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Categories Fantasy, Cum Swallowing, Domination/submission, Extreme

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 18 December 2017

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[You are forewarned, this is the kinkiest story that I have ever written. If you are shocked at male ingestion of menses, steer away from this story! ]

I, Matthew am sitting and watching some kind of nonsense on T.V. that at least has some listenable music to it. I hear a knock at the door of my condo in the Mt. Beaver Gardens Condo Complex, which is unusual at this time of the evening. I consider just ignoring it, but the next series of knocks on the door seem insistent. So, I lift my aged bones up and mosey with my cane to the door.

When I open it there stands a mid-teenaged girl in a school uniform that would be too scandalous for any school that I knew of. It was in white and black with some red accents. A lot of bows too, in suggestive locations. And the skirt was high enough that when she merely shimmied in place her bright red panties were open to view and to matching with her also bright red mini-bra seen through her opened blouse.

I am not any kind of prude, but I felt that this wouldn’t bode well for me in her apparent purpose in coming. So, I inquired as to why she was at my door and knocking on it. With wide and innocent appearing eyes, she replied, “I am a local church school student and am collecting donations for our relief fund of Kenyan starving children. May I come in and discuss this with you?”

Being somewhat mesmerized by this vision of school girl loveliness, I guided her in to sit in my comfy leather rocking chair. She sashayed her way in and fluffed up her very abbreviated dress to sit in the chair, with her red panties staring me in the eyes. I asked if she would like something to drink, but she replied that her mother had warned her against ever accepting drinks from strangers, so I waited to hear her spiel for the donations.

“I am very anxious to get this donation, mister. I am being graded on my efforts in this. And I really do care about the starving children in Central America!”

“Have you by any chance have been educated as to the capital of Kenya?”

“Oh yes, it is San Juan.”

“I see, it seems that your geography is somewhat mixed up, not that unusual for children your age, I would guess in this day.”

She then raised her dress up as far as it would go with her sitting and then I could see her pussy crack and clit silhouetted through her translucent panties. There seemed to be a slight damp spot on them too. As she reached down to seemingly rub out the wet spot, which only got bigger by the effort, she with arched eyebrows asked if there was some way that she could get me to agree to a hundred dollar donation, despite her tortured knowledge of geography?

I hesitated at that thought and the amount, so she got up and took me by the hand and led me to my bedroom. She told me to shuck my clothing and she did also down to her panties and bra. With me on my back, she moved over me and asked me to lick her panties dry. I immediately figured out the problem with that exercise, but the look in her eyes didn’t seem to allow for denial or delay, so I moved a couple of pillows under my head and pulled her down to lick her panties to her desires.

The panties tasted very good, but didn’t get any dryer, and while she was playing with her bra and little titties inside them, she asked me to remove her now sodden panties, as they were very uncomfortable in that condition. So, I did so.

She then moved down on to her knees to briefly kiss with me and then moved my lips down to her now arisen nipples. Her little breasts were somewhat swollen, and I could have sworn that I got a bit of girl’s milk from this teenage girl.

She then threw her leg over my head and moved her mouth to my instrument which was rising rapidly. Using her mouth over and on to it, she managed to complete the job of it reaching to its pinnacle of height. She then pushed me over on the bed and laying back on her shoulders and butt, opened her pussy to my complete view. It was lovely in its opened status, like a spring flower in the afternoon. And I could see a bit of liquid pollen leaking from its orifice. That caused me to lower myself to taste of the nectar from this pretty young girl’s inner self.

With this loving service rendered she looked up to me and asked that I now pollinate her flower for her. So, I moved down and slowly penetrated up into the interior of her young girl’s body till I was fully entered, which surprised me, since I am not short of the short-arm, you see. But, there was no evidence of a ‘cherry’ nor any trouble with her accepting all of me inside of her. She then began to thrust up to me and indicated that she wanted the same down on to her. So, I complemented her muscular exertions, which were also surprisingly strong for a girl of her age and size with a man of my manly body.

It didn’t take long and we both climaxed together with me fully painting up her upper vagina with my DNA gift. As soon as we both came down, she smiled up at me and reached up to pull me down to a full body hug and many kisses.

When we were up and redressed, I asked if a check would do, and she said that it would, and upon leaving promised to come back again and next time to render up her ass to me. I asked about the milk, and she said that she would save some for me for the next time that we met. And with that she moved purposely out of the door and into the waning light of the evening.

Later that night as I was watching the nine o’clock news, there was another rapping at the door, but this time showing much more strength of the person at the door. I had no intention of opening the door to anyone at that time of the night, so I opened the kitchen curtains to see who it was. And I recognized a lady that I had seen around the condo complex and had greeted politely to a couple of times. Seeing no likelihood of terrible results from it, I opened the door and welcomed her in to the same chair that the young ‘student’ had been sitting in a couple of hours before.

A she sat down, I could see that she was wearing no panties at all under her abbreviated dress. And wondered what this was all about.

She opened up by telling me that she knew about the fucking of her teen daughter and the hundred bucks that I had given her in a check. That unless I did exactly what she now ordered that she would notify the police of what I had done and place all of the blame on me, since the girl was only fourteen years old. I was, of course, greatly stunned and perplexed by this, but she then rose up and took my hand and led me to the same bed that I had just fucked her daughter so pleasantly on.

She immediately shucked her clothing and moved me onto my back after removing my pants and shorts. With me on my back, she took my dick into her mouth and played the song of sex on it, till it was finely-tuned for its coming symphony. With that, she rose over me and promptly plunged her pussy down on it. Suddenly and firmly, impaled on him. As she bounced and flexed on me, I could see the evidence of blood coming out of her vagina, and when I saw it, she said, “It is too late for you, my man! You are now being initiated into our sex coven for the rest of your now soon to be extended life.” She continued pounding on me, and also continued, “You will be a special type of vampire. No biting of necks for you. Besides that is a myth anyway. The real vampires were hungry for blood, for sure. But, not of the neck, of the vagina during a woman’s period that is. An so now you will crave it and we will supply it for some very easy to take and pleasant sexual favors from you to us. You will be Magna’s, my other daughter Reina’s and my lover from now on. And between us we will with some cousins of ours, keep you supplied with period blood anytime that you need it. Which will be at least a couple of times a week.”

After I came up into her, she continued as I licked and sucked on her bleeding pussy. “This is a result of a curse put upon our Gypsy people because of our complicity in the murder of Saint Vladmir a Christian missionary monk, who became the much feared Count Dracula. We seduced him and infected him with the same germs as you are now getting, and his thirst for virginal blood was so powerful, that he died to the church and took up his long lifetime of feeding on the local virgin girl’s monthly bloods.”

“We will make up a schedule to supply you with this need, and you will not age, but in fact move to being younger till you reach your maximum standing as a man, and then live indefinitely as long as you continue to partake of the blood feast twice a week.

What we want from you is to repeatedly impregnate any female that we present to you. It will always be at night, and with a kind of special knock that you will recognize as us or one of our cohorts. The babies born will qualify us for state monetary help, and will not be accredited to you. We want to have at least one baby each year of our productive years, so you will be very busy with us. Since, the assertion of a vampire’s hatred of daylight is true, for the most part, you will probably not leave this condo very often. Just in the middle of the night to get your mail and pick up any prescriptions that you need. Your groceries will be obtained by us at our cost and delivered to you. We know exactly what you will require along with the blood.”

So, after my finishing up into her baby vault again, she rose up over my mouth to deliver her next pussy juice and blood offering to me which I avidly accepted into my mouth. I then fell asleep and she left, locking the door only from the inside as she left.

In the morning I awoke more invigorated than I remembered being in for years. So, I took a shower and when looking into the mirror, I noticed that my hair had somewhat darkened and my face was looking a bit fuller than before. After being dressed, I became hungry and ate a light breakfast. I then of all things got an intense desire for blood. And right then, the front door was knocked on again.

I seemingly having lost all of my fear, and a lot of my good sense, opened the door to an older teen girl. She was very small and immediately told me that she was Reina, and due to service me. I let her in before she blabbed anything else that the neighbors might hear. But, after she entered, she sensing my distress, said to not worry, because we were communicating in a gypsy language that few others recognized or understood. And that because of our natures now, others would not even notice any of them coming to see me.

But she seemed to be in a hurry and so didn’t entertain any questions about that, but motioned for me to sit on my butt on the carpet, and then she lifted her skirt, lowered her panties and fed her pussy that was leaking menstrual blood right down into my mouth. I out of newly acquired instincts helped to facilitate the flow by sucking up into her pussy vault to get all of the goodness. When she was emptied for the moment, she handed me an eatable menstrual pad and lowered her dress to skip on the way to school.

I was left to wonder about all of this as I went about my normal daytime duties with the window shades down and the lamps turned to their lowest possible dimness. I had the pad with my lunch and a bit of juice of the grape variety. I then took a nap at my usual time, at two in the afternoon.

That night, I was awakened to a rapping on the door and let Magna back in. She informed me that she was now over her period and wanted to feed me the milk that I had requested. It would be a couple of weeks before she would be ready for a pregnancy effort. It was offered to me that she had already had a baby by another guy, but that he had recently been sentenced to a very long prison sentence. And that she would continue with the milk as long as I desired it. As my head was laying on a pillow on her arm and I was nursing on her swollen tit, she mentioned that a lot of fuss could be avoided if I furnished them with one key to pass around to the next one to visit him. They would be very discrete in all of this and would protect me against all possible offenders against the peace in my life. They could even come up and join me for evenings of relaxation when I desired it.

I mumbled around her nipple that I would try the key with them, but if there were any problems from that, that I would have the locks changed. That is if I lived through it, whatever life was left now for me. While I returned to actively nursing and drinking of her girlish milk, she assured me that I wouldn’t be bothered by anyone anymore, since there was now a hex on my door to deflect others from even knowing that it was there. As I finished up this delightful milking of her, she wiped my mouth, kissed me and left for the night.

The next morning, a little girl a black teen came in to my bedroom as I was still asleep and removed her shoes and panties and then got under the covers with me. When she sidled up to me, I awoke instantly and looked over at a girl that I hadn’t met yet. She whispered that she was there to feed me her blood offering and that I would be getting such visitors twice a day for the present. I guessed that that was to accelerate the process of my changing. So, she moved up and mounted herself over my mouth with my face up and then lowered herself to mount her pussy to my open lips. She then massaged and pushed in her tummy and the bounty flowed freely into my waiting mouth. After a few minutes, she moved up, kissed me on my bloody mouth and then redressed to leave me.

I slept some more and when I awoke again at about noon, I took my shower and when brushing my teeth and brushing my now long black locks, I saw a dramatic change in me. I now had the appearance of a slim and energetic forty five year old. My eyes were very dark and intense, and my skin was beginning to look very sallow, but not unhealthy.

I got up and began to trade messages with my regulars and then started to do some of my writing again. The subject matter was being heavily influenced by my current situation and activities.

About eight in the evening, Silla the girls’ mother joined me and had me lay back down on the couch to feed me my evening menstrual meal. I was now knowing what to expect, so raised my mouth up and put a pillow under it and accepted her rear end seating on me, to facilitate her dumping her gift right into my mouth. She made short work of that and then with a hug and a kiss left me to fill in the rest of the evening.

But, only an hour later, another of their cousins showed up and after divesting herself of her clothing, cuddled up on the couch to watch some T.V. with me. After only a little bit, my hands began to wander about her, and they encountered her several very pretty womanly features. My favorite at that time was her bounteous tits, for a girl of her late teenage age. She liked them being attended to, so I made over them with a lot of vigor. She then bent down to initiate my dick to be arisen and soon accomplished that. She then moved to sit on my lap with her pussy mounted over my penetrating cock that was in her. She flexed her tummy backwards and forwards, and we both came very quickly. I noticed that this was becoming the usual with my newly actuated youthful body. She thanked me for my reproductive gift to her, and then dressed to leave. Upon her departure, another unknown young teen girl came in to sleep with me over the night.

With the young girls that they wanted pregnant, now so, through either my efforts or some other guy’s, they now turned their attentions to sending girls in the mid-twenties to be serviced by me and to feed me my two a day feedings that I had now become used to and didn’t want to give up. Magna was still giving me my every other day milk feedings, too.

After several weeks I was down to an apparent age of twenty-five, fully into the night-time mode and in misery, because the gals were holding me down on the amount of blood that I was getting. It was told to me that it was to stop the age resetting. Once I am established on an apparent age, I can have as much as I want, but only menstrual blood, because whatever type that I started on was my touchstone from then on. So, with my age regression in check, all I needed was two bleeding cunts a week.

It turned out that two new abilities were added to me with the age regression complete and my situation established. I could smell the right blood supply from up to a mile away, and I could fly. Not exactly as a bat, not a regular one anyway. But, I could levitate in the dark on my own, and this would help in case I was cut off from my regular blood supplies. Evidently survival of the fittest works for vampires, too.

Anyway Reina and Magda were still seeing me on the slight, though their mother was very upset with me on my rebelling against them demanding more than just my cock for the future. I let them know that I wasn’t going to share any of my money, because the impregnating of them would supply their additional needs in that concern. They said that they would cut off my supply of menstrual blood if I didn’t agree. I replied that I would have to find my own supply then or die. I was prepared to do that, since when I started out in this enterprise I was an old man, nearing my end anyway.

They sensed that I was telling the truth about that and so backed off for the time. And resumed getting my groceries, too.

Magda and Reina recruited their cousins to help in this regard, as long as the cousins weren’t ensnared in the vampiress thing with them. So, I didn’t need Silla’s help anymore. But, I did accept her gifts when they came. And gave them the babies when they wanted them from then on, too.

That evening, she came up to my condo with them held by the ear and said to me at the door, okay they won’t obey me, so they are your bitches now. Just don’t ask any help with them. They are a handful for sure. And I am keeping the babies to get the State money for them. If you want to knock them up, that is on you, but I would take the babies if they don’t want them. She then pushed the now sixteen year olds into my condo and closed the door behind them.

They stood by the door and looked very sheepishly up to me. I smiled and said to them, “Now get naked and get to work around here, if you are going to live with me, you will have to help out around here!”

So, they did place their clothes on the bed and moved about the condo to spruce things up. As things progressed I asked Magna, to feed me on the bed, so she moved over my mouth and emptied her vagina into my mouth. After I had licked the plate as it were, she got back in step with Reina in cleaning up the apartment.

I asked them if they could stop their aging at their current ages, and they said that it was possible if I helped. But, it would involve me letting them bite my neck seven times in seven days each. They would have to feed me four times a day to prevent me from weakening during the process, but it could be done, and then they would stay that relative age (sixteen) as long as I wanted.

So on the following Monday, with their cousins helping, the ritual started. And four times a day, one of them would in turn feed me my needed meal of vagina blood, and also Magda, who was maintaining her mother milk supply, would also nurse me once a day. Except for a very sore neck at the week ending and a ruinous run on my bandaids, I was none the worse for wear at the end of the week. And my two pretty young girls would stay that age forever, if I wanted it.

They asked about the bed, because it was quite crowded in it with the three of us sleeping together and with my refusing to get them a bed of their own. So, I contacted several bed and mattress stores and bought a new super king size one, with a new headboard and frame and had them remove the old one for me. They were satisfied then. We each had enough room, even if a couple of the cousins decided to sleep over with us. We did have to move the dressers and night stand out of the room, though. It was just too crowded with the bed. But, we put shelves up on the walls around and so many of the things, including our sex toys were still within reach for us.

Since we still had the closet, the old dresser went in there and the night stand went on to the street sidewalk with a ‘for free’ sign on it. It didn’t last ten minutes.

I get hot at night in the bed no matter what the room temperature was, so on my side I sleep with just a sheet over me. And to prevent me from getting night cramps, I have one of the girls sleep up to me in rotation, with her body reversed top to bottom, so that I can sleep with a pillow bracing me up with my face laid into her pussy region. That way, I could nurse on her pussy at night as needed, especially appreciated during their menses. The girls had to wrestle the blankets around to meet their needs, and that made for a wild time trying to put the bed back together in the mornings. But, since the condo was compact and we had few needs except for ourselves, we had plenty of time of cope with that each day.

Silla would come up every once in awhile to serve up her pussy bonanza to me, and each time was amazed at how well I and the girls were getting along. It appeared that because of the stall in their apparent ages that they were quite satisfied to continue to act the part each of sixteen year olds that are humble and cooperative, as few as them are in nature. Since they home schooled to finish their high school work to keep the authorities off our backs, we always seemed to have interesting things to do. And in the night sometimes, I would leave them alone to fly about the city.

I wasn’t actually invisible, but I sought pathways through the city that were not lit up like a Xmas tree and walked in areas that others feared. Evidently, anyone thought to be dangerous simply couldn’t see me. But, with my youth now and augmented strength and long life experience, I would have been tough pickings for them anyway.

One thing that I found out was there was an amazing number of windows left open all over the town at night. Few on the floor levels, but all of the open ones on the second floor or above. And a lot of them were mid-teenage girls. I guessed that they were hoping for a vampire to come in and take them. So, I satisfied a few of their dreams. I avoided recruiting them into my world, but did use their periods to my advantage. I wondered how many of them woke up in the mornings and wondered why their pussies were so very clean when they were obviously still in their period and where the pads had gone to. I rarely repeated with any one of them, but there was a little girl just fifteen and starting her menses routine that awoke while my face and mouth were in her pussy and she just grabbed my head and forced it down into her pussy nook.

She was so enthusiastic, that I repeated with her at least one night each month for years. She never dated in her youth and told me that she considered me her night time lover, and was all that she needed. I assumed that whatever guy married her someday would have a real surprise, when her first period started after the wedding.

Over the years, I and the girls didn’t age at all. Since there was a turnover in the condo complex nobody seemed to catch on to that. And their mother and her friends were still living in a bottom apartment. And still getting pregnant by me, too. I am guessing that there is an auditor in the State assistance program that is staring right now at the records, trying to make heads or tails out of all of this.

When the condo buildings eventually became old and decrepit, I sold my interest in it and with the winnings of a couple of lotteries, which I finagled into winning, I and the girls bought another unit, much bigger in another part of the city. And one night as I flew around our new neighborhood, I noticed an old lady being accosted by some young punks. So, I landed out of their sight and approached them from behind. I sapped them with my fist and rescued the old lady who threw herself at me and hugged me to her.

Then her eyes cleared and she asked, “Matt, is that you?”

And I asked who she was.

“Cecilia, the young girl that you visited over the years and played such dirty games with. My husband was so shocked when I wanted the same things from him. He never got totally into that, but he made an effort and was a wonderful man to me till he died a few years ago. I would just like to go and be with him, wherever he is.”

I then held her in my arms and accompanied her to her home, a mother-in-law apartment off the side of her granddaughter’s house. She got a wistful look in her eye and asked if I would come through her window that night, even though it was on the ground floor and play with her like in the past, even though she no longer had a monthly menses.

I said that I would be happy too. And did, and with her in a sexual fever like she had not enjoyed in many years, she fell asleep in to death in my arms and left her soul to be with her dear departed husband. She had the biggest smile that a person could imagine. I wondered if she had some explaining to do when she met up with him, later.

When I got home, I pulled my two sixteen year old lovers up to me and cuddled up to them both for the rest of the night.

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