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Rachel's Shaved Pussy, episode four

Categories Fiction, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual, Blackmail

Author: pANTSU

Published: 19 December 2017

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I kept experimenting over the following week or so, having lots of sex, with both boys and girls, but picking my partners carefully. I knew how badly it could end, so I made sure I was in charge of everything, and none of them made a move unless I knew about it. I think my sexual technique was improving with practice, too, so they enjoyed it.
It still wasn’t quite enough, though, so I would masturbate several times an evening, between getting home from school and going to bed. I think my brother may have watched me once or twice, which was something to think about. He would give me strange looks around the house, and I knew he was conflicted between lustful thoughts of my sexy body and knowing I am his sister. I gave him the odd tease, but never quite made up my mind on whether to take it further. I still had my panties, crusted with his jizz, stored away in a drawer, after all. I tossed it around in my mind, and then one evening, when my parents were out, I just shrugged and went for it.
Passing his room, I thought I heard a soft thunk-thunk-thunk, and it seemed pretty likely to me that he was jerking off. His bed is a bit rickety, and can sway if a large weight is moving back and forth on it, like a person. I wondered if he was thinking about me while touching himself, and the impulse to find out overpowered me. Without pausing to knock, I shoved the door open and strode purposefully in.
I was right. He scrambled to cover his legs and hips with bedsheets, so that I really didn’t see much of anything, but it was pretty clear what he had been at. Something flopped onto the floor behind his bed too, out of my view.
“Rachel!” he roared with outrage. “Get out!!”
I ignored him, but walked round the bed to get the thing he had dropped. It was a magazine. He tried to reach down and snatch it away, but he could not move far without dislodging the sheets that protected what was left of his dignity, so I had the advantage.
“What’s this? A porno mag? Wow, you dirty boy. Mum and dad would go sick if they knew you had this!” I strode away, well out of his reach, so he could only watch in despair as I leafed through the pages. “Hmm, sexy girls. What a slut! She shouldn’t be doing that to that guy.” I kept up a running commentary, enjoying his shame and embarrassment as only a sibling can.
Then I got to the pages I was fairly sure he had been looking at when I interrupted him. “Hey, this one looks a little like me. Same long black hair, similar build, and ooh look. A shaved pussy.” I tossed the mag on his desk. “You like that, don’t you, Rick? My hair? My body? My pussy?” I ran my hands down my body as I said this, swaying my hips seductively.
“Shut up. I… I don’t know what you mean. You’re talking rubbish!”
“There’s no point in trying to deny it, Ricky; I have evidence. Sticky white evidence, all over a pair of my undies.”
“You can’t!” he blurted out. “I always made sure to wash them after I…” he stopped himself when he realized what he was saying.
I hid my surprise. I had not told him about the forged evidence I had produced. That meant he really had been jerking into my underwear. And more than once, by the sound of it. Well, that meant I had everything I needed.
“It doesn’t matter,” I said dismissively. “You weren’t careful enough, and now I have proof of your pervertedness. And people are gonna see it, unless you do exactly what I say. Got it?”
He hesitated, so I pushed him. “Got it?” I repeated, with steel in my voice. “Think how badly things can end for you.”
He gulped, and nodded. I had him.
“Okay, start by removing those sheets. Yup, right out of the way. Nope, hands by your sides!” As I had thought, he had no trousers or underwear on. His dick was semi-hard, but quickly wilting in the tense situation.
I laughed. “Haha, you disgusting little shit.” I did not think it was anywhere near as disgusting as I was saying, of course. I was well aware that it was normal for him to masturbate, just as it was for me. Well, not quite as often as I did, but still. It served my purposes to have him well cowed, shameful and submissive. “Now, get out of bed and stand up. No, no covering yourself! Dignity is now a privilege, and you ain’t earned shit so far.”
Standing in front of me, he was actually slightly the taller, despite being two years younger than me. That would never do: with that kind of height advantage, he might start to unconsciously gain confidence. I had a better idea. “On your hands and knees.”
“You heard me. Get on your hands and knees before me. And don’t question me again. You don’t have many chances here, I already have half a mind to show everyone what a little freak you are. Your only chance is to do everything I say, exactly when I say it.”
That alarmed him. He knelt in front of me.
“Now crawl forward.” He crawled. “Stop!”
He was now in the middle of his bedroom floor, at arm’s length in front of me. I hunkered down, and ruffled his hair patronizingly. “Don’t worry. If you do right, we can keep all this a secret, and you’ll be safe. Now, do not move a muscle unless and until I say so.”
I stood up again, and walked slowly around him, kneeling there in nothing but a Lego t-shirt that was a little too small for his growing body. He was not bad really: fairly athletic, but no star. Nothing to brag about, but no unsightly loose flab, or even much by the way of acne. His penis dangled pathetically between his legs.
“Well, we are going to have to do something about that,” I thought. It had not been truly clear in my mind until now which direction I was going with this, but the potential of the situation was too rich to pass up. First, though, he needed to be ready.
I strolled over to his computer, looked for suitable music – something slow and sultry – and hit Play. Then I went back, stood in front of him again, and began to strip.
I’d never done a striptease before, but I knew the theory, and I had seen a couple of videos. Since recent events had revealed my bisexuality, I had looked into and indulged all sorts of tastes. For my first time, I think I did pretty well. My hips swayed and rolled as my shirt came off, then my skirt, then my bra, and finally my undies. Each piece was discarded as I took it off, but I took note of where they went, for later collection.
With my panties in hand, I gave a final tease: I waved them in front of Ricky’s face, giving him a good smell of my arousal. Because I was aroused, there was no doubt about that. I had timed it pretty well too, the song ending just as I settled on my bum, legs apart, juicy bald pussy lips in plain view to my wide-eyed brother.
From where I was, I could also see between his arms, down past his belly to between his legs, that my dance had had the desired effect: his dick was now fully extended and rock hard. I smirked. “You didn’t do as I say: you moved a muscle. Well, I suppose we can let that one slide, this time. Now, come closer.” I crooked a finger, and he crawled forward until we were only inches apart.
I pushed down on the top of his head, forcing him into line with my crotch. “Lick.”
He hesitated. “I said lick! And don’t pretend you haven’t done this in half your sick fantasies. You’ll enjoy finally getting at your sis’ sweet twat. Now, lick!”
To be honest, he was a bit rubbish at cunnilingus, lapping at my crotch as if he were cleaning a plate – and no doubt tasting something worth the lapping up. My cunt had felt a few tongues in the last few days, and while he was not the worst, he was far from the best. The racy sordidness of the situation more than made up for it though, and my chest started heaving with the beginning build toward climax. Besides, a few words of firm guidance, supported by my directing hands on either side of his head soon had him hitting more of the right spots. He could be trained! I had confidence that, with practice and my precise feedback, he had become a fairly decent pussy-licker. The very fact that I was even thinking that way gave me a little illicit thrill when I realized it.
This time, though, with my oral masseur in my thrall, a whim caught me and I decided to take it a step further. Shifting slightly to rest more on my tailbone, I pressed down on the top of his head, pushing him away from my clitoris, down across the perineum to my puckered pink arsehole.
It was too much for him. With a lurch, he backed away a foot or so. “Eww, you want me to lick you bum?! That’s disgusting!”
“So is perving on your innocent little sister while you wank yourself, but you don’t appear to have had any problem with that. Now get to it, my sphincter is waiting.”
That appeared to sting him, but he wasn’t budging. I had to up the stakes. “Well, I suppose word will have to get out.” I reached for my phone, which I had made sure to drop close at hand. “Now, what’s the name of that girl you like? Diana, wasn’t it? I have her phone number right here…”
“NO! OH God, no! Please don’t do that!” I carried on fiddling with my phone until I felt his tongue run right across my butt-hole, leaving a trail of warm saliva between my butt-cheeks.
In one sense, it did nothing for me. There are no g-spots on my bum, and he wasn’t going deep enough otherwise. However, the feel of it was like nothing I had ever experienced before, and that was tremendously exciting. His hot breath, his hot tongue, the slickness of his spit, the way it cooled quickly between my pulled-apart cheeks every time he moved slightly away. As I pulled the back of his head in, he could not help probing a little right into my sphincter with his tongue… or could he? Was he doing it deliberately?
Either way, it was something unique. I mean, where in all the rest of your life, do you get something similar to that? Even full-on penetrative anal sex isn’t quite the same thing. I once read that having a warm shower is a weird experience to put humans through because there is nothing in the natural world, nothing in evolution, that is similar enough to prepare us for it. Well, having a tongue slathering your arsehole, and occasionally just poking a little bit at the pucker is another one.
Besides, I was already riding the edge from the tongue-lashing my pussy had gotten, so any kind of stimulation was going to bring me closer. A part of me wanted to keep this wild, kinky ride going, but my need overtook me, my fingers went to my clitoris, and barely a couple of touches triggered that explosion of pleasure I craved.
It wasn’t just pleasure that exploded from me either. Ever heard of female ejaculation? Ever felt it? I did then, and in a sense, so did brother Ricky, because he was on the receiving end. Clear liquid gushed from my pussy, rich with musky arousal. It coated his forehead and cheeks, dripping down his neck, just a little thicker than water.
I pushed him back lightly, and he sat up on his haunches. His breathing was heavy, just like mine. His rock hard knob jutted upwards and forwards, drawing the eye. His hands started to move, but the slightest narrowing of my eyes halted him, and his arms returned to dangling placidly by his sides.
Finally, I stood up. I walked around him. Occasionally, a drip of pussy juice would slip from my folds, or from his chin, and soak into his bedroom carpet.
“You did well,” I said finally. I kneeled behind him, and my small breasts pressed into his back. “You deserve a bit of a reward,” I whispered, right into his ear. My right hand reached round, and grabbed his cock. He shuddered. Slowly, very slowly, I started moving my hand up and down.
“This is what you want, isn’t it?” I continued murmuring, my lips brushing his ear. “The feminine touch on your engorged penis. Of course, you want to fuck. All men want to fuck. So do most women. But that’s not going to happen, or at least not yet, so the next best thing to a woman’s vagina wrapped around you… Well, that’s their mouth, but coming in third is their hand. Do you like that?” I sped up slightly as he nodded.
“I bet you’ve dreamt of getting your lips at my juicy pussy. Yeah, you’ve tongued my twat in your mind while you jerked your cock just like I’m jerking now. And that’s not all. You’ve imagined fucking me too, sticking your prick right in between my folds, deep, right into my girlish little womb. You’ve pounded your sweet, sexy sister’s pussy, pounded it, pounded it, while the walls squeezed you like this.”
I squeezed his manhood, hard but not too hard, and continued, my voice never rising above a whisper. “It’s hot in there, hot and wet and begging for a man to thrust in and penetrate it. It wants to be full of hard man-meat, stretched. Your penis could fill my aching, gaping chasm. I would clamp down on you so hard when I came, pulsing on your rod. Fuck me. Yeah, fuck me. Are you ready to come? Are you ready to fill your sister’s vagina with your sweet, slick seed? Then do it. Jizz for me. Spurt!”
And he did. Wow, he did. It blasted across the room, thick white ropes of cum, flying through the air for a good six feet. He jerked, his body contorting, and a long, loud groan escaped his lips, as his jizz landed on the wall, the carpet, and the last of it rolled down my knuckles.
I pulled away, and he collapsed to his hands and knees. As he gasped, I collected my clothing, wiping the semen off on my panties. I clipped my skirt back on, and did up my shirt.
By the time I was done, he was standing up. “I’ve never orgasmed like that before,” he said, awe in his voice.
“Well, maybe you will again, we’ll have to see. It all depends how well-behaved you are.”
Hope lit up his boyish face. “What do I have to do?”
“Oh, all sorts of things. For a start, get this place cleaned up. Then tomorrow…” I grabbed his dick again, and wiped the end with my wadded underwear. Then I unravelled it and held it in front of his face. There were several slightly yellowed damp patches on the white material now, and a couple of remaining gobbets of goo. “You are going to wear these. All day.”
“What?!” he cried in dismay, the post-orgasmic glow evaporating in an instant. “But… but what if I have P.E.? What if I have to change? All the guys will see!”
“That’s your problem,” I said coldly. He didn’t. I had sneaked a quick glance at his class timetable on the wall over his desk. He didn’t need to know that, though. “Aw, you thought this was over? Silly little boy. It’s not going to be over for a long time. Get used to doing whatever I say, permanently. Hey, if you do it right, I am sure we can make a new status you can be happy with. For a start, you get to have something that’s been wrapped around my twat, wrapped around your cock all day tomorrow. Think of that. This smooth, soft material has been rubbing back and forth against my slick folds, soaking up my hot, nubile girl-juices, and it’s gonna be pressed against your knob. And if you get a bit… over-excited by that thought, one or two more stains won’t make much difference…”
I turned to leave him with that thought, dropping the panties on a cabinet next to his door. Where they were in plain sight to anyone coming down the corridor. I heard him rush to grab them and slam the door.

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Rachel's Shaved Pussy, episode four

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