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Mother and Daughter

Categories Fiction, Erotica, Extreme, Incest

Authror: gaggedKitty23

Published: 05 December 2017

  • Font:

Quick note: this is one of my darker non-consent stories. If you need a happy overall ending, you might want to read my other story in progress instead (Anya and the Fighter).

A pair of harsh, naked bulbs lit the basement of the secluded house - no ordinary house. The owner had converted it into a dungeon of sexual perversion and hell. Small, rectangular windows were barred, letting in the eldritch light of the moon. Outside, owls called as they tracked their prey. Inside the basement, on a ragged mattress on a cold, concrete floor, a beautiful girl lay face-up, naked, her wrists tied behind her back, her ankles tied to the two bedposts at the foot of the bed.

Natalie had just recently started college at the same university as her older sister, Amanda. She was Indian-American, her pretty brown eyes and long, dark tresses matched perfectly to the soft caramel tones of her skin. She had a cute nose that was just narrow enough to provide a gorgeous contrast to the rest of her face. Her face had a natural look of innocence. Perhaps that's what had attracted Master Gary to kidnap her in the first place.

The man stood, naked except for the dark mask hiding his face, hiding all but his smoldering stare. He looked at the rest of her. Admired her. His eyes lingered on her full, firm breasts with their light areolas and lush-looking nipples. The smooth skin of her belly led down to a fine-haired triangle of pubic muff at the apex of her thighs. That open, totally exposed pink pussy lay bare and helpless to his gaze.

"Please, don't do this," Natalie begged. She looked desperately into her captor's eyes. They were hard, flinty eyes. Beside the bed, tied to a chair, another woman growled.

"Don't you dare touch her, you sick monster! Let my daughter go!" Master Gary turned to the older woman. She had given birth young, and her big, voluptuous breasts shone enticingly underneath the mixture of moonlight and artificial light. Like her daughter, Gary had stripped her of all her clothing. He had bound her to a chair, her wrists tied soundly to the armrests, her ankles fixed firmly to the chair legs. Rhonda was maybe 37 or 38 years of age, and her body was still absolutely gorgeous. She was all curvaceous woman, her cunt enshrouded by a tantalizing mound of dark pubic curls. Her hair was much shorter than her daughter's, only going barely to her shoulders, unlike Natalie's, which streamed almost to the small of her back.

Master Gary loomed over the two captives, a stout, muscular 6'4. His cock stood out, long and hard. He leaned over Natalie, framing her cunt with his fingers. Now he turned to the mother.

"You see this, Mama? This is your daughter's pussy. Isn't it beautiful? You gave birth to this girl 18 years ago, and now look what she's become. A hot, sexy little thing." Master Gary spit on Natalie's pussy, rubbing the saliva along her clitoris. Natalie's eyes screwed shut as she groaned and begged for him to stop.

"You're a monster," Rhonda sobbed, her eyes glaring daggers at their captor. "You won't get away with this! You son of a bitch!"

"Won't I?" Master Gary moved off the bed and approached a rack along the far wall. Various 'tools' and 'toys' hung along the different pegs. He took a long riding crop off the wall. It had a tapered segment which flared at the very tip. He brought the crop down with a resounding smack between Rhonda's legs. The woman grunted, taking the blow to her pussy.

"Does it look like you are in a position to make threats, Mama?" He leaned down giving her an expectant look. Rhonda's eyes burned with fury, and she spit in his face. The saliva glistened on his mask as he stood up with a dark chuckle.

"You've got spirit, bitch, I'll give you that. I wonder if your young daughter is as feisty as you are though." He turned back to Natalie, whose eyes were transfixed on the vein-pulsing cock bobbing between his legs.

"Don't touch her!" Rhonda shouted. "Don't you dare touch her!"

But Master Gary ignored the mother's pleas. He spit onto Natalie's cunt again, rubbing his saliva along her labia, then gently rubbing her clit. He watched the girl squirm with the assault of unwelcomed sensations. At least, unwelcomed at first…

"Please…" Natalie whimpered. She shook her head side to side, her eyes closed. "Please stop."

Master Gary put the crop aside and allowed his free hand to rove over her young breasts. He loved the soft, doughy feel of them as he caressed and fondled each one. They were so responsive. Her nipples were already turning into little peaks as his fingers caressed and stroked her little joy nub. Suddenly he pinched one nipple, then the other.


"You starting to enjoy my touch, little whore? It's OK. Tell your Mama how much you love having your Master pet your little pussy. Say it, girl."

"No! Let me go!" Natalie sputtered with a surprising flare of courage.

"Let you go?" Master Gary growled. "You ungrateful bitch. I offer you pleasure, and this is what I get? So be it. I've tried gentle. Now we'll try rough and hard and NASTY."

Saying this, Master Gary picked up the riding crop and slapped it hard between the girl's legs. Her body writhed as the loud smack echoed in the basement. Her cunt twitched as Gary slapped it again and again with the crop, showing no mercy. He went at her for maybe 10 minutes straight, until her cunt lips were a little red and swollen from the blows. This made them all the more sensitive for what Master Gary had planned next.

All the while, Rhonda had been shouting for him to stop hitting her daughter. She'd progressed to babbled pleas.

"Please, hit me. Do whatever you want to me! Just don't hit Natalie! Please, stop!" Rhonda cried.

Finally Master Gary let up. He looked down at the teenage girl, her breasts heaving as the girl's heart rate gradually slowed back to normal. He stalked over to the mother. His cock bobbed in front of her face.

"You want me to have mercy on your daughter?"

"Yes, please have mercy on her!" Rhonda said, her eyes pleading.

"You're not so fierce now, eh bitch? Where are your threats now? Hmm?"

Rhonda's gorgeous face crumpled. "Please, just do whatever you want to me. I'll do anything you ask! Just please don't hurt Natalie…or Amanda. What…what have you done with Amanda?"

Mastery Gary cupped Rhonda's chin with a cruel grip. "You want to see your older daughter? Learn to obey, and maybe I'll let you see her." He removed his hand and presented his elongated shaft to Rhonda's lips.

"Let's show your little girl how to suck cock. Start sucking, Mama, and don't get any ideas. If you bite me, it will be the last thing you do. My friend upstairs will come down and kill you both."

Rhonda groaned with reluctance, but she opened wide. She accepted his cock, shoved into her mouth. Her lips pressed around his pumping manhood. She began to suck noisily, slurping loudly on his hard length. His testicles jostled with the movement of his pelvis as he helpfully speared his cock deeper into her mouth, down her throat. Rhonda strained to take in his huge member, her cheeks hollowed out as she sucked and cradled him with her tongue.

"Uhhhh!!! Mmmm!!! UGH!" she groaned with him almost completely inside her wet, warm mouth. Her eyes watered as she took him all in. Her chest heaved with its big, beautiful breasts as she gurgled desperately on his penis.

"Ahhh…you're one good cock-sucker." Master Gary turned back to the horrified girl tied to his bed. "You see what a whore your Mama is now, girl? Yes you DO." He turned back, his hand fisting in Rhonda's hair as his heavy ball sac slapped gently against her chin with each of his short thrusts. She was straining hard now, she could barely breathe. Her eyes watered and she began to choke. Just when it seemed she might pass out, Master Gray drew his cock from her lush lips.

Those lips dripped with pre-cum as he wiped more pre-cum from the head of his cock along the woman's tear-stained cheek.

"Not bad, bitch. You gave your daughter a good lesson in cock-worshipping. Let's see if she's ready to return the favor. Your little girl and I will show you what a proper hard fucking looks like next. Doesn't that sound fun?"

As Master Gary turned back to the bed, Rhonda squirmed frantically in her chair, making the chair tip sideways as she shouted.

"NO! Don't rape my little girl."

Master Gary had already knelt between Natalie's legs. His bulbous cock-head was poised at the entrance to her helpless pussy. Natalie's eyes were wide with fear, looking down at the cock which was about to rape her. Then, at the last second, Master Gary drew back. He saw Natalie give a huge sigh of relief. He bent down, yanking the mother's chair upright again by sheer strength. His biceps bulged as he re-positioned the chair. He knelt down and stared hard into the mother's face.

"You want to save your daughter from getting raped?"

"Yes, please, I'll do anything!" Rhonda moaned.

He slapped Rhonda. "Call me 'Master,' bitch."

"M-master, please…don't rape my daughter," Rhonda ground out, hate and fear mingling in her gaze, with a touch of defiance simmering underneath, barely restrained.

Master Gary stroked Rhonda's other cheek, the one that wasn't sticky with his pre-cum.

"You want me to spare your daughter? Sure, on one condition. You'll lick her cunt and suck on her clit until she cums in your face."

Rhonda's eyes widened with shock.

"No! No…I can't…that's so…so WRONG!"

"Stupid bitch, you think you can say no?" Master Gary pinched each of her nipples and then reached down to tug on her pubic curls.


"Fine, watch me rape your precious baby-girl then."

Master Gary returned to the mattress just as the words finally flew from Rhonda's mouth.

"No, wait! I'll do it! Please! I'll do it."

Master Gary turned with a vicious grin hidden underneath his mask.

"Change of heart? Very wise, Mama. Let's get you situated." Master Gary untied her wrists first, but he kept her ankles tied while he re-bound the woman's hands behind her back. Only then did he carefully untie her ankles. With a hand wrapped around the back of her neck, he pushed Rhonda over to the mattress and forced her to flop face-down on the sheets. He positioned the woman's face right between her daughter's legs. Rhonda was now staring at her teenage daughter's pink opening. Natalie's labia and clit still glistened with their captor's saliva.

"What are you waiting for, Mama? Get in there. Get your tongue in her. Lick the little bitch!" With a resounding smack, Gary's riding crop slammed into the mother's backside.

Natalie was now looking down at her poor mother, the look in her puppy-dog eyes one of disbelief…but the girl also felt a strange anticipation. The fact that her mother was willing to debase herself like this to save her daughter from something far worse, that wasn’t lost on Natalie. The girl looked at her mother with sorrow and forgiveness. She even, in the far corners of her mind, had always wondered what it would feel like to have another woman's tongue in her pussy. It was something she and Amanda had talked about before…

"It's ok, Mom. Do what he wants…I know…I know it's not your fault," Natalie murmured. Rhonda flinched again as Master Gary's next blow slammed against her left buttock. Natalie hated seeing her mom being hurt just as much as Rhonda hated seeing her daughter tormented. Another blow of the crop took Rhonda squarely along her sex, ripping a long, plaintive groan from her lips.

"Please Mom, do what he wants so he stops hitting you!" Natalie finally begged, and this seemed to crumble the last of the woman's resistance. She leaned forward. Her tongue flicked tentatively against her daughter's little nerve bundle. Immediately Natalie stiffened, a warmth spreading between her legs, starting to blossom in her core. Rhonda's tongue began licking devotedly along her daughter's lips, then sliding into her daughter's warm folds before twirling around her clit once more.

Master Gary stood back, giving the crop a rest. He watched his two captives intently. His cock hardened as he watched the mother eat out her daughter's sex. What began as just the sounds of licking and sucking and Natalie's little sighs and pants…began to slowly turn into something else. Gradually Natalie's nipples hardened into little pink buds. Her moistening pussy began to permeate the basement with a certain fragrance. The mother's licking began to fill the room with the squelchy-wet sounds that only a fully aroused pussy brings.

The masked captor put a hand on the back of Rhonda's head, shoving her face forcefully into her daughter's snatch. "Suck on her clit," he ordered.

Rhonda groaned, her teeth grazing her daughter's clit as she sucked frantically on the miraculous little nerve bundle that could create an explosion of sensations more powerful than anything else in human experience. She licked, slurped, and cajoled at her daughter's clitoris and cunt, her tongue diving deep into the warm, soon-to-be sopping wet folds. She felt her daughter's body responding. She felt her daughter's hips bucking just noticeably into her face, the more she fervently licked and sucked at her daughter's sex. It all felt so, so wrong…like a violation. And yet…to give her daughter these pleasurable sensations, when it could be so much worse…To know that she might be saving her daughter from having this man's hard cock inside this same pussy, to know that she was saving her daughter from being raped…That gave her the strength and the zeal to lovingly caress her daughter's cunt as her tongue stroked diligently, with so much care.

Meanwhile their abductor retrieved a knife from the rack on the wall and deftly reached behind Rhonda to slice away the ropes tying her wrists. "There you go, Mama. Now you can finger your daughter's cunt as you get her off. Keep up the good work unless you want me to whip your daughter's cunt lips."

"Please, I'm doing it," Rhonda sighed. She stared at her daughter's glistening sex as she moved her stiff arms until her hands were on her daughter's pussy. Slowly, sensuously, she slipped two fingers into Natalie's soft, wet snatch and began pumping at a steady pace. Her tongue flicked along her daughter's clitoris as she finger-fucked that young pussy. She knew exactly how her daughter would respond. The poor girl would have no choice. It both broke Rhonda's heart and excited some primal part of her subconscious at the same time.

"Ohhh!!! OH!" Natalie cooed. Her breasts were heaving now. Her nipples were so hard. The girl was definitely on the way to reaching climax. Her willowy body was squirming frantically on the bed. Her bound hands were clenching up, just as her cunt muscles were clenching up now with her mother's fingers now making little thrusts into her slit. Combining the finger-thrusts with her flicking tongue, Rhonda could feel her daughter's juices trickling onto her palate, the flavors almost rich and intoxicating despite the awful circumstances.

"Are you almost there, bitch? Is Mama going to get you off?" Master Gary growled. He knelt down near the top of the mattress, stroking Natalie's hair with one hand even as he gently caressed her lovely tits with his other hand. He cupped one of those tits now, feeling the pebbled-up nipple against his palm.

"Yes, little bitch. You're loving it, aren't you? Your Mama's a good cunt-munching lesbian whore, isn't she? Fuck yes. Now this is special, showing a mother's love for her daughter in such a sexy, forbidden way." He looked at Rhonda, who was now feverishly finger-fucking her daughter and sucking deeply on the girl's clit.

"Mmmm!!! Uhhh!!! SLURP!" Rhonda could feel her daughter clenching up. She was so close. Her fluids had gone from a trickle to a river. She was so very close now.

"Mom! Oh god!" Natalie cooed. Her hands clenched up. She thrust her crotch roughly into her mother's face. She shuddered, her cunt twitching as she prepared to have the biggest orgasm of her young life. "Oh god…please…oh please…oh…"

"Please what, bitch?" Master Gary growled. He stroked the girl's jaw and looked into her eyes with his piercing stare. "Say it. Beg your Mama to make you cum. Do it or I'll hurt her. You want that?"

"Mom, please make me cum!" Natalie cried out. "AAAHHHH!!! Oh god! OH!" Her eyes glazed over with pleasure. Her mother's fingers stroked her G-spot, Rhonda's teeth grazing her clit as she sucked hard, keeping a firm, insistent pressure which led to inevitable surrender. Then it happened, Natalie's teenage cunt twitched violently as the orgasm ripped through her like a rogue wave. The teen girl lost herself in an earth-shattering, mind-erasing inferno of bliss as she rode out the climax, her back arching violently. Her fluids spewed into Rhonda's face, soaking the mattress, dribbling down Rhonda's chin and filling her mouth with the sweet-cloying taste of cunt cream. Her legs continued to shake as her slender body shuddered, her quim convulsing and spurting more fluids, until at last, like a limp, lifeless doll, the sexy teenage girl lay completely still on the bed, panting like she'd just run two marathons.

"Not bad, Mama. Your daughter just had the orgasm of her life! I'm impressed."

Natalie's dazed eyes managed to glance up, transformed with horror to see her mother's face glistening with her sexual fluids.

Master Gary's hand cupped Rhonda's chin, lifting the woman's face so that her daughter could better see the damning evidence of her lust.

"You see, girl? Your mother is a true whore, just like you."


"No. No…I'm not," Natalie wailed. "Mom's not a whore. Let us go, you bastard!"

"You think you can call me names, bitch? You think I won't hurt you?" Master Gary smacked Natalie's pussy with a hard slap of his hand. The girl cried out, flailing helplessly, but the ropes kept her legs tied far apart, her pussy helpless and exposed.

Rhonda sputtered as Gary grasped her by the neck. "You know what, since your daughter still has some defiance in her, I'm afraid our deal is off. Not to mention, watching your mother-daughter show has my cock stiffer than a diamond pole. It's time that your daughter and I had a nice, long FUCK."

"No, please, you promised!" Rhonda sobbed. But Master Gary just stood up and strode over to the wall, grabbing his knife as he went. He hung up the knife and took something down from the wall…something obscene. It was a triple strap-on dildo. There was a short butt plug on one side, a long, thick shaft in the center, and an even longer, thicker penis extending with sharp ribbings all along the surface. The extended penis looked enormous…and painful.

"I've kidnapped you and your daughters, bitch. Whatever I may have promised a minute ago, since I'm a kidnapper, what makes you think I'm not a liar too?" Master Gary's dark chuckle nearly made Rhonda's heart stop. "Here are your choices now, bitch. Either you let me strap this into your pussy and you'll have to fuck your daughter hard with this strap-on until she squeals…OR you can let me rape your daughter, which will at least be a lot less painful for her." Master Gary dangled the awful strap-on device in front of Rhonda's shocked expression.

"Well, Mama. Which is it going to be?"

Rhonda's noble, gorgeous face crumpled into something bordering on despair. With a heavy heart, she looked at her daughter. Natalie was struggling in her bonds. Her eyes were pleading.

"Please don't make my Mom do this!" Natalie begged.

Master Gary slapped the girl hard enough to just startle her and shut her up.

"Keep quiet, little cunt. Your Mama and I are coming to an agreement." Master Gary slid onto the bed and reached between Rhonda's legs. She shivered as his fingers plied her cunt, rubbing softly along her nerve bundle and teasing her labia. "What's your answer, Mama? I don't like to be kept waiting." His fingers slipped deeper into Rhonda's cunt, exploring her even more intimately as he whispered in her ear. "Your daughter can have my cock deep in her pussy OR she can have her pussy torn up by that huge dildo with those awful mini-spikes. Did I mention I'll coat that dildo in hot sauce too, just to add to the sensations?"

That finally spurred Rhonda to answer, even though she hated what she was about to say. She trembled with Master Gary's fingers deep inside her, pumping her helpless snatch.

"Oooo…okay. Please don't use the dildo, Sir."

"Call me MASTER."

She flinched. "Yes, Master. Please don't use the dildo. Please…fuck my daughter instead." She couldn't believe those words had left her lips, but they had. This was so wrong. This was a complete nightmare, but she had to save her little girl whatever pain she could. Everything else was secondary.

The masked captor slowly withdrew his fingers from her sex.

"That's more like it, but I'm not yet convinced that you're entirely docile." He turned to Natalie, his eyes smoldering. "You too, little cunt. We need to purge those last bits of defiance from your silly little head, but don't worry…I have an idea on how to do that." The muscular man, naked except for his dark mask, left the bed and walked over to a chest with rusted iron hinges. He opened the chest and lifted out a hefty shackle and chain. He strode back to the bed and ordered Rhonda.

"Sit near the top of the bed and extend your right ankle toward me." Rhonda did as she was told. Disappointment flooded her as Master Gary snapped the metal shackle in place around her ankle and then secured the chain to an iron ringlet set into the concrete floor. Putting on a padlock to keep the chain in place, the man made sure that Rhonda had plenty of range of movement on the bed, but she wasn't going anywhere. Rhonda glanced longingly at the knife on the rack. She had hoped that when this cruel man was busy with her daughter, she might take the opportunity to get it, maybe even slit his throat… Her hopes dashed, the older woman looked down.

She heard him pad over to the rack again, grabbing the knife before he returned. Now the Master turned and looked down at Natalie's prone figure. Her naked body was so lush, so young, her breasts like perfect contours waiting to be caressed, her pink opening begging to be filled by a man's cock.

"Look at her, Mama. Your daughter is so beautiful, and soon, guess what? Not only are you going to watch me fuck your cute little girl, but you're going to hear her BEG me to do it."

Natalie blanched. "No, I won't beg you to rape me, you bastard!"

Those cold, blue eyes narrowed behind the mask as Gary grunted. "Is that so, bitch?" He lay the flat of his cold, wicked knife against the upper slope of Rhonda's left breast. The mother was trembling now. Her terror-filled eyes were focused on that edge of cold steel.

"Listen to me, young slut, I want you to say 'Please Master, fuck my pussy.'"

Master Gary's unrelenting glare switched to Rhonda. "And you, Mama, I want you to repeat after me - 'Please fuck my daughter.'"

There was a stretch of silence. Tension filled the air so thick that Gary's knife could have sliced right through it. He slowly turned the edge of the blade so that it was about to cut the skin on Rhonda's breast. That's when he heard it, a barely perceptible whisper. The teenage girl's voice.

"P-Please Master, fuck my pussy," Natalie murmured.

Master Gary poised the point of his knife above Rhonda's left nipple. "I can't hear you, little cunt."

"Please Master, fuck my pussy!" Natalie shouted.

Master Gary turned back to Rhonda's tear-streaked face. "And what do you say, Mama? Hmm?"

Rhonda choked back a sob. "Please Master, f-fuck my daughter."

The muscle-bound captor slowly drew the knife away and placed it carefully out of Rhonda's reach. "Good, you two may learn to be obedient fuck toys yet. Now that we're all in agreement about me giving your daughter a good, hard fuck, let's get started, shall we?" He pointed at Rhonda and then at Natalie for emphasis. "The entire time I want you two to repeat what I told each of you to say a moment ago. Beg for me to fuck your pussy, little one, and you, Mama, keep begging for me to rape your daughter. Do you understand? You keep saying it and don't stop until I tell you to. Got it?"

Both women nodded, tears leaking from their eyes. Now Master Gary settled in between Natalie's smooth thighs. He positioned the bulbous head of his rock-hard shaft, veins engorged, near the girl's swollen labia. His hand skimmed along the girl's smooth belly before framing the girl's open sex. "Look at me, Mama," he barked. "I want you to touch yourself. Fondle your pussy as you watch me rape your daughter. And LOOK at my cock as it enters her tiny cunt. I want you staring at it as it enters her tiny, helpless pussy for the very first time."

"Yes Master," Rhonda said mechanically. The mother couldn't believe this was happening. She was in shock. She also didn't want this brutal man to hurt either herself or her daughter with that nasty-looking combat knife, so she did exactly as he said. Rhonda began to finger herself, not that she could do much besides fake an arousal she didn't feel. Meanwhile…

"Please fuck my pussy Master," Natalie whimpered reluctantly.

Rhonda, staring helplessly and dejectedly at Gary's cock poised at the entrance to her daughter's sex, could only sullenly say, "Please Master, fuck my daughter."

The two women recited their appointed mantras as Master Gary started to ease his shaft forward. The soft folds of the girl beneath him were still wet from her mother's cunt-licking attentions. He watched the delicate face of Natalie clench up hard as he abruptly drove into her with one merciless thrust.

"OHHHH! Fuck! I'm balls-deep in your little bitch. She's a tight fit, Mama. Her pussy is welcoming my hard cock," Master Gary growled. With that, the ripped captor began to establish a brutal rhythm. His pelvis flew forward in a wild, primal series of thrusts, his cock spearing into Natalie's helpless snatch as if he owned her, body and soul. The constant smacks of their bodies joining together filled the room, all to the background 'music' of the teen girl's forced shouts.

"Master, please fuck my pussy. Yes Master, fuck me!" Natalie groaned, her body tense beneath him. Master Gary rolled up the bottom of his mask so that his mouth was exposed. He loomed over the girl before diving down, sucking on her ear lobe. He felt her nubile body squirming with his cock embedded so deep in her slippery wetness, and it drove him to new heights of lust. The girl's body was still so aroused from her mother's devastating attentions, and now, as he reached down between their joined bodies to press his fingers against the poor girl's clit, he felt her jerk beneath him.

"No, please stop!" Natalie moaned.

"What did I say, bitch? What should you be saying right now? Or do you want me to hurt you?"

"Do what he says, sweetie!" Rhonda said frantically.

With a pained, reluctant tone, the girl relented. Natalie's voice resumed reciting those demeaning words as she sighed, "Yes Master, please fuck my pussy. Please fuck me."

The next thirty minutes were hell for the Indian-American mother and her daughter. Rhonda had to watch as this sadistic man just fucked her daughter as hard and roughly as he could. She watched as his buttocks clenched up, all his muscles striving to penetrate the slender girl beneath him as the mattress shook, as the girl's young breasts jostled back and forth due to the awful force of those impalements. With her wrists tied behind her back, Natalie could do nothing but take that hard cock deep in her pussy. Her body even began to betray her a little as Master Gary laved her nipples with his tongue, occasionally reaching between their enjoined pubic muffs to rub dangerous sensations along her slit with his calloused fingers. His fingers made devastating caresses along her traitorous joy nub until she had no choice but to gradually respond, more and more. He would pull out of her all the way, only to slam his iron-hard shaft deep between her legs, his cock-head nearly hitting her cervix.

"Let's see if we can get you to CUM, little bitch. You want to cum on your rapist's cock, don't you?" As he said this, Master Gary just left the tip of his shaft inside the girl's moist cunt. With his fingers he began rubbing the girl's clitoris even as he made hard little thrusts, his cock teasing just the first few inches of her vagina. The combination of the sensations were actually slowly yet surely getting through to the 18-year-old girl. Natalie's pained mantra of 'Master please fuck my pussy' soon took on a decidedly less reluctant tone.

The girl was soon blushing. Her eyes met those of her mother. Rhonda saw the shame there, but also the unmistakable lust, those clashing feelings dovetailing into one awful, chaotic mix on her daughter's pretty face.

"Mom…!" The girl's breasts continued to jiggle as Master Gary's cock swept forward, sliding forcefully between her legs. "Mom…please make him stop," Natalie groaned, but the tone of arousal in her voice couldn't be denied. The tip of Master Gary's shaft was soon getting soaked in her slickening folds. Without even realizing it, Natalie had started to gently thrust her sex onto the uppermost part of Gary's cock as his fingers did their devoted work, stroking and caressing the girl's joy button with a firm, oddly tender care.

"Ooohhhhh…please no!" Natalie wailed.

"What do you say, bitch!? Those aren't the right words."

"Please Master, fuck my pussy!" Natalie cried out, surrendering. And at that exact moment, his fingers grazed her clitoris at the perfect angle. She felt an explosion of pleasure rip through her core, her body's spasms making her cunt clench up hard on the tip of Master Gary's penis. Natalie's hands clenched up in a white-knuckled grip beneath her ass right as the orgasm sent her flying over a cliff.

"AAAAHHHH OH GOD! OHHHHH!!!!" She flooded the sheets with her fluids, coming hard as her nipples beaded up into little pink buds. Master Gary watched the beautiful girl thrashing and trembling, her breasts heaving in the throes of orgasm. She rode out the orgasm as it lasted and lasted, so prolonged, her cunt squeezing madly around his dick, until he couldn't hold back. He began fucking her. He ripped his mask off, kissing her with a brutal, passionate possessiveness.

Rhonda sat there, her fingers rubbing zealously against her own sex, watching her daughter's rape. She was, as obscene as it sounded, faintly turned on by the sight…though she hated, hated herself for it. Her primal self had no choice but to admit it though…that this man was all male, all hard, jagged angles and ripped muscles. He was a specimen that any cavewoman of humanity's early days would have seen as a prime partner for procreation.

The older woman watched as Master Gary mauled her daughter's face, bruising her lips with his. Natalie was in a mixed delirium of pleasure and agony as her aching breasts felt the crush of Gary's weight, her aching cunt stretched by the punishing thrusts of his penis fully elongated and aroused. She couldn't do much except lie there and accept her fate, so she did, moaning as Master Gary kissed her and fucked her as if she was just a sexy piece of ass that he now fully owned.

"Uhh.. uhhh.. uhhh! You like that, bitch? You like the feel of your Master's cock? Answer me."

"Y-yes," Natalie panted. "Please keep fucking me."

Master Gary chuckled, aware of Natalie's nipples pebbled up against his chest as he seesawed in and out of her in a flurry of hard fucks.

"You see, Mama? Your daughter really is a whore. She's turned on. She LOVES being raped by a real man." Master Gary kept pounding her even as he turned to look at Rhonda. "Now I'll make you another deal. You want me to CUM inside your little girl, hmm?"

Rhonda automatically shouted, "No! Please don't. You might get her pregnant!"

Master Gary grinned. "That's what I thought you'd say. Tell you what, if you can finger yourself to an orgasm in the next few minutes, before I burst in your daughter's snatch, then I'll cum all over your daughter's face instead. Does that seem fair?"

The mother knew that 'fair' had nothing to do with it, and whatever this sick freak's promises were, he couldn't be trusted. But she had to try. She had to hope that he might honor it. What else could she do?

"Ok, ok!" Rhonda huffed. "I'll do it." She closed her eyes, imagining her husband Malachai, the girls' father. She rubbed her clit feverishly, pumping her pussy with two fingers simultaneously and envisioning Malachai's cock thrusting up inside her, deep into her core, his loving arms around her, his velvet-soft voice in her mind saying 'I love you.'

It was all Rhonda could do to even begin making progress toward reaching climax. She had to, for her daughter's sake. She didn't want her youngest daughter getting impregnated so young. Even if they eventually got away from this sick monster, it might be days, weeks, before they got their freedom. She didn't want Natalie to have to get rid of the baby, if she did get pregnant…that would scar her too, and the mother would do anything to protect her daughter.

"Uhhhh!" Rhonda moaned, her fluids trickling down her fingers. She was getting there. Oh god. Rhonda finger-fucked herself harder now, her cunt muscles starting to twitch as the arousal in her core surged to a fiery intensity that promised an orgasm on the horizon. Meanwhile she ignored the constant sounds of Master Gary's body slapping hard into Natalie's slim figure, the girl's cunt stuffed full with each pulverizing fuck.

"Uhh!! Better hurry, Mama. Your daughter's cunt is milking my balls. This little pussy wants a lot of gooey cum deposited DEEP inside her, I think. Maybe I'll oblige her. Isn't that right, little one?"

Natalie's once-innocent face was contorted with a desperate 'No' that was tainted and contradicted by the arousal surging through her veins. She whimpered as he kept fucking her, losing her mind more and more to the throes of primal need, feminine desire…until she felt as if she'd been reduced to just her primal feminine yearning to be filled with hard cock…to be fucked and dominated.

"Ohhh god," Natalie cooed.

"I'm your god now, little bitch. This cock is what you'll worship from now on, as my permanent sex slave for as long as I choose to let you and your Mama live," Master Gary growled. He thrust deep inside her, so deep, a violent, pulverizing penetration that left only his swelling balls showing. Then he erupted inside her in the same moment that Rhonda's fingers triggered her own intense climax.

"OOOHHHH GOD! I'm CUMMMING!" Rhonda moaned. She looked down, shuddering and convulsing as cunt cream streamed down her fingers and wet the sheets. But she was too late. Her expression of sated pleasure quickly deteriorated into horror as she saw Master Gary's body flush against her daughter's pussy. He was groaning, a long, plaintive sound as millions of eager sperm surged through the girl's cunt. Natalie squealed as a mini-orgasm joined the sensations of hot sperm shooting deep in her snatch, until suddenly Master Gary's lips stifled the girl's cry. He kept kissing the beautiful girl until his cock finished twitching, nestled inside her sticky-wet folds. Slowly, with a sigh of satisfaction, the rapist drew out of the teenage girl. He looked down at her pussy, a sloppy cream-pie, those swollen pussy lips oozing with so much seed.

He turned to the mother. Rhonda's face had frozen into an expression of horror and disbelief as she looked at her daughter's ruined sex. Now Master Gary climbed over to Rhonda on the bed.

"Not bad, Mama. You had some fun there too, didn't you? But you were just a little too late. Don't worry, I've got a consolation prize for you. You get to lick your daughter's juices off my dick."

Rhonda closed her eyes and begged with every fiber of her being.

"P-please Master, y-you've had your way with us. You've humiliated us beyond anything I can ever imagine. Please…when will you let me and my daughters go?"

Master Gary stroked the woman's cheek before giving her a deceptively mild kiss. He left the woman kneeling on the bed and crawled back over to the daughter. He framed the girl's cunt with his hands once more.

"Open your eyes, Mama. Look at what I did to your sexy little girl."

Rhonda opened her eyes, although now they were swimming with tears. She couldn't believe it. It looked like a gallon of cum had seeped from her daughter's torn-up pussy onto the bed.

"Please," she croaked. "When will you let us go?"

For the first time, Rhonda took note of the details of her captor's face, now that he'd discarded his mask. His face had a rough yet symmetrical look that could be called handsome in a rugged way, with a neatly trimmed black beard flecked with silver. There was a sadistic kind of charisma in those mesmerizing, unholy glacier-blue eyes.

"You've both seen my face now. I can't ever let you cunts go free. Get used to your new life, Mama. At least you and your daughters can be together. Count your blessings."

Rhonda tried to believe this was a nightmare she'd wake up from as Master Gary pulled her forward.

"Now open up, Mama. Time to taste your daughter's pussy-nectar on my dick." She opened, letting him fill her mouth with his cock, half-heartedly sucking, then more enthusiastically slurping on it despite the strange cocktail of flavors. The big-breasted woman gripped the base of Gary's huge dick, pumping it to even more impressive rigidity in her hands as she began to zealously suck and please him. In the back of her mind, she thought of Malachai. Surely her husband had called the police and someone was looking for them? She had to hope that they would find this monster and rescue them. In the meantime, she wondered if she shouldn't just obey him like a mindless puppet. Part of her wanted to numb herself to all emotions for the sake of her own sanity. Yet when it came to her beloved girls, such a thing wasn't possible. She couldn't take seeing poor Natalie tormented by this vile beast of a man. Now, as Master Gary caressed her large breasts, the mother pumped her mouth up and down that re-invigorated cock even more ardently, tasting the fluids from her daughter's aroused sex mingled with the unmistakable tang of jism.

"Ohhh, Mama, you're learning. That's a good bitch, show your daughter what true cock-sucking should be. Get ready to take a full load of my baby-making cream. Uh…oh, yes, keep sucking, whore. You were born to suck cock. Ohh! Ahh! Ugh!!!!!"

Master Gary's hands reached up, holding Rhonda's tresses back as she gurgled loudly, her mouth impaled so far onto his cock that her nose pressed into his groin. She groaned as he erupted in her mouth. The fresh burst of cum shot into the back of throat, and she came up sputtering as strings of splooge drifted like silly string from her lips.

"Such a well-behaved bitch. Now come over here and give your daughter a sloppy kiss." Master Gary grabbed the back of Rhonda's neck and dragged the naked woman over to her daughter, forcing her to straddle the teen girl's prone form as he pressed their faces together.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart," Rhonda groaned as her lips descended to her daughter's face.

With a sigh of resignation, Natalie opened her mouth and swept her tongue out to meet her mom's. Their lips met in a gooey kiss. Meanwhile Natalie and her mom were all too aware of their breasts crushed together as Master Gary pressed a firm hand to the back of Rhonda's skull and told them to keep kissing. Deftly, he yanked Rhonda's arms back and tied her wrists behind her back before pressing his hand to the back of her head once more.

"That's it, sluts. Show me how much you love each other. Share my spunk between your tongues. You kiss each other like it might be your last time ever seeing each other. Ah, now this is very sexy, very hot." Master Gary watched, his flaccid cock jerking back to a measure of life. He let the girls keep kissing for a while and then slid his hand down from the back of Rhonda's skull to the nape of her neck, yanking her backward. He made her sit up so that her voluptuous breasts were in full view of her daughter.

"Please, let us rest," Rhonda begged.

"No, no. Why would I do that?" He eyed Natalie, who was staring at her mother's chest. "I think your young daughter is jealous of your bigger tits, Mama. We're going to let her suck on them like she used to do when she was a little girl. Yes, that idea turns me on."

Natalie and Rhonda's expressions crumpled with disgust. "No, please don't make us do that. She's my mother…that's wrong!" Natalie pleaded.

But their unrelenting captor paid no heed to the girl's plea. He made Rhonda lean over her daughter's face until one perfectly curved breast settled on top of her face. Reluctantly, Natalie's tongue slid along her Mom's suddenly hardened nipple. She took the nipple into her mouth, sucking on it diligently.

"Ahhh, that's such a good little cunt. You are learning obedience. This is very special. I think you and Mama are finally READY." So saying, their tormentor slid off the bed and grabbed his cell phone from the rack. He hit the call button.

Meanwhile Natalie kept sucking on her mother's nipples, wondering what their brutal captor thought that she and her mother were 'ready' for exactly. She was afraid to find out. At the same time Rhonda tried to forget the arousal in her aching tits as her daughter's teeth grazed her nipple, suckling fervently.

"I'm sorry, Mom."

"SSHHH. This isn't your fault, sweetie. Just…ahhh…do what this monster says…for now. Ahhh…I don't want him hurting you, sweetheart."

Just then, in the background, Rhonda and Natalie heard Master Gary's conversation, and it made both of the naked women stiffen with dread.

"Yeah, Julio? Hey, I know I owe you one. Consider this my way of paying up. I've got a real hot Indian woman and her two young daughters. You're going to love these young pussies. Very fuck-able. One's 18 and one's 19. Yeah, they both have a nice pair of tits on them too. You can have them for the rest of the night. Rape party at my place. You in?" There was a brief pause as Natalie and her mother both started shouting.

"What are you doing?! Please, no! Please don't do this!"

"Alright. See you in thirty, Julio. Make sure you bring everyone." Master Gary swiped his phone and off and looked at the two girls with a feral grin.

"Please don't do this!" Natalie whined. "Don't let a group of strangers gang rape us!"

"Stop complaining, cute cunts. We have LOTS of more fun in store for you tonight. Guess what, Mama? I'll bring your older daughter down to join you and little sis here. We'll get her naked and tied up just like you two so that when Julio and his gang arrive, you'll all be ready for the party." Master Gary rubbed his hands together with malicious glee. Natalie and her mom exchanged a look of horror.

Suddenly Gary was on the bed beside Rhonda, urging her chest down once more over Natalie's face.

"Did I say you could stop sucking on Mama's tits yet, little girl? You'll keep sucking on those nipples until my guests arrive. Until then, just imagine what all those hard dicks are going to do to you, tearing up your little pussy. You too, Mama. Tonight is going to be a night you sluts will NEVER forget."

THE END...Or Is It?

I hope you enjoyed the story. Most non-con stories tend to fall into one of two categories - harsher and darker versus more romantic or realistic non-con. This story was definitely in the first category. For something more romantic/less harsh (which I know some people find sexier), you might want to check out my other recent story, Anya and the Fighter, about a girl safely exploring boundaries with her MMA boyfriend and helping him overcome trust issues. Remember, always indulge your fantasies a little, even the darker ones. This is just a fantasy, nothing more and nothing less.


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Mother and Daughter

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