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  1. Christina Taken
  2. Christina Taken 2-3
  3. Christina Taken 4

Christina Taken

Categories Fiction, Black, Coercion, Interracial

Authror: Jordan's Stories

Published: 12 December 2017

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Jordan was a 24 yo Black male who stood 6'2' and weighed 195 lbs. Normally, when he got off work from his part time job at the library, he would head home. Today, he was standing in one of the basement shower rooms with the door open. He'd been dying to fuck one of his married white co-workers and today was the day. Christina was a married mother of 2, old enough to be his mother and she was a real MILF. She was always pleasant with a great smile and a mouth worth fucking. But she was also standoffish like she would never consider a black man as a possible lover. Maybe she felt blacks were somewhat inferior. Her brunette hair and glasses gave her a real bookish look. She was about 5'6" and slenderly built weighing about 120 pounds. She didn't have big tits, but Jordan could just imagine how good they would feel. He was waiting now for her to come back down the elevator and he would finally get his chance.

The elevator opened and he glanced out and saw Christina. "Oh Christina," he called. "Can you help me put this tie on?" nodding to the one he was holding. "Sure Jordan," she replied stepping into the shower room. As she did, Jordan stepped up and closed the door, locking it. Turning back to Christina, he grabbed her by the throat and slammed her hard against the wall. "Listen slut. Today, you're mine and will do everything I say or I'll cut you badly," puling out a switchblade knife. Christina's eyes grew wide. This was not the Jordan she talked with every day. "Jordan, please... she started to beg, but Jordan laid the knife on the counter and punched her hard in the stomach. He did not want to hit her anyplace that would leave visible marks that needed explaining. "Wrong answer bitch. Now take off your top and bra. Still sucking in breaths, Christina tried to say no again. Jordan punched her hard in the stomach again and when she bent over, he grabbed her shirt by its tail and pulled it over her head. She tried to hold onto it with her hands, but he was already unfastening her bra and pulling it down her arms to her wrists.

He grabbed her hair and stood her upright, exposing her lovely white breasts for the first time. They were about a 36B and as perfect as anything he'd ever seen. She tried to bring her arms up to cover her breasts but Jordan knocked them down. He bent his head and licked her right nipple. Christina was in shock. This couldn't be happening. Not here at work with Jordan. "Jordan, stop," she said. But he used that opportunity to raise his mouth to hers and plunged his tongue into hers in a passionate kiss. His tongue probed the inside of her mouth while his hands began fondling and pinching her breasts and nipples. This went on for a couple of minutes, but seemed much longer to Christina.

"OK, whore, time marches on and we must too. Down on your knees and suck my cock," he said. Christina shook her head no and he punched her in the stomach again and forced her to her knees. Unzipping his pants, he took out his black snake and put it in her face. It was a good nine inches long and wide around. Christina was a good Christian wife and rarely sucked off her husband. She was appalled at the size of Jordan's cock which was bigger and fatter than her husband's. She kept her mouth closed until Jordan grabbed her head with one hand and pinched her nose close with the other. She was soon gasping for air and Jordan shoved his cock into her face. "Don't bite bitch or I'll cut out one of your eyes." Never quite pulling his cock out, he kept thrusting back and forth, going deeper and deeper. "Just relax your throat and let's see you take it all." With one final thrust, he was all in the way into her throat. Christina thought she was going to die. She couldn't breath and was pounding on him, trying to get him to pull out. After one last thrust, he did and she gagged and gasped trying to get oxygen back into her lungs. She didn't realize that Jordan had been filming all this with his phone.

Christina tried to get up so she could sit on the room's bench. As she did so, Jordan hooked his fingers in her jeans and jerked them and her panties down. She fell onto the bench as he pulled them down and off one leg. Stepping between her legs, he pushed them apart to get a good look at her cunt. She had a hairy little vaginal area. Jordan liked his pussies shaved, so that would have to change in the future. He reached down and stuck a finger into her. "Well look here. You're already wet for me," he said. And Christina discovered it was true. Her body had responded instinctively to the sexual stimulation. "Stand up and lean against the mirror whore," Jordan commanded. Christina tried one last time to appeal to him not to rape her. "Jordan, please, I won't tell anyone what has happened." That was all she got out before he jerked her up and spun her around, pulled her back and then bent her over so she was forced to lean against the mirror to stay balanced.

Jordan stepped forward and placed his cock at her opening. "Oh God, Jordan, please." Christina begged. "That's good you cock whore. Beg for me to fuck you." He shoved his cock into her cunt. Christina grunted as he got about hallway into her. For a mother of two, she was still pretty tight. Maybe her husband had a wimpy dick. Jordan withdrew and pushed hard again getting almost completely in. Christina could only groan. She had only been with one man before marrying her husband and no one but him since. She'd never had a cock this size and never a Black man. Once again Jordan pulled out and this time got all the way in, touching her cervix at the end. Christina felt her eyes rolling back into her head. Jordan began stroking into her hard and deep. He reached around and started rubbing her clit. She could feel her pussy getting wetter as her body responded to the fucking she was getting.

"Beg me to fuck you with my big black cock. Beg me to make you cum whore." Jordan commanded. Christina shook her head no. Jordan slapped her ass hard and reached around and pinched her right nipple that was now rock hard. "Fuck me with your big black cock, Jordan" she cried. "Fill me with your black seed." As he kept pounding her cunt, she was shocked and surprised to feel an orgasm building in her. One like she had never felt before. Despite her horror and shame at being raped, her body was betraying her and reacting naturally to the sex act. Her body was overpowering her mind and she couldn't help herself. She started pushing back to meet his thrusts. Words came out of her mouth spontaneously that she had never imagined herself saying. "Oh God. I'm cumming!" she called. She couldn't help herself. "Fuck me Jordan. Fuck me hard! Make me your whore. Make me cum!"

In moments, her body stiffened as she came as never before. Jordan was moments behind her, filling her love channel with string after string of his cum. He stopped with his cock buried deep in her cunt and savored the moment. He'd done it! He'd fucked and made her want his cock. Jordan stepped back, wiping his cock on her bare ass. Christina stood up, turned around, and sat down, totally spent. "Lick me clean." Jordan told her. No longer resisting, Christina leaned forward and used her tongue to clean his cock.

Jordan then laid down the rules. "You can report this if you want, but it will be your word against mine. Plus I have video here showing you begging me to make you cum. The reflection of your face in the mirror will show you were a willing partner. I may be fired, but you will be too and all your friends and family will know what a black cock loving slut you are. Starting tomorrow, you will wear sexy bras and panties. Not these old cotton styles like you're wearing today. Also, shave your pussy. I like my cunts neat and clean. Meet me here tomorrow at this time for an inspection. Am I clear?" Christina nodded. "Answer me slut," he ordered. "Yes Sir," Christina responded. "Very good slut. Now get cleaned up and back to work before someone wonders where you are." Then he walked out the door leaving her to get dressed and wondering what her future would bring. She sure couldn't tell anyone without risking her family and job. And then she became aware that she was stroking her clit and the back of her mind thought about how good Jordan's cock had felt sliding deep in her. Then she lifted the finger to her mouth and tasted some of his cum that was oozing from her hole. Using a paper towel, she cleaned herself as good as possible, got dressed, and went back to work.

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Christina Taken

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