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  1. Breeding Beauty Chp1 - Blacked out Fun
  2. Breeding Beauty Chp2 - Craigslist BBC Bull
  3. Breeding Beauty Chp3 - Caught Outide looking in.
  4. Breeding Beauty chp4 - Auction her off

Breeding Beauty Chp3 - Caught Outide looking in.

Categories True Story, Anal, Black, Blackmail

Authror: mikey19341

Published: 13 December 2017

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After my wild night of Bull Cory fucking and then pulling off the condom and breeding my wife I dreaded the thought of looking at my email or phone.

Things were silent for almost 3 weeks and I thought maybe he had lost interest. Then one night.

Ding! "have the bitch ready for me on Friday night!"

I replied NO but he said he not only knew where we lived but not figured out where she worked and would not only tell her but tell people she worked with.

I reluctantly agreed.

I didn't sleep all that well all week and then friday came. She wanted to go to dinner to a BYOB...

Nervous about what might happen I decided to crush up some of her anxiety meds and put it in a small baggie.

At dinner she went to pee so I slide it into her food and mixed it around.

A bottle of wine later and she started to repeat herself over and over and I knew that she was mentally blacking out.

When we got home I poured us some shots of a fine whiskey and she downed them.

20 min later she was passed out on the couch. I carried her upstairs and stripped her naked...

Sat there and looked at her so innocent and such a cunt cock tease at times.

I went downstairs and took another shot...

Ding! "is the bitch ready?"

I replied yes.

20 min later I met him at the end of the block and we walked back to our house...

He went right upstairs to inspect her. "Sweet white pussy"....

I told him what I had done and he smiled and said "excellent, cuck"

He told me to get naked and to lick her cunt nice and wet and he was going to go down and grab a beer..

When he came back up he stripped down naked and again I was in awe at his massive cock....

I went down on my knees without him even asking and he presented his cock for me to suck rock hard...

He laid down next to her and began to fuck her....as I sat and watched....

Suddenly the doorbell rang....!!!!! Fuck! I wonder if it was a neighbor and they saw us walking down the street or something...

I got dressed and ran down stairs..

I peered through the peep hole and there was nobody there...humm..so I opened the door and walked out to see around the garage if someone was walking away...

When I came back the door was closed and LOCKED! Fuck! What the hell was going on..?

I saw a strange black man look out the window and laugh at me....

I sat there and freaked out...what to do? I cannot go to a neighbors....

Fucking idiot when I realized when Cory went down for a beer he must have unlocked the back door...it was all a setup...

I ran around back but the door was locked..when I looked in I saw two strange black men drinking beer in my fucking house...

I banged on the door but they chuckled and headed upstairs...

Then I ran to my car for the garage door opener but it was fucking locked...

Then I remembered we used to have a hidden key on the back deck. But where the fuck was it?

I fumbled around the deck and finally realized it was under the grill....

I unlocked the door and ran upstairs....

when I turned the corner I just stopped and stared.....

There they were...Cory had rolled her on top of him and was fucking her cunt...

One of the other men was fucking her ass....

They both just turned to me and smiled....

I was speechless and motionless....standing there as two huge black cocks were penetrating my 100 lb thin white wife...

then cory told me to come to the bed....

"cuck feel our cocks breed your wife,,,NOW!"

So I stuck my hand in between them...and felt their cocks sliding in and out of her two stretched out holes...

I felt there pace quicken and suddenly the guy on top arched his back and went in balls deep up her ass...his cock exploded and his cock cum pulsated out of his cock and into her ass....he went limp and his cock fell out......

Before I could say a word the other guy slid his cock into her now gaping ass all filled with cum....

He was silent as he fucked her....but it only took a few minutes before his cock swelled and his cock exploded in her ass....

Just as he was finishing I heard cory moan and he shot his load deep inside her womb...his like before seemed to last forever....

He rolled her off of him and got up...

They all laughed, got dressed and left....

Cory looked back and said he would be in touch...

I waited for them to leave and locked the door behind them...

I ran back upstairs and got a wash cloth...to wife the cum from her ass....it just kept leaking out of her gaping holes....and some of it smelled like shit....

I laid down in bed just thinking about what an ass I was and that she now had the cum of 3 total strangers inside her...and I got rock hard...

I rolled her on her side and fucked her cunt and shot a nice load myself inside her.

I cleaned her up the best that I could and put her PJ's on.....

The next morning I heard her get up and go pee....she crawled back into bed and snuggled up and reached down my pants to feel my cock....

Without saying a word she disappeared under the covers and was going to suck on me...."shit, I didn't wash my cock of and it was filled with dried cum from me and cory"''

To my surprise she didn't seem to mind and if fact I think it turned her on....she was going down and licking my balls and all....I think she smelt the "sex cum" on my cock and it turned her on...

I pulled her up and went down on her...her cunt smelt "used and like cum" but I did it anyway...she orgasm wildly.

Then I fucked her again.....

She laid back exhausted and said "fuck I needed that, I was super horny!"

Later that day she complained that her ass hurt when she sat down and wondered it there was something wrong....

Hum!!! maybe it was something you ate that didn't agree with you, I said...I told her that she got up in the middle of the night a few times to go the bathroom..

She smugged and said she didn't remember much....

Not another word was mentioned....

What would be next I thought?

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Breeding Beauty Chp3 - Caught Outide looking in.

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