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  1. Spicy Story - Mommy continues to spread her love
  2. Spicy Story - The rest of the fuckin story

Spicy Story - Mommy continues to spread her love

Categories Diary, Anal, Bi-sexual, Body modification

Authror: TexanBelgianCutie

Published: 05 December 2017

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Kyle joined the others for breakfast in the morning.

He couldn’t believe what happened, and was unsure if it even did happen. He woke up that morning very wet in his bed, whether from sweat or oil, he didn’t know. His over ample ass was sore and his sweet asshole was definitely wider than before, but he discovered a large, dark and strangely veiny purple dildo in his sheets. It had pink lipstick marks around it.

We had schooling with the tutor today, but my sister didn’t feel like participating. She finished her pancakes and told us she was gonna go shopping.

“Yall don’t forget to give Mommy a goodbye kiss”, Sara demanded playfully.

“Of course not!” Lilly and Kyle responded in unison.

Lils bent a bit to give a quick kiss on the cheek, but it became much more than that. Mommy turned her head to make sure her lips meet Lil’s lips, and once they connected they couldn’t separate. The eyes of both girls turned glossy and closed as the extended kiss became more succulent. Kyle got hard and stared, until they finally broke up. Lilly wiped the pink lipstick off and started walking out giving a wink at Kyle before she left. Sara returned to eating her pancakes and Kyle closed his jaw, thinking about what he saw.

He still couldn’t take his eyes off his mother, had she pushed that dildo into him last night or did he do it himself while intoxicated. Sara meanwhile was watching her young child stare at her, and decided to “accidentally” spill syrup on her freckled breasts. She purposefully decided to wear another of her tank tops; this one was plain with thin straps and barely enough room to support her massive love-making boobs.

Kyle quickly looked up to avoid staring at his mother’s cleavage, but his actions were too obvious.

“You’ve already been with me while I was bare naked, not to mention I'm your mother.” She coaxed, drawing out her words with her southern accent ,”No use in lookin away, unless your embarrassed by my ol’ looks”

“It’s not that Mommy” Kyle said shamefully ,”I had a dirty dream last night, and you were in it”

“Aww shoot darling, that’s completely normal” Sara’s pink lips pouted,” How bout we do somethin together, that way you’ll see me more as a momma and less as a hot lady that you want to do unspeakable and dirty things to”

Her son looked at her a bit weird, but eventually accepted the offer, ”How about a small swim in the pool?” It was a strange request, but Kyle spent lots of time there and it’s where he generally felt most at home.

Kyle spent the larger part of the day trying to learn from his tutor, but he couldn’t stop picturing his tall and silky Mommy with maple syrup spilling down her bronze skin. After the teacher left he quickly went to his room to find his favorite pictures of Sara to jerk off to; he was going to relieve himself before his pool time with Mommy, that way he doesn’t get aroused and embarrass himself in front of the woman he loves.


I usually walk at a snail’s pace everywhere I go, but after my kiss with Ma I couldn’t help skip out the door. I wiped her strawberry scented pink lipstick off my face and jumped in my restored 1996 XJ6 Jaguar, a gift I gave myself with the families money, since my parents owed me for leaving me like they did.

The plan today was to meet up with my two best friends in what’s left of the mall. I go there often to hang out with the only other people who understand the real me. We buy all our clothes online, but we find ways to have fun. We visit the furniture store to try out their massage chair for free (It has an amazing setting that massages the bottom cushion very thoroughly) , there’s a boy at a smoothie shop that give us free shakes if we flash him, and we all go to our favorite stores to try on the clothes before getting them cheaper on the internet.

My favorite store is a dark punk style outlet. I often feel like my gothic style is kinda worn out, but I like being intimidating. I’ve got dark black hair, dark purple lipstick, dark clothes, and a dark personality. I’ve also got a “restless bitch face” which is when your face seems always unhappy, even if you aren’t showing any emotion. This combination keeps people away, and much less likely to bother you for whatever reason; just the way I like it.

I usually just fuck my brother when I get horny since he knows my body better than most other people, but sometimes I make the mistake of trying to fuck strangers.

I'm only human, sue me.

I always have to approach them, since strangers don’t come to me. And when I do I always take control of the conversation, flirting is a bit tough and usually comes off as intimidating. I don’t have a preference in guys or girls, guys are dumber, but girls talk too much. What I do prefer though, are girls with dicks.

One of my two friends, Mable, happens to be a shemale. She is kinda chubby and has wild orange hair and the biggest pair of tits you’ll ever see. At almost 7 feet tall she is also a huge extrovert; she adopted me as her friend against my will. A couple years ago, she saw me here in the mall, thought I was cute, and didn’t stop bothering me until I let her hang out with me.

I stayed longer at the mall than I wanted to because I didn’t feel like listening to the boring tutor. I had a ton of money anyway, why did I have to learn stuff? Plus I wanted to leave Sara alone with Kyle, she told me about their night together and I could tell she wanted seconds.

I said goodbye to my friends and headed home. Right before I walk through the front door, I hear Ma outside with my cute brother. I go around the side to check it out, and once I saw them together in the pool, I froze.

Kyle was standing looking terrified looking down at the thick cock in his hand. I got closer and snuck behind a bush to get a better look.

Ma was in shallow water, her thick long legs made it so the water came up to her waist. Lil’ bro was a foot shorter, and halfway underwater.

I couldn’t believe how hot this scene was, it would certainly be forever stuck in my mind. Sara had her hand in the nape of bro’s neck, slowly stroking him. Her other hand was guiding Kyle’s hand across the beautiful, long hardness that was Ma’s cock. She seemed to be encouraging him, trying to get him make a move, almost pushing him to bend over and wrap his lips around the meat.

I could practically smell the dick from here; I was drooling at the thought of being in my brother’s place. Jealousy slowly started taking place as I hoped my brother wouldn’t become uninterested with my pussy. I stayed put though, and decided to enjoy the view, pulling my phone out to take a video.

“She probably convinced lil’ bro to rub some sunscreen on her”, I told myself, noticing that Sara’s tan and freckled body was glowing. His plump mother’s juicy cock hypnotized Kyle, he must have been trying to measure it in his mind. Ma took her hand off him and reached for his dick underwater, she continued to caress him until he woke up from his trance. He took a step back, breaking his mother’s hold, then grabbed her erect cock with both hands and moved his cute lips around the tip.

It looked like he was trying to make out with the head, he was clearly new to blowjobs. Ma whispered something to him and pushed down on the back of his head. He relaxed and slowly allowed himself to be forced onto the monstrosity. He would pull out a couple times and lick the shaft until diving right back in. He seemed to think it tasted as good I did.

I could feel myself getting unbelievably turned on; I pulled my pants down and sat on the grass. While still peeking around the corner, I started to idly touch myself, wondering if it was too late to interject myself in the situation.

Ma and Kyle had changed positions, he was on a less shallow portion of the pool, sitting on his too-large-for-a-boy butt and laid back. Ma was right in front of him, holding her dick right at the opening of Kyle’s little asshole. He was also erect, but his penis seemed small next to Ma’s. His open legs showed he was completely giving himself to Ma, submitting himself to her superior cock.

Sara started to poke his tight hole, but pulled back rather than ram it in, in an endless effort to tease the poor boy. He started to beg loudly, to the point that even I heard him plead,” Please Mommy, please fuck me!”

Ma eventually gave in and pushed in her purple tip past his delicate hole. She was taking good sweet care of her son, as any loving mother should. She looked at his big eyes, letting him know that she is in control. Ma was nice with him, making sure he was comfortable and not being stretched too much. But it soon became more than this, Ma increased her pace so much that it began to look more like rape. Brother’s eyes began to look worried, he was obviously in a bit of pain. She grabbed his waist in order to more easily force herself in him, and brother couldn’t do anything besides allow himself to be used like a sex toy. He started to grow weak, unable to hold himself up as easily. This didn’t bother Ma, she grabbed him with both hands and continued to penetrate him hard, stretching him wide and making a visible bulge in his stomach. He tried to grab her arm in order to try and slow her down, but Ma instead grabbed his hand and pinned it down. She put herself on top of him, using her weight to hold him down while she penetrated her son’s hole. Brother was in distress, but despite this he still managed to cum. His useless jizz floated in the pool. Ma got close and whispered in his ear, he went limp and conceded to his mom. She used him for a couple more minutes and finally pulled out and got off him. Brother got up and put his soft cute lips over the head of her cock and waited. Ma started cumming and my lil’ bro was drinking it all strait from the source. He then started licking it like a lollipop, making sure not a single drop of Sara’s cum went to waste.

I had completely stripped naked and was fondling myself, but this wasn’t enough to sate my thirst.

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Spicy Story - Mommy continues to spread her love

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