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The Bouncer pt.1

Categories Fantastic, Asian, Body modification, Consensual Sex

Author: JohnnyGiant

Published: 19 December 2017

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The bouncer

Chapter 1

Johnny was a 35 year male working as a bouncer on a very popular nightclub somewhere in the USA.
He was 6’3 and 250 pound of muscle, thanks to the many hours in the gym several days a week.
One night, there was a group of bullies starting a fight and Johnny ended up in the emergency room with some cuts and bruises.
The physical injuries wasn’t Johnny’s biggest concern.
Johnny’s biggest concern was the damage to his pride and self esteem.
Therefore, as Johnny sat in the emergency room waiting for the doctor,he swore to himself that there was not going to be a situation were someone could overpower him ever again.
Once back home he started to do some research online for the solution to his problem.
No, that wasn’t what he needed. He was more than strong enough. The bullies that sent him to the ER, simply outmanned him.
The solution to Johnny’s problem was simply to become more man. He needed to grow bigger, and not only add some more muscles to his already ripped body.
The solution came to him when he found a company called BITC – Body improvement technology center, with the cocky slogan,
“We fix what God didn’t”.
According to the website, the company could help all sorts of bodily “defects”, problems and illnesses by simply changing the human DNA, or as the website stated “By reprogramming the human DNA to what it should have been in the first place”.
This was exactly what Johnny needed.
If God didn’t make him the tallest, strongest, most powerful bouncer in history, then BITC should.
He hurried and booked an appointment online right away.
Luckily, the had an open appointment already the day after.
Johnny was sitting in the waiting room, looking at the receptionist sitting behind her desk.
She was a tall blonde, with the most perfect body Johnny had ever seen. If BITC had done any changes to her, she was the perfect commercial for the company Johnny thought to himself.

Finally he was called to the doctors office.

“What can we do for you Johnny,” the doctor asked.

“I want to become the tallest, strongest bouncer in the history” Johnny replied. There was no need to hide the truth.

“I see. May I ask why? You seem like a guy that could take care of himself. Already tall and strong.”

“A gang of bullies jumped me, and I was unable to protect myself since the outnumbered me. I will make sure that this doesn’t happen again in the future,” Johnny replied.

“That we can certainly help you with Johnny. Most of our patients are here with some sort of medical issue, but we are here to help everyone that needs our services. By simply give you the same treatment that we normally give to midgets, oh sorry. The little people are the correct term now, we can alter your height into the desired measurements.”

Johnny was relieved. This sounded like exactly what he needed.

“And how does this procedure work exactly,” Johnny asked.

“Simple. We take a blood sample, and analyze your DNA. Based on the desired changes, in your case increase in height, we make a serum containing your “new” DNA and inject it into your body. Over approx one month, your body will change into the parameters set by you. Any idea how tall you wish to become?”

“Yes, I have. The tallest man ever recorded was 8’11. 9’11 sounds like a perfect number.”

The doctor looked shocked on Johnny.

“Are you sure. Do you have any idea how tall that is? It will cause severe stress to your body. Your heart will have to work really hard to pump blood around a human body that big. Also, there are practical problems in your everyday life, were will you buy clothes to a body that size? Furniture? Hell, how are you going to get into a car? I highly recommend that you rethink this. As a doctor I cant recommend you to do a body change this big.”

“Doctor, I have given this a lot of thought, and I will go thru with it. Will you do the procedure or not?

“You do know, that this is a body resize to closely 60%?" The doctor asked. He looked concerned.
"Your weight will be even more affected due to the increase of mass in your bones, muscles and tissue. If you are around 250 pounds today, you weight will be around 950 pounds after the reprogramming," he continued.

Johnny didn't know this. He had thought he maybe would weigh around 450 pounds. 950 pounds sounded like too much. Almost.
He could feel he starting to get arroused.
Imagine the power he would have over other people.

Are you married? Girlfriend?”

“No. Why”

“As I said, 60% increase to your body will affect all your body parts. And I do mean all. I would imagine a wife or a girlfriend would have had something to say regarding a so dramatic change,” the doctor explained.

Johnny hadn’t thought of this. Between his legs there was a girthy 8 incher. A 60% increase would make it 13 inches.
Johnny felt a tingle in his groin.

“Shouldn't be a problem. Its only 5 inches today, so the change will not be that bad,” Johnny lied as his cock slowly started to rise in his pants.

“OK. If you are certain you will go forward with the procedure, I will do it, but remember, I warned you to do so drastic changes,” the doctor said while he prepared the syringe for the blood sample.

"Also, I want to be a bit more ripped than I am today. Not much, I don’t want to overdo it."

"Sure, a guy that want so change his height to 9 ft. doesn’t want to overdo it..." The doctor answered ironically.

Chapter 2

The waiting for BITC to make his resize serum was long Johnny thought.
Even if it only was a week since he was there giving them the blood sample. He have had a lot of time to think, had he overdone it when asking for a 60% body increase?
But every time he came to the conclusion, that if he was going to do some changes, it would be changes of epic proportions.

Finally the call from BITC came, and he went over there to get his serum injected.
The procedure was done in only 10 minutes. A bit disappointing that it was done so quickly Johnny thought to himself as he traveled home again. A height increase of 43 inches, over 30 days would mean that he should almost grow 1.5 inches pr day for the next month.
Johnny was exited, maybe he would notice a change tomorrow already.

When Johnny woke up the next morning, he didn’t notice any changes right away.

"This is bullshit," he thought to himself while he went in the shower.

It wasn’t until he put on some clothes to hit the gym he realized that his clothes were a bit tighter than they used to be.
I need to check this he thought and found something to measure his height. And sure enough. He had grown an inch since yesterday.
He checked his weight. He had also gained almost 10 pounds in one day.
Better keep a proper record of this. Maybe write a log to keep track.
Then he left for the gym.

Arriving at the gym, he felt good about himself.
As he stared at a muscular bodybuilder in the corner, he felt excitement. He couldn’t wait to get bigger than them all.

When he got back home he started his journal:

Day1 – he wrote.
1 inch – 10 pounds.

Day 2.
3 inches – 40 pounds.
"Clothes are starting to become tight. Need new" he wrote.

Day 5.
8 inches – 120 pounds.
"Feeling good. Muscles starting to show. Woman starting to stare. Need more clothes. And bed. Old one is too short.

Day 8.
9 inches. 160 pounds.
"Look like height/weight ratio are off. Hope it will even out. Couldn’t find bigger bed. Bought two and put together".

Day 10.
11 inches. 200 pounds.
"Problem to find clothes in normal stores. Found a special store with extra-large sized."

Day 12.
14 inches. 250 pounds.
"Body weight doubled. Need new scale."

Day 13.
"Found new scale. Starting to get really ripped. Masturbated. Growin in groin area also."

Day 15.
22 inches. 350 pounds.
"Growth seems to increase the last few days. Need more clothes again."

Day 18.
24 inches. 370 pounds.
"Growth seem to slow down. Thrown out of gym. Accused of steroids."

Day 20.
25 inches. 400 pounds.
"Need a tailor".

Day 21.
27 inches. 440 pounds.
"Found tailor. Going to be expensive. Worth it"

Day 25
35 inches. 500 pounds.
"Sold the car. Couldn’t fit in".

Day 26
37 inches. 530 pounds.
"Broke the couch. And a chair."

Day 28
40 inches. 600 pounds.
"Scared my neighbor. Can't blame her. New trip to the tailor. Need new clothes. Again."

Day 29
41 inches. 630 pounds.
"Masturbated. Wonder if 60% was too much? Maybe doctor was correct."

Day 30
43 inches. 710 pounds.
"Measured myself today. 9ft 10, and 960 pounds. The doctor at BITC have his calculations straight".

Day 30
43 inches. 710 pounds.

"Growth has stopped (I hope). Look like a human version of the incredible Hulk.”

Chapter 3

It was a busy Saturday evening, and Johnny was working in the door, busy checkin ID’s and stopping people with to much to drink.
After his resizing was done, the bar had a significant increase in people visiting. And it was all down to people wanting to see the world tallest and strongest man live.
Lots of people wanted to take photos with him, especially women, and Johnny loved every second of all the attention he got.

A small asian girl approached the door.
Clearly not old enough to come in here, Johnny thought to himself. She couldn’t even have been 5 feet, and 90 pounds Johnny concluded as she stopped in front of him.

“Sorry, how old are you,” johnny asked with his deep voice.

“21,” the girl replied while looking at him in awe.

“ID please,” Johnny replied. Lots of people lied on their age to get in. And this girl looked like she was maybe 14-15 years old.

She took out a drivers license from her purse and gave it to Johnny. It have to be a really good fake ID Johnny thought to himself as the drivers license clearly stated the girl was 21.

“Is this fake? You look a lot younger then 21,” he asked the asian beauty in front of him. She was literally half his height even in high heels.

“No sir. Its real,” the girl said and handed over a credit card.

Johnny looked at it. Same name, Lin was on both cards.
DOB matched also driver license.
Have to be real he concluded and opened the door for the girl. As he handed her the cards, he thought he saw a blush in the girls faces his giant hand touched her soft perfect skin.

“Have a nice evening,” he said to her as she walked by.

“I sure hopes so,” the girl replied with something that could have been a wink.

The rest of the evening went by more or less as usual. Johnny guarded the door, and walked around inside the nightclub.
Every time he saw the asian beauty, she was standing alone, looking at him, with an expression on her face that Johnny had difficult to read.
Was it awe? Fear? Shock? Or could it be lust he saw in the girls face?
Johnny had always had a weak spot for asians, and this girl was a real beauty.
After closing time, Lin was the last person to leave the bar.
As she passed him, she stopped and slipped him a note.
Now he was sure. It was lust. Definitely lust he had seen in her eyes.
He opened the note and read it. It was only an address and “tonight” written on it.

A clear invitation. But was this a good idea?
Hell, was it even physical possible for him to have sex with such a petite woman?
Ever since he did the resizer serum, he had measured his height and weight every evening.
Last measurements were 9’10 and 950 pounds.
So, he was basically twice her height and at least 10 times her weight.
He hadn’t measured his cock, that was too immature he had thought for himself, but by the eye it looked closely to the increase he was promised.

“Fuck it,” he said to himself as he walked out the door and locked it.
There have to be a first for everything, and today Lin will be the first to try his new body.

Chapter 4

"Must be here," he thougt to himself, standin in front of an old appartment building.
Standing in front of the elevator, he noticed a sign "Max 4 persons or 800 pounds".
Looking at the old elevator he decided it wasn’t worth the risk.
The old wooden stair squeaked under his weight, as he started to walk the stairs to 5th floor.

Lin opened the door.
"I thought I heard something in the stairway. It sounded like a parade or something coming up the stairs," she smiled and took his hand and pulled him in.
Johnny noticed how small her hand was grasping around two of his fingers.
“This should be interesting,” he thought to himself as he crouched and squeezed thru the door.

Lin lived in a small apartment, which only seemed smaller when you are 9’10. Because of the low ceiling he had to walk bowed.

“Please sit,” Lin said and pointed at a two seater couch in the living room.

As Johnny carefully sat down in the middle of it, the couch creaked dangerously, him filling it completely.
Johnny smiled thinking of the couch that should be plenty big enough for two people, but barely fitted him.

“What am I doing here Lin,” he asked as she handed him a bottle of beer. The bottle diapered in the palm of his hand.

“I’ve heard rumors about the giant working as a bouncer. I just had to come and take a look for myself tonight,” she said as she sat down on the armrest beside him.

“Once I saw you I knew I had to get you,” she said sipping from a glass of wine.

“You sure this is a good idea,” Johnny asked looking down on the asian beauty. God she was perfect.

“Oh, I am sure,” she replied looking up on him with the most beautiful brown eyes he had ever seen.

“But you are so petite, and I am so big”

“Yes, and that’s the poi Ever heard of macrophilia,” she asked.

Johnny had never heard of this.

“Whats that,” he asked.

“I am attracted to big things, and they don’t come much bigger then you. The thought of being pounded hard by a giant really turn me on. It’s the size difference that I find thrilling. If it was possible, I would have shrunk myself, so everybody else looked like giants to me."

Quickly she jumped of the couch and started to undress herself.
Soon she stood in front of him completely naked.
She was so pretty, light brown skin, flat stomach, the tits looke actuall big on her tiny frame, and a little bit of hips. She was almost clean shaven, only a small strip of hair.
She turned around, showing of for him.
Her ass was the most perfect thing Johnny have ever seen.

“What you think? You like what you see?”

“You are very sexy Lin, that’s not my concern here,” Johnny said with a grin.

“Whats your concern then,” she asked while bending forward so her ass were sticking out. She had a sexy gap between her thighs.

“You are so small, and I’m so big. What you weigh? 90 pounds?”

“85,” she said’ sticking her hand between her legs and played with herself.

It was clear that she was dripping wet already.

“I want to measure you” she said, “stand up”.

Johnny stood in the middle of the apartment.

“Undress,” she told him.

Johnny took off all his clothes except his boxers.

Lin stopped, her jaw dropped as she studied his perfect giant muscular body body.

“You look like the incredible Hulk, look at those muscles.Lay down on the floor so I can measure your height properly," she said.

Johnny laid down on the floor, taking up most of the free space on the floor.

“9’11,” she said, clearly impressed. “Now you measure me”

“4’10, I am more than twice your height.

Lin pulled out a scale, and stepped on it.

“83 pounds.” Now you turn.

Johnny had a bad feeling about this, and as soon as he stepped on the scale it broke.

“Hmm, I guess you are heavy. That was a 800-pound rated industrial scale”

“Yes, I weigh around 950 pounds, that makes me almost 12 times heavier than you.”

The measurements looked like they made Lin even more horny.

“On your knees so I can reach your biceps. Flex,”

Even standing on his knees Johnny towered the incredible petite Lin.

Then she compared to her waist.

“WOW, your biceps are as thick as my waist.”

“And now the grand finale. Take of your boxers please. Time for the most thrilling measurement”

Johnny stood up right in front of her, the massive height difference causing his groin to be directly in front of her pretty face.
Slowly he started to pull down his boxers.
For every inch he pulled down, Lin’s expression changed from awe and lust into lust and fear.
Finally the boxers passed the throbbing head of his cock.

Lin actually flinched as the cock sprung out of his boxers.
She couldn’t say anything. She just looked at it.

“I didn’t believe it was this big,” she finally stuttered.

“This was what I was concern about. How can this possible fit in your petite body? I don’t want da damage your petite body” Johnny said while pulling his cock.

“I don’t know, but I sure as hell would like to try. Lets measure it”

“You have to get it proper hard first.”

“What? It gets bigger? I'm starting to share your concern if it is even possible for me to fit that cock in my tiny pussy” she said with fear in her voice.

“Just a bit,” he said, placing his giant hand on her head and pulling her towards his cock.

She grasped the giant shaft with her small hand, she didn’t get her fingers around more than half the shaft.
Lin tried to push the head in her small mouth, but regardless of her efforts, she couldn’t get more then half the head in before the girth was too much.

“Now its hard, you can take the measurement now”

Lin had to check the measurements twice.

“14 inches long, and 7.7 around,” she whispered.

Johnny was impressed. He had gotten a larger increase than BITC had promised him. Maybe he had asked for too much?

“Sit down again,” Lin said as she drank the last of the wine.

Then she placed herself in his lap, facing him.

“Look at this,” she said, pressing his cock against her soft body.

His cock actually reached all the way to her boobs.

“I guess that leaves balls deep, out of the question,” she giggled nervously.

Johnny was more concerned how to get even inside of her.

Then she compared his cock to her arm. It was far thicker than her wrist, and longer than her lower arm, just passed the elbow.

"WOW," she exclaimed. It was evident that the comparison between big and small had made her even more aroused.

Lin took Johnny’s hand and led him to her bedroom.

“Lay down on my bed.”

Johnny looked on her tiny bed with skepticism.

“I wont fit.”

“That’s the point. I want go see your giant body in my far too small bed”

Johnny laid down.
With a huge bang, the bed collapsed immediately as Johnny put his huge weight down on it, splinters from broken wood flew across the room.
He shuffled the debris from the broken bed away with his giant palm, and laid down directly on the mattress. His huge body covering the mattress completely, his shoulders were wider, and his feet sticking over 3ft out.
This seemed to only making Lin hornier, crawling on top of him kissing him all over his giant body, grinding her pussy along the giant shaft.
Lin stood on all 4 on Johnny’s chest, on some sort of 69, trying to suck Johnny’s giant rod.
But no matter how much she tried, it was impossible to even get the head in her mouth.
He was just too big.
Or she was too small.
This gave Johnny a perfect view to her ass and pussy.
He placed both his giant hands on her ass, starting to massage her.
Then he slowly placed a finger on her soaking wet pussy.
Slowly he pushed it it. Lin moaned in pleasure as he pushed half his finger slowly in.

“Ive had cocks smaller than that,” she moaned.

She was really tight, and Johnny was more and more convinced that there was no way she would be able to take his cock.

Chapter 5

“Fuck me Johnny. I want to feel that giant cock in me now,” she panted as she orgasmed.

She got up and found a giant bottle of lubricant from a drawer.

"Something says we'll need this," she said with a smile.

Johnny stood up, and with one arm he picked Lin up like a rag doll.
In the other hand he pulled the mattress from the debris of the trashed bed. Her bedroom was not big enough for him to lay down, so he carried Lin and the mattress to the living room.

Johnny carefully placed himself over her tiny frame.
She looked so incredible vulnerable and fragile were she laid under his huge monstrous body.
Slowly he started to massage her clit and pussy with the tip of his cock.
Lin moaned in pleasure as he continued to push his cock over her stomach, finally leaving his huge balls hanging heavy on her soaking wet pussy.
One of his hand were big enough to cover both of her boobs, pushing them together, but the tiny boobs, and the giant cock made a titty fuck impossible.

Johnny poured plenty of lubricant on his cock, while looking at the gorgeous, petite asian that was looking at his monstercock with lust and fear in her eyes. She didn’t even blink as she looked at him, lubricating the whole shaft for her. Her body was filled with expectations.
How was this going to feel for her?
Slowly he started to push his cock towards her tiny pussy.
Lin flinched as half of the head forced its way inside her tight pussy.
Johnny stopped, letting the tiny pussy time to adjust to the gigantic intruder.
Johnny tried to push more, but it seemed like there was no chance to his more of his cock inside Lin.
He pulled out a bit, and carefully tried to shove more into her. Lin whined a bit from the pain.

"Lin, I don’t think this will work. You are too tight for me. I don’t want to hurt you"

"Johnny, I want you to fuck me with that giant cock. This have been my fantasy for as long I can remember, and I don’t give up so easy. I can handle a little pain. Just get that cock inside of me now."

She sounded very determined that this was going to happen.

Johnny pushed his cock against her pussy hard. He actually pushed so hard, he shoved Lins body away from him.

"It's going! Keep pushing," Lin panted in pain.

And she was correct, he had almost gotten the head of his cock in her tight pussy.
He could see her lips stretched to the limits, clinging on to the giant shaft that was forcing its way inside of her.
Johnny kept on slowly pushing, trying to give her some time to adjust to his girth.
And then, finally the head was inside.

"It's in," Johnny grunted. The vision of the gorgeous asian impaled on his cock was a real turn on. He really wanted to fuck her furiously, but he knew he had to be careful and take his time.

"I feel so full. It's like my pussy have been stretched way beyond its limits," Lin whispered.

"And still 12 inches to go," Johnny grunted while pushing an inch more into Lin.

Lin arched her body, screaming in pain while pounding her small fist in the mattress.

"More, more," she shouted.

"this girl is a freak," Johnny thought to himself while squeezing more of his cock into her. But on the other end, ha definitely was also a freak.

"Ready?" he asked with a grin.

"Give me everything you’ve got," she whispered, preparing herself for the pain she knew was coming.

He placed his big hands on her shoulders, pinning her down so she wouldn't slip away when he pushed harder.
He had started to be a bit tougher, a bit more confident how to use his new body.
And with one brutal thrust, he forced a couple of inches into her already stuffed pussy.
Johnny thought he felt something snap inside Lin.

She arched her back under him, making a strange noise, as he saw her eyes rolled back in her skull.

"Lin?" He asked. He was actually starting to fear that he had killed her with his giant cock.

Suddenly she gasped for air.

"That was amazing," she panted, trying to catch her breath.

"I feel so filled up. I can feel it in my stomach. Did I take it all?"

Johnny looked down at his cock. She had barely taken half of it.

"No Lin, you have taken half"

"I want the rest also. I'm not sure how, but I want all of you inside me."

Johnny pulled out his cock, leaving her pussy like a gaping hole. He placed his cock on her stomach.

"See, this is how far I got," he said looking down on her.

Lin raised her head. The tip of the cock was passed her bellybutton.

Johnny rolled over, laying on his back directly on the floor.
There was no point in using the mattress, his body was bigger anyways.

"You on top," he said while jerking his cock.

Lin got up, placed one foot on each side of his giant body.
His cock actually touched her pussy while standing over him like this.
Slowly she started to lower herself onto the giant. It went a bit smoother then last time, but still it was some pain as the giant head stretched her lips to the limit.
She continued to lower herself, with a wave of pain for each inch.
She got as far as last time, before it stopped.
Johnny could feel the tip of his cock poking into something inside her.

"I think this is your limit Lin, you can manage half. That’s not bad. That’s still 7 inches, more than most women ever experiences."

"Silence. This is not my limit," she said while trying to impale herself even harder.

Johnny placed his hand around her waist.
His hands actually reached all the way around her body.
She tried to lower herself more, and suddenly they became aware that she was actually sitting on his cock, balanced by Johnny's giant hands, with her feet not touching the floor.
Johnny looked shocked at Lin as she slowly started to slide down Johnny's cock, further and further until she came to a stop, leaving only two inches of cock left.
Somehow, she had managed to fit 12 inches of Johnny's giant cock inside of her petite body.
You could actually see the outline of his cock inside her belly, reaching all the way thru her rib cage.

"Look, I have a belly bump," Lin said she stroked her belly.

It actually looked like something from Alien was growing inside of her, or something from those crazy Japanese cartoons.

Lin started to jump up and down, faster and faster.
She had her eyes closed, and bit her lip, you could really see that she was struggling with the pain from the cock rearranging her insides.
But there was also no doubt that this turned her on, her juices more or less poured along the shaft.
Suddenly she had the most intense orgasm Johnny ever had seen.
It was even more intense that the fake you'll see in porn. It had to last for nearly half a minute before she stopped shaking.
Johnny grabbed her around her waist, and lifted her of his cock.
As the cock were pulled out of her gaping pussy, Johnny could have sworn he heard a "swish" sound from the vacuum as he pulled out.
He placed on her knees in the couch, forcing her head down.
Pinning her completely. She had nowhere to go.
He rubbed his cock along her ass.
Seeing that perfect, tight asian ass with a giant cock sliding back and forth was nearly too much for Johnny.
He had always wanted to try anal sex, but the ironic thing was that woman he had been with earlier though his girthy 8 incher was too big for anal.

"Want to try anal," he said with shivers in his voice.

He could feel Lin flinch.

"Some part of me want to, but I am so scared. I don’t think that I could handle your cock in the ass Johnny," she barely whispered.

He then placed his cock in her once tight pussy.
Now it slid in with almost no resistance.
Lin moaned in pleasure as he pushed further and further into her.
But there was no way he could get the two last inches into her.

He started to pound her rapidly, with brutal strokes.
She let out a scream as the pounding became to brutal.

He slowed down a bit.

"Too hard?"

"Yes. But I want more. I can handle it. Force the rest of your cock into me. I want it all," she panted.

Johnny thought he saw a tear running down her cheek.

This left him with a dilemma. A part of him wanted to fuck her as hard as he could, but another part of him didn’t want to hurt her.
He was proper worried that her tiny body couldn't handle more of this pounding. But he came to the conclusion that in the end, it was Lin that had to make the decision.
He started pounding her as hard and fast he could.

Johnny continued to pound Lin in a furious speed, impaling her body as hard as he dared for every brutal stroke.
Still it seemed that the two las inches had nowhere to go inside of her. It was plain and simple no more room inside her petite body.
Finally, he felt an orgasm closing in on him, and with a final brutal push he forced his cock into her battered pussy, filling her to the brim with what seemed like gallons of cum.
He pulled his semi erect cock out of Lin, and laid down on the floor, panting and sweating.
Lin came over, and as she walked across the floor, cum poured out of her still gaping pussy down along the insides of her thighs.
She laid down on his chest.

"Thank you," she said and kissed him. "This have been my fantasy for so long time. I'd never believed I actually would experience to have sex with a giant."

"I can't believe you fitted almost all om my cock."

"Maybe I'll fit all of it next time, she smiled."

"You think you can handle a next time?"

"Maybe, after a few weeks of recovery. It feels like you have rearranged everything in my stomach. And my pussy feels like it's on fire. You really stretched me to me limit. And I really want to see you again. I want to know you. There are so many interesting things about you. How did you get so big for instance?"

"You want to know how I got so big? I can tell you, if you keep it a secret. There is a company called BITC that can change people's DNA, basically change human body into desired sizes."

"Even shrink people," Lin

"I think so."

"Hmm... And the company was called BITC?"

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The Bouncer pt.1

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