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The huge phallus

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Fiction, Group Sex

Authror: bargemaster

Published: 19 December 2017

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This is a fictional story about an antiques dealer, and how he found his wife and her friend being fucked by the two male members of his staff. As a result, the antiques dealer and his buddy joined the sluts and also fucked their brains out.
In one of his antique-hunting trips around the country, John, the antiques dealer, discovered a huge phallus object in a storage house, which immediately caught his attention, and decided to bring it back home to his antiques dealership, along with some other objects for sale.
When his wife saw it at first, her amazement was as massive, as was the size of the phallus! She didn’t like having it around, and begged for a customer to show up and buy it, so they could get rid of it.
To cut the long story short, John left with his mate Oli for another trip around the country, leaving his wife Gina, her friend Joanna, and the two highly-skilled (as they finally proved to be) carpenters to continue restoring old furniture and other things. He would never have imagined that restoring the phallus would be the perfect opportunity for the two carpenters to also “fix” Gina and Joanna.
So, when John and Oli came to the dealership after another long and exhausting journey, they didn’t get the usual welcome from the home-based team. This intrigued the two men, who decided to investigate it a bit further, and try to find out why there was nobody in sight to welcome them and see what they had bought.
When they walked towards the back room, where the main restoration work normally took place, they started hearing sighs and mounds. This made them think that the team was in the middle of a hard restoration task, which pushed them to their limits.
And they definitely discovered, to their great astonishment that left them with gaping mouths, that the two men and the two women were really pushing themselves to their limits in a wonderful foursome!
John and Oli couldn’t believe their eyes when they looked through the window and saw Gina riding like crazy one carpenter’s cock, while Joanna was fucked hard from behind by the other. The cherry on the cake that completed this horny scene was the gigantic phallus that seemed to have turned everyone into a horny animal without any control of themselves or hesitation.
John nodded to the still amazed Oli to follow him, and the two men went to John’s office, where he sat before the computer and started searching online.
After a while, he found what he was looking for, and showed it to Oli.
It was information about the monster phallus that he had fetched back home with him, and according to a legend, the phallus seemed to possess mystical sexual powers to turn anyone around it into a lusty animal.
-So, this explains it all, John said. Let’s go back and join the sex fun while my wife and Joanna are still under the influence of the phallus.
-That was the best order that you’ve ever given to me! Oli said.
He was more than willing to go back and give Joanna a good shag, since he always wanted to fuck her, although the right opportunity never seemed to arise.
When John and Oli entered the restoration room, they were met with great cheers by the fuck foursome.
-I thought you would never come back from that trip to give me a nice double penetration with your workers, honey, Gina said, while she was under Joanna in a 69 position, while one carpenter fucked her in the missionary position and Joanna was fucked hard from behind.
-Let’s all pay our tribute to the giant phallus and have an incredible workplace orgy, John said, and with that, he started feeling very horny and having the biggest erection of his life.
He was clearly under the influence of the phallus, and sexual arousal also hit his buddy, Oli, who could hardly keep his erected penis in his trousers.
Joanna and Gina moved from their fucking positions to join the newcomers, and Joanna bent in front of Oli’s incredibly hard cock, giving him an amazing blowjob, while Gina started doing the same to her husband.
At the same time, the two carpenters, who were still horny as hell with her rampant cocks in the air, didn’t want to be left out of the fun. They got behind the two sluts and started ramming them very fast, while the two women were giving the other two guys the best blowjob they ever had.
With moans and sighs of pleasure, the group of bodies moved in unison and fucked each other like there was no tomorrow. They changed positions and tried everything to stimulate and sexually satisfy each other, although all of them seemed to be virtually insatiable and could keep fucking for days!
This is how strong the influence of the phallus was!
Suddenly, while everyone seemed to be in the middle of a sexual nirvana, the gigantic phallus took the form of flesh, looking like a proper human cock that was about to erupt with literally tons of sperm.
One, two, three…
And the giant cock send out tons of semen, covering the naked bodies that were in the middle of an orgy, and making them feel like it was snowing sperm!
The women immediately stopped fucking, and bathed their breasts and pussies with this godsend gift that would offer them eternal sexual pleasure!
The men also started rubbing their cocks with this precious sexual substance, which would help them keep their cocks rampant even at a very old age!
And they all lived happily and in constant sexual arousal ever after…

Alura takes it both white and black

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The huge phallus

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