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The Cheerleader Harem: Part 13

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Hardcore, Romance

Author: Rich Richardson

Published: 06 December 2017

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I think it was about a week later that I saw any of the cheerleaders next. Emma had been calling me non-stop, after hearing about my tantrum in the coffee shop. If I’d been in a better state of mind, I might have been smart enough to call back the person

I trusted the most and let her help me, but I was too busy drowning my sorrows in off-brand vodka.

“Whoo! Go sports!” I drunkenly screamed, standing in a stadium hallway, as dozens of people walked past. “Put the pucks in the basket! Shoot a grand slam!”

I didn’t find out until twelve hours later what game I had been watching, my vision was too blurry to tell, but I remember my time afterwards vividly, and not just because of all the parents, alumni and fans giving me wild looks as they marched for the exit.

The college was pretty small, and so were all of the stadiums on campus, so the cheerleaders, once they were done in the locker room, used the same main exit as everyone else. I had waited there many times, usually when Emma and I had plans after a game.

“There they are!” I said, pointing to the crowd of seven very blurry women. “There’s the sexiest girls on campus!”

“Alex, where the fuck have you been?” Even in my drunken stupor, I recognized the anger in Emma’s voice.

“I’ve been off having fun. You know, enjoying life to the fullest.”

She quickly grabbed me by the collar and dragged me away from the other girls.

“Whoa, you’re making me dizzy.”

“Shut up, you drunk asshole,” she said, throwing me to the ground. “Do you know how worried I’ve been?”

“It’s alright, baby. You don’t have to wait any longer. We can fuck right here if you like.”

“Alex, I know Kendra hurt you.”

Suddenly, my heart sank. Emma’s answer hadn’t been what I expected. I’d figured I would get a slap in the face.

“Whatever. I’m fine.”

“You’re obviously not. Just come with me so we can talk about what happened.”

“Fuck you!” I shouted, pushing her away, like an angry toddler.

“Are you ok?” said a second voice, approaching behind Emma.

“I’m fucking fine!” I said, before looking up and seeing who it was. “Oh, shit. It’s been a while.”

Amanda wrung her hands in the awkward silence. “I guess it has.”

I hadn’t expected it to be like this, but seeing Amanda again had all the tension one would expect of seeing an old lover; of seeing someone you had said was the best you’d ever had, and then not seen again.

“I should have called you.”

“No, I should been the one to reach out. It must have been weird for you. I mean, I still technically have a boyfriend, so…”

“Yeah,” I said. “It seems like all the good girls do.”

I pulled out a mini-sized container of booze, attempting to take another pull, but Emma yanked it out of my hand. “Stop being a baby and get up. I can help you.”

“I don’t need help, and I’m not a baby,” I screamed, clutching my bottle.

Emma looked like she wanted to say something else, but Amanda put a hand on her shoulder and stopped her.

“Fuck,” I said. My ears were ringing and my head was sore. “Will you guys just leave, already!”

I looked up as I screamed those words, but none of the girls were around to hear them.


I spent a long time sitting in that concrete hallway, before the cleaning crew finally kicked me out. After that, I sat outside, and when they kicked me out of there I sat in a diner across the street until I fell asleep in a booth and the waitress told me I had to go. That process just repeated itself over and over again, until I was all the way across town, far away from campus.

I probably would have kept going and ended up outside of the city, but, just before sunrise, I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Huh, I guess it was only a matter of time before you wormed your way over to me.”

I looked at the strange girl, who looked oddly familiar. The alcohol had mostly worn off, so I wasn’t dizzy or cloudy eyed anymore, though my stomach felt like it was tying itself in knots.

“Sorry. I think you have the wrong person.”

“I know who I’m talking to,” she insisted. “You look tired as hell.”

She wore dark eyeliner and her hair was jet black with a purple hue. On anyone else, I would have said it looked terrible, but somehow the color played off of her skin and made her look like she was glowing.

“Yeah, I’ve… I’ve been walking all night. I should probably get back home.”

“Do you know which direction that is?”

I looked around, trying to find a landmark or street that I recognized, but before I could even answer, she grabbed me by the hand and started leading me down the sidewalk.

“Aren’t you going to ask where I’m taking you?”

“I’m kind of used to women dragging me around these days,” I told her. “Are you going to tell me who you are?”

Her head turned, as if she was just about to speak, but she decided not to in the last moment. “I’m an inevitability, I guess.”

“A what?”

“I just find it funny that you just so happened to show up here, right after that show you put on at the game. You really made an ass of yourself.”

I raised an eyebrow in confusion. “Seriously, who the hell are you?”

“I get too much pleasure dangling the carrot in front of your face to tell you.”


“I don’t know. Maybe I’m insecure and this makes me feel good about myself, maybe I’m just a sick bitch, or maybe I just like fucking with you. I have a few friends who certainly do.”

“Wait a second,” I asked her, as she pulled me down an alleyway and up to a black and red door. “Were you playing in the game?”

“I don’t play men’s basketball,” she said, with a dark smirk on her face. “Stick out your tongue.”

I did as she said, before I saw her pull a bag of small paper strips out of her pocket.

“I haven’t slept in two days. I really need to get home, before-”

She put a finger to my lips in order to quickly shut me up. “I know how much you got crippled by Kendra. You need this. Trust me.”

“I don’t even know you.”

“No, you don’t,” she said, putting two strips on my tongue. “But I know you pretty fucking well.”

Before I could even ask what she was going on about, she shoved me through the door, and into a room lit up in shades of blue and green by dim neon lights. There were couches everywhere, and ten or twelve people in the room, lounging, smoking, drinking and talking.

“Yo, Lucy,” I heard one guy call out. “Get over here! You have to try this shit.”

I could smell weed the moment I stepped through the door, and once Lucy took a hit, she handed the glass pipe to me.

The next twenty-four hours were nothing but a slow burn of smoking, mimosas and passing in and out of consciousness. I felt both my hangover and my sadness slip away, into a dark haze.

I’m not sure how long it was before I felt a set of hands inching their way up my leg, but I certainly didn’t fight them, even as they lifted my shirt and I felt a pair of soft lips kiss my stomach.

“So, you’re Lucy, right?”

The purple-haired girl pulled off of me and nodded, as her hands continued to roam under my shirt. My mind was so out of it that a green fog seemed to surround us, leaving us in our own little world.

“Did the other girls talk about me a lot?”

She nodded again.

“I’m surprised you don’t hate me.”

“I like to make my own judgments,” she said, and only seconds later, my shirt was completely off and tossed to the floor.

She ran her gentle hands over my shoulders as she kissed me, putting her lips to mine as I felt the curves of her behind.

“So, you’re an ass man,” she stated, as I continued to grope her. “Good to know.”

“Are you studying me?”

“No, I’m just making judgments, like I said.”

She reached down to my belt, hoping to tear off my pants as quickly as my shirt, but once my belt was gone I stopped her.

“I think it’s time you lost some clothing,” I told her. She blushed and smiled seductively, before pulling her shirt over her head.

Her bra was pure black lace, the kind she would only wear if she had come here to get laid, but soon it was tossed aside as well, and I couldn’t resist sucking one of her pierced nipples into my mouth.

“Fuck, maybe you’re not an ass man.”

My mouth was too full to respond, and now that I could feel her skin pressed against my chest and see her breasts sway, I was done talking.

All I wanted was to get her naked. While one of my hands continued to caress her breasts, the other fell down to her zipper.

“You know, Emma said you turn into an animal.”

I was too single-mindedly focused to respond, barely able to hold myself back from ripping the buttons off of her pants and just forcing my way inside of her that second, but I kept my restraint and slipped her jeans down her long and supple legs.

“You’re so soft.”

Lucy crawled on top of me once more, wearing nothing but a black thong that matched her lace bra. My dick felt pained as my pants confined it. So much so that I was sure the denim would leave an imprint on me.

She smiled as a small moan escaped my lips. “You feeling pent up, baby?”

I moved to undo my zipper, but she pulled my hands away.

“I’m not in a rush.”

With my pants still on, she moved down my torso, kissing my engorged head through the fabric.

“Fuck, you’re such a tease.”

“That’s funny,” she said, purring as her sweet lips wrapped around my cloth covered dick. “I’ve heard the same thing about you.”

It was only after she saw the seams on my pants begin to tear that Lucy slowly undid the last of my clothing. Finally, her bare lips wrapped around my member, as her fingers ran up and down my inner thighs.

“God, you’re better than Amanda.”

“You bet your ass I am,” she said, only pulling her lips away for a second before placing them back where they belonged.

Her fingers ran up and down my shaft while her mouth sucked out as much of my precum as it could get. Her tongue eagerly lapped it up, before licking my head one last time and moving further south. She didn’t seem to mind the sweat on my testicles as she took one into her mouth. In fact, I could hear her moan when she first tasted them, and only got louder as drops of cum began splashing across her pretty face.

I could feel myself building up to an explosion, and I would have smiled at the sight of her covered in my jizz, but she pulled away just before I came.

“What are you doing?”

“I thought you only got off when you came inside,” she said. “Annie even said it was your calling card; your signature on a job well done.”

“No, I was just about to get off.”

“Oh…” She looked down at the floor, but spoke in a nonchalant tone of voice. “Well, since we’re here now, do you maybe want to move on?”

At first I was going to get mad, until I looked at her face more closely. She wasn’t avoiding my gaze out of shame or sadness. She was hiding something. She’d known I was about to get off, but blowing me didn’t do much for her.

“Come here,” I said, looking deep into her eyes in the few seconds before her lips met mine. She was hiding how much she wanted this. She was hiding how turned on she was. She needed to have her legs forced apart. She needed that initial burst of adrenaline and pleasure as my head touched her folds. She needed me inside of her.

“You need to be fucked.”

She gasped once at my boldness, and again when I brought her cunt down onto my cock.

“Oh, fuck,” she screamed. “How much of you is in me?”

“About half.”

As she came down from her early high, a wicked smile spread across her face. She leaned back and once again let her breasts sway in front of my face.

She wrapped her hands around my neck, and I cringed as her claws sank into me, but once she started riding me, I didn’t even care. The way the walls of her pussy gripped my cock was like magic.

“Fuck, you feel amazing,” I told her, grasping her tits and roughly pulling on her nipples.

“So do you. Your head is almost too thick to fit inside me.”

“Should I stop?”

“Fuck no.”

Her insistence made me smile, and just as she got tired and slowed down, I raised up my hips and fucked her from below.

“Oh, fuck!” she cried out, making me legitimately think that she was in pain, at least until she began kissing my neck and whispering, “Thank you. Thank you.”

Since most of our foreplay had involved me lying on my back, I was eager to do some work and happy to make her moan. Despite how wet she was, friction had turned her lips red and raw.

“Oh, fuck!” she screamed, as yet more wetness poured out of her and I felt her entire body tense up. That included her cunt, whose walls shrank around me, making Lucy even tighter.

I didn’t slow down for even a second, fucking her straight through her orgasm, and the time afterward that she should have spent coming down from her high, became yet more intense, as she was now even more sensitive.

“Oh, fuck,” was now all either of us could bear to say, as our minds gave in to pure pleasure, but only seconds later, I felt her whole body clench once again, and I knew that I was right behind her.

I could feel the pressure building inside of me, and once I felt her cumming, yet again, my cock didn’t need any more convincing. I poured out inside of Lucy, splattering her inner walls until my cum was dripping out of her.

“Goddamn,” she said, but didn’t stay long to soak in the moment. Instead, she quickly pulled her clothing back on.

“That was nice.”

“Yeah, you’re not half bad,” she told me.

“Not half bad? I heard you thanking me.”

She smiled. “I’m just easy to get off. I guess I’m lucky that way.”


I was feeling cocky, knowing how good it must have been for her, at least until she leaned over me, pressing me onto my back, and whispered, “Time to go back to sleep, little man.”

“What?” I said, bolting upright.

“I said, it’s time to go back.” Lucy was standing over me, fully clothed, unfortunately.

“Yeah, cool.” I stood up and realized that my clothes were on too, but looked as if they had been half-assedly dragged onto me.

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The Cheerleader Harem: Part 13

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