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Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Incest, Interracial

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 29 November 2017

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Mom fluffed me up last night, I remembered it. But, what the logic of that was escapes me. I anticipate that this is not going to happen all that often, but I guess it will help me a lot to be patient for my other self and this one to meld together and find a balance in my conflicting feelings about sex and other things.

It is obvious from everyone’s reactions to me and their current operating relationships with me, that I am now considerably different than the personage who inhabited this young boy’s body in the recent past. Where my current personage is from, I have had clues and assurances, but never-the-less am beginning to be accommodated to this new life and awareness on my part.

After all, it is not hard to live a life with a great deal of acceptance and a strong handle on most of life’s challenges, rather profound ones for me at my apparent age. The main thing is to not appear too advanced for my age, nor too perfect either. So, I have to let some slippage appear at times, for my parents to have opportunities to show their parenting skills and my sisters, their young girl harassing abilities. Just not enough to upset this whole scenario that I am in the middle of.

With summer now beginning, I will have to experience a young boy’s summer time adventures. And what an adventure it will be. My current parents have an acre that they live on and my father is an affluent man. Not rich, but well able to live much of the American Dream. The house is an older one that has been brought up to date. Not pretentious but very comfy for a family of six and any guests that are invited. The back half of the property is arranged as a suburban type ‘Disneyland.” In a corner near the house is a raised swimming pool of thirty feet in diameter with a redwood raised deck with plenty of room for young girls to loll around showing off their young girl charms. And as a person would wander back from there from the house they would encounter a flexible small area for volleyball or badminton. And beyond there is a small three hole putting course and a rubber horse shoe throwing area.

The farthest back is a sizable garden with a small dwarf fruit tree orchard. It is about as perfect a back yard as could be conceived and built in our times. And during that summer it was well-used. Various welcome neighbors with their children, close relatives and dad’s friends from work rotated their presence through our back yard that summer. My parents were very selective about who they invited to share their time with us and offenders were sent on their way very quickly to rarely return. The rules were relayed to them with a solemn tone before they even arrived and also the results to them if they broke them. From events of that summer, at least four families became barred from ever coming back again.

This also caused a reflex reaction from them. Since, coming over to our place was such a desired attraction, their kids were advised to cooperate with us to the most extreme efforts. This was a situation that was fraught with the opportunity for abuse. And my previous self had in the past used that to great effect. So, the summertime friends were curious as to what I would be like with the spread out reports of the massive improvement in my deportment.

During the first picnic of the summer, one of the local families, whose own daughters had suffered at the hands of my previous self, came to enjoy the early June days with us, with reserved anticipations of what I would be like.

They had a daughter who was a year younger than my current body and who had been able to reign in my previous self with a very strong based good hearted-effort. She especially was excited about seeing me again, as even though we lived just a couple of blocks away, she went to another school. She was a freshman, just like me, but a year younger one. And a very bright one, too.

During a lull in the activities, she (Angelica) and I were in our bathing suits sitting on collapsed deck chairs with leg supports just freeform in unspecific discussions. At least undefined by me. She was doing her best to sound me out as to who and what I was now. Because within a few minutes she had recognized the presence of someone that was decidedly different from the ‘me’ that she had known all of her life. I recognized what was going on and played along with it, but was effective in diverting her penetrating questions, as skillfully as they were propounded. After a bit of that, we just settled down to relaxing in each other’s presence, when we weren’t playing in the pool. I could see my mother keeping close watch on this proceeding.

After a while she moved to join her father in taking care of the hamburgers and hot dogs being burned on the outdoor natural gas bar-b-que. Then all of a sudden there was some kind of blowup with gas flames filling the closed in area of the cooking. Her father had turned around and so just got his hair and the back of his clothes singed. But, Angelica had been peering right in to the cooker and got a face full and head full blast of fire. I was nearby and grabbed her immediately and ran her up on to the deck and threw her into the pool. She sank immediately under the waters and I then jumped in to pull her sodden self, back to the surface. She was in shock and so I had to hold her up in the shallow end while my mother called for an ambulance. When they arrived in about ten minutes, the guys told me that I had done really well, and took her under their care to take her to the hospital.

Everyone, including my sisters ran up to me to enclose and comfort me from the obvious emotional shock that all of this had caused me, but all that I could think of was a little girl on the way to the hospital with very serious burns and being scared to death.

The visiting family excused themselves to go and be with their little girl, and my sisters took me up to my room and laid themselves up to me on the bed to give me some very much needed comfort and support. After several minutes of this, two of them left and Mary remained next to me, lightly caressing me in deep sympathy. Felt, but not heard mother looked in on us and then firmly closed the bedroom door. At this, Mary unclothed herself down to her panties and bra, and laid herself up on top of me. With that, I reached up and pulled her into my arms to get all of the comfort that I could get from my fraternal half.

She looked down at me and then began lightly to kiss me. She was just so beautiful with her face down to mine and her body laid up on top of me. I just couldn’t hold back this time. I reached under her bra strap and undid it to release her tiny breasts to my touch. She cooperated with this by rolling her body from one side to the other to remove the bra from our vicinity. And with my hands massaging her small mounds, she rose up and removed her panties, too. With this I went in crazy mode and began to more aggressively kiss her and move my hands over her body. She smiled with this and cooperated totally.

Then she rose for a moment and opened my zipper to free my growing penis to our use. She didn’t bother to undress me, but just installed it up into between her legs and in to her pussy slit. With me firmly entered into that general region, she began to thrust up and down on my penis to her and my delight. She then opened her legs and installed me up into her ass, evidently to preserve her virginity. She rose up to sit on me and bounced and flexed on top of my body until I totally released my cum up into her back channel. With that accomplished and the profound relaxation that it produced in me, she got up and lowered herself to minister and clean up my now sodden cock. After that was completed, she rose up again, putting her clothing back on and asserted to me, “Anytime, my dear James, that you need me!” And then she left my room to my now slumbering self.

Later that evening, Mom came in and informed me that Angelica was going to be just fine. Just singed a bit, but everyone was saying that I had saved her life, and that it wasn’t far from the truth. She acknowledged the loving service of my Mary without even mentioning it and added her loving embrace and motherly kisses to it. She had brought my dinner up to me and advised me to just take the evening off and relax to face another day tomorrow. So, for once, I did exactly what mom had asked me to do.

Three days later, I made my way to the hospital to visit Angelica. She had been very hesitant to let me come to be with her, since the singeing had actually produced some serious burns on her face. It was thought that there would be some scarring. And she was afraid of how I would react to my seeing her like that. But, her family fearing that she would withdraw from her active life, insisted that she welcome me in to seeing her. And when I showed up at the door, she broke down in tears and reached out to me to come and hug her.

The attending nurse seeing no issue, left for an extended break and locked the door behind her. Angelica and I heard the bolt go home and then realized that this was the first time in our lives that we had ever been truly alone with each other. But, there would be no offending behavior on my part. I was determined to delay my non-threatening and non-injurious ‘pervy’ self from establishing itself in this young body, yet. I got a big fat smile from her when she realized this, but still invited me to sit up on the bed next to her. All that I could determine from this was that my previous self had not been so contained about his sexual desires. And that this young girl had suffered from them, but had evidently learned how to manage him, while still loving him. This love had also evidently been passed on to me, who now inhabited the same body.

I remained silent with my hand holding her, until she would be ready to talk with me. When that finally came, it was with tears in her eyes and profound assertions of my saving her life. I had no intention of downgrading my efforts, because at this point it meant so much to her. But, I did reach up and lightly kiss a non-injured portion of her face. I would have kissed her right on one of the open burns, but didn’t want to interfere with the healing process.

Amazingly, except for a light coating of protective salve, they were left out in the open in this sterile environment. Speeds the healing process, I later found out.

While her face was damaged, her eyes and hands were as active as ever.

She asked me how she was going to be able to handle this in her life, since she had already been advised that there was likely going to be permanent scarring. And it would be especially apparent on her medium dark skinned face. I offered that anyone who really liked her would just ignore it, and those who didn’t then shouldn’t be of much concern to her as long as that was an issue for them. Besides, from what I could see, it appeared that the only permanent affliction that this would provide would probably be the pale scars about her face. And I told her that when she went out and wanted to deflect attentions from it, she could just use some facial make-up and cover it over.

She smiled at that.

She appeared to want some reinforcement as to her female attractiveness, so I gave her some caressing of her arms and tummy. She grabbed my hands and moved them to her pussy, so I caressed, rubbed and fingered her there for several minutes to let her know that I was definitely interested in this part of her too. After a few more minutes, the nurse returned and knocked on the door, Angelica and I rearranged our clothing for a more public propriety and I moved and let the nurse in. She smiled at me and Angelica and I left with a very wide smile on lovely Angie’s face.

When I got home on the bus, mom took me up into my room and advised me that Angelica’s parents were ecstatic over the benefits of my visit to her. She was being so much more positive about things now, despite the obvious damage done to her. And they wanted to pass on their thanks again to me. I looked at mom and said, “No problem mom, she is my friend!”

“Yes, she is James. A very good one, too.”

And then I seriously addressed her, “Mom, I am not as perfect as everyone here seems to think that I am. There doesn’t seem to be any residual influence of my former self, but the self I brought with me was not perfect either.”

“We realize that, you father and I got to see a lot of information on your past and you appeared to be a very honorable man. Not a perfect one, but goodhearted in your successes and failures. We were very happy for you to come and reform our beloved son’s life. The only son that I will ever have, unless you happen to plant another in me. That isn’t likely, though.”

I smiled at that and got the usual mommy hugs and kisses that I had very quickly become used to.

About a month later, Angelica was out of the hospital, with only light bandages on her face and became a fixture at our place on the pool deck, because none of us paid any attention at all to her obvious injuries.

That weekend, mom and dad decided to have their cuddle and spoon at the drive-in date. They also decided to factor in the plaintive cry from Angie’s mom to include her with me on some kind of public thing to get her out of her now imposed shell. I’m not sure that a drive-in date qualified, but I was game. Especially since the Newest Star Wars movie was still being shown on its screen. So, we loaded up ourselves, stopped by to pick up an excited Angie and drove in serenity to our date with lover’s haven.

Angie and I were given some dough by dad and told that we were on our own, he had a hot woman to play with tonight. Angie and I laughed to ourselves over that and proceeded to go to the on-site snack bar to load up with enough calories to last us until the next summer. With this operation successfully done, we made our way back to the car hand-in–hand, with our free hands full of goodies.

As we got back into the car, we noticed the already steamed up windows, except for the front one that had an inside heater with air flow keeping it clear. Some mumbles and murmurs from the front seat indicated to us that we had better leave them strictly alone. We couldn’t even see their heads and dad was six foot two tall.

So, Angie and I settled in to the back seat, in the middle to get the best view of the movie, snuggled up and covered ourselves with the available blanket for maybe the best time we would have all summer. We ate of the goodies for a bit while watching the movie begin to develop, and then she whispered into my ear, “James, I won’t break or freak out! Let those hands of yours show your love for me, please.”

So, through her now opened blouse, I moved my hands to cuddle with her far breast, to her murmured pleasure. She returned the favor by opening my zipper and lightly cuddled it with her free hand, too. We cuddled and played with each other hands on for the rest of the movie, punctuated every so often with very hot kisses. She had to use my handkerchief on the results of her love play, but her breasts remained tame by comparison.

When mom and dad came up finally for air, I knew that it was time to go. The movie had finished and a second feature was about to begin, but all of us were very ready to return home and go to bed. Mom and dad for obvious reasons.

When we got Angie home, I accompanied her up to the door and hidden behind a convenient bush gave her a mega kiss. She whispered that she had loved the date and hoped to do something with me again someday. I told her that she could count on that, and she turned to the door to go in with a mega smile on her face. We stayed very close friends the rest of the summer and actively resented the parting that we would have in the fall as we each went to our own high schools.

I now returned to high school as a sophomore, a small but significant advancement of my status at the school. There was some effort expended to get me to turn out for the football team, but that was a ‘no go’ from the start, I had no intention of being folded, spindled and mutilated by some high school linebacker. But, the cheerleaders were now paying attentions to me, because of my folded over from last year’s attentions to my basketball prowess and my success in running the mile at state. I liked the attentions, of course, but was diverting the attentions from them, because of other avenues of interest, mainly my sisters.

No, nothing had happened since the day of the fire to Angie’s face, but I had hopes. And mom was still visiting me at night to reassure me of my place in their family and this time. But, I was adjusting to that very well and seldom felt the uneasiness that had opened this chapter of my life.

On the vacations due to holidays, Angie sought my attendance on her and we enjoyed several outings with or without my family to movies and the arcade at the mall. She was devilishly good at video games and I showed my appreciation by helping her finance her playing of them and giving her moral support while she absolutely slew them. In between the games, she would give me fervent kisses to the gasps of the others around us, probably thinking on their parts, why is the white boy kissing the black girl with the scarred face? Out of pity? Not in your life! Angie was a hot girl, despite the scars and a dear friend, too. No other intimacies were enjoyed over the winter with her, though.

The night after Thanksgiving, mom joined me in the bed again. Evidently this would be a seasonal thing, four times a year by how it was going. She was again naked in the getting in to my bed. But, this time she had Alice join us, to my stunned surprise. Alice lit up the room with her megawatt smile as she joined us in the bed, also naked.

Then proceeded a flurry of caresses, kisses, light bites and grabs at interesting sites between the three of us. Finally, Alice helped to guide me up into mom’s pussy vault and then from behind licked up my butt crack and into my anal cavity. With that, I strongly came up into my mother, again filling her up with my hot cum. She showed her pleasure at that, by reinvigorating my dick to take its place up my sister’s ass for another cum expulsion. With some very dear kisses, they then exited from my room for the rest of the night. And then Mary, my twin moved in to take her place by my side and in my arms for the rest of the night. No more play, just affectionate cuddling to pass away the night in the dark.

A month later at the dinner table, Dad announced that the family was going to get another son, and that his name would be George, if everything worked out okay. The name George rang a bell in the back of my mind, but I couldn’t pull out from where that it had come. And mother never admitted that it was me that had impregnated her. It wouldn’t matter that much anyway, since dad and I were very close in DNA blessings. The pregnancy worked out fine and George joined our happy group to the joy of all. Mother never lit up my bed ever again, though. She had gotten what she wanted and the girls were then expected to take care of me from that time on. Mindy the youngest, now fourteen herself was chafing at getting her chance with the family dick. But, despite the fact that Alice and Mary took care of this at widely separated occasions, I was not excited about introducing Mindy to this activity, yet. She bore her disappointment with ill hidden resentment.

I split the starting point guard duties with the left over player from the previous year. We did very well, but died out in the first playoff game by five points. Still a very good year for the team. In the Spring I again ran the mile and placed second this time to the excitement of the school and students. High expectations were in store for the next year.

Several of the ‘spirit girls’ and cheerleaders let me know that they would very much like to service any intimate needs that I had. I let them down very gently and told each one that I would wait till the next year to entertain that offer, as I was not ready for that, yet. They each showed a bit of disappointment, but also gave me a kiss to remember them by. My God, what a time I was having.

But, another summer was awaiting and I was awaiting what would come my way this year.

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