunbathe naked to get a tan.
The deck was right outside my bedroom window and sometimes I had a clear view right between her legs of her large pink pussy flaps and giant clit which poked out through her curly red bush.
Mom had a wide, chubby pear shaped body with large E cup breasts which she would squash together in her bra to make her cleavage pop out.
She had lots of sexy outfits like body stockings and corsets but there was nothing better than her skimpy G-strings which cut deep into her meaty thighs and got swallowed up by her big round bubble butt or a pair of crotchless panties that exposed her bright red fire crotch.
Mom had always dressed like this for work but she usually covered up with a long coat before leaving the house so it wasn’t until I started following her around that I noticed her attire.
She didn’t have any normal underwear so when she went to the shops, people would stare and giggle at how shameless she was dressed because her whale tail would stick out the back of her pants or if she wore a tight skirt, her panty-line would be clearly visible.

When Mom was finished work, she would strip off and have a shower and throw her dirty clothes in the washing basket and I would go and fish them out and take them back to my room to sniff them.
Her job made her very horny throughout the night so her panties would be soaked and I would spread them across my face and breath in her scent while I jerked off.
I wore them around the house later in the day because I liked the feeling of the satin against my cock and when I bent over and the string pulled tight across my asshole which felt amazing.
Mom had a favorite sex toy she kept under her pillow which was a large black rubber penis which vibrated when the cap at the bottom was turned and I liked to put in my mouth and taste the pussy juice. Unfortunately, most of the time I could only taste lubricant and I would choke on the small red pubic hairs but I did admire how Mom got the whole thing inside of her.
I had previously measured it against my own erection and it was easily twice the girth and almost double the length of mine.
Gabby and I were alone all the time so there had been times in the past where we fooled around together, like watching porn or exploring each other’s body so when she caught me in Mom’s room, she would just shake her head like it was nothing she hadn’t seen before.

Our Mother went by the name of Madame Ginger on account of her red hair and fiery personality but she had been working there for so long that some of the ladies started calling her Mother Ginger because she would bring in food and drinks, help them with different problems and she was nice to everyone.
Apart from the pornography and lingerie, Mom had never brought her work home but she took a liking to one woman who was the same age as her and needed a place to stay for a couple of weeks until she got back on her feet.
Kathy was a tall, blonde Goddess of a woman who had a fit muscular body from years of rowing boats and almost made it to the Olympics before she was in a car accident which killed her career.
She developed depression and became addicted to drugs and alcohol which lead her into a life of prostitution to pay for her habits.
First, she started on a notorious strip for street hookers but then realized she could make more money on her own because she was still extremely beautiful and so she advertised out of her apartment instead.
Her schedule became so overbooked with regular return clients that she removed the ad but it wasn’t long until the landlord found out about her work and kicked her out.
Without a place to live, Kathy had nowhere to conduct business so she came to work at Mom’s brothel until she found a new place of her own so when Mom heard her story, she invited her to stay with us.

Kathy only worked weekends with Mom unless it was a slow night and then Mom would come home and they would get drunk together.
As soon as Kathy started drinking, she opened right up and told Mom plenty of stories about her travels and I would just sit in the next room out of sight and eavesdrop as well.
She had done pretty much anything you could think of, from married couples, pissing on guys right through to getting flown around the world for sex parties and snorting large amounts of coke.
Her most memorable client was an older German man who smelled really bad but apparently was some genius scientist and she explained to Mom that he had the most magical tongue she ever felt.
He knew exactly where to lick and had the perfect rhythm which gave her the most intense orgasm within a couple of minutes and the best part was he never wanted anything in return.
There was also a short, fat Moroccan guy who was a wealthy property developer that used to take her away for weekends to 5 star resorts and they would just sit in the sun all day and drink cocktails.
He had the biggest cock she had ever seen, not only long but wide and even though he was unhealthy, he would just power fuck her for hours until her pussy was red raw.
Even though he stretched her right open, he paid a lot of money so she kept going back until he stopped calling.

Mom was mesmerized by all of Kathy’s stories and she was so enthusiastic that she began opening up about her own life such as admitting that she had actually inquired about being a prostitute but she didn’t fit the type of woman the owner was looking for.
However, Mom used to work in a casino as a floor manager so she had an assertive yet bubbly temperament so the owner thought she would be better suited as the Madame and paid her just as much as she would get as a working lady.
By that stage, I wasn’t too surprised at Mom’s confession as much as I was about some of the other things she told Kathy such as her drug experimentation with the other ladies and having a threesome with two African guys where she got penetrated in all holes and explained her fascination with her black dildo.
Gabby didn’t like Kathy from the start and warned us not to trust her but she was too busy with her new boyfriend that we never took her advice into consideration.
Kathy was magnetic and Mom and I were both so attracted to her that we were blind to her suspicious motives and behavior.
Those couple of weeks turned into months and Kathy was showing no signs of leaving.
Mom was at work so she didn’t care and my hormones were out of control and clouding my judgement so I didn’t care either.
Kathy and I took showers together, gave each other body massages, she wore sexy lingerie around the house and constantly flashed me with her perky breasts.
Often I would come into a room and Kathy would be on all fours with her ass up in the air and she would make me eat her out from behind and tongue fuck her pussy and asshole.
She would come into my bedroom late at night while I was asleep and sit on my face and rub her shaven pussy over my mouth and grind her hips down until I was gasping for air.
At any given moment, Kathy would just demand me to get down on my knees and lick her pussy.
One evening at a restaurant, she made me get under the table to eat her out even though Mom was sitting there with us. Oddly enough, Mom had no panties on that night and when I finished with Kathy I took a great close up look of Mom’s hairy snatch and her juicy fat clit.
When I returned to the surface, neither woman looked at me but I could see them both smirking at each other and thought that maybe Mom had asked Kathy to keep me company to keep me away from her.

Something didn’t feel right after a while because Kathy was always enjoying the attention and orgasms every time and never returning the favour and if I tried touching myself while we were together, she would swat my hands away.
Then Kathy started humiliating me by making me dress up in Mom’s lingerie and parading it around the house in front of Mom and Gabby and my cock and balls would just be hanging out for all to see.
She would also approach me and lift up her skirt and pull her tanned ass cheeks apart and stretch her pussy and butt-hole open to get me aroused and she made me take off my pants and walk around the house with my erection up in the air.
The final straw for me was when she made me put a butt plug in my ass and I had to leave it in for a while then Kathy took it off and put a bigger one in followed by a bigger one until it was ripping me open. It was painful at the start but felt pretty good later but I was still upset that I was being used by Kathy and she was being selfish.
I complained to Mom but she just brushed it off saying Kathy is just having fun and I should enjoy the adventure. Sex was a fun and natural part of life and should be celebrated.
To make matters worse, after I complained to Mom, I tried keep my distance from Kathy but she then crept into my room while I was asleep and started sucking my dick until I came in her mouth and I instantly forgave her.

But eventually Kathy slipped up again but this time it was with Mom because something happened and they got into an argument so the next day when we got home, Kathy was gone along with some of Mom’s cash savings, lots of her clothes including her expensive lingerie and a collection of jewellery.
Some of Mom’s sex toys and pornography were also gone and the whole experience left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth so Mom chucked out everything else before I could get it for myself.
Mom never really explained what happened but I think it had something to do with drugs because when I saw Kathy years later she was so high that she never even remembered me.
Gabby had kept mentioning it to us so we were disappointment we didn’t listen to her and it left Mom a bit jaded from the experience and so she stopped being so nice to the other ladies which was the start of her downfall at the brothel.
About a year later, out of nowhere, Mom just quit her job as Madame and she got completely out of the city and moved down to the coast to get a fresh start.
Mom would go on to meet Trevor, a good looking man around her age who owned a coffee importation business and was 2nd time divorced and he gave Mom a job taking care of his book work when he found out she used to manage the books for the brothel as well.
He was mature enough not to care about her history and understood it was a means to an end to get money as a single mother with so much financial stress. They now live on the coast together happily and I go and visit them a couple of times a year.

Although it wasn’t Mom’s intention to negatively affect us, her choice of job absolutely had an impact on us in different ways.
Gabby went to college and became a nurse, met a guy and got married which surprised me how she took the orthodox approach.
I traveled the world going from brothel to brothel, pub to pub, fucking as many old hookers or divorcees as I could find, hoping to fill the void that our Mother had left behind.
Either they were exciting like she was but didn’t look like her or they looked like her and did nothing to arouse me and I always felt empty however there were some great times in between.
Even though I never once went to Mom’s brothel, the smell of incense burning, damp towels and moldy cigarettes was quite familiar to me.
The dim lights, carpeted walls and showers that only spat out either boiling hot or icy cold water made me feel like I was home if only for 60 minutes at a time.
After smashing some scary looking woman, I would always tell myself never again but there was always something about a big fat ass or large bouncy tits which flicked a switch in my head and triggered my depravity.
I went to all the places I might find a thick, chunky red head Mommy – Ireland, England, Germany, Netherlands and parts of Eastern Europe but eventually my time ran out so I returned home to try live a normal life like Gabby.

Once I had finished my training, I got a nice office job back in the city and got an apartment close to work which oddly enough was next to the hospital that Gabby was working in.
We hadn’t spoken in a few years and she didn’t even know I was home so she freaked out when I passed her walking in the street one day.
She had just finished work so I invited her up to my apartment to check it out and have a quick catch up before her husband Ben came to pick her up.
I told her about some of the places I had traveled to and we talked about what happened after we went our separate ways and we were like best friends again so she called Ben and told him not to pick her up because she was working a double shift which was sounded weird that she lied to him.
We started drinking so I didn’t give it much thought and then as we got comfortable we started bringing up some memories from the past and laughing about them together but we agreed that we both missed Madame Ginger and Kathy.
Gabby and Ben lived at least an hour’s drive out of the city which she hated because she didn’t like traveling after working so much so I told her she could stay at mine and go to work from here the next day so I setup the guest room and we retired for the night.

We met up a couple of times for dinner and she brought Ben along as well since I had never really met the guy in person and he seemed decent enough. He kept calling our Mother by her first name, Laura, and saying what a nice woman she was which meant he probably didn’t know about her history.
I brought up the idea that Gabby should stay at my apartment when she finished late at night which they both happily agreed to because neither of them liked traveling at that time so I gave her my spare key and told her just to come and go as she pleased.
A few weeks later, I came home early because I had forgotten my lunch and when I walked into my lounge room I was greeted by an old naked man with grey hair, a bushy mustache and thick glasses.
Luckily his eyes were closed so he didn’t see me but then I looked down to his lower half where I saw a red pony tail bobbing up and down in front of his crotch and I realized it was Gabby.
I tip toed back out and grabbed lunch from a shop on the way back to the office and I didn’t see her again for a few days.

The scene I had witnessed was hard to erase out of my memory and I kept seeing his wrinkly old body but what really stood out was that last glace I took of Gabby where she was on her knees and her huge round ass cheeks were resting on her ankles and a black G-string wrapped tightly around her wide hips and down between her taint. That thick white booty and hairy red snatch reminded me of Mom.
Instantly, I got aroused at those thoughts and I pulled my cock out and began jerking so vigorously that I wore myself out and don’t remember cumming or falling asleep.
Next thing, a light clicked on in my bedroom and woke me up and when my eyes finally adjusted, I could see Gabby standing in the doorway.
“I know you saw me the other day. He is some Doctor at the hospital that keeps hitting on me. Ben is a nice guy and I love him but he’s so boring and normal. Do you remember how exciting it was when Mom was a Madame? We used to get up to so much mischief and it was the best time of my life.” I nodded in agreement. “I keep hooking up with all these random guys online and at work but it never feels the same as the past.”
I knew exactly what she was going through, the only difference was I went chasing that feeling where as she tried to block it off but it ended up chasing her.
“Then you came back into my life and I finally felt free again and I understood why. I have a gift for you.”
Gabby picked up a large duffle bag off the ground and gave it to me and when I looked inside, I found all of the missing pornography, sex toys and lingerie that we thought Kathy had stolen.
“Fuck, how did you find these?” I asked, bewildered.
“I saw Kathy stuffing them into this bag so I distracted her and ran off with it and hid it at a friend’s house. Then Kathy disappeared and Mom stopped working so I just kept it with all my other belongings.”
She grabbed a handful of the lingerie and disappeared for a while and came back dressed in a white thong with matching bra and garter belt which held up a pair of knee high stockings.
Gabby had only gotten better with age and her body was most certainly an upgrade over our Mothers with a much bustier hourglass figure. Her breasts weren’t as big but they were better shaped and her stomach was a bit flatter but her hips were much wider and her ass was bigger and had no cellulite. She hardly ever went out into the sun so her skin was silky smooth and the color of porcelain then I noticed that she purposefully kept her pubic hair long just like Mom used to.

She approached the bed and stood next to me while I admired her body before she climbed up and swung her thick legs across my head and positioned her bushy snatch right in front of my face.
Then she lowered her head down into my crotch and began licking around my balls and up the side of my shaft.
I pulled the white G-string to the side and parted her enormous ass cheeks, exposing her long pussy lips and a throbbing clit which instantly brought back memories of Mom’s giant bean.
My tongue glided around the hood of her pussy and deep into her hole and she hummed in ecstasy.
Her pubic hairs tickled my cheeks as I mashed my face into her pelvis and she rocked back and forth so that her clit was rubbing against my tongue and I could feel her pussy juice trickling down my throat.
Gabby now had my cock in her mouth and it wasn’t long before I was about to bust so I tapped her on the ass to stop but she just sucked harder and after I came in her mouth, she just swallowed it whole.
We both collapse on the bed together and caught our breath then Gabby got up and slowly rolled the G-string down off of her hips on to the ground while suggestively bending over in front of me.
She climbed back on to the bed on all fours with her ass up in the air so I got behind her and slid my cock into her snatch which is when she shrieked and jumped forward away from me.
“What’s wrong?” I asked in fear.
“Not the kitty.” She replied. “We can’t afford for something like that to happen.”
She reached down into the duffle bag and pulled something out and handed me Mom’s favourite old black rubber penis and told me to use that instead so I licked it clean first and as I pushed it in, I saw her pussy stretch wide to fit it all in which made Gabby wince in pain.
She turned on the vibrator and lowered pelvis down so the bed trapped the fake cock inside and then she pulled her ass cheeks wide apart and told me to stick mine in her backdoor.
I gently pushed my cock into her asshole inch by inch and Gabby started moaning louder and I could feel the vibrations through her vaginal wall which made my whole ball sack tingle.
She shouted loudly as she orgasmed then she spun around towards me and took my cock in her mouth until I shot my load and then she cleaned all of her nasty ass fluid off with her tongue.
The black cock squirted out of her wet pussy with an audible gurgle and landed on the bed so I picked it up and began sucking all her juices off of it.
As I did that, Gabby lifted my legs up over my head and buried her tongue deep into my asshole and face fucked my dirty brown hole. She was so filthy that I came just from her rimming me.
Laying there next to Gabby with my nuts completely drained and the smell of pussy and ass choking my airways, I finally felt some relief and fulfilment that after all these years, I had finally found what I was looking for and this was just the start.

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Seeing Red

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