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Doctor's "Harem" - Ch. 01 - Nurse Deena

Categories Fantasy, Hardcore, Male / Female, Mature

Authror: BBW_Lust_Logan

Published: 22 November 2017

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My Nickname is Moro, I am a surgeon, my age -when this story took place- was around 29, and I was just in the second half of my residency in a surgical institute.

I am a little overweight, plus somehow not that tall, so I had no ambitions in being the stud doctor or womanizer media usually presents. Nevertheless, I was quite handsome, and as smart as Einstein.

The institute, meanwhile, was just loaded with hot chicks and sexy females, including employees, nurses and service girls.

One of the hugest seductions for me was nurse Deena. She was my surgery clinic nurse, she was brown-colored, curvaceous, hot as hell, divorced, BBW chick. She was in her late thirties, and she had a 7 year old little daughter, and was living with her mother.

She was the first nurse that I worked with here, she was like an angel, always treated me nicely and used to tell me many tales about her mother, brother, daughter and ex-husband, till I knew a lot about her personal world, as if I was a family member.

One day -and I already knew that her mother was diabetic, and suffered an old stroke, that rendered her completely bedridden- she asked me with a huge embarrassment if I could have a look on her mother as she had a gluteal abscess. (That is a localized inflammation, with pus collection, in one of her buttocks).

"Dr. Moro, I am so sorry to ask you this favor, but you're my closest doctor all through."

She told me in really embarrassed tone.

"It's a pleasure, Mrs. Deena."

I replied politely.

I used to call her with her first name.

"I'll wait for your visit tonight, if it's okay with you."

She told me her address, which was luckily very near to the institute. I was on duty that day till 8 p.m., I went there once I became off duty.

I found the house that she described and it seemed pretty old. Their apartment was in the ground floor, standing alone in the middle of the floor. I knew from her tales that they were poor, but just now, I saw what she was talking about.

I knocked on the door, she opened-up, she was wearing a somewhat tight home-gown, with no sleeves, widely-open neck, it was framing the most seducing cleavage I've ever gazed upon, her plump juicy arms were out on display, the gown proudly drew the outline of her big, juicy boobs, which seemed to be exploding outside her tight bra; It outlined her huge bubble-butt, her creamy hips, where the strap and cuts of her panty popped out clearly, encircling her hips, and extending towards her groin and rumps.

"Welcome Dr. Moro." she said cheerfully. "I really appreciate your effort and generosity."

"You should thank me for something that I can say no to." I said with a warm, friendly smile. She smiled back in sincere gratitude.

I stepped inside, to a small corridor, then a small hall, that barely had a chair, a table and a couch, on which a fat old woman was lying, clearly, she was her mother, she was three times fat as Deena, but I noticed just now, where did she get her sexy looks and figure.

"How are you ma?" I cheered her mother, sympathetically. "Hope you get well very soon."

"Thanks a lot my boy."

Deena asked me "would you like to get started, so we don't keep you busy much longer?"

"Whatever you like!" I said, smiling at her.

"Here, have a seat. I'll be right back." She went running inside, and that gave me a good glance at her wiggling booty.

Sitting on the lonely chair besides the table, I couldn't help but notice -within a perspective-, how much the daughter's ass resembled a younger version of her mother's ass!

"That chick, is from that duck!" I thought to myself; Then I got ashamed of thinking this way of her sick mother, whom I was about to treat.

A moment later, she came back, holding a utensils tray with the tools for dressing, she put that on the table, and began raising her mother's home gown, once again I couldn't help but gaze upon her sexy, fat, juicy calves and thighs; I almost got turned-on, but reminded myself rapidly of her sickness, so it went away.

After a moment, she pulled down her mother's wide black old lady pants, I could see that her right buttock had an old surgical dressing; I put on a pair of latex gloves, removed it, and checked the wound, without too much unwanted details, for the sake of those who are not big fans of surgery; I did the necessary procedure, and sealed the wound with sterile dressing; I took off my gloves, and discarded them, with the used gauze and dressing, then she quickly covered her mother's bare ass, with her gown, as originally was.

"God bless your healing hands, Dr. Moro." she said smiling.

"God bless you Mrs. Deena, and bless your good, patient mother." I said, gently caressing her mother's head. "Hope she gets very well, soon enough."

"God bless you my boy." Her mother mumbled in a little pain

"Please have a seat in this room, I won't be long dear doctor." she said that pointing to a room next to the hall that we were in, that seemed to be a small living room, with a huge couch, onto which I walked and sat down; I glanced at Deena who was, at that moment, giving her mother some pills, and a glass of water, she was bending-over, raising her huge ass in the air; I got a raging hard-on instantly, then she disappeared into the rest of the apartment.

Three minutes later, she came back with a tray, on which two glasses of juice, and a plate of homemade cookies.

"Help yourself!"

"There was no need for that, I don't want to cause you any troubles."

"No trouble at all." she said with the same embarrassed tone. "In fact, I'm highly embarrassed for your effort and gentleness."

"Enough of such nonsense" I told her with a fed-up tone. "You know how much I care for you!"

"That's why I'm very embarrassed, but ... "and she took a closed envelope from within her cleavage, and offered it to me saying, "Please forgive me, if I had misevaluated anything".

I looked at her hand sticking out towards me, and I laughed in disbelief, I moved my hand towards her, and ... grabbed a cookie, saying cheerfully, "As much as it is hugely sexy, and seductive, thinking of where it had been for the last four minutes." I gazed at her cleavage for a moment. "But I don't, however, have any words to say to you, except, are you out of your damn mind?!"

"I swear, you must accept it!"

"O.K., let me put it this way, do you think I would ever accept any payment, for treating my mother?"

"This is not acceptable, Dr. Moro. It's more than enough, what you've already done!" She told me, while rolling her eyes in embarrassment. "This way I will regret asking you that favor, and I won't be able to ask you again!"

"What if I told you that I shall come visit her every day? And you should try stopping me." I said furiously.

"I'm very embarrassed; I don't know what to say." She mumbled.

"I know" I said, grabbing another cookie. "Just quit being a foolish girl, and forget about that."

"Have some juice, won't you?!"

She offered me my glass.

"What about mom?"

I asked her, peeking a look towards her now-sleeping mother.

"Mom took her pills." She sighed, adding, "Including a sedative, and fell asleep."

That phrase opened the door of attempts to my eager lust, I decided to give it a try.

"Where's Sarah?" Sarah was her daughter.

"She went out with my brother and his family, to visit some of their cousins, and will be up late throughout the night." She said.

"Won't you ever consider getting back with your ex?"

I meant for that to be a canning question, but it came out a friendlier one.

"That filthy piece of shit?" She disgustingly asked. "Never!"

She nearly shouted the word (never), and exclaimed, "What made you think of that?"

"Seeing you like this!"

"What do you mean by (this)?"

"Well." I said, adding in a somehow whispering voice. "To be honest, I see how lonely and vulnerable you are now, and any woman in-your-shoes, needs to have a man beside her!"

"What for?" She asked furiously. "Nothing on earth can ever make me in need for his awful presence!"

"A woman needs a man for lots of things, to chat with, to complain to, to tell what bothered her, to lie in his arms; And thereby, he gives her the .. The relief she needs, you know!" I tried to act as if I was shy and embarrassed for such words.

She had already been doing all of these issues with me lately, well, of course, except for the last two points; It just then hit me, when she said what I was just thinking of!

"Well, I chat with you, I complain to you, I tell you what bothered me, this way, only the last two are missing-out!"

She then, trying -without success- to change the subject, asked me: "why won't you start a relationship with someone?"

I imitated her exclaiming words, asking: "What for?"

And I laughed.

"For the same reasons you were criticizing me, and for fulfilling your -sure outraging- needs."

I, once again, imitated her words, saying: "Here I am, chatting with you, complaining to you, telling you what bothered me, only the last two are missing-out!"

She gazed upon me, and we stared into each other's eyes for a few minutes, then she got up, I saw her checking on her mother, she returned and locked the door shut, and sat very close to me.

I, suddenly, leaned forward, and sucked her lips hard in a very passionate and deep kiss, that it was hard to breathe near its end.

I started caressing her plump arms, and back, pulled her up, and grabbed her huge juicy butt cheeks, hard enough that she sighed from between our sealed lips, my fingers squeezed deeply in her rich creamy butt cheeks, and my rock-hard throbbing shaft stabbed her hot mound.

I lifted my right arm upwards, grabbing her huge luscious juicy left boob, fondled and stroked it for a while, while she seemed to be losing her consciousness; I could feel her cherry-sized nipple right through the fabric, it was erect, and firm, but insanely fleshy; I could imagine she didn't have a bra underneath.

I grabbed her gown by the sides, and lifted it up above her head, she was wearing nearly nothing, I mean except for a very thin, light, see-through, one-piece undershirt, that barely passed her ass-folds, through which I could clearly see her dark, firm, inviting, large nipples, and the shadows of her 2-inches wide, dark-brown areolas, her cleavage was now out in the open.

I gently touched her cleavage, and tracked it down to her left breast, her hot, extremely smooth, soft skin, almost made me cum in my pants, I reached to the under fold of her boob, where I could capture the soft, fleshy, extremely hot jug, within my fist.

I squeezed it, rocked it, stroked it, and when she closed her eyes for a second in ecstasy, I pulled it out of her shirt, followed by the other one, her big nipples twitched when they got exposed to the cool weather, whereas I instantly attacked them; In less than a second, I was pinching the right nipple between my fingertips, squeezing and twisting it, while the left one landed deep in my mouth, nearly touching my throat, as I had swallowed it, along with the areola, and sucked on them as crazy.

She loudly moaned with pleasure, and I could feel her boiling cunt dripping wet; I let go of her right nipple, and, while still nursing on the left one, squeezed her nude butt cheeks with both hands, and pulled them out, as if I was opening a huge book, I relocated my mouth to the right nipple, started sucking and licking it insanely.

In that time, my fingers have found her butt-hole, stroked it, and gently poked at it for a few moments, when I felt her hands finally freeing my hard-on.

She pulled down my pants and boxer shorts, slid them over my throbbing shaft, and grabbed my dick with both palms, stroking it insanely, twisting around the glans, licking the head and the slit at its tip, then ran her tongue against its under-surface, back and forth, till I almost came, I pushed her on her back on the wide couch, took a hold of her huge juicy thighs, shoved my boner into her boiling pussy, it was heavily wetted that I literally achieved a smooth, bump-less dive into it.

I couldn't believe the heat and tightness of her long abandoned pussy, I rammed her pussy hard, thrusted into it vigorously, I felt as if she had lost her consciousness, but after a few thrusts, she exploded in an enormous cum, shivered and quivered like crazy, contracted her thighs and pussy walls around my still hard shaft; Soon after I pulled my dick out of her pussy, and polished her groin and belly with a flood of cum, that I had never produced before, the cum nearly emptied my balls, I felt them jump with the throbbing ejaculate.

I laid beside her, hugging her, stroking whatever my hands could grab, she hold me tight, kissed me deeply, the only thing she could catch some breath to say, was:

"See? What do I need any man for?"

And she added in an ecstatic voice: "you are, and always will be, my man."
Next time we will meet the second girl in the Harem, Nurse Roonie.

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Doctor's "Harem" - Ch. 01 - Nurse Deena

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