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The Punishment

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Ass to mouth, Authoritarian

Authror: MysteriousKiki

Published: 06 December 2017

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It’s been weeks since I’ve seen him, smelt his cologne, felt his presence. He’s much older than me; he walks with a confident demeanour, gently etched muscles and dark exotic features.

I’ve just moved into my new apartment, frantically trying to find where I’ve put my favourite sweater when my phone vibrates. I peer down at my phone and see his name in the message bubble on the screen. My heart skips a small beat.

I’ve been hoping for him to contact me for what feels like forever. I miss him more than he could understand, even though I was the one that ended our intense affair. He’s mad at me for it, I know he is.

“Hey you…“ It reads. “Hey you…” I reply.

“You left a few things at mine. Some sandals and makeup. Do you want them back?” He replies.

I think for a few minutes about what I should reply with. I want to see him so badly but I’m not sure it’s such a good idea. I’m so confused about what I want, in every aspect of my life, let alone a relationship.

“Yes please. I’ve moved to the beaches now, so I’m close by. I can come pick them up?” I type without thinking any further.

“I’ll drop them to you. Just text me the address.” He replies.

I notice the absence of emojis in his texts; it’s so different to before. He’s definitely mad at me, and I’m definitely excited to see him.

He’s coming at 8pm and it’s currently 7pm, so I hurry to the shower. Instinctively I shave my pussy just how he likes it, before realising what I’m doing. Why am I preparing myself like I used to? I doubt we will fuck, yet I continue to prepare myself anyway.

I choose an outfit that is tight around my hips and ass and plunges low into my cleavage. Waiting casually on the couch for him to knock on the door, my nerves run wild inside me. My heart’s fluttering as I think about all of the things I want to say.

Suddenly there is a knock at the door and my stomach knots. I feel like a little schoolgirl.

I open the door gingerly. There he is in his usual suave suit and tie, perfectly pressed and hugging every muscle as if it was hand made just this minute. He stands there with perfect posture and a gaze like I’ve never seen before.

I say hello and he doesn’t reply, he just holds his stare, regarding me deeply, making me feel more and more like a lost little schoolgirl in need of guidance.

With authority and a hint of arrogance, he moves forward and past me into the lounge room, dropping his bag beside the door. I close the door and follow him, my nerves peeking.

He swiftly turns around to face me again. His stare pierces through me. “Down.” He says with a sharp tongue, and just like that everything I used to know and do floods back into me.

Instinctively I follow his instruction and drop to my knees before him, my head hanging down, eyes staring at his freshly polished shoes like a good submissive should. Why am I doing this? I ask myself internally.

He reaches his right hand down to my neck and squeezes it tightly, forcing my head up and my eyes to meet his. His eyes are penetrating my soul as he looks me up and down. A slight hint of disgust washes over his face, as I start to slightly gasp for air.

My pussy begins to throb with need as he roughly releases my neck from his tight grip, throwing me down onto the floor. “All fours.” He barks as he walks over to his bag, pulling something large and black out.

I comply, remaining in the middle of my lounge room on all fours. He walks over to kneel down beside me. He grabs my hair savagely with his left hand, turning my head to face him. He holds a large black spanking paddle in his right hand.

“You’ve been a bad girl. A very, very, naughty, unworthy, little whore.” He says heavily, staring me dead in the eye.
“I’ve thought long and hard about your recent disobedience and I’m going to punish you for what you’ve done. I am your master. I have the only say in what happens to you.” He says coldly. His mean, menacing, angry tone turns me on like nothing before. I tremble beneath him as I feel his right hand lift my skirt above my hips. The shame washes over me and my pussy oozes juice.

He softly rolls my panties down to my knees and gently caresses my ass cheeks.

“I am going to spank you 10 times, very, very hard.. and you’re going to thank me after each and every one.” He gives me a wicked smile, and not a second to reply before I feel the first thwack on my bare, exposed ass cheeks. The pain courses through my body as he pulls my hair tighter, staring deeper into my eyes at my reaction.

“Thank you,” I whisper sexually.

I see that wicked smile again as he bores the second smack down upon my ass cheeks. I scream out this time as he’s smacked me harder.

“Thank you,” I whisper again.

He repeats this another 7 times, bringing us to the last smack. Again, he tightens his grip in my hair, pulling my face right next to his, regarding my every emotion intently. Tears well up in my eyes as he bares down the final, brutal, most painful smack onto my now red and welted ass cheeks. The pain has turned into a long and deep-felt sting, coursing through my entire being.

“Thank you Sir,” I manage to muster out of my mouth, tears streaming down my face.

His left hand still entangled in my hair, he uses to throw me away, sending my head down onto the carpet in a dishevelled disgrace.

He moves around behind me, caressing my ass cheeks and admiring the damage he has just done to them. Gently, he slides his arms around the front of my chest and pulls me upright. We’re both on our knees, I’m facing the lounge room with him behind me holding me close to this chest.

How badly I want to just turn around and kiss him, but I don’t dare.

He uses his left arm to cross my body and hold me tightly in place while he moves his right hand down to my sopping wet cunt. He traces my clit ever so lightly that I can barely feel it.

“Do you think you deserve this?” He whispers.

“I don’t deserve anything you give me, Sir.” I meekly respond.

“That’s right, you don’t deserve anything. You should be grateful I spent my time smacking you, teaching you a lesson.” He says as he starts to pat my cunt, softly at first, with a growing enthusiasm. He picks up pace and starts to smack my pussy harder and harder.

I wince, while my body naturally tries to jolt forward from the shocks. I am restricted by his left arm across my chest, which is now increasing in grip.

He continues to smack my pussy harder and harder until I’m screaming loudly in pain.
I manage to muster up a soft “Thank you.”

He suddenly stops and lets me go. He roughly pushes me forward onto my hands and knees, then continues to push me down so my head is touching the ground, my cheek pressed up against the carpet.

I feel him part my ass cheeks and stare down at my wanting, needing fuck holes. I know he isn’t looking at my cunt. I know exactly which hole he wants.

“Since you’ve been such a naughty little slut, you’re not getting anything in that sloppy cunt hole of yours. This is not for your pleasure little whore, this is for mine only.”

His words only make my pussy more wet.

He spits on my tight ass hole, gently rubbing a finger around the rim to loosen it up before I feel his rock hard cocks head start to open it further.

He forces his glorious throbbing hard dick into my tight rosebud, stretching it open as it goes in deeper and deeper. He begins to thrust savagely, with no regard for my screams. The mixture of pleasure and pain washes over me and I am screaming in both delight and desperation.

He starts grunting and continues to fuck me, stretching my hole with each thrust. He moves one foot around and onto my head to hold it down and give himself a deeper plunge into my asshole. I yelp in pain as it goes further in, and he keeps ramming and ramming.

He soon pulls out and barks at me to turn over and lay on my back. I quickly oblige and open my mouth wide as he bears over me, cum spouting from his pulsating, hard cock all over my face. Bits splatter over my body and over the floor.

He stares at me, wanking more out of his cock as I scoop up the cum from my face and into my mouth. He looks at me then looks at the cum on the floor.

“Clean up your mess.” He orders, as he again stares at me intently.

I turn around and get back on all fours and crawl like an animal, licking up the cum that stains the floor before finding myself at his feet. I open my mouth wide and look up at him standing over me.

He brutally shoves his dick, covered in my ass juices, deep into my mouth. He holds my head down hard on his cock until he hears me choking, then releases. As I pull away, a long line of spit follows from the tip of his dick to my mouth.

He pulls his pants back up, collects his paddle and bag and walks to the door. Before I get the chance to say anything, he opens it and exits, leaving me on all fours in the middle of my lounge room with my skirt around my waist and my panties down at my ankles, fresh cum all over me and red raw asscheeks, wondering if that all just really happened.

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The Punishment

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Comments (1)
acrzycjn — 07 December 2017 19:44
Great story, it left me wanting more. More of the back story, and of course what happens next.
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