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Santa's Christmas Wish

Categories Fantasy, Exhibitionism, First Time, Male / Female

Author: stifflittlepoints

Published: 13 December 2017

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I'm one of those middle-aged guys who plays Santa Claus during the holidays. It started out several years ago just being a way to make extra money after work and on the weekends, but in doing so I realized I had been suppressing my "appreciation" for the younger female form. It wasn't the babies or toddlers that caught my attention, but the older girls who were just on the cuff of high school and maybe had already begun to take shape but didn't understand why just yet.

By that age, most of them had already figured out that Santa wasn't real, but were sitting in my lap anyway to please mom or to complete a group photo with her younger siblings. Either way, feeling her warm butt on my lap and getting to put my gloved hand on her slender waist or even her hip made my cock stay interested. During a normal four-hour shift, I usually got to feel the subtle curves of at least a couple dozen girls. It always made for some good jerk-off material later when I got home, but that just left me wanting to do more.

With a couple years of experience under my belt, no pun intended, I applied with a private party company who had a small team of Santa’s working family gatherings, company parties, private school parties, and even some sorority parties at the big college in town. The shopping mall gigs were fun but with everyone's eyes on me constantly and cameras flashing non-stop, I didn't dare try to put my hands anywhere more than on a girl's waist and hip, and I even had to be careful about how long I lingered there for fear of someone noticing.

At these private parties, I was usually put in a corner somewhere away from the main party and the parents would send the older kids to see me on their own. The kids were usually bored and therefore stayed with me longer, and without adult eyes or cameras around, I could run my hands up and down the sides of the girls while they sat on my lap, help them down by putting my hand firmly on one cheek, and then giving them a pat on the ass to see them off. When I got the chance to work one of the sorority parties, I was worried that those hot college girls would catch on to my subtle groping. And I was right.

They called me out pretty early, but just laughed it off as me being a "naughty" Santa. They were all wearing short tight party dresses and drinking heavily, which soon lead to a few of them playfully teasing me by suggestively rubbing their firm asses against my thighs while they played like little girls on Santa's lap. They knew they were turning me on so I didn't try to hide it. Most of them let me be “handsy” and put my hands all over them except right on the best parts.

At the end of the evening, with most of the girls gone to their dorm rooms, or passed out around the room, one cute little blond walked up to me and plopped down in my lap. She was very drunk and when I put my hand on the top of her bare thigh, she grabbed it and ran it up between her legs, watching my reaction when I realized she wasn't wearing panties.

She laughed as I rubbed up and down her warm pussy, then sat stoic for a minute while she let me finger her. When a couple of the other girls noticed what was going on, and that I had a huge bulge in my red pants, the girl on my lap slithered down off my legs and pulled my big loose pants down in front, then pulled my engorged cock out and proceeded to give me a delicious blow job. She kept looking back at the other girls who were cheering her on, and I realized she was doing this for them more than for me. Maybe it was an initiation thing for her, or maybe they did this to every Santa every year. I didn't care. I was just glad to be included. She finally looked up into my eyes when she felt me about to cum, and never blinked while she kept her lips tightly closed around my shaft and swallowed every drop of slippery fluid that I fired into her mouth. She was very good at that.

Afterward I was way out of character, and it seemed like the party was winding down anyway, so I got up and thanked the cute blond coed for her kindness while she took a swig of beer to wash the taste of my cum from her mouth. "Hey, you want to do a party for my little sister tomorrow?" she asked with a heavy slur. "It's her birthday and she would love to have a Santa like you there." I never pass up extra money. "Sure, how old is she turning?" I asked, for more than one reason.

“Just a high school freshman”, the blond giggled. "So don't be expecting it to end like tonight, even though you are pretty sexy for a Santa." I smiled and dug out a business card from my pocket. "Text the address and time to my cell phone. I'll give her a discount if she doesn't go through the company."

As I left, I figured she wouldn't remember even mentioning her little sister to me in the morning. But I was wrong, and got a text around noon the next day with the details, and a note saying "I told Emma you were the coolest Santa ever. Don't let her get too wild on you. She’s learned all that naughty stuff from me LOL."

So I arrived at the address all dressed up in my Santa outfit, expecting to act the part for a bunch of young girls who are too old to still believe that Santa is real. I only hoped that they would play along and be nice about it instead of being sarcastic and making fun of me. I rang the doorbell and a pretty young blond answered the door. She very much resembled her big sister, but was a younger and smaller version, and she was in a bikini. In fact, a tiny little bikini and she was all wet. I found myself at a loss for words and stood there like an idiot with my mouth hanging open while the cold air made the tips of her breasts pointy against her bikini top right before my eyes.

"Get in here!" she giggled as she grabbed my arm and pulled me inside. "It's cold out there."

I heard cheers and looked through the living room and out the back sliding glass door, which is open just wide enough for one person to slip through. There are three more girls her age out on the back patio, sitting in a steaming hot tub. Emma's bikini suddenly made sense, and I can't help checking out her cute little butt as she leads me to the kitchen since almost half of it is exposed by her minuscule bikini bottom.

"Here are some chips and stuff if you want any, and soft drinks in here," she said as she showed me around, then pointed to a big bowl of red punch. "You can have some punch if you want," she said, then lowered her voice. "But if it's spiked, I don't know anything about it. You ok with that?" I shrugged my shoulders and looked around. "Sure, if your parents don't mind, why should I?"

She giggled and I suddenly realized she was already buzzing. "There not here," she laughed. "Didn't my sister tell you that?"

"I don't think so," I responded, realizing this was an unchaperoned party. Worry and excitement battled my conscious. She laughed again. "Don't worry. I have your money. You'll still get paid. And I heard you were a lot of fun last night," she said with a sly grin. "My sister said you would be cool doing just about anything to us . . . uhh . . .with us."

I wondered what her sister told her about the previous night. "Well no problem then. I'm here for your entertainment and . . . enjoyment." I said, scooping up some of the punch into a red plastic cup and taking a sip. It was spiked alright. And by the taste of it, everyone brought something different to put in it. Probably a water bottle full of whatever each of the girls could sneak from their parent's liquor stash.

Emma led me out to the hot tub and her friends again cheered and yelled when they saw me. Each of them had their own red plastic cup in their hand and I smiled, giving them a classic Ho, Ho, Ho as I immediately felt inappropriately stimulated inside, knowing this was going to be a lot of fun if they all ended up on my lap at some point. They were all four very pretty and innocent looking young girls, like you would see wandering any shopping mall.

"Santa will be inside in the big chair if any of you good little girls want to come tell me what you want for Christmas," I said, then saluted them with my cup and took a sip. They all saluted me back and drank.

"What if we're not good little girls?" one of them asked, making the others laugh.

"Then I especially want you on my lap," I replied, instantly wondering if that was too inappropriate for their age. The way they all laughed and prodded each other made me realize they didn't care. "But we're all wet," someone pointed out.

"That's ok with me" I said. "Wet girls are the most fun." They were in a frenzy of excitement at how suggestive and cool Santa turned out to be. I didn't want to spoil their party. I figured I would just sit for an hour or so and maybe they would come sit on my lap just for fun. Feeling their wet bikini-clad bodies would be enough to masturbate to later that night, plus I would have some extra cash in my pocket.

After I refilled my cup with punch, I turned the big plush living room recliner so it faced the glass door for the girls to watch whatever I was doing and sat alone for a few minutes while the girls continued to laugh and giggle out in the hot tub. The way they were talking quietly and stealing glances at me every few seconds made me think they were talking about me. Emma finally broke the ice and climbed out of the hot tub, then slipped through the partly opened sliding door, trying to towel off, but she left the door as open as possible.
She was out in the cold air just long enough for her nipples to get hard again and I tried not to stare at them as she walked past me to the kitchen. She looked at me kind of flirty as she went past, so I smiled and quickly looked her up and down just to be polite. The others were watching and I could hear them giggling and commenting when they saw me checking her out. Emma came back from the kitchen with her cup filled with punch, which she set down on the table beside me before dropping down sideways in my lap.

"It's cold out there," she commented as she grabbed my big red coat and wrapped herself in it as she cuddled up against me. I put my arms around her, outside the coat of course, and rubbed her up and down as I tried to warm her up. That was when my cock first reacted. The feeling of her tight little butt on my legs was enough to do it, but my hands rubbing up and down her side over my coat helped a lot too. "So what do you want for Christmas little girl?" I asked, staying in character for her.

She looked up at me and glanced at her friends before answering. They were all watching intently. "I want some Victoria's Secret lingerie" she said both loudly and proudly, holding a serious face for about two seconds, then burst out laughing. Her friends were all laughing too. "They made me do it," she admitted. "Just to mess with you." I responded with another Ho, Ho, Ho, then quickly asked her for her size. Her mouth fell open in surprise. "But you have to model whatever I give you," I followed-up. "I want to make sure it fits."

"Santa!" she scolded me with a grin while the others were having a good time watching and listening outside. She got up off my lap and grabbed her cup before she walked back outside just as my cock reached about half-mast. She looked back as she slipped out of the door to see me checking out her ass.

I had a big wet spot where she had been sitting but I didn't care. That was fun, and the excitement continued when she tagged another girl to come see me. I glanced down to make sure my erection wasn't showing. I was safe. The pants were pretty baggy.

The next girl walked in and went to refill her cup too as I silently checked her out, knowing the other girls were watching me. She was wearing a bright yellow bikini, not quite as tight or tiny as Emma's, but she had slightly better curves. I held my coat open for her and she didn't bother to set her drink down before she dropped down in my lap and let me wrap her up.

She was smiling from ear to ear and glancing at her friends as I cuddled her young body with my hands down low, one on her hip and the other at bottom of her spine, right over where her butt crack begins, and I could feel it even through my coat and her bikini. That made my cock jump with excitement as it neared full mast hidden inside my Santa pants. She didn't seem to mind my hand placement and giggled when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas.

"I want a new bikini" she said, looking up at me with big pretty blue eyes. Her hair was wet but I imagined it was more of a blond color when it was dry. She was a really pretty girl even up close and her tits were big enough that I could feel the side of one pressing against my chest. I had to check them out, and was glad to see her nipples poking at the material of her top. She was looking right at me as I did, but didn't say anything. She just smileda little bigger.

"What's wrong with the one you're wearing?" I asked. "It looks nice to me."

"Thanks Santa," she said dramatically, playing along. "But my mom bought this one, and it's a little too big." She was sitting just out of reach of my cock and I wanted so bad to push up and make it rub the outside of her thigh. "Too big?" I repeated, jumping at the chance to look her body up and down with her permission. "Stand up and let me see."

Laurie, as I soon learned, slid down off my lap and I wanted to moan at the feeling of her firm butt straddling my leg for an instant. "See," she said as she turned around and modeled her bikini for me. "It's too loose," she explained, pulling the top band out from her belly and moving it side to side, showing me parts of her hip that girls her age shouldn't show. She was creating a bit of a camel toe between her legs and I stared as the outline of her pussy lips moved while she yanked her bikini around. "And it's too tall," she continued as she rolled the top down toward her pussy. "It should be more like down here" she finished. I had to take a sip of my drink to keep my mouth from dropping open. She was nearly showing me the beginning of her slit.

"I'll see what I can do," I told her as I felt my cock throb inside my pants.

"Thanks Santa," she said real cute, knowing she was being a little naughty, then spun around to walk out the door. All that pulling on her bikini made it ride up in back and she turned to see me checking out her ass, just like I had done with Emma. She grinned and trotted to the hot tub and jumped in as they all four laughed. They were having fun teasing me, and I certainly didn't want to spoil their fun.

They all sat and drank some more while apparently coming up with what the next one would do to tease me. I drank too and realized I was starting to get a bit of a buzz already. I could only imagine how drunk those girls must be with less than half the body mass as me. That made me wonder if I could maybe get away with a little more.

The next one, Susie, came in, already smiling at whatever she was going to do, which made her look super sexy, all dripping wet in her tight white bikini and looking mischievous. I don't know if it was part of the plan, but her top had slipped up so the bottoms of her young breasts were exposed. Her nipples had hardened during her walk from the hot tub in the cold air to inside the living room and were barely still inside her top. I held my arms open to invite her to sit in my lap.

I “Ho, Ho, Ho'd” as she got comfortable and I maneuvered myself around a little to get my hard cock as close to her as possible without her sitting on it. I put my arms around her hot young body but didn't close my coat this time. I put my white gloved hands right on her skin, immediately playing with the band of her bikini bottoms at her hip and on her lower back. "Let me guess," I started. "You want a new coat for Christmas, right?"

She pulled her pretty head back and looked puzzled. "Why would you think that?" she asked with a smile.

"Because you look cold," I told her, taking my hand off her hip and putting one finger on the pointy spot of her bikini top. I rubbed her nipple through her top while she quickly put her hand over mine, laughing and yelling out to her friends that I was touching her boob. She was pressing my hand down and pretty much forcing me to cup her young breast.

"It's like he knew you were going to flash him," one of the others yelled back from outside. The girl on my lap swung her head back toward me looking nervous now that she had been found out. I was still holding onto one of her tits and used my fingers to pull her bikini top up on that one side, then smiled as I squeezed her bare titty. She laughed too but sounded a little uneasy, then pulled the other one out on her own.

I reached over and gave it a squeeze too while pulling her hip back closer against me with my other hand until I felt her thigh against my cock. "UUUgh, he's got a hard-on!" she yelled out to the others as she quickly climbed off my lap and ran outside, adjusting her top as she ran. She had a nice ass too. Hers jiggled a little more than the other two I had seen. They all huddled together in the warm water and giggled as they no doubt discussed what my cock felt like against her leg.

A few minutes later, the last one came in looking eager and confident. Her bikini was black with thin pink piping around the edges, and was pulled up tight against her pussy. I just took a quick glance since she was staring at me, but it looked like a small part of her pussy lips might be showing on each side. "I hear you like boobs," she announced, then waited for me to grin before she continued. "You want to see mine?"

"Sure, if you're volunteering?” I responded, adjusting my cock right in front of her since it wasn't a secret anymore. She took note of the fact that I had made the bulge visible now, where it was hidden in my loose pants before. She reached back and unfastened her bikini top and looked back toward the hot tub with a big smile before she took her top off for me. Her nipples were hard just like the other girls and the white skin of her breasts made my mouth water.

She climbed up in my lap, but not sideways like her friends had done. She put her knees on the outside of my thighs and squatted down on me, spreading her legs just in front of my hard cock. "What else do you like?" she asked, looking defiant and almost daring me to move my eyes between her legs.

I put my hands on her skinny thighs and felt my cock jump. "I'm supposed to be asking you what you want," I explained, taking a quick peek at her rather small tits, then continuing down to her spread open crotch. I was right. Just a hint of her soft pussy lips had slipped out of each side of her bikini. I stared until she interrupted me.

"Actually," she started, then looked back at the others again before continuing in little more than a whisper. "It's Emma's birthday, so I'll tell you what she really wants."

"OK," I said as I leaned in to hear better, letting my hands move up her thighs at the same time as if she wouldn't notice. I had my hands at the crook of her hips with my thumbs pointed down on each side of her pussy. She of course felt it and hesitated, then giggled and leaned in herself to whisper in my ear.

"Don't tell her I told you, but she really wants to know what if feels like to suck on a big cock . . . just like yours," she said. I was letting my thumbs slide over her crotch and was in awe that she was letting me feel her pussy through her swimsuit. I still heard her though.

"Really?" I whispered back in her ear while I pressed harder against her pussy and felt her slit parting beneath my thumbs. "Is that for real, or are you just playing a joke on her?"

"Nope, that's for real" she confirmed, moving back away from my head. "She's the only one of us that hasn't SUCKED a guy’s COCK before."

"You naughty girls!" I declared as I tried to get underneath her bikini to feel her damp pussy. "Even on a date? She's never wrapped her hand around a cock like this one, (and as I said that, I grasped her hand and placed it on my fully erect cock)?"

She put her hands on top of mine and rubbed my cock with one hand but blocked my thumb from sliding inside her bikini crotch with the other. "You can't go inside there, you nasty Santa," she laughed. "And one more thing . . . we all need to watch her give YOU her first blow job. So are you willing to give us a hot little show?”

"Well, if she's willing, so am I," I agreed, still thinking she was just trying to mess with Emma and nothing was really going to happen. She pulled my hand from between her legs and started to leave. I put my hands on her hips and held her in place for a second. "Do you mind if I feel them?" I asked, looking at her small perky tits. She smiled and looked back at her friends who of course were watching her every move, then pushed her chest out to show them how brave she was. I put one hand on her left tit while I let the other one slide behind her butt and pull her up closer. She made a surprised look when she felt Santa's hard cock press up against her pussy, then giggled while I massaged her left tit.

Without asking, I leaned in and put my mouth over her right tit and started licking and sucking her erect nipple. She tolerated it until I began rocking my cock up and down on her crotch and sliding my hand further underneath her ass. She pulled her entire body back and looked a little frightened. "Hey, save that for Emma. She's the birthday girl."

"Right," I admitted. "Unless you want to go first. I could easily assist all four of you." She laughed and climbed down off my lap. "We would have to call an ambulance, if all four of us took you on Santa."

"It would be a hell of a way to go," I said, looking up at her young body as she walked away smiling still fully topless.

"He tried to hump me!" she broadcast to the others in the hot tub as she climbed in with them. They laughed and cheered for her. I was so turned on by that point, I was tempted to stand up, whip out my cock and shoot miles of hot cum up against the glass. I couldn't believe I just felt up a teen girl who barely had much up front. In fact, looking over towards the hot tub, none of the young ladies were what you would call “stacked”.

Thinking back . . . I thought to myself, she actually let me suck on one of those conical tits. I wondered whether my cock was the first one to rub up against her pussy? Hmmmm . . . she said she had already had previous experience before. But they all seemed way too young to be doing that kind of stuff. Was she just bluffing and trying to mess with me some more? I hid my hand with my coat and pulled my cock out of the top of my boxers and out in the open.

I slowly and discreetly jerked off while I watched the girls outside the glass and wondered if that was it. All four had been on my lap. Should I go ahead and cum, then just tell them I'm leaving? They continued to glance at me once in a while as they talked, and I was waiting for them to look over before I pulled my coat away and came for them, but before that happened they all started getting out of the water, so I hid my cock barely inside my Santa pants but left it sticking out the top of my underwear.

They kind of pushed Emma in the glass door first and then followed her inside. The last girl was still topless and when she realized it, she yanked the top off the girl next to her, until it was up around her neck. I had already seen her tits. In fact, she was the one in the white bikini who flashed me earlier. She looked aggravated at first, but then laughed it off and just pulled her top over her head. "I don't care, he can see my boobs," she said, looking right at me.

"Sooo, what?" Emma asked me as she stood at the side of my chair. "She said you had something to give me for my birthday."

The last girl, the one in black, was giggling and shaking her head at me as a reminder of what she told me. "Yes," I remembered. "You will need to sit up on my lap to get it," I said, patting my big red pant legs. All those wet bikinis had them soaked. Emma looked at her friends suspiciously before she stepped up and started to sit sideways again. "No! Ho, Ho, Ho" I said.

"Face me and sit on my lap," I instructed her. She resisted but her friends egged her on until she reluctantly straddled my thighs and sat her ass down with her legs spread open. If she wasn't drunk, she probably would never have done this.

"First we need to take this off," I told her, grabbing at the material at the bottom of her bikini top. She put her hands over mine to stop me.

"Whyyyy?" she asked, looking at her friends and still very suspicious. I could feel her excited breasts on the back of my hands and my cock continued to throb. "Because everybody else has theirs off too, " I explained. She looked at her friend in the yellow bikini. "She doesn't," she argued.

Before I could say anything, the girl in yellow reached around behind her back. "I will if you will," she said with a grin looking at Emma. These girls were all buzzing really good and just playing off each other. I was absolutely loving it. Emma laughed at her and reached around to her own back. They stared at each other . . . as they suddenly all became topless.

Emma's nipples were hard and looked like miniature cherry gumdrops on top of tiny white sugar cookies. I glanced over at the girl in yellow. She had the most developed chest of all the girls but still was less than a handful on each side. Her cute tits were so perky and her erect nipples had a slight upward turn to them, almost begging to be suckled.

"So tell me what my present is!" Emma demanded, sounding excited and kind of bouncing around on my lap a little. I grabbed her hips, letting my thumbs linger on the front of her bikini, dangerously close to the top of her slit. Her eyes darted down quickly but she otherwise didn't react.
"I heard on good authority that you wanted to suck a nice long cock for your birthday," I said suggestively to her. Her mouth fell open in surprise and she turned to her friends who were standing around snickering. "I hate all of you," she snared before looking back at me. "That's not what I said Santa. I . . . . I don’t know what to say."

"You can say . . . Santa . . . show me that long COCK in your pants, for starters . . ." I explained, making them all laugh and taking the opportunity to move my thumbs down a little. I was pretty sure that was the beginning of her slit I was feeling.

"Yeah, but I was talking about sucking a cute boy at school," she defended herself. "All I said was I wished he would hurry up and, you know, make his move on me and then I could help him out maybe in the bathroom at school."

"And by 'make his move', she meant show her his cock," the girl in black shouted out.

"Shut up!" Emma protested over the laughter and cheers.

I pulled her small body up closer to my cock as I began to speak, nearly putting her pussy against my bulge. "Don't you think you would both have more fun if it wasn't your first time?" I asked. "You know, you wouldn't be so nervous and all?"

She looked me in the eyes and giggled as she threw her hands up in pretend surrender. "OK Santa, whip it out!" she said sarcastically.

I didn't need to be told twice, even though I knew she was joking, and pulled her up against my hard cock that was barely hidden inside those loose pants. She yelped in surprise and looked back at her friends with a look like she didn't know what to do as I lifted her up and down ever so slightly. They just yelled and wooed her on. "He's humping me!" she told them, as if they didn't see that for themselves. "Hump him back," somebody yelled out.

She shrugged her shoulders and looked back at me as if she were calling my bluff, then proceeded to push back against my cock up against her pussy. It was more in a dramatic fashion for her friends to see, not to get herself or anyone else off. "Woo Hoo Santa!" she shouted as she bounced against me.

She kept alternating her eyes between me and her friends as she played, then started focusing more and more on me as the seconds passed. I could see in her eyes that she was starting to feel something deep in-between her legs even though she was still laughing and giggling like she was just playing with me. She suddenly turned to her friends. "You pervs get out here," she joked. "Why are you watching this?"

"Are you kidding?" said the girl in black. "I'm not missing this." The other two shook their head in agreement as they smiled and watched Emma smashing privates with Santa.

With that, Emma grabbed my coat and awkwardly wrapped it around behind her as she leaned in to make it go all the way around her. "There!" she smirked, continuing to hump me for their amusement. "You can't see anything anyway. Button it up Santa."

It was pretty tight with her in there with me, so I pulled my arms out and reached underneath it to put my arms around her and fastened a couple of the buttons at the middle of her back. The bottom was still hanging loose and I hoped it would stay open enough for the others to see. I pulled my arms back inside the coat but not back in the arm-holes. Instead I rested one hand on the back of her bikini and the other on her belly, smiling down at her as I felt how slim her body was. She looked at the others and stuck her tongue out at them as I began rocking her on top of my cock, almost as if she were trying to make them jealous.

Once we got going, I slid my hand up to her chest and began playing with her tits, making her nipples come to life again. She grinned and kept rocking, so I began to slide the back of her bikini bottoms down with my other hand. She tilted her head as if to ask what I thought I was doing and I just smiled back at her and pulled her harder against me by her butt. She shook her head a little in disbelief but seemed to like the added pressure on her pussy, so I kept pulling them down as far as I could with her sitting on me. I groped the half of her butt that was exposed while pulling her up and back in rhythm, and she began to bite her lip, indicating that she was getting more turned on.

I turned my hand lengthwise at her back and slid it down inside her bikini bottoms, splitting her cheeks with my middle finger and stopping just short of finding her asshole. Her butt was so small it almost fit entirely in my hand with my fingers spread apart. She wiggled a little, maybe signaling for me to not do that, or maybe just to get comfortable with it. I didn't ask which. Either way, she didn't stop rubbing her pussy against me so I slid my other hand down off her chest to feel between her legs over the crotch of her bikini. She let me rub her for a few seconds until I tried to pull her swimsuit to the side. She stopped moving and asked in a confrontational voice "What are you doing . . . Santa?"

"Oh nothing," I replied, sensing she wasn't quite ready for that. "I was just making myself a little more comfortable," I said as I pulled my hand back and slid my pants down to let my cock stick out. She felt what I was doing and her mouth fell open again in surprise. "Just keep going," I told her. "You're getting closer." She looked back at her friends who were still watching. They all three smiled in anticipation of seeing what was going to happen next.

"He took it out!" she narrated for them since they couldn't see what was going on inside my coat. Two of the spectators' mouths fell open as well while the third grinned even bigger.

“Then it’s time for us . . . to see the show,” said Susie as she unbuttoned my coat over Emma’s shoulders and with the help of the other girls pulled it away from our bodies. Next, they unbuttoned Emma’s bikini top and slipped it off her shoulders, as she desperately tried to stop them.

“Guys LOVE to have their cocks sucked . . . by naked girls Emma,” said Laurie as she began to pull the bottom of Emma’s suit down her cute little ass and finally onto the floor. Emma tried to cover herself up, but her friends somewhat forcefully got her down on her knees in front of me. I used the opportunity to quickly join her in my nakedness and within a few seconds stripped off the rest my Santa outfit. I sat back down on the big chair and noted that Emma’s mouth and lips were almost exactly opposite my now raging hard on that was ready to be fully exercised.

“Let’s take a moment, and have your friends give you some instructions and suggestions, Emma,” I said. “And maybe once things get going, they will find it much more fun taking off the bottoms of their suits so I can see all four pussies at the same time.” The girls giggled at his suggestion, but Tammy who had not said much so far reached carefully for my balls and spoke up.

“Emma you must be very careful . . . but if you gently rub your fingers under his balls like this, Santa will certainly approve. And as an added treat, I will be the first one to slip my bottoms off, to add to his excitement.” Keeping her fingers on my balls, Laurie used her other hand to untie the sides of her suit and then grabbing the center of the outfit she slowly pulled it down and off . . . displaying her hairless lips to my uninterrupted stare. Somebody must have carefully did some meticulous shaving as her bare damp pussy came into full view.

“Keep doing what you are doing Laurie, but move up close to the side of my chair. I think brave young ladies deserve to be rewarded.” Somewhat awkwardly the girl slipped sideways, bringing her love hole close to my hand as she curiously waved her pussy in my direction. Using my middle finger I reached across, found her clit and began to slowly bring her off. The three other girls were mesmerized as I gently rubbed her little bump and she closed her eyes in appreciation. Susie obviously saw the advantage in stepping forward and decided to give Emma her next lesson.

“To make him shoot his thick load, you need to hold his cock like this (as she encircled my long stiff cock in her hand), and then holding it a little tight, move your hand up and down.” I was suddenly more attracted to this girl because it was obvious she had more experience with cocks. Slowly she moved her fist up and down my shaft, and I felt my cum begin to leave my manipulated balls and begin its journey upwards.

“Go ahead and take over for me Emma. Lean forward so that you can watch what you are doing, and grab this big boy and move your hand up and down.” Emma was getting more and more aroused as she tentatively took over for Susie and placed her hand at the base of my cock. Susie quickly shed her bikini bottoms and moved to the other side of my chair. I continued to manipulate Tammy’s clit, but reached up and cupped Susie’s nearby breasts and began to gently pinch both nipples, in between rubbing the stiff nubs as sensuously as possible. That only left Riley, whose name I had forgotten but soon would remember.

“Ok Emma, I am going to remain behind you as I coach you further towards Santa’s gift. Let me shed the rest of my suit before I begin, so that I can rub my pussy up against your tight little ass.” Riley took just a few seconds to slip her fingers into the sides of her suit and almost rip it down her thighs and onto the soft carpet.

“Keep wanking that cock, but you need to make it more slippery so that your hand can move easier. So just for a moment, let go of his cock and lean further over and begin at the bottom of his shaft and lick ALLLLLL along his staff, many times until it’s all covered with your spit. Now do it!” After giving her final command, I watched Riley reach around and immediately cup both of Emma’s breasts in her hands and begin to kneed them, making sure to occasionally pinch her nipples and roll them in between her fingers.

Everyone watched as Emma tentatively touched the skin of my cock with her tongue. Each of the girls were adding their encouragement by saying “. . . you go girl . . . lick that thing . . . he wants to shoot his cum all over you!” Emma used their encouragement to begin a more rapid movement up and down my cock with her slick tongue until it was soon covered and shiny with her saliva.

“Now grab that cock again Emma, and squeeze it just a little bit but run your curled fingers around it and move your hand up and down,” said Riley. When she watched Emma begin a rhythm of wanking my shaft, the horny girl continued to cup and squeeze her left breast, but slid her other hand down past the girl’s waist and then just a bit further, until she found Emma’s naked clit and then gently (like a girl would only know) began to wiggle her middle finger back and forth.

All eyes were on Emma and she began to give her first handjob hopefully followed by wrapping those cute pink lips around my cock, just like her sister had done last night. Up and down . . . . up and down she moved her fingers and hand getting me closer and closer to my eventual climax.

“Now it’s time for your tasty treat Emma, lean over and open your mouth up just a little bit, and wrap your lips over your teeth and put that yummy head into your mouth, and twirl your tongue all over it”, said Riley. Emma was tentative but followed her instructions and as I looked down I watched this blonde haired beauty surround my shaft with her warm mouth and immediately drop down a few inches. I soon felt her tongue bath my shaft with a precise effort. Slowly she raised her curled fist up and down my cock, as she dropped her head up and down, working both in tandem.

“Keep moving your hand up and down to just below the head and using the same skill . . . SUCK his cock as you move up and down.” When Riley saw her duplicate her instructions, she gently placed her middle finger into Emma’s dripping pussy and mimicked with her finger what the girl was doing to his shaft. Emma’s nipples were now rock hard and soon her head was moving at the same pace as Riley’s finger-fucking which was exciting for everyone. I don’t know who started it, but soon a chorus of “FACIAL, FACIAL, FACIAL” was heard. It was music to my ears since I couldn’t hold back any longer.

The first rope of cum shot down the girl’s throat like a high powered hose. Before the second one erupted Emma raised her head, but kept squeezing my cock and wanking my shaft. The girls screamed with joy and much to my surprise leaned her carefully back to the floor so that her naked body was totally visible.

“Shoot, shoot, shoot,” they sang and following their lead, I stood up, straddled her hips and grabbing my throbbing cock I began to spray her teen body with load after load of hot cum. I aimed first for her face, like they wanted and her forehead, cheeks and lips were covered with my spunk. I walked back a few feet and soon her breasts were being crisscrossed with load after load of grey slimy liquid. After several seconds of nonstop wanking . . . I targeted her pink pussy and bending down covered the entrance with a thick coating of my juice. Meanwhile the girls went crazy loving every shot, hoping it would continue.

Finally, I made the announcement, “Santa will be back bearing very naughty gifts in a few minutes. Let’s grab a partner, rub your titties together and show me how you girls kiss and love each other. I can only cum once without a decent break," I announced. They all giggled. "But let's all refill our drinks and sit in the hot tub for a while. I can at least get you all warmed up." I joked.

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Santa's Christmas Wish

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