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A fabulously disproportionate ass

Categories True Story, Asian, Interracial, Prostitution

Author: Andy Hall

Published: 19 December 2017

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I woke up one morning and I had a big boner. That used to happen almost every day, but these days, not so much. I had to go to the toilet. Often I wilt after a wee, but not today.

I had the house to myself so I pulled up a Kendra Sunderland video on my iPad and lubed up with baby oil. It wasn’t long before I was squirting all over the tiled floor of the en suite. There were only 6 or 7 squirts and none went further than a few feet. It was nothing spectacular but there was a lot of cum and I finished half a roll of toilet paper cleaning it up. I’ve never gotten to the end of that video.

As is often the case with a moderate orgasm, the relief was short lived. During the course of the morning I got horny again at work and my erection was straining in my pants. The memory of Chloe’s tight pussy from the night before was having a lingering effect. I worried that the leaking pre-cum that I could feel wetting the inside of my jeans might be showing on the outside. That’s not a good look at work.

At lunchtime, I considered going down to a local massage parlour to get one of the Thai girls to jerk me off. But this inexhaustible erection seemed a bit wasted on a happy ending. I decided to go to a brothel instead.

As I walked down through South Wharf, my cock bulged uncomfortably in my pants. I wondered who I might be fucking in a few minutes and how tight her pussy might be. My cock relived the elastic pop of Chloe’s tight entrance.

One of the reasons I go to this particular brothel is because it has a back entrance down an alleyway. I can go there in broad daylight without worrying about being spotted by someone I know. I turned into the alley and walked past the cars parked outside the panel beater’s body shop. One of the panel beaters stared at me. He knew exactly what I was up to.

The back door was closed and I rang the bell. After a brief wait, the Chinese manager opened the door. She is not the usual one. Her silk wrapped ass sways from side to side as I follow her up the dimly lit hallway to the waiting room at the front. We pass the two bedrooms on the right and a curtain hangs in the third doorway, which is the dressing room for the girls. An ornate wooden screen divides the hallway from the waiting room and lined up along the wall on this side of the screen are pairs of high heel shoes. The girls will only step into them as they move from the dressing room to the waiting room.

“Are you here for any girl in particular?” asked the madam.


“OK, I’ll bring them out.”

I sat on the edge of the worn leather couch and waited. It took a while for the girls to come through. There was some giggling and chatter. The first girl to walk in was a very dark Thai girl with a lovely big bum. It was a little bit flabby, but she looked hot. I smiled as she walked away. I was not going to leave empty handed today. She called herself Fanta. She had dyed her black hair honey brown.

There was another pause and then a tall thin Chinese girl walked in. She wore a bright sunset red bikini and had big tits spilling out of the top. She says her name is Jasmine and she keeps her distance. She leaves without shaking hands.

I see the madam moving behind the screen and it seems it was only the two. There only ever seems to be two girls here at lunchtime. I was all set to fuck Fanta.

Then the madam disappeared back in the staff room and another figure moved behind the screen. She was peering at me through the holes in the oriental screen. I thought she was going to go back in to the staff room, but she was taking off a bath robe. She stepped out from behind the screen. She had wide hips and big thighs. She had a tiny waist and the proportions between her waist and her hips were like a perfect caricature. She had a pretty face and long straight black hair. She smiled in a coy way and bent over to shake my hand.

“Julia. Pleased to meet you.”

As Julia stepped carefully away on towering high heels, her big beautiful ass wobbled in the nicest possible way. Unlike Fanta, there were no dimples. Everything was smooth and gorgeously brown.

I had been so set on Fanta that when the madam came back, I hesitated.

“Julia,” I said finally.

“How long?”

“30 minutes.”

“You pay cash?”



I stood up and waited. Julia came out and led me down the hall. I knew as I followed her ass down the corridor that I had made the right decision. She took me to the second bedroom down the hall, the one with big mirrors on all the walls.

I could not stop smiling with excitement and anticipation. Julia looked spectacular from every angle. She was a fantasy. It was as if the same artist who drew Jessica Rabbit had drawn a bubble butt Bangkok whore.

She took my $150. “Take a shower for me, baby. I get change for you.”

I watched her leave. Oh my giddy aunt. What a body.

I was drying off when she returned. She stepped across the room in front of me to drop $20 on the chair by my clothes. She asked if I was working today. If I was looking forward to the holidays. If I was going away.

She moves to the side of the bed. All her movements are slow and deliberate like a stripper. It is all an erotic tease. She is a wonderful performer.

“We need to warm up, baby.” I take my cue and embrace her. My hands fall to her wonderful hips. She is tall in her platform heels and her arse is within easy reach.

“Let me feel this amazing figure of yours.” I grab two big handfuls of her arse and squeeze gently. She offers her cheek to me. I kiss her and my cock responds immediately.”

We are both looking at ourselves in the mirror. I’m looking at her ass and she’s looking at my cock. I am pointing straight at her in a way that bumps into her and keeps me at a distance.

“No need for me to wake him up, baby. You’re very big already.” She grabs hold of me with her little fist and presses my shaft against her belly as I move closer. I give her a hug. Her narrow back is easy to embrace.

She doesn’t undress, but steps out of her heels. She is actually quite short. She climbs onto the bed, kneeling up and facing me, but backing away and inviting me to lie down in front of her.

She drapes her shiny soft curtain of hair across my chest. If feels nice. She kisses my nipples. Her big brown ass is beside me and I run my left hand over it.

“On my god, Julia!” I could not help chuckling in disbelief. “Your figure is spectacular!”

“Thank you, baby,” it is the unflattered polite response of someone who has heard it many times before.

“I suppose you’ve been told that many times.” I grab a big handful of her right cheek and pass my hand over the black Brazilian thong that cleaves her ass. “Oh my god. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.” It is big, but perfectly shapely and very firm. That rubbery firmness of Thai girls, but on a much larger scale. You could not make this stuff up. Truth is stranger than fiction. Real life is better than fantasy. I have seen “bubble butts” on porn stars. But seeing this one in the flesh, and touching it, is surreal.

Julia takes her top off and reveals small breasts with dark nipples. The thong stays on.

I pluck her nipples. They are soft. She offers one to my mouth. I kiss and suck it. She moans. It could be a fake moan. I clamp it firmly with my lips and feel it stiffen as I mouth her. Nothing fake about that. She is enjoying what I am doing to her tits.

“Yes, baby.” She climbs over me to sit astride my hips. I run my hands over her waist and hips. Feeling the wondrous proportions of her improbable figure.

I stop mouthing her nipple. “You have an incredible body.”

I move over to the other nipple and give it the same treatment. Finally, I hold her nipple in my teeth and bite it.

“Oh, yes. Bite me baby. Bite me.” I bite her other nipple. They are both now very hard.

All the while I am grabbing her ass and her waist. She feels like no other woman.

Next, she sits back and grabs my cock. She is sitting on my balls and my erection rises up from the crotch of her undies like a strap-on. It is unnaturally pink beside her brown skin, just like a dildo. Her huge thighs bulge on either side of my hips.

She wanks me and rides me. I am hard and leaking. She uses her thumb to smear the fluid from the eye down over my fraenum. It is excruciatingly pleasurable.

After a few minutes of that she moves off me, ready for the next step in the routine.

“Can I take off your panties?” It just blurts out. Like an excited child. I don’t expect her to say yes.

“Sure, baby.” My heart doesn't just skip a beat - it does fuckin' hopscotch.

We trade places and she gets on all fours. She arches her back low to push her gorgeous big ass in the air. I gently grab hold of her panties and peel them slowly down, like they do in the movies. There are no tan lines. Her skin is flawless and smooth. There are no spots or blemishes like the porn actresses sometimes have. It is just perfect. I giggle in delight.

“I can’t believe this. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Your ass is amazing.” I am aware that I am repeating myself, but I can’t help it. I kiss her left ass cheek.

“It’s all for you, baby.” I groan in appreciation. Then I help her out of the panties. I should have had a sniff before handing them back to her. It didn’t even occur to me at the time. I was too engrossed in her naked ass to even think about panties.

With her panties off she spreads her knees to expose her anus and her pussy. They look exquisite.

I reach in tentatively to touch her pussy lips. With no objections I gently separately her lips and search for her clit with my finger. She lets my fingers explore her. I put a finger to the entrance of her vagina and gently push it in.

“That’s’ it, baby. Finger my tight pussy.”

She is not wet, but it feels nice and my heart races at this new liberty. All the while I am groaning at the sight of her ass and kissing it. This is like my very own porn scene. I look in the mirrors to see her gorgeous body from all angles and to see myself deeply engrossed in ass worship with my finger up her pussy. My cock twitches and leaks some more.

Suddenly her hand appears above her ass with a small bottle of baby oil and she squirts it over her ass.

“Oh my god! Julia! I can’t believe it. This is so good. So good!”

I rub the oil all over her ass, slowly and with both hands. I use my thumb to smear it down her crack and over her tight little dark brown anus.

“Ohhh, bay-bee!” she purrs.

“Oh Julia! You're so hot. This is incredible.” My words are lame but heart felt. I can’t contain myself.

I rub the oil over her ass and into her pussy and finger her again and it is much nicer with oil on my finger and she moans again.

I kiss her ass, moving closer to her anus.

“Can I lick it?”

“Sure baby. Lick my ass. Lick it for me.”

I am giddy. I put my face between those big rubbery cheeks and lick her anus.

“That’s it, baby. Lick my ass.” I like to hear her talk dirty.

I kiss and lick her anus. She grinds against my face and groans. I try to delve inside with the point of my tongue. She squirms at the sensation. It is nice and tight and closed and there is no chance of breaking in with my tongue. But it is nice to try. Her hole is as clean as a whistle, but the taste of baby oil is bitter on my tongue.

I pull back and spread her further apart to get a good look and then I push my chin between her legs to lick her pussy and bury my nose in her anus. I love the feel of her pussy lips on my mouth and her big cheeks against my face.

I draw back to take in the view and catch my breath. Julia takes the opportunity to reach around and slap her own arse, in the slow stylised way of a porn scene.

“Can I spank your beautiful arse?”

“Sure baby. You spank me. I’m a bad girl.”

I give her four hard smacks. I’ve never spanked a woman before. It’s fun. Her dark skin doesn’t colour. I have the feeling I am in my own porn movie.

I've always had trouble asking for what I want in bed. I’m enjoying this new-found assertiveness of asking for what I want and delighting in the fact that Julia is granting my every wish. It's so much fun.

I'm sitting back on my heels after the spanking, with my knees spread and my erection standing proud. Julia wobbles her bubble butt for me and then backs it into my lap. I grope her tits and she rears up on her big strong thighs. She reaches around and wanks my cock and places it in the cavernous cleavage of her ass. I press the tip of my cock against her tight anus, smearing the pre-cum leaking from me and then using the slippery fluid to surf the length of my cock over her anus.

Julia places her open hand over her crack and I fuck the space underneath, pressing against her crack. I hold on to Julia’s little tits and pinch her nipples while I fuck her butt cleavage.

“That’s it, baby. Fuck that big ass.” I groaned. With her ass all oily and my cock oozing pre-cum it is as slippery as an ovulating pussy in there.

Then she turns around on all fours and lets me continue to fuck her butt cleavage doggy style. My bulging cock rides up out of the top of her crack. We are both facing the mirror on the other side of the bed and she can see my big cock rising out the top of her ass.

“Ooooh!” she almost shrieks, “Look at your big cock!” I must admit I am flattered. Her butt is huge, and for my cock to look big next to it, in a mirror at the far side of the room, is obviously something she doesn’t see every day. I keep riding my shaft over her anus. My cock is leaking and I smear it on her asshole, but she pulls away to get a condom.

I watch her beautiful big ass in the mirror as she applies the condom. She puts it on the head only, at the start. Then she pops that in her mouth and slowly unrolls the condom down my shaft, all the time sucking on the head to keep it in her mouth. I let her suck me a few times, but in this position I can’t resist the temptation to fuck her face. I hold her head and push my cock into her mouth. I have a great side view in the mirror beside the bed. Her hair is soft and shiny and lovely to hold, particularly for this purpose. She just holds the position on all fours and I watch alternately her ass in the mirror in front of me and my cock sliding in and out of her mouth in the mirror beside.

After a few minutes of that, I rest and put my hands on my hips to let her suck. She obliges and I watch in the mirrors to see it from all angles. She slows to pucker and pause, examining my erection carefully before sticking it back in her mouth.

“I want to fuck you now, Julia.”

“Sure baby. How?”

“Me on top.”


She lies down on her back and spreads her legs. I get in position and she guides me in.

“That’s it baby. Fuck my tight pussy.’

“Mmm. You are nice and tight Julia.”

“Thank you, baby.”

We fuck in missionary for a few minutes. I like looking down at her big hips.

After that I sit back on my heels and bring her legs together. I keep fucking her while holding her lovely bum. She rests her calves against my chest. She is not flexible enough to bend her legs back, but they are vertical and I can see them in the mirror facing me. I enjoy watching myself for a while, pushing against the backs of her thighs and seeing her feet move in the air above my shoulders. I feel her smooth thighs and run my hands all the way up her legs to her little ankles. She feels very sexy.

“Can we switch to doggy now?”

“Sure baby. I love doggy.”

I stand off the bed at the side and she backs up that massive ass. It is beautiful to behold. She guides me in.

“That’s it. Oh yeah. Let me hold on to that beautiful arse while I fuck you, Julia.” I start pumping slowly.

“You can touch my asshole if you like. Touch it baby.”

“Like this?” I rub her anus with my thumb.

“Ooh yeah, baby. Touch my little asshole while you fuck me baby.” I’m still clutching her hip with my left hand and my right thumb is rubbing up and down over her anus. It feels so hot.

‘You can put your thumb inside my ass baby. Inside my tight little asshole.”

“Put my thumb inside your anus?” I repeat in disbelief.

“Sure baby. Finger my ass while you fuck me.”

I stick my thumb inside her anus. There is a bit of resistance at first. There is no lubrication. I push and my knuckle passes through her sphincter.

I moan with pleasure. “You like fingering my ass, baby?”

“Mmmm. It’s nice and warm in there.”

I have my fingers spread across the top of her crack and I hook my thumb under her tail bone so that I am holding her ass with my right hand while I fuck her. I have fantasised about this over the years, but I’ve never done it.

I dig my thumb in as far as the second joint and hold her. I am looking in the mirror opposite and looking down.

“Oh, Julia. This is so good. I just love feeling your beautiful ass.” I squeeze her hip with my left hand and lift her slightly by the anus with my thumb while I’m fucking her.

She invites me to smell her. I pull out my thumb and sniff it, but she is very clean and there is no odour. Meanwhile I am continuing to fuck her. I slip my thumb back into her as far as it will go. When I have a firm grip of her sphincter, I lift her by it. She is so tiny and light that I am able to lift her weight with one hand. She is saying things into the mattress and I can’t really hear. I’m not really listening either. I am just enjoying the sights and the sensations of this fuck.

My orgasm starts to build. I keep jamming her cunt while I’m holding her by the ass, inside and out. I get the feeling that the condom is slipping off. In the perverted heat of the moment it turns me on to think that I am fucking her bareback. It certainly feels better when I can’t feel a condom.

“I want you to cum, baby. I want you to cum inside me. I want to feel your cum inside me.”

There is something about dirty talk that just pushes my buttons.

“I want to cum inside you, Julia. I want to cum in your pussy.” My pelvis starts to thrash wildly at hers. I hold on to her arse to steady myself.

“Fuck me baby. Fuck my ass. Slam your bones against me. I can take it.” She’s good. She has the dirty mouth of a Pattaya whore.

“I’m going to cum Julia. Do you want me to cum?”

“Yes, baby.”

“I’m gonna hold on to your beautiful big ass, Julia, and pump your cunt full of cum!”

“Yeah, fuck me, baby. I’m your bitch.”

I start squirting. It is a wild bucking orgasm. I pump and pump till I’m done. I jam the last couple of thrusts into her while holding her with my thumb. Finally I withdraw and take my thumb out of her anus.

“Thank you, Julia. That was so much fun. Thank you.” I’m smiling so much and almost laughing with joy. My thighs are shaking. Julia has delivered a great performance. She is my favourite whore.

“Your thighs are all shaking baby! Did you like that baby?”

“I loved it, thank you.”

She examines the condom. “Ooh, you did like it. Lots of cum, baby.” I laugh. “You very happy. You smile all afternoon back at work.”

We showered and dressed. I asked her how long she had been in Australia. She told me 3 years. She is studying business management and has one more year to go. Then she is going back home.

“You don’t want to stay in Australia?”

“Thailand is very easy. Very cheap. Melbourne is nice, but too expensive.”

I gave her the $20 change. “This is for you. Thank you so much. I had so much fun.” She was polite and embarrassed and made to decline, but I insisted. “You give a fantastic service.”

She took it. “Thank yewwww! I go to pizza shop and buy pizza for all the girls.”

I am dressed and she shows me out. She lingers at the door and calls after me and blows kisses down the hall.

My legs quivered on the walk back to the office. Less than 100m down the road I was hard again at the memory of all the things we had just done. It was an uncomfortable, slightly painful post coital erection.

“Beeep!” A car skids to a stop a few metres from me. I was mentally rubbing oil on Julia’s arse and I had absent-mindedly stepped off the footpath to cross the road. I stepped back again and the guy drove off. He probably wondered why I was smiling. It occurred to me that if I had been killed, I would have died happy with a smile on my face.

The erection and the smile lasted all the way back to the office.

Later that afternoon, the end of my nose was itchy and I rubbed it. I realised that I still had oil on my face from Julia’s ass.

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A fabulously disproportionate ass

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