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  1. My Niece and Nephew Part 1
  2. My Niece and Nephew Part 2
  3. My Niece and Nephew Part 3
  4. My Niece and Nephew Part 4

My Niece and Nephew Part 3

Categories Fiction, Group Sex, Incest, Male / Female

Authror: Wayne.ker

Published: 15 December 2017

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Part 3

Ashley and Oliver both wanted to go to McDonald’s for dinner, after we had ordered we sat at a table close to the playroom, Ashley was sitting next to me and Oliver was sitting next to my wife. I noticed that we were being watched by a man sitting opposite us, when I mentioned this to my wife, and Ashley and Oliver, my wife gave Oliver’s cock a rub through his shorts and left her hand on his thigh knowing that the man was staring at us. Without anything being said Ashley began rubbing my thigh and then parted her legs letting the man opposite have a clear view of her panties.

I looked straight at the stranger, as I rubbed Ashley’s bare leg, pushing her dress further up her thigh. When I smiled at him, he smiled back and gave me a nod of his head, a young girl then ran out from the playroom and sat down by this stranger, when he had the girl who I assumed was his daughter change to a seat that was facing me, I smiled at him, his daughter looked beautiful she had long brown hair, and was wearing pink leotards and a yellow dress. When her father placed his hand on her thigh she parted her legs, and he ran his fingers over her leotards that covered her young pussy, he looked straight at me, I smiled and licked my lips. It was like we were showing of the girls we were with, I followed his lead and ran my fingers over Ashley’s panties.

When he looked at the direction of the toilets and then back at me, I understood what he was indicating, and as he stood up and took hold of his daughter's hand, leading her to the toilets, I followed them. Once inside the toilet, I looked around and saw him standing there next to an open cubicle door, I said, hello. Hi, he said and stepped back as I moved closer, when I looked into the cubicle I saw that his daughter was sitting on the toilet, with her leotards around her ankles and her bare young pussy on full display. What’s her name? I asked. Casey, he said. She’s very beautiful, I told him. Thank you, what’s your daughters name? He asked. Her names Ashley, she is my niece. I told him. It looks like you’re, very close with her, he said. Yes we are, I started to tell him, as I heard someone coming into the toilet and I moved to the wash basin and gave my hands a wash, then headed out of the toilet.

I returned to the table and sat down next to Ashley, moments later the man and his daughter Casey walked towards me, as he passed he handed me a note, as he left McDonald’s, I read the note, he had written his name, Travis and his phone number, along with a message that read, phone me if you are interested in going further. It didn’t take much thinking, I knew that I wanted to phone Travis and arrange a time to catch up with him as soon as possible, to see him and his daughter Casey again and to find out what he meant by going further, was he offering me Casey, I needed to find out.

As the four of us left McDonald’s my wife asked me about my toilet visit, she had seen me following Travis and Casey into the toilet. I told her that I would tell her all about it later, she asked what he had given me, I told her it was his name and phone number, and he wanted me to call him. Robyn sat in the back seat of the car with Oliver and Ashley sat next to me driving the car. Ashley asked if we could go for a drive and look at the lights over the city, my wife suggested the lookout a place where we had often parked and made out when we first got together.

The car park was empty and I parked the car at the far end of the car park, Ashley and I got out of the car and sat down on a bench seat and looked down at all the city lights of down below, I wrapped my arm around her young body, cuddling her body as I pointed out the local landmarks to her. It wasn’t long before I had her dress open and was fondling and squeezing her budding breasts, I could feel her nipples growing each time I touched them and gave them a slight twist, Ashley’s fingers had undone my pant buckle and pulled my zipper down, releasing my hard cock to poke up through my underpants, when she moved my underpants to the side and began stroking my cock, I raised her up and slid her panties to her ankles where she kicked them off.

Her young cunt was soaking wet with her juices, my fingers easily pushed deep into her cunt and I began pulling them back and then thrusting them back deep inside her cunt. As I finger fucked her tight cunt, Ashley stroked my cock with her fingers wrapped tightly around the shaft of my cock, she was trying to make me cum, I didn’t want to cum so quick plus I had another place for my cum to go, lifting Ashley up, I had her straddle my thighs and lowered onto my cock, once my cock was all the way inside her she rocked back and forth on my lap, I pulled Ashley forward and took one of her budding breasts into my mouth and began sucking on her nipple.

Ashley began slowly bouncing up and down on my cock, It had been ages since I had fucked someone outdoors, I had forgotten how wonderful a feeling it was fucking someone in the fresh air. When I heard a noise from behind me, I looked around and expected to see my wife and Oliver, but it wasn’t them, it was two men standing there stroking their cocks as they watched Ashley bouncing on my cock, Ashley had seen the men earlier and hadn’t told me, she was enjoying being watched.

I looked over at my car only to see it empty, my wife and Oliver were nowhere to be seen, when I heard a female moan, I knew it was my wife, I looked in the direction of her moans and saw her bent over a bench seat sucking Oliver’s young cock, what I didn’t expect to see was that a stranger was fucking her from behind, and every few moments she would lift her mouth of Oliver’s cock to let out a moan. When I saw Oliver’ cock squirting his cum over my wife’s face as she lifted her mouth of Oliver’s cock and let out a moan, it made me start shooting my cum into Ashley’s young cunt.

After I had finished filling Ashley’s young cunt with my cum, she sat there on my lap with my soft cock still in her cunt, cuddled up to me, I felt a stranger's hand try to feel Ashley’s young breasts, Ashley leaned back away from my chest and let the man fondle her breasts, when the other man moved closer to Ashley still stroking his cock Ashley reached out and took hold of the man's cock and began stroking it, after a few strokes, Ashley took the stranger's cock into her mouth and began sucking him. I looked over towards my wife to see if she could see her niece sucking a strangers cock.

My wife was to busy to notice what was happening around her, she now was sucking a strangers cock as another stranger fucked her, I couldn’t be sure if it was the same man I had seen her with earlier, there was definitely another man that had joined them, Oliver was just sitting there watching his aunt being a slut, I wondered what he thought of my wife letting these men use her body. It looked like he was having fun, he was squeezing my wife’s hanging breasts as he stroked his cock. I watched as another stranger approach them and drop to his knees in front of Oliver and took Oliver’s young cock into his mouth and began sucking, when Oliver started rubbing the man's head I knew he loved males too.

As I watched over at my wife, Ashley had climbed off my lap letting my soft cock slip out of her young cunt, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, Ashley was now kneeling on the bench seat, leaning over the back of the bench seat having her face forcefully fucked as another man stood behind her rubbing his thick cock over her tight young cunt, I was about to tell the man that his cock was too big for her, just as he thrust it into her cunt, watching Ashley pushing her hips backwards each time the man thrust his cock into her was incredible, the man fucking Ashley’s mouth was about to cum he pulled his cock out of her mouth and squirted string after string of cum all over her face and hair, as soon as he had finished he did up his pants and walked away.

When Oliver started to cum and shot his load of cum into the mans mouth, the man swallowed everything Oliver had given him, I watched as the man got to his feet and moved behind my wife and stood there waiting for his turn to fuck my wife, as soon as the man fucking my wife had cum and stepped back, this new man took his place and drove his cock into my wife’s wet cum filled cunt, there were only two strangers left with us, one was fucking Ashley and the other was fucking my wife, Oliver came over and sat next to me and watched his sister being fucked, as the man grunted and blasted his cum into Ashley’s cunt, Ashley let out a moan, when the man finished and did up his pants he patted Ashley’s head and thanked her for a great night.

Oliver and I looked over at my wife as the man finished fucking her and walked away, Ashley asked me to carry her to the car as she was too sore to walk, I laid Ashley into the front seat of the car, and then went over to my wife, as I approached her she didn’t recognize me at first and asked if I wanted to fuck her face or cunt, I helped her to her feet, picking up her dress I saw it had been rips off her. I used the dress to wipe up the cum that was running out of her cunt, then helped her to the car, inside the car as I drove home everything was quite, no one was saying anything. After we all have a shower we need to get a good night's sleep, we can discuss what happened tonight, tomorrow morning, I said to them.

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My Niece and Nephew Part 3

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