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  1. My Friends Daughter Holly Part 1
  2. My Friends Daughter Holly Part 2
  3. My Friends Daughter Holly Part 3
  4. My Friends Daughter Holly Part 4
  5. My Friends Daughter Holly Part 5
  6. My Friends Daughter Holly Part 6
  7. My Friends Daughter Holly 1-6

My Friends Daughter Holly Part 6

Categories Fiction, Female solo, Lesbian, Group Sex

Author: Wayne.ker

Published: 23 November 2017

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Part 6

After having something to eat, Holly finds her black dress and puts it on, without her bra and thong that has gone missing. After I finish dressing we both join Barbara and Bill back in the lounge room, Barbara grabs us both a drink and we all sit there and chat about last night and this morning's fun.

Bill asks, “Holly do you have any regrets on what has happened to you?”
“Oh no, everything was great I really enjoyed myself it was such a lot of fun.” Holly tells Bill.
Bill looking at me asks. “Robert, how do you feel about what's gone on?”
“I'm happy as long as Holly is ok with everything that has happened to her.” I tell Bill.
Bill runs his hand up Holly's bare thigh and says. “I'm glad your both are happy and have enjoyed yourselves because my company wants Holly to join our human resources department and look after our managers.” I ask,“You want Holly to keep fucking the managers is that right?”
Bill says, “Only if Holly is happy for that continue happening, she is very popular.”

There is a knock on the suite's door, Barbara goes and answers it and invites them inside the room, I see it’s Amanda and she is holding a young girl's hand, the girl is very pretty and is wearing a short floral dress. Amanda says to Holly and me, “This is Carol she is my daughter.”
We both say hello to Carol as we watch her sit on Bill’s lap and give him a kiss. Bill looking at me, runs his hand under Carol’s floral dress, I turn to look at Amanda only to see that she is kissing and cuddling Barbara. When I look back at Bill and Carol her dress has been bunched around her waist and her pink cotton panties are on display.

Holly cuddles up against me as we watch Bill’s hands move up Carol’s bare thigh and his fingers run over Carol’s pink cotton panties, I wonder how much further Bill is going to go as he smiles at us. Bill tells us, “Carol is my gorgeous daughter, she lives with Amanda and her stepfather Tom.”
I run my hand under Holly’s dress and over her cunt lips only to find that her cunt is soaking wet.

There is another knock on the door to the suite, Barbara gets up and answers it and I hear Barbara inviting them inside, when Holly see who it is she jumps up to her feet and rushes over and throws her arms around her father’s neck and gives him a passionate kiss.
Holly leads her father over to Bill who lifts Carol of his knee and stands up, “Bill this is my father, Mal.” “It's nice to meet you Mal, Holly has been telling me all about you, here have a seat next to me, this is Carol my gorgeous daughter.”

Carol returns to sitting on Bill’s lap as Bill and Mal chat, his hand begins rubbing Carol's thigh as he talks to Mal, every few moments, Mal looks down at Carol's thighs and then back up to look at Bill. When Bill says something, Mal turns and looks at his daughter Holly, when Bill tells Holly to come join them, Holly moves over and sits beside Bill, he immediately starts rubbing Holly's thigh thru the side slit of her dress, in front of her father.

I want to keep watching what is happening but am interrupted by both Amanda and Barbara sitting either side of me, Barbara leans over and begins kissing me as Amanda rubs my cock through my pants, when I manage a quick look over at Bill and Mal with their daughters, I see that Bill has removed Carol's pink panties and her bare cunt is on display to Mal. I also notice that the bottom of Holly's black dress has been pushed to the side exposing her bare cunt to her father. Mal is rubbing his daughter’s thigh moving his fingers closer to her cunt.

Barbara pulls me around to face her and begins undoing the buttons on my shirt, at the same time Amanda begins undoing my belt and pants, With Barbara having removed my shirt and tie, she starts kissing me passionately. Amanda tries pulling my pants down, I lift up my hips letting my pants be pulled down to my ankles. When I can look over towards Bill and Mal, no one is there, laying on the couch is Holly's black dress along with Carol's floral dress and her pink panties.

When I'm pulled down to the floor, Amanda starts licking my hard cock, Barbara has undressed and starts to lower her cunt onto my face, I can feel her cunt juices dripping into my mouth as I begin licking her cunt. Amanda removes her mouth of my cock, and the next thing I feel is Amanda squatting over my cock as she lowers her cunt all the way down onto my cock, she waits a few minutes then begins rising and dropping back down on my cock,I feel like screaming in pleasure but I can't with Barbara's pussy being grinded on my face.

Barbara hops of my face, finally letting me catch my breath, I look up at Amanda as she rides my cock, I reach out and squeeze her tits, when I pinch and twists her nipples she rides my cock faster. I grab her hips and hold her down as my cock erupts and shoots my cum inside her cunt, Amanda reaches down and begins rubbing her clit, I watch her start to moan,then she screams that she has cum and collapses on top of me. I wrap my arms around her body and hold her tight, her breasts are squashed against my chest.

When I release my hold of her she stands up, she pulls me to my feet, Amanda wraps a arm around my waist and leads me towards Bill’s bedroom. When we look into the bedroom I see Barbara sitting in a chair with a leg over the armrest and she is furiously fingering herself, when I look over at the bed I see Bill is fucking Holly and what surprises me is that I see Mal fucking young Carol, driving the whole length of his cock into her young cunt.

I sit down and watch what is happening, Amanda moves up beside her daughter’s head and rubs Carol's hair, she then fondles and squeezes her daughters puffy breasts, then pinches her nipples and pulls them outwards causing Carol to whimper softly in pain. Carol reaches out and begins playing with her mother’s cunt, she pushes her fingers into her mother's cunt, fingering the hole that she had came out off.

My cock begins twitching as it starts to become hard again, I hear Mal start to grunt as he pulls Carol back onto his cock, he nearly lifts her off the bed as he holds her there keeping his cock buried inside her small bald cunt. I watch as his body tenses up each time he squirts his cum into Carol’s cunt, after several more squirts from his cock he is empty and he steps back letting his now soft cock slip out of Carol's cunt.

Mal takes a seat next to me and whispers, “That was an incredible fuck, it reminded me of fucking Holly at Carol's age.”
“So I guess you're ok with Holly being fucked by the others then?” I ask.
Mal says,“Bill explained to me, how it was a great opportunity for Holly to learn and she would be paid well.” Just as he finished talking to me, Barbara got on her knees and began kissing and licking Mal's cock.

Amanda now had her face buried between her daughter's legs, sucking and licking up Mal's cum from her daughter's young cunt. Bill was ready to cum, he drove his cock into Holly's cunt and held it there as he blasted his seed into her, Holly was screaming that she was cumming and she thrashed her hips wildly trying to get more of Bill's cock inside her cunt. Amanda looked up at what was happening then she turned and faced me and nodded her head as she got to her feet leaving her daughter laying there on the bed.

Her meaning was clear and I got up from my seat and moved between Carol's slim legs, I began pushing my hard cock at the entrance to Carol's tight young cunt, after pushing a bit harder the tip of my cock went inside her tight cunt. I kept pushing my cock further in until it was all the way inside her tight young cunt. I looked down at Carol and her small body and her puffy tits, she was smiling like an angel at me, I noticed she had dried cum at the edges of her mouth, she had recently sucked a cock, I wondered if it had been Bill’s or Mal’s cock or maybe she had sucked both of their cocks.

I wanted my cock in her young mouth for her to suck, but first I needed to finish fucking her, I pulled my cock back out of her cunt just leaving the head of my cock still inside her, then I drove my cock all the way back in, I could feel my cock hitting the bottom of her cunt each time I drove it into her. I fucked her like I was a wild animal, she was just somewhere to put my cum into, I couldn't control myself as I fucked her roughly. When I started to cum I lifted Carol’s body up against my chest and held her tight there, with my cock still buried inside her cunt, I turned around still holding her and sat on the edge of the bed. When I released my hold on Carol's body she climbed off my lap letting my soft cock slip out of her young hole.

I looked over and saw that everyone had all been watching me fucking Carol. Bill said, “You looked like you really enjoyed fucking Carol Robert.”
Before I could answer Carol said, “I really loved being fucked daddy are you going to fuck me too.” “Oh yes sweetheart daddy's going to fuck you as well.”
Carol was definitely going to grow up to be like her mother, a gorgeous and a sexy toy for everyone to enjoy.

When Barbara had worked her magic on Mal's cock it was nice and hard again. Amanda laid on the bed and opened her legs, Mal stood up and moved been between Amanda’s legs, lifting both of her legs onto his shoulders, he rubbed his hard cock over her bald slit and then pushed the tip of his cock into the entrance to her love hole, then with a thrust his cock disappeared into Amanda’s bald cunt, a few seconds later he pulled his ccck back out half way, then thrust it back all the way in, he repeated this over and over working up to a fast rhythm. He had just fucked the daughter and now was fucking her mother, it couldn't get any better than this.

As Amanda was being fucked,Carol laid down next to her mother and took one of her mother’s nipples into her mouth and began sucking like she was being breast fed. When Barbara pushed her finger into Carol’s young bald cunt, Carol moaned and bit down on her mother’s nipple, Amanda screamed out in pain, As Barbara continued finger fucking Carol's tight bald cunt, she reached down and began fingering her own cunt with her other hand's fingers.

Holly was sitting on Bill’s lap and as she watched her father fucking Amanda, Holly began fingering her own wet hole as Bill played with her tits and kissed the back of her neck. Holly loved having the back of her neck kissed, it sent shivers through her body and her fingers rubbed over her clit faster, she let out a long moan as her body began shaking, she had just given herself another orgasm.

Mal was close to cumming too, Amanda had already orgasmed and her juices flowed out of her cunt. Bill grunted as his cock erupted and shot his cum inside Amanda’s wet hole. With everyone now relaxing and trying to recover. Bill suggested that we all have a shower and get dressed and go down to the restaurant for a meal.

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My Friends Daughter Holly Part 6

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