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A threesome with Jen and Cat

Categories True Story, Asian, Male / Female, Prostitution

Authror: Andy Hall

Published: 12 December 2017

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I had a meeting in South Melbourne on a weekday at the end of lunch. Ever since I found out recently that an Asian brothel there offers a discount for two girls during the day, I have been keen to go there for a threesome.

The first girl to come out is Victoria, a Korean girl I’ve fucked before. She would do.

The next girl is Karen. She has a very pretty Eurasian look and big boobs pop out the top of her bustier. If it were Victoria and Karen, it would be OK.

The next girl is pretty and brown like a Thai girl and wearing a black bikini over a body that fills and spills and thrills. I am reminded of Jessica Gomes. Wow.

“Hi, I’m Jen. How are you?” Her accent is almost Aussie and she sounds relaxed and casual. She gives me a warm, gorgeous smile and warm, soft hands to shake.

“I’m good, thanks.” She walks away swinging her generous curves on long brown legs. Victoria drops into third place.

Even before I see the next girl my heart is racing. There is a slow “clack . . . clack” sound on the marble floor down the hall. It speaks of high heels and long legs and confidence. After millions of years of evolution, I’m hardwired to hunt catwalk models and my reptilian brain is telling me that one is approaching. Without knowing how I know, the pause between the “clacks” tells me how long her legs are and how confident she is.


One Mississippi. Two Mississippi. Three . . .


This one is off the fucking Richter scale.

When she comes into view, she is tall and fabulously slender, like a Barbie doll. She is wearing black denim hot pants that would be snug on a 12-year-old. They show off her long lean flawless thighs that ripple with muscles like a racehorse as she walks. Under a see-through top she has no boobs, but enormous nipples that almost crowd out her tiny areola. I don’t normally go for skinny chicks, but this is no skin and bones clotheshorse. This girl looks healthy and super hot. It’s just that she looks hot in a way I never thought possible before I saw her.

“I’m Cat.” I must look like I want more, because she adds, “Just Cat.” It wasn’t actually more name that I wanted, but I pull my tongue in and pretend to be satisfied.

She looks very serious and very sexy. She is dark and mysterious. There is something about her eyes, but they are the last thing I look at and they are gone before I get a good look.

The last girl is a Chinese Chloe who would make the cut on any other day, but not today.

I go up to the counter and get the usual gruff treatment from the Manager. She leans over the intercom. “Jen and Cat, room two, 30 minutes.”

I wander up the hall, and Jen comes striding out of the staff room like a sassy beach babe. She has a personality that is very un-Thai.

“Hi handsome. We’re gonna have some fun.” She beams as if she means it and puts her arm in mine to lead me down the hall.

Cat is standing waiting for us with towels at the end of the hall and I have the pleasure of following her up the stairs. Her narrow hips are shoe-horned into those black hot pants and there is a big hole torn in the back that reveals the top of her brown crack. She has spectacular legs. She has spectacular everything.

They get the bed ready as I undress. Jen does the talking. Asking me how my day has been. If I am having a day off. If I’ve had lunch.

One of the girls has the shower running and the water is warm when I get in. While I soap up, Jen is lying on her stomach on the bed, already naked, with her knees bent, waving her feet playfully in the air. She is looking me up and down and smiles her cute warm smile.

“Ready when you are honey.” Her voice has a drawling sing song cadence that sounds out of place in an Asian parlour, yet it is very familiar. Cat has disappeared into the girls’ bathroom and reappears as I turn off the shower and start to towel myself dry.

“Have you been with two girls before?” Jen asks.

“Yes. Twice before. But it’s still a treat.”

Cat has taken her top off but leaves her pants on as she climbs on the bed. I am the last one ready. Jen pats the bed between them and I hop on and lie on my back.

Jen smothers me with her voluptuous body. The pillowy softness of her skin electrifies mine and the blood rushes to my cock. Jen is on my right and Cat is on the left. They both run their hands over my body as I run my hands over theirs. They are smooth and soft.

“Wow. You girls are gorgeous.”

I get that sense of being overwhelmed. They are kissing my torso and their long hair trails over me.

Jen drops her big tits in my face and I search for one of her nipples with my mouth. I suck it till it’s hard and she offers me the other one. She has big dark areolas and neat little nipples. The complete opposite of Cat. When she finally pulls away slowly, my grip on her nipple stretches out her big boob until the weight of it plucks her stiff little button from my lips.

Cat leans in with her big nipples to have her turn.

“Ooh! Check out those big beauties, honey,” says Jen. “Why don’t you suck on her while I suck on you? Would you like me to suck your cock, honey?”

With Cat’s big teat in my mouth already, all I can manage is a wistful “Mmm-hmm.” God they are magnificent nipples. Down below, Jen is swallowing my erection.

“Ohhhh,” I groan and Cat’s swollen teat falls away from my lips. She offers me the other one and I clamp it with my lips and suck. I wonder how she will react if I bite it. I purse my lips and clamp down harder. She groans and then I gently bite.

“Ahhh.” She pulls away in surprise, but then gives it back to me. I bite her again. She groans and gives me her other nipple and I bite that too. Meanwhile, it feels like my cock is in the back of Jen’s throat.

“We swap?” asks Jen. Cat doesn’t answer, but the girls swap places. Cat finally peels off her hot pants. It is one of those porn star moments.

“Oh my god,” I whisper in awe.

“Check that out,” says Jen in admiration.

Cat has a perfect Thai ass. All smooth and brown and shiny. She spreads her knees and arches her back to display her pussy and her anus between her butt cheeks. But the wonderful view quickly disappears as Jen deliberately flops her big tits back in my face. I reach out blindly and grab a fistful of Cat’s firm rubbery bum and I feel her warm mouth close around my cock. My other hand reaches around to feel Jen’s fleshy arse and grope her crotch from behind while she feeds me another nipple. I am floundering in flesh.

Cat is forcing the bulging head of my cock in and out of her puckered lips, making exaggerated sucking and popping noises. It occurs to me that we might fill the whole 30 minutes with them taking turns at sucking my cock and feeding me their nipples and that would be OK with me.

“He’s ready for you to fuck him now,” says Jen a few minutes later. It is like we are in a porn scene and Jen is the director. Cat doesn’t say a word and just does what Jen says.

Cat climbs on in backwards cowgirl. Her pussy is nice and tight and I am very hard and we both groan as she slides slowly down me for the first time.

“That’s it,” says Jen.

Cat arches her back again and tilts her head back so that her long black hair hangs down to her arse. I grab her little hips and pull her down onto my cock. She bucks and I pull her back and we fuck like that for a while, with Jen kissing my torso and pinching my nipples.

I grab Jen’s big tits in both hands and put my face in her magnificent cleavage. I revel in the sensation of her warm breasts on my cheeks. For a while I lose myself in the softness of Jen’s breasts and the wetness of Cat’s pussy.

When I look down, Cat’s arching display of her anus is too tempting for me. I grab at her buns and I let my thumb wander over her anus. She produces a bottle of oil, out of nowhere, and pours in on her own ass. I spread it over her ass, clumsily with my left hand, and use my thumb to rub some on her asshole. I reach around with my right hand and begin to give Jen’s back door the same treatment. I start tentatively, and neither of them complains, so I rub more firmly, feeling the delicate features of each little hole. I can’t quite believe that I am feeling the puckering anuses of these two girls at the same time. My erection is like a rail inside Cat and she pumps furiously up and down on it. She seems to be pushing back on my thumb as much as my cock. I take this as an invitation to go inside. I hold my thumb more firmly against her anus and she keeps pushing back. Finally, I hold my thumb still and let her push back on it. She pushes back and I feel her tight little sphincter ripple over the knuckle of my thumb.

“Oh! No!” she shouts and is quickly up and off my thumb. She reaches around to bat my hand away. She doesn’t miss a beat of her rhythm and keeps pumping up and down on my cock with all the same energy as before.

“Sorry. I thought . . . ”

I thought wrong, obviously.

I sniff my thumb discreetly and there is no odour.

“Naugh-ty boy!” says Jen mockingly, catching me in the act and giving me a wicked smile behind Cat’s back. “I think it’s time for you to fuck me now.“ Cat hops off. “Let’s do doggy, honey,” says Jen.

I switch places with Jen and she gets down on all fours. She has a big soft fleshy ass and a narrow waist. She smears some lubricant on her pussy and I slide in easily. I hold on to her hips and start to hump her. At first Cat gets into a doggy position next to Jen. She spreads her knees wide and does her porn star pose for me again. I use both hands to grope both girls at the same time while I fuck Jen nice and slow. She relaxes into the slow rhythm and moans authentically.

After a few minutes Cat turns around and is kneeling up beside me. I feel a hand touch my bum and the other hand starts rubbing my pecs and pinching my nipples.

“That’s it.” Cat’s voice is low and almost inaudible. “Fuck her GOOD.” She shoves my ass as she says the word “good”, so Jen gets an extra hard thrust of my cock. Cat hasn’t spoken since the intro and her voice surprises me. I look down at her and she looks up. I see her eyes clearly for the first time.

Cat has the exotic eyes of an Egyptian princess. There is a clarity and depth that I have never seen before in the eyes of an Asian girl. And there is a hint of colour. An iridescent midnight blue flashes every now and again, like the wings of a butterfly. It could be contact lenses or it could be a reflection, but I see it again and again.

So beautiful. So exotic. So erotic. She is a goddess. She is one of those princesses from the Arabian Nights who has to be locked in the harem behind high walls to stop men from killing each other to possess her. And she is staring back at me!

She doesn’t blink or look away. I have seen that intensity before, but only rarely, in the eyes of lovers. It feels like she is staring into my soul and letting me see into hers.

Her face moves slowly towards me. She stops at my nipple and licks it. Her tongue has a diamond stud in it that flashes in the light. When she closes her lips around my nipple in a sensuous kiss, I see that her lips are exquisitely small but full and painted a provocatively glossy wet pink. I look back to her eyes and they are still fixed on mine. She is using her tongue and her lips and her eyes to provoke me and somewhere deep in Jen’s vagina I am provoked.

Jen’s pussy has suddenly become much slippier.

“Your pussy is so wet, Jen. You feel fantastic.” I bend forward to grope her big tits. They are reassuringly heavy. Jen just grunts and moans.

Cat purrs in my ear. “Are you going to give us your juice?”

My cock strains at the sound of dirty talk from a princess. I look down at the soft brown figure in front of me. All her best bits shudder as I slam into her. God her pussy feels good. So wet. She’s enjoying this. She really is. She wants my juice too.

I look back into Cat’s eyes. “Yes, I’m gonna give you both my juice.”

Cat’s beautiful eyes are full of lust. She flinched when I bit her nipple. She flinched when I stuck my thumb in her ass. But her gaze is unflinching now. The longer we stare into each other’s eyes the more erotic it becomes.

Jen’s pussy is telling me that she wants me and Cat’s eyes are telling me that she wants me. I am so fucking turned on. It can’t get any better than this.

A very powerful orgasm breaks over me. Cat’s eyes silently urge me to cum and my hips thrash wildly against Jen’s butt. I hear myself grunting loudly with relief at each blow.

Finally, the spell is broken and I collapse back on my heels. Exhausted and exhilarated.

“Thank you both. That was so much fun. I’ve never had a threesome like that before.”

“You got very excited honey,” says Jen as she turns around to deal with the condom. “Whoa!” She holds up the condom which is very full and passes it to Cat who is holding out a small plastic bag.

“That’s a lot of juice,” says Cat.

“You asked for it honey. More tissues please.” Then turning back to me, “You’re still hard. Such a nice big cock.”

“Mmmm. Nice and fat,” says Cat, and she reaches between my open thighs and gives me an affectionate squeeze. “And so warm.”

I shower and get dressed. The girls shower together after me, chatting in Thai.

“This is the first time we have done two girls together,” says Jen, by way of explanation as she steps out of the shower. “We were talking about how we could do it better next time.”

Fuck! Better?

“I’m very lucky. You girls were sensational. I had a lot of fun.” We all grin and I can’t help but believe that they both had a lot of fun too.

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A threesome with Jen and Cat

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