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A body slide like no other

Categories True Story, massage

Author: Andy Hall

Published: 30 November 2017

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Linda, Linda, Linda.

Oh my fucking God, Linda.

Recently I was searching for “happy endings” on Google. So many jobs are outsourced these days - why not hand jobs? I found an ad for a massage studio in the city, near where I work.

The next day I went out at lunch time to check it out. It was a sunny day, but it was cool in the shade. I was not particularly nervous at first. I told myself that I was only going to look and not to buy. I didn’t really feel in the mood anyway.

An expensive street sign directed me up two flights of stairs. I was out of breath when I got to the top and my heart was pounding. I hesitated to go in because my voice would be breathless and croaky with nerves. It didn’t look like a sleazy place. It looked like it might be legitimate. I took a few deep breaths and went in.

The girl behind reception was very good looking with long honey blond hair and deep cleavage sitting snug in her scooped neck top. She changed my mind about only coming here to look and I paid for a 45-minute massage. But I kept looking.

When she stepped out from behind the reception desk, her tiny leather skirt and lovely long legs had me panting harder than those two flights of stairs. A voice in my head was shouting, “can you be my massage therapist?” But I couldn’t speak.

She led me to a small room with a massage table in it. It was dimly lit and there was soothing relaxation music playing. She said if I wanted deep pressure to tell the massage therapist and then she closed the door.

I stripped down to my jocks and put my clothes on the vinyl chair in the corner. I sat on the edge of the massage table while I waited.

The girl who came in was dressed in floppy yoga pants and a loose-fitting top. She did not immediately strike me as pretty. She had dark brown hair and matching eyes. Her hair was plainly styled and a bit of a mess, but her eyes had a slightly exotic shape.

She introduced herself as Linda and asked me to lie down. I asked if I should take off my pants.

“Aha.” I took that as a “yes” and started to take them off, but she stopped me. Perhaps I misunderstood her. She had a strong European accent.

She held up a sari as a modesty screen.

“OK, Andrew, you can take them off now.” It was all very proper and modest. Perhaps I wasn’t going to get my happy ending after all. I flung my undies into the corner and rolled over onto my stomach. She covered the whole back of my body with the sari and rubbed my skin through it. Then she bunched up the sari in her hands and dragged it over me. It tickled.

Linda told me she was German, from Stuttgart. She was travelling around Australia. She had spent time in Perth and Sydney. She liked Melbourne best. She was going to Brisbane next and then Cairns. I was nervous initially and my heart pounded. But as we talked I began to relax. I told her to visit Noosa and Port Douglas.

She asked me if I wanted any “additional services”.

“Yes please”.

“Full body slide massage with hand relief is $150. A nude massage without body slide is $120.”

I said I would just go for the $120.

“If you change your mind at any time and decide you want body slide, that’s OK.”

I asked if the $120 included hand relief.

“Of course. Hand relief is included with both.”

I felt a gritty rasping feeling on my skin as if she had poured sand on my skin and was now rubbing it in. It was unexpected, but not unpleasant. I learned later that it was an exfoliating glove.

“Have you ever had a full body slide massage before, Andrew?”


“You should try it. It is very nice. Intimate. Erotic. Relaxing. Two bodies against each other. I touch every part of your body with every part of my body.”

She spoke in that clipped and direct German way. It was a strong sales pitch for $30.

I was interested, but I was quickly calculating whether I had enough cash with me. I’d actually only planned to pay to see her tits. I had enough, but she would clean me out.

She had poured oil on me and was taking liberties with my inside leg. My heart was racing again and I was in no fit state to defend my last thirty bucks.

“Ok. I’ll try the full body slide.”

“Good!” The tone was victorious.

She used her forearm and elbow to massage me firmly from my ankle all the way up to my shoulder. Along the way, she asked me about my day, whether I was from Melbourne, what the weather was like outside. I was not aware that she had taken her clothes off, but now I realised that her boob was pressing against my back as she pressed her forearm into my neck. She was leaning in close to me. Her hair touched mine and I could feel her breath on my ear as she spoke.

“How do you like it so far, Andrew?” It was a suggestive, intimate whisper in my ear.

“It’s very nice, thank you.” I felt like the nerd in some goofball comedy.

After she did the other side, asking me questions and talking the whole time, she finished up standing next to my head and rubbing down my back from my shoulders to my arse. She was leaning over me and stretching out until her little boobs touched my back. I could feel my head nuzzling into her lap as she pressed it against me. My hands were under my forehead and I could feel her bare thighs touching my skin.

“Can I touch you?”

“Of course.”

I put my hands around her lovely hips and felt her firm buttocks. Her skin was smooth and soft.

She climbed on the table between my legs. I parted them further to make room for her. I could feel the plump softness of her thighs and hips pressing against my skin. Using her hands, she pressed hard on my bum and lower back. My cock was squashed against the table by her weight and he squirmed. I had my eyes closed. I was relaxed, but very attuned to the various moves she was making. Not able to see her and wondering what she was going to do next.

There was a shifting about and she was at my hip on the outside of the table.

She poured oil all over my ass and thighs. Sweeping one hand after the other she swept oil up the inside of my thigh into my groin and up into the crack of my ass. With each hand in a karate chop position, one following the other, she separated my buttocks and ran the edges of her hands over my anus. Up they went, and down. Down the opposite thigh and back up again.

“Ohhhh my God,” I said. “No one’s ever done that before.”

She was touching me in a way I had never been touched before. It felt like nothing else I’d ever felt. It was the most wonderful feeling. She kept going.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh.” I let out a deep shuddering groan through the hole in the massage table.

Her fingers started to dally over my anus. That felt even better. Some ads for body rubs talk about anal play. I’d never experienced it before. She played me like an instrument and my nerves made music.

Eventually she stopped. I wanted her to do it all day.

“How old are you Linda?”

“24." Nearly half my age.

“It’s very humbling for a man like me to learn from a woman as young as you things about my own body that I haven’t learned for myself in over 40 years. That was wonderful. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Now turn over please.” Very businesslike.

My cock was chubby and leaking. A thread of pre-cum hung between a pubic hair and the eye of my penis like a dewy spider web.

Linda put a pillow under my head and started massaging my face. Standing behind my head at the top of the table, she looked down on me and smiled. I looked up and smiled. Her little breasts looked gorgeous. Little globes of porcelain white skin with pink areola and soft pink pouting nipples.

She had some creamy white gel on her hands and smeared it down my nose, across the skin between my upper lip and my nose and across my eyebrows. Knowing where her hands had just come from, I vaguely wondered if this was some ass-to-mouth humiliation thing. But I was still in a state of bliss from the anal play, and her fingers felt so soothing that I didn’t want her to stop.

Then she poured oil on my chest and started spreading it with her warm hands. She leaned over my face to reach down my torso. When she came back, her lovely young throat was over my face. It was delicate and beautiful. I wanted to kiss it. Her pouting lips and exotic eyes passed over me too. I had a breathtaking expectancy that she was going to kiss me. Instead she smirked her little smirky smile. She lunged down my chest and her little boobs dabbed my cheeks. I kissed her cleavage. She did it again and again and each time I tried to kiss one of her soft nipples.

When she changed position, I asked if she had done massage in Germany. She said that she did yoga and meditation and massage started as a hobby.

“I was a personal trainer.” She was beside me now, leaning over me and pouring oil on my legs. I caught a good look at her firm ass and strong thighs.

“That makes sense. You look very fit.” I also saw now her lovely nose and lips in profile. She had beautiful features. “You’re also very beautiful.”

“Thank you.” She looked back and gave me a proper smile.

She was rubbing oil on my stomach now. Her hands were bumping casually into my cock. I had my hands behind my head. I was enjoying myself so much and yet I was not that hard. Linda had me relaxed and excited and mesmerised by her simple beauty.

She climbed back onto the table between my legs. She had a gorgeous figure. So soft and feminine and yet trim and athletic at the same time. Her belly was taut, but had lovely soft curves. Her pussy was shaved and tucked invisibly between those gorgeous thighs. Only when she moved did I get a fleeting glimpse of her neat lips hanging down from between her legs. She sat astride my leg and pressed her pussy into my thigh. She was pumping a foaming cream out of a bottle and smearing it on my chest. Then she sat back and smeared it on her breasts and belly like sexual war paint. She had her head turned sideways in a way that was both proud and theatrical. I watched and adored her.

The moment had arrived. With that knowing smirk and her exotic eyes locked on mine, she slid over me, pressing all of her soft feminine body against mine. Her breasts rippled over my face like a wave and I went under, drowning in their pink softness. I tried to gulp one of them. Soft slippery skin covered my face and I couldn’t see or breathe. The tide of Linda’s gorgeous body surged over me and then went out again and I came up for air.

She surfed me repeatedly and each time I savoured the feeling of her slippery little breasts pressing against my lips, my nose, my cheeks, my eyes. Meanwhile her strong thigh rode over my groin. I was in heaven. I smiled with joy and she smiled back as her face sailed teasingly close to mine.

“Do you like that, Andrew?”

“I love it!”

“I’m glad. I knew you would.”

She sat back between my legs and poured oil on her hands and my cock. She started to massage my cock. She got me going and then stopped. Lunging down my body and surfing on my erection. My breath caught and I gasped as she drowned me in her lovely skin.

She repeated this a few times. Teasing me. Wanking me and then leaving me hanging. I grabbed her gorgeous ass with both hands. It felt sensational. I ran my finger over her anus and felt for her vagina. Everything was wet and slippery. She didn’t object or say “no” as I tried to finger her. She just washed back out to sea and out of my reach. This happened a few more times and the rhythm was like sex. I desperately wanted her crotch to snag on my anchor. The way she looked into my eyes as she floated past seemed to say that she wanted it too. It was as if we were both getting carried away. God I wanted to fuck her.

She changed positions. She straddled my hips and rode up and down on my erection, pressing it between her bum cheeks with her lubricated hand. She arched her back and rubbed her breasts with her free hand. If she wasn’t wild with desire, she was a great actress. It took me a moment to register that I was not inside her vagina. Then it seemed as if that would be her next move. Screw the goofball comedy, I felt like I was in a porn film now.

Her strong thighs lifted her up and down with ease. Then suddenly my bulging erection was sticking up from her groin. Her pussy was pressing against my balls. She was writhing around and wanking my cock as if it was her own. It looked bigger on her and she seemed proud of it. She screwed her lips up into a raunchy Mick Jagger pout and her expression seemed to say, “if I had a cock, this is what I’d fucking do with it!” But she was not looking at me. Not speaking to me. She was in her own world.

I tried to say “Linda, you are so sexy and so beautiful.” But my voice stammered and stopped and I heard myself saying “Linda, you are s-sex!” My head arched back. Her hand slid up and down my cock in a way I just couldn’t take any more. My eyes rolled back in my head and my hands clutched her thighs and they felt so firm and strong and gorgeous. I felt the heavy spitting rain of hot cum splashing all over me. It rained, and it rained, and it rained. Linda kept pumping and when I should have been spent there was still a last desperate spurt that landed half way up my chest.

I could not open my eyes or breathe normally for the next few minutes. During that time, Linda sat astride me, still holding my swollen cock in her hand. She did not seem to want to give it back to me.

“Thank you,” I panted, finally. “Thank you.”

“No worries. That is an Australian expression, is it not?” I nodded. “I like it,” she said with a cheeky grin that faded slowly as her exotic eyes continued to bore into me.

“Are you married, Andrew?”

“Yes.” She smiled again, but the lust was gone.

* * *

She mopped up the mess with lots of tissues and then cleaned off the oil with hot towels.

When I was dressed, I paid her. Best $150 I’ve ever spent.

My thighs were still shaking as I hobbled down the stairs, clinging to the handrail for support. When I got outside, I realised that I still had oil and gel on my face. I felt people staring at me on the tram. I’m sure I looked flushed and freshly fucked.

When I got in the shower back at the office there was still loads of her white gel in my ass. I smelled vaguely of antiseptic. My hair was a mess.

It was difficult to concentrate at work that afternoon. On the way home, I just stared out the window of the tram and smiled.

“Ohhhhh my fucking God, Linda,” was all I could think. That anal play was better than sex. That’s a phrase I’ve never uttered before in my life. Nothing is better than sex.

“Better than sex,” the voice kept saying.

When I thought of those exquisite little boobs sliding over my face, my breath caught again as if I was reliving it. As I walked up the hill to my car, I thought about that anal play and my legs nearly buckled under me. My anus was still tingling. “Better than sex.”

Even the next day, when I went for a walk, my heart was racing, my cock was throbbing, my anus was tingling, my breath was catching, my knees were buckling and I was drowning in her lovely body over and over again. I’ve never been so physically affected for so long after a sexual experience. It was like post-traumatic stress.

It was strange to think that, even at my age, I could have new and unexpected sexual experiences. I was reminded of the line in the song that says, “your body is the greatest instrument you will ever own.” But Linda could play my instrument better than me.

Oh my fucking God, Linda!

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A body slide like no other

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