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  1. Life as Selena Gomez's Boyfriend
  2. Life as Selena Gomez Ch.2

Life as Selena Gomez's Boyfriend

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Cuckold, Humiliation

Author: FantasticCum97

Published: 18 December 2017

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"Hey baby, how was the first day?" I asked, as my girlfriend, Selena Gomez, walked in through the door.

Selena and I had been dating for four years now. We just in together after dating for a year. She is currently filming for a music video in LA. I found a great job as soon as I got out of school.

"Meh, it went alright. The director is more of a douche than I thought," said Selena, setting her things down. She looked great in jean shorts, short enough that the white pockets stuck out from underneath. Sometimes I can’t believe I am dating Selena Gomez. It is almost unreal, I pinch myself everyday wondering if it is all a dream.

"What happened?" I asked, offering her a glass of water.

"Nothing really, just his attitude," said Selena, smiling at me. She tiptoed and gave me a kiss on my lips.

The second day at her shoot was no better, but no worse. She complained about her director again, but she promised that it was something she could deal with.

"Tom is a bit rude, I don't know how to tell you. He never moves out of the way when he's in the way, that kind of person. He thinks he's such a stud."

The third day, I got home before her again. I cooked her some dinner, and waited till she got back home. I knew she was in a bad mood when she came through the door without saying a word.

"Whats wrong?" I asked.

"The fucking shoes," she shouted at me, "I had to wear these strange high heels all fucking day! He won’t even let me take them off during breaks"

Oh well, I thought. We ate dinner quietly and watched a show on Netflix.

In bed, she snuggled up to me.

"Will you give me a ride to the shoot and then pick me up, so you can kind of size up Tom? He's treating me badly at the shoot."

I couldn't say no. I gave her a smile and we fell asleep.

I was standing there, being mesmerized by Selena. She wore a small green t-shirt with a push-up bra, which was a little tight on her and made her tits look absolutely delectable. It flowed down and tightly hugged her hips, covering just a little of the top of her round bottom. She wore tight black leggings that rode up her butt, showing off both her little buttcheeks.

She tiptoed and gave me a kiss. I couldn't help myself but to grab her ass and give it a good squeeze. She giggled, and happily skipped toward the door.

When we both got into the set, Tom gave her a glimpse, then told her to neaten up the display and be prepared for the shoot. Selena turned around and gave me a smile.

Tom was pretty well built. He was just above my height, but had a much solid build. His arms were huge. We exchanged a nod, and I introduced myself as Selena's boyfriend. I hate to admit it, but I was intimidated by him. His handshake was much firmer than mine. It was as if I stuck my hand out to get squeezed by his iron claws. He didn’t seem like a typical film director.

After my work was done, I cooked some dinner and went to pick up Selena.

"If you're waiting to pick up Selena, you can't wait next to the break area. said Tom.

I sat on one of the couches. The stink of the set annoyed me. The attitude of Tom annoyed me.

From my angle, I could see Selena as she was talking with her manager. Whenever there was a transaction, she turned around and removed the hangers from the shirts and the pants. She'd turn around, bend over a little bit as she worked on the clothes. The two guys who were in the line leaned forward, enjoying Selena's little ass as it ogled. They grinned to each other.

"Hold on, I forgot to grab a few more photos for my sisters and cousins," said one of the guys as Selena turned back around. He hurried back with several more photos.

And then they checked out Selena more as she turned around, and signed more pictures.

"Oh wait, me too." said the other guy, with more photos. Selena was a little agitated, but gave them a smile and turned around and signed the pictures.

"You guys are just playing with me," said Selena, faking a smile at them.

"No we aren't, promise." said one of the guys, grinning at Selena.

They were giggling to each other as they walked out of the set.

"What a fine little ass on that girl, man. I'd love to get my face between those," said one guy.

"I'd destroy Selena Gomez, face and ass," said the other.

I pretended like I didn't hear them. It didn't help that Tom in sight, eyeing me and shaking his head, warning me to not make a move.

"Selena, you're going to have to take some pictures before you leave," said Tom, as he went back . Selena, upset, stomped her feet as she grabbed a pile of clothes to put on.

The ride back was quiet. I tried to cheer her up.

"Man, those couple guys were assholes," I said to Selena, looking over at her.

"Oh well," said Selena, leaning back.

"Maybe a different crew?" I asked.

"Nah, I can deal with it.” said Selena, snuggling away from me.

A week had passed. Selena complained less, almost to nonexistent. I committed myself to my new job, but tried hard to support her too.

Due to our lack of conversations, I decided to surprise her at the end of her work. I wanted to pick her up and take her out to dinner. The store closed at 9 PM, so maybe a pub for us. We hadn't had a date in quite a while.

I ran a little late. I should have texted her that I was coming.

The studio was closing when I got there. As I made my way into the studio, I noticed Selena's car a few rows away. I was glad she didn't leave already. Can't surprise her if she's not there to be surprised.

The set was closed already when I got to it. I must've missed her while coming in. I couldn't have, though. The way I came in would most definitely be the way she would be going out. Maybe she decided to go to another store quickly before they closed.

I stood in front of the room the set is in, tugging at the door a couple times. It was definitely closed.

Then I noticed Tom sitting on the couch where I was sitting just a week ago.

His head was tilted back. His hand was bobbing up and down. Was this guy masturbating in the store? I chuckled to myself. Selena is going to get a kick out of this.

And then... There was the black hair. Was it black? It kept bobbing. Yup, definitely a brunette...

I leaned in closer to the window.

Definitely black... Looks a lot like Selena, too.

Tom's hands were gripping her hair tight, pulling it back into a ponytail, as she worked on his cock. He was pumping her head up and down on his cock like a jerk-off toy. His other hand... I followed it up, and it was against his lips. Our eyes met. He was shushing me with his finger.

Tom pushed away a clothing stand with his foot. I could see the girl's entire back view now. She was on her knees, serving Tom like a king. Her shorts were off to the side, and she was wearing just a little pink thong. She was wearing a long-sleeved navy shirt. Everything looked so familiar... My heart dropped. My girlfriend, Selena, was this girl.

Tom stood up from his couch, his eyes going down to Selena, then up to me. He gave me a shit-eating grin as he grabbed Selena's head with both hands and pumped away. He had no regard for Selena as he shoved his entire cock down her throat, in and out.

In and out, in and out... I watched as Tom fucked Selena's face in and out. I watched as his hips thrust against Selena's face, I watched his shit eating grin, then back down to Selena, then back up to Tom...

He then grabbed her head tightly. His mouth gaped open and his legs shook. He moved his hips slowly, squeezing out last bits of his cum and unloading them into my girlfriend's mouth.

He wiped his drool and moved my girlfriend's head down. She bowed down and started licking his balls. He sat back down in the couch. Selena scooted up, her head tilted to the side between his thighs, massaging his balls with her mouth.

Then I noticed Selena standing back up straight on her knees, her back arched back. She always had such good posture. She stood up, and put on her shorts. Her little ass wiggled side to side as the shorts slid up her hips. She walked to the back of the set.

I was dumbfounded. What the hell just happened? My lovely girlfriend of four years, sucking off her director, what the hell? I should've been angry. I should've rammed through the door and punched this douche in the face.

Tom came to the door and opened it for me.

"Sorry about that, man." He said, patting my back.

I stayed silent.

"Great cocksucker, though. But that’s what you expect out of a Hollywood slut." He said, holding the door open.

I followed in through. I could see the huge sweat Tom on the leather couch. I could see my girlfriend's saliva stains on the carpet.

"You should leave," said Tom, apologetically.

I couldn't say a word.

"She's going to be done getting ready."

I stood still.

"Fine, why don't you go behind the clothes stand."

Better than leaving and not knowing what went on.

I walked to the stand and crouched behind it.

A few moments later, I heard Selena come back out.

"I gotta go now Tom, that was fun," I heard her say. I heard a little kiss. Then a little spank.

"Ow, that hurt, haha," said Selena, in her girly voice.

"Mmm, again, already?" I heard her whine.

I quietly moved to the side of the clothes stand. I could see Selena's feet, now her legs.. okay, I could see both of them.

She stood against him, her hand at his pants, stroking the outline of his cock.

"Just a kiss, okay?" she said, getting on her knees.

And then Tom sleazily unzipped his pants, taking his cock out for my anxious girlfriend.

She popped the tip of his cock into her mouth, looking up at Tom as she suckled gently. Then she ran her tongue under his cock, giving it kisses all over.

"Really gotta go now," said Selena, standing back up. Tom gave her ass a hard squeeze, making Selena squirm and giggle. Selena walked away, and I heard the door.

"You should go now too," said Tom, tucking his dick back into his pants.

I stood up meekly.

"I'm sorry you had to see that," said Tom, giving me a pat on the shoulder this time. I looked at him. Still the same shit eating grin.

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Life as Selena Gomez's Boyfriend

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