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Four hands massage

Categories True Story, Asian, Male / Female, massage

Author: Andy Hall

Published: 12 December 2017

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I rang the bell at the entrance to the massage studio.

“Can I help you?” came a small voice over the tiny intercom.

“I’d like to get a massage.” What else are they expecting? The door unlocked.

A Thai girl with a pixie haircut and the Singapore Airlines uniform was at reception. Two girls stood in the doorway of the staff room. The Pixie looked nervous, but the other two were jostling each other with excitement. One of them looked familiar. I think her name is Angie and I’ve been with her a couple of times before.

“How long you want?”

“Is the four hands available?”

“You want four hands massage?” The other girls now crowded around the desk and they all consulted the diary that was open on the table. There was an entry for 1 pm. It was 12.40. They all gabbled in Thai.

“Ohhhh, nohhhh. Sorry, only one girl available. How long you like?”

I was mildly disappointed, but I decided to stay. “45 minutes”. I opened my wallet to pay. There was over $200 in there. I saw Angie’s eyes flash at the cash and she said something to the Pixie that was mostly Thai, but ended with “you can cancel him” as she pointed to the poor punter in the diary.

“You can have two girls, but only if you book for 45 minutes,” said the Pixie.

“OK.” I handed over $110.

“What’s your name please?”

“Andy.” She wrote that in the book.

Angie led me upstairs and left me to undress.

I started to get down on the mattress but the girls knocked on the door and came in and it made me jump and I knocked over the pot plant on the mattress. It was an undignified start and the girls giggled.

“Do you want soft, medium or hard?”


“Soft with oil?”

“Yes please.”

They kneeled on either side of me and one of them poured on the oil. There was no modesty cloth and they were both rubbing their hands over my arse within seconds. There was no doubt where this was headed. It was a better start than I expected.

“Have you had 4 hands massage before?”

“Yes. A few times. It’s very nice. What are your names?”

“I’m Kimberley and this is Angie.”

“Hi Angie. I think we’ve met before.”

“Yes, we have Andy.”

It all got very friendly after that. I don’t think my upper back got a look-in. There were a few loving caresses of my shoulders and biceps, but the main game seemed to be touching my buns and thighs. Unlike previous four hands experiences where the girls worked different ends of my body separately, these girls worked together on the one spot. It was very nice.

They took turns dipping their oily hands down between my thighs. I gave the raised bum salute, which is an internationally recognised signal for “Grope My Balls” but there seemed to be some confusion between the girls about who had right of way. Either that or they were holding out for the money. Angie trailed her finger along my closed crack and I moaned. That would do instead. My heart was going berserk.

“Are you OK?” It was Kimberley and she could obviously feel my thundering heart with her hands as she passed them over my upper body.

“I’m fine. Just a bit excited.”

“You like 4 hands, eh? Better than 2 hands?”

“Yes. Much better. You girls are doing a wonderful job.”

“Why don’t you turn over?”

Kimberly was prettier than Angie.

They looked at my cock and poured oil all around it. They started to rub oil into my thighs and stomach. This could go on for another 5 or 10 minutes if I let it. Angie’s a bit of a tease and I remember practically having to beg her to take my money and give me some relief the last time.

“You girls want $50 each?” They smiled and nodded. I put a hand on each girl’s hip as they knelt beside me. “OK. Let’s do it.”

Kimberly poured oil on my cock. Lots of it. I blossomed in her hands.

“Mmmmm,” she said with approval. She looked from my cock to my eyes and back again with that serene look that Thai girls do so well. Like I was making her happy. Meanwhile, Angie was dragging her fingernails over my nipples and looking at me with her bold stare.

They were both rubbing me achingly slowly.

“Oh, you both do that so well. So slow. I like it slow.”

If I had seventy virgins in paradise, I wouldn’t know what to do with the other 68. I was in heaven. Heaven with a big clock on the wall. There was still over 25 minutes left and I didn’t think I could hold out at this rate.

“If I come now, will you girls keep going and help me try for another one?”

Kimberley’s face brightened as if I had just made her day. “Sure.” Angie smiled and nodded. Her hand slowly twisted up the length of my cock with a corkscrew action, as if she was trying to extract the cum from my balls like the cork from a wine bottle. I tried to smile back, but I was so crazy with lust that it probably came off as some sleazy leer.

“Ok then. I wanna come for you girls. Make me come.”

The girls shifted slightly and positioned themselves at right angles to my cock on either side. Each girl’s cute round ass was sticking out behind her and I grabbed an ass in each hand. They felt nice and firm in those tight fitting Singapore Airlines maxi-skirts. Kimberley said something in Thai and took control of the joystick. I was on final approach.

It did not occur to me to smother all four hands with my special sauce. That was his idea. The girls seemed to think it was funny because they started giggling after the ninth squirt. It was a big one. Kimberley sat there with both hands dripping on one side of me, expecting Angie to get her the tissues. But when Angie held up her dripping hands, they both burst out laughing and used the towel to clean up instead. They yabbered away in Thai.

“We’ll be back,” Kimberley assured me as they both got up to leave. “Just have to wash our hands.”

They did more than that. They were gone for a full five minutes. But it didn’t bother me. Ol’ Blue Eye was punch-drunk and drooling. He didn’t look like he could go another round.

The girls returned. They got back in the same positions and poured on more oil. I caressed their lovely figures. Each girl had long hair that touched my hand when I held her waist.

In less than a few minutes, Angie’s hands had performed a miraculous resurrection. Kimberley was impressed.

“You very strong man.” Then, wistfully, “I wish you were my boyfriend.”

I was more relaxed this time. The girls took turns and nobody got tired. When Kimberley was wanking me, Angie stared into my eyes and played with my nipples. Kimberly was not quite so brazen, but she happily returned my gaze and smiled. This went on for about 15 minutes.

I got to the point where I thought I was ready again. The girls felt the quiver. Angie decided she was going to land this one. This time she wanked me and stared into my eyes. Her arm pumped furiously and tired quickly. But she kept pumping. Her lips curled with the effort into a lusty snarl that seemed to say, “come for me, you fucker!”

How could I say no? I couldn’t. Mr Muscle couldn’t – he was on fire. But with four minutes to go, it was clear there was still a twenty-minute wait on special sauce.

I can’t say it wasn’t an anti-climax. Angie was a bit miffed. But one big one is better than two little ones. And it was still easily the best four hands massage I’ve ever had. Those girls were sexy from go to whoa.

I had a shower to clean off the oil.

At the bottom of the stairs I looked back in to reception quickly to say good-bye. Kimberley leaned across the table to see me. She was beaming.

“Bye Andy! Enjoy the rest of your day! See you again soon!”

She’s like the cute friendly waitress at that café you’ve been going back to because her smile makes your day.

I’ll be back.

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Four hands massage

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