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My First Time With Another Man

Categories True Story, Anal, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual

Authror: plaguedoc

Published: 06 December 2017

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In the past i had explored anal on myself and i really enjoyed it from the first day i tried playing with myself and had one of my most intense orgasms.
i couldnt get enough of it naturally this led to me buying dildos buttplugs and a strap on to use with my girlfriend while it was odd for her to begin with to say the least she ended up enjoying dominence she'd never experienced before. so it became a very regular part of our sex life. then she had to leave and i was left with just myself and it just wasnt the same.

and this is really were the story begins

After a few weeks without any action with another person. i began to have urges i tried to supress them i tried to ignore them. but i couldnt help myself i needed something more now i never wouldve admited this to my girlfriend just because i dont know how she would react. but im bisexual more for the sex while ive never been able to picture myself in a relationship with a man ive always imagined what sex would be like with a man or men. so after i could no longer control myself i started to browse craigslist not having much luck finding anything i decided to post an ad and sure enough an hour later i got the response i was looking for a older man mid forties and insanely good looking well call Adam messaged me and said he was interested in having some fun after speaking for a bit i agreed to come over we had agreed at least for now that this would be about sex only.

nervous but eager i began to get myself ready to meet adam i did my usual ritual of getting ready for anal i showered shaved around my anus and made sure i was clean. it was after i was ready that i really began to have 2nd thoughts while the idea of cheating drove me batty for a time but i couldnt ignore my urges any longer i needed this at least once fantasies werent enough i needed to be with man

after talking myself into going again i grabbed a buttplug and some extra lube as i didnt know if adam would have any. and if this was going to happen there was no way it was going to hurt. so i get in my car and before i left i put the plug in just make sure i was good to go when i got there. a short drive later i arrived at adams house. and i slowly walked up to the door abd knocked.

seconds later adam opened the door and greeted me before me he stood clad only in a pair of boxer briefs. i could feel myself getting excited and i could clearly see that adam was happy to see i had arrived. there he stood though a tall 6ft man with blue eyes brown hair with slightly greying sides and an a nicely trimmed goatee. he wasnt really muscular but he was lean and toned. flat chested with trimmed hair on his pecs. he invited me and closed the door me. i bent down to take of my shoes and too take a look at adams ever growing bulge in his boxers it looked like i was in for more then i expected at least 7.5in of hard cock was pressed against his leg in his briefs. seeing this i could feel myself getting harder. as i stood not sure what to say adam pulled my close and began to kiss me with a hot intensity i hadnt felt in a while initially shocked i didnt kiss back but once i composed myself i began to kiss back with what i hoped was just as much intensity.

we stood in his entrance way making out feeling each others bodies as adam began to strip my clothes right then and there and i wasnt about to fight him i was commited to this now and i wanted it to go further after he took off my shirt he undid my belt and pants and let them fall to the floor. he kissed me again started to feel my ass at this point i had forgotten i was wearing my buttplug but adam had found it and through our kiss i could feel him smile and he moaned with excitment. he broke the kiss and said "i see someone came prepared i like that"

he then invited me upstairs to his bedroom i quickly gathered my clothing and followed him upstairs.

when we got to his bedroom i was ready to do just about anything to please this man he was powerful and dominant which was exactly what i wanted. he closed the door behind me and then he gabved me by my shoulders and again he pulled me to him. he kissed me again and told me to get on my knees.

i gladly obliged i didnt want to disobey an order once on my knees he told me daddy needs his cock sucked. shocked by what he said i knelt there for a moment not knowing what to say and then the words found me. Yes Daddy and with that i readched out to pull down his briefs.

my mind was racing i hadnt intended to say that i was shocked that my mind allowed me to say that but at the same time i was very turned on by it a new strong daddy owning me that was just fine.

I grabbed a hold of the sides of his boxers and i slowly began to pull them down to release adams cock from it cage i wanted to savour this moment and the sight of his cock before me slowly it came into view and then suddenly pop it all flung out at me i was a little closer then i thought because his cock came out and smacked me on the cheek. and as i suspected easily 8 inchs long cut with a bulging head thick shaft at least 1.5inchs and perfectly shaven.

i couldnt wait any longer i let his boxers fall around his ankles and reached for his cock grabbing right at the base i began to lick the head letting my tongue go ravenous before i slowly opened my mouth wider to take on his cock i couldnt get the whole thing in my mouth only about 5 inches but i was determined to please and daddy wanted more.

he told to play with his balls aswell so as i bobbed my head up and down and jerking daddys' cock i slowly fondled his balls lightly cupping them and stopping everyonce and a while to put them in my mouth and lick them the while daddy was happily moaning and groaning enjoying the natural extacy of the moment. after about 5 minutes i felt him grab me by my hairs as he began to shove my face into his crotch he was just as determined to make me deepthroat his cock as i was and it wasnt as hard as i expect i gagged a few times choked by his girth but as i took more and more gradually and relaxed i was able to get him in all the way with daddys' help to of course until my nose was pressed against his skin i continued to suck his cock for another minute swithing from his balls to quickly sucking half and deepthroating.

then he got quite rough he grabbed the back of my head once more and begin to quickly feed me the entire length of his cock forcing it in and out of my mouth again i gagged and choked from the sudden force

and then he stopped forcing himself as deep as he could push and his cock began to throb. you're going swallow every drop he grunted through his teeth breathing heavily. shot after shot came out of his big cock right down my throat and as he came he slowly pulled out filling my mouth with his hot load i quickly swallowed and took a breath it was salty and thick but i liked the taste i licked his cock once more to get every drop

i looked up and met his fiery gaze it was clear he wanted more and his cock mearly softened for a second before hardening once again. he told me to get onto the bed and lay on my back at the edge i crawled over slowly hoping to tease my new daddy with a view of my still covered ass this was met with a well placed slap in the center of my right ass cheek it hurt but it hurt good.

i got onto the bed and position myself at the edge how i had been told and proped my legs up on the bed adam walked over and spread my legs and stared at my cock in my boxer i was still rock hard and there was a puddle of precum forming in my briefs. he began to rub my cock and then he removed my boxers my 5 in dick sprang free a welcome release i had been waiting for. he told me to hold my legs up i did and he pulled my butt plug out and set it aside. the height of his bed was perfect he was perfectly aligned with my ass. he then grab one of his bottles of lube and began to tease my ass a little rubbing his fingers on the outside before shoving the as deep as he could go first one finger then two then three. it felt amazing this was what i had been waiting for this moment was what i wanted i began to slowly stroke my cock i didnt want to cum yet this needed to last a while. after adam was finished fingering my he straightened himself once more applied a generous amount of lube to his cock and placed the head against my asshole

again teasing he rubbed it around my eagerly waiting hole. and the. with a small push he slid in just the head at first and then more and more until he was buried inside of me it felt amazing to be that full. adam began slowly pumping my ass getting faster and faster pounding my ass untill it was red. he stopped only to tell me to get on the bed more and lay on my stomach he crawled in the bed with me and got atop of me and postitioned himself once more he slide his cock back in over and over but i wanted to see his face again as he fuck my ass so i stopped him and rolled onto my back and spread my legs he straightened his back and again shoved his cock deep inside. in and out in and out, i stroked my cock faster and faster as he continued pound me. "Fuck me harder daddy" i cried out every thrust sending wave after wave of pleasure through me. and then i felt my cock began to throb and i came all over myself and on the bed. i layed there exhausted and out of breath feeling nothing but joy as adam continued to pound my ass shortly after adam buried his cock deep inside of me and unleashed his 2nd load i felt every pulse of his dick in me... i was suprised i could feel the warmth of his cum within me and i loved it. adam collapsed atop of me out of breath with a huge grin. pressing my cum against his chest and my cock against his pelvis his softened and felt slowly slide out of me follwed by a little cum. he suggested we shower to clean off.

but before we did he used two of finger he probed my ass a bit working his magic making me quirver all over again and then he pulled out his fingers covered with his cum he reached his hand toward my mouth and told me to lick it off know i was clean down there i didnt fuss i liked the taste of his cum and i was all too ready to swallow one of his loads again.

we then got up and walked to his master bath. where a single person standing shower. not what i expected but i figured the closness could lead to some more fun he turned on the water and got it nice and steamy we hoped in let the water flow over us we embraced and began to kiss adam felt his way down and started playing with my ass while i worked my hands between us to grab his thick meat again i began to stroke it slow at first letting it harden in my hands and then i stroked him as fast as i could feeling every inch of his large cock adam then grabbed a bottle of body wash and we began to clean each other rubbing each others bodies then letting the suds wash away. but i wanted to feel him inside me again and i wanted to taste him again so i lightly pushed him away against the shower wall it was cramped still but i turned around and did what i could to lift my right leg up and prop my knee against another wall i wasnt being coy about it adam knew what i wanted and as soon as i was in position he came at reaching around me with his left arm and grabbing my ass cheek with his right he spread my ass and i reached down and guided his cock to my hole still full of cum he pushed and was able to get in without issue i felt amazing the warmth of the water his embrace his thick cock filling me again. i grabbed my cock and starting stroking within minutes i shot my load against the wall i heard adam starting to breath heavy again so i quickly pulled him out of me and dropped to my knees and began to suck his cock taking on the whole length in and out until he again came in my mouth. i swallowed savoring his salty load. when we finished cleaning ourselves we dried off and got dressed.

I headed downstairs to leave and adam followed me. he gave me his cell number saying that well have to do this again soon i agreed hardly able to speak still a lottle put of breath from our fun i got my shoes on kneeling down to take another final look at his cock in his boxers. i couldnt help myself and i pulled them down just so it would hang out i put in my mouth bobbed up and just enough to make him start to get hard. then i stood gave him a final kiss. and teasingly said thats all he gets until next time. he smiled and then i walked toward the door and opened as i walked out he smacked me hard on the ass and he said next time better be soon and told it definetly would be. i drove home with a huge smile and then i took a nap all the while fantasizing about the next time.

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My First Time With Another Man

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