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Categories Fantasy, Authoritarian, Male / Female, Male Domination

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 30 November 2017

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Things went along famously for several months. The football season was nearing the time for the playoffs and Teena and Jilly had made every game to be with me. I had not accepted having another man with us. I have done this with others, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger on this with Teena and Jilly. But, they seemed very satisfied with our current arrangement. They did mention us getting together at the park again in addition to our Sunday dates, but I reminded them that I was seeing Marg too and I was now moving up in my seventies and would like to live a number of years more to enjoy them and Marg.

I had reduced the intake of the tainted ramen to once in every six months to reduce the induced effect leading to the ladies involvement with me, but I hadn’t noticed any change in their behavior this time. So, I concluded that their chemically induced sensual connection to me was now less dependent on further influence of my ability, but mostly just them enjoying the ride with me. Same with Marg.

Then one day my world was turned upside down, for the first time. A knock was heard at my door. I wasn’t expecting anyone, but answered anyway and when I opened it up there was a young girl of middle school age and she seemed a little confused as to the reason for her to be there. So, I gently with a real effort to not induce any actions on her part due to my ability asked her, “Hello young lady. Who are you and to what do I happen to have your presence at my door?”

Her eyes looked about in some confusion and then told me, “I am Amber, the daughter of the woman that you know as Marg. She is just Mom to me. I felt impelled to come here for some reason that I don’t understand. I understand that you and Mom regularly make love and that she enjoys it so much. So, I thought that I would find out about it myself, too.”

“Aren’t you a bit young for this?”

“Not really, I guess, because Mom told me that she started in sensual behavior when she was even younger than I am now.”

“I see. But, you know that proper sexual intimacies involve two appropriate partners with both of them agreeable, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mom had told me of that. But, you would be agreeable to have sex with me, wouldn’t you?”

And with this, it appeared that she was about to move into crying on my doorstep. And I was terrified to let her in, so I asked, “Do you know your way back home?”

She nodded, yes.

“Do you have bus money to get there okay?”

Again she nodded,' yes.'

“Okay young lady, please go home for now and I will discuss this with your mother when I see her again. Will that be okay for you?”

“Yes, I guess so. I was hoping to learn somethings with you this time, but I know that I am young and that worries you. So, I will await what my mother tells me about this.”

“Okay, and thank you for being so reasonable. I think that you are a fine young woman.”

With that she smiled, turned on her feet and left to go home.

I withdrew into the apartment and shuddered over the danger that I had just avoided.

The next afternoon, I was editing on my manuscripts when the door was knocked-on again. I look up from my keyboard and think, ‘What now???’

So with no little trepidation, I move to the door and open it only a small gap to see who is there, this time. It is another girl of about the same age as Amber, but seemingly not related.

I look her in the eyes, and she had the same little girl lost kind of look about her as Amber had. ‘What the hell is going on,’ I ask myself?

And then I ask her, “Young lady, who are you and why are you at my door?”

She looks up at me with her big brown eyes and says, “I am Felicity, the sis-ter of Teena that is a special friend of yours. I want to be your friend, too. May I come in?”

“Felicity, what makes you think that Teena is my friend?”

“She talks about you all the time. Mommy gets rather irritated over it. But, Teena and Jilly cuddle up in her bedroom and talk for hours about all of the fun things that they do with you. And I am curious to learn about these things also.”

“How old are you Felicity?”

“I just turned fourteen last week. But, I am having periods now and my breasts are growing, along with my pussy hair. Would you like to see them?”

“I don’t think that that would be proper at this time. But, I congratulate you on your moving into womanhood. It will lead to many important changes and opportunities for you in life. How about me talking with Teena about this and I will consider what can be done, then? Do you know your way back home and do you have bus change?”

“Yes, I know the way, but am short on change for now.”

So, I reached in my pocket and handed over four quarters from my bus change little purse and handed them over to her. “Okay, pretty lady, please return home and I will discuss this and then get back to you through Teena, if this could work out.”

“Okay Henry, I sure hope that you will like me, I want this very much!”
“We will see, young lady, we will see.”

And with that she turned on her heel and moved to go down the stairs to the street. With that, I closed the door and withdrew to my couch very much shaken. ‘What the hell is going on? Is it related to the powers that I have? I haven’t even been in close contact with either of these girls. And when I tested this out, girls below the legal age rejected me out of hand. Is there some kind of ‘spill-over effect going on?’

I no sooner got settled down on the couch to ponder these questions and there was another knock at the door. Fearful of another young teen another teen wanting in, I checked at the kitchen window to see how was outside and it appeared to be a woman in her thirties and she appeared to be very upset.

After deciding that I had to answer the door and check this out, to prevent a brewing public disaster right at my door, I opened it and invited the distraught lady into my condo and had her seat herself in the ‘comfort’ rocking chair. I got her a glass of chilled and filtered water with ice cubes in it and then settled down on my couch to determine what this was about.

I patiently, with as neutral an expression as I was able to muster, awaited her response to her uninvited appearing at my door.

“I guess that you are wondering who I am and why I am here. I just followed my little girl here and then watched her at your door from across the parking lot and then observed her leaving to get back on the bus to evidently return home. What was she doing here, she is only thirteen years old and a minor. I could have you arrested for even talking with her!”

“Well, Mrs. ???? ( She supplied Moncrief) I didn’t invite her here and I have some latitude as to whether I answer my door to anyone. I didn’t even know who she was at first, because I have never met her before. And so your threats are unfounded. But, I would like to get to the bottom of this, because she made a very inappropriate offer to me, and I am not into sub-legal girls no matter how cute and appealing they are.”

Mrs. Moncrief (Sally as I learned farther along in the conversation) sat and tried to process all of this while sipping on her frozen glass of iced water. “You mean that you have never met her before?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

“But, you know Teena, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I realized that it would not help in this standoff to lie or clam-up, “I do know Teena.”

“And you are intimate with her and her cousin Jilly, aren’t you?”

“She is legal, I have seen her State I.D. I am not prepared to discuss the manner of our relationship. I consider it private between consenting adults.”

“Well, she is my daughter, too. And I AM concerned about that, too. But, I do recognize that she is old enough to make some of her choices and from what she and Jilly have volunteered to me, as little as it is, I understand that you have been very gracious and caring along with whatever you are sharing with her.”

“Ma’am, I believe that is in my nature. I am no saint, but I very much admire woman folk and would never want to injure any of them in any way. Now, let’s get back to Felicity, whom you have every right to be concerned about. I know that I am after having her unexpectantly show up at my door with a very inappropriate request on her part.”

“What was that request, by the way” She asked with a frown on her brow.

“I am not going to go into that, but I do have no interest in any of that with her at her current age.”

“Okay, I get it. It was some kind of intimacies, I guess.”

I made no move to agree or dissuade her guess in that matter.

“Well, I can see that you are a careful and gracious man. I can see why the girls adore you, even at your advanced age. They don’t get much of that from the boys of their own ages. Neither Felicity’s not Teena’s. It has to be intoxicating to them to have a relationship with a real man when they are still learning the ropes of womanhood. And I had a similar experience in my young teenage years, too.”

“Well, I saw you send her away, so I will take my leave and discuss this with her. Don’t worry, I will be careful of her feelings, which seem a bit confused by her at this time. And I would like to talk with you again to totally straighten this out.”

“That would be fine as long as it doesn’t turn into an accusatory and threatening session.”

“I will avoid that, if things proceed as they have. I would rather work things out than ruin anyone’s day.”

“Thank you for that!”

With that she rose and left my condo.

On the following Sunday, Teena and Jilly didn’t show up or call either. And on Tuesday, Marg didn’t either. I didn’t bother to contact them, since I felt that they were being emphatic in cutting things off with me and wouldn’t want to be contacted.

On Wednesday early in the morning, at least early for me at eight A.M., Sally came by again. She knocked and entered quickly when I opened the door. Graciously accepted the iced water in an iced glass and settled down in the chair. There was silence for several minutes, which I didn’t invade.

“I talked with my girl, Felicity, and have settled things out for the present, I think. I told her of my experiences and the fallout from them that I would very much like to avoid for her. And I told her that when she gets to eighteen, that she will have a lot more freedom to pursue her interests, including you if you are interested then.”


“And I have a proposition for you. I finally figured out who Marg is and have had a coffee chat with her. She is sorry that she had dropped you again, but she is giving up her spot and you to concentrate on her children for the next ten years. With her guy, she doesn’t need to work anyway. She told me that after her kids are grown that she would like connect with you again if you are interested then. She seemed like a really nice gal, and not the gorgeous type that guys like you tend to concentrate on.”

“She was very nice to me and more than satisfactorily attractive to me in bed. I am very fond of her and will miss her terribly.”

“And I guess you will be missing Teena and Jilly from now on, too. It was not in my place to deny them seeing you, but they seemed to have the mystical handle that you seem to have over them dissipated, when I fessed up that I knew about it and had in fact talked to you about it. Something about a secret found out and then the fun is lost, I guess.”

“Yes, I am sure of that.”

“This leaves you alone then, huh?”

“Yes, for the time being. But, I have always been successful of finding inti-mate help over the years. It will just take some time to find someone that I will enjoy and trust.”

“How about me auditioning to take the place of these fine sexual friends. I am quite confident that it would work out with you after meeting you. You are okay looking, but devastatingly attractive in personality. And I have some experience with having a lover very much older than me.”

“How old are you anyway? I am seventy now.”

“I am thirty-two. And if you subtract Teena’s age from mine you will note that I had her at age fourteen.”

“So, it would seem. And you could be easily taken for your middle twenties, too.”

“Yes, I have been told that by men hitting on me.”

“How about your husband? How would he take this?”

“He won’t know, because there is none. My older lover left me with four children by the time I was twenty-two and then dumped me for another fourteen year old. I am on my own, with a little regular help from my family and his. The kids are doing fine."

“I see. What kind of an arrangement are you looking for?"

“I was thinking of coming by on Tuesday evenings, when Teena can keep things under control and then stay until A.G.T. is over. And then come early on Fridays to stay with you, since the kids go to their father’s parents for the weekend sometimes for them to enjoy and their father to have some time with them. I guess that Teena will be sharing in that again, since she has broken off with you. And since the house is empty on the weekends, I might just as well spend most of the time on them with you, if you could stand it.”

“Interesting offer. What help would you like in return?”

“Some cash to help with my expenses would be very welcome.”

“How about four hundred a month for now? That is all that I could afford out of my budget and still pay off my dental bills.”

“That would help a lot, Henry. Only thing, you seem to have a manner of a mystical hold on your women, I would appreciate it if you would detune that and then whatever hold you would have on me would be interpersonally developed. Could you do that for me?”

“Yes, I think that I can. And if things work out, will too.”

“I can live with that.”

And with that, she led me to my bedroom and doffed her clothing down to her bra and panties and then joined me under the covers. We cuddled and kissed for several unrushed minutes and the moved apart a bit so that we could caress each other’s bodies. She was lovely to feel and responsive to my touch, as I was to her gentle and affectionate manner, too.

I didn’t want to scare her off on our first date, so I contained the kink and moved my mouth down to her titties and loosened up her bra. I gave them the ‘loves mommy’s tits’ treatment which seemed to impress her very much. And then I moved down to her nether regions and removed her panties to feast there.

My lips and tongue glided over the skin of the inside of her thighs and around her pussy without getting into the slit or on to the clit. Her hips were now rotating in reaction to my attentions. And when I moved into her slit, she began to thrust up to my face. I then moved up to her clit and she started to lowly shriek and moan. So, I decided to give the young woman relief and moved up on her and moved my member into her. Her reactions showed that she was most definitely ready for that and we pounded up into each other.

My body was now feeling powerful with her accepting, so I let it go and soon emptied up into her, with her climax coming right after mine. She then guided me over on to my side and gathered me up into her arms to nap away our mild depression from the end of our sensual interlude.

“I can advance you two hundred right now towards the monthly total, but it will normally always be at the end of the month.”

“That works out fine for me, since that is when a lot of my bills come due, and that contribution will very much help in paying them. If you want I can start the weekend stays this Friday, I will arrive at about two in the afternoon, so that I can stabilize things at home, before I join you. And also, I am guessing from what Teena and Jilly told me that you went very easy on me this time. Sort of an introductory session, I would guess. You should know that I appreciated that, but am used to an old man’s desires and so will be game for most anything that you can dream up.”

I smiled as she got dressed and told her, “I will take that into consideration from now on!”

Sally showed up on Friday and we had the day and evening together. It was fine and we just did some things together like my exercise walk at the park. I saw Teena off in the distance, too. I don’t know if she saw us. We had just a very brief fuck session, to just take the edge off as she remarked. She then showed up the next Tuesday to watch AGT with me. She gave me Greek right on the sofa during the judge’s cuts. I felt grand and somehow seemed particularly appropriate for seeing rejected acts, wandering off the stage with tears in their eyes.

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