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Unwanted: Part 2

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Coercion, Exhibitionism

Author: sandstorm3636

Published: 19 December 2017

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It was the beginning of fall and school had only been in session for a couple of weeks. Tiffany was glad to no longer be spending most of her time at home with her neglectful family. However, there was one part of her routine that had become more difficult. After the mid summer day of which she and her brother Jon discovered the joy of helping each other masturbate, the pair had kept at it at a rate of at least once a day.

After returning to school, they had found less time to be near each other. Both of them were suffering the withdrawal. As both Taylor children were part of their school's soccer team, they had even less time to spend with each other alone. Every day they would arrive at practice early so they could perhaps sneak off together but it was never enough time.

After a particularly rigorous day of training, Tiffany decided not to get into the shower with the other girls and instead snuck out of the girls' locker room and into the boys'. All of them were crowed around the showers, waiting their turn to wash off the day's sweat. While all of them were looking the other way, she walked behind them, tapping her brother lightly on the shoulder before slipping into one of the toilet stalls.

He barely caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of his eye. After making sure no one was looking directly at him, Jon stole away from the huddled group of boys and entered the stall as well. What he saw waiting for him made his cock hard.

Tiffany had her gym shorts pulled down slightly to reveal the crotch of her panties and her gym shirt raised up, exposing her breasts and particularly her tits to him. Her eyes were clenched shut in embarrassment but she wore a look of determination. "I missed you too," Jon whispered as he grabbed hold of one of her breasts and planted his mouth onto hers. It did not take him long to start pushing her against the side of the stall and pressing his knee into her crotch.

She moaned into his mouth and explored it with her tongue. It had been far too long since they had been able to do this sort of thing unhindered. When Jon stopped kissing Tiffany, he bit one of her nipples, causing her to squeak. Luckily the sound of the showers was loud enough to drown out most of the noise the pair was making.

"What are you doing?" she moaned when he slipped his hand into her panties.

"Can't I touch it?" he asked with apparent impatience in his voice.

"You're going to poke inside me again," she whimpered.

"Don’t you like it when I do?" Jon asked while doing just that, jabbing his fingers past the lips of her cunt and inside her. She let out an even louder yelp that forced him to cover her mouth with his again.

"It hurts sometimes," she explained her apprehension.

"I like knowing that I'm the only one allowed to hurt you," he admitted. She was both exhilarated and annoyed by his boldness. "I really want to stick something else inside you." He pressed his bulging erection against her leg.

The look of surprise on her face suggested she had forgotten that she was supposed to be helping him get off as well. She grabbed his shorts and pulled them down enough for his cock to spring up. He sucked in a breath as she started to stroke him but calmed down almost immediately afterward.

"Wha-what's wrong?" she panicked. "Am I not doing it right?"

"I guess I'm just really tired right now." He shrugged. "Maybe we could pick this up tonight? I’ll stay in your bed and…"

"I'm not good enough, aren’t I?" She was not listening to him. "I just need to do it better." She gave the end of his shaft a tug.

"Ow, stop." He slapped her hand away. "If you really want to help, I know a way."

"You're not putting it inside me. Siblings can't have sex." She turned up her nose adamantly. Despite everything the pair of them had done together, actual sex is where she drew the line.

"I don’t mean your cunt," he assured her.

"What… what do you mean?" she asked nervously. He placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees. Her face was at the same level as his waist. "Oh," she gulped loudly. Despite the fact that it always ended the same way, with her coughing and choking on her own saliva, Jon simply loved making her suck his cock.

Tiffany obviously did not want to do it but she was already feeling bad for dragging him into this when he was so tired. Reluctantly she opened her mouth as wide as she could, allowing him to push the head of his cock through. The tip was already dripping with pre-cum, making it slippery enough. Tiffany liked the warm sensation of his shaft touching her tongue and the roof of her mouth but she knew that it would not end there.

Jon's cock was long enough that the head reached the back of her throat quite quickly. It touched her uvula, pushing it out of the way. Instinctively she tried to swallow, squeezing his cock tightly and sending him into bliss.

She, however, was choking. Her throat closed off but he still tried to push through. His hands found the back of her head and pushed as hard as they could. The head of his cock smashed against her throat repeatedly, trying to break through. It was no use though. She was getting dizzy as her head bobbed back and forth. There was a wet slurping sound made every time he pulled his cock out slightly so he could shove it back in. Saliva was building around the base and tears were dripping from her eyes and mixing with snot from her nose. It all together made for a mess of a face.

Tiffany felt disgusted with her own appearance but Jon kept looking down at her with a loving expression. He would not stop pounding the back of her throat, making it sore. She tried and tried to open it up for him repeatedly, but instinct kept it closed. If the head of his cock were to get through, she would definitely throw up.

Apart from the sensation in her throat and mouth, something else was washing over her. The thought of taking her brother's cock in her mouth was making her hot and excited. Her knees rubbed against each other as she felt a tingling in her crotch. Her eyes crossed as she prepared to cum with little to no direct stimulation.

Suddenly she pressed her hands to Jon's waist and pushed him backward. The sucking sound made as his cock slid out of her mouth made him shiver in anticipation. "I have to pee," she gurgled while scampering to her feet and turning around so she was facing the toilet.

"You're cumming already?" Jon was amazed. "Come on, let's see it then."

"No, I'm actually peeing," Tiffany gasped as she pulled her shirt back up and bit down on it to keep it away from her waist. She then pulled both her shorts and her panties down to her knees and bent them slightly in order to hover over the actual bowl of the toilet. She winced as she let loose a torrent of liquid from her crotch, slightly yellow in color. It was definitely not the normal clear fluid from when she had an orgasm. She whimpered in embarrassment as she felt the eyes of her brother on her back.

Jon could not bring himself to look away. He thought to himself that there was no prettier sight than a woman trying to pee standing up. She was still wearing all of her clothes but they were pulled away from her breasts and crotch so elegantly. She may as well have been naked but that would not have been anywhere near as exciting to him. Being completely naked while fully clothed; he could not imagine a prettier sight.

Tiffany's eyes started to flutter as the intensity of the liquid squirting out of her died down. She was in her own state of bliss. The relief of peeing felt almost better than an orgasm. She yelped when she felt her brother's fingers poking into her cunt from behind. Apparently he could not keep himself at arms length any longer. "Please don't," she moaned as she felt him probing her. She momentarily stopped peeing in surprise but quickly started again.

"I want to know what it's like inside you," he whispered while pressing something large against her cunt from behind. She whimpered as she tried to press her legs together. He simply pushed on her back, forcing her to bend over and expose herself to him more. She let out a low groan as the tip of his cock slipped past the lips of her cunt. The wetness of her pee made it easier but it was still awfully tight.

Jon had to cover Tiffany's mouth to keep her from screaming when his cock head touched her hymen. "Stop it," she groaned while wiggling her ass. She was trying to slip off of him but only ended up stimulating both her cunt and his cock. With one shove, he broke through her hymen, eliciting another muffled shriek from his pained sister.

She reached back and grabbed onto his waist, trying to hold him still. He waited while basking in the feeling of warmth surrounding his cock. He could see the blood dripping down from her cunt and was slightly worried. Tiffany's expression was all the proof he needed to know she was in genuine pain. He leaned down so his head was just above hers. "I'm sorry," he whispered. "It's too late now though. This will all have been for nothing if I don't move." He matched his final word with a gentle thrust.

Tiffany gave a shrill grunt into his hand. Her face was turning red from lack of breathing and from general anger at her brother's refusal to listen to her. After whimpering into his hand for the duration of several hard thrusts from Jon, she finally grabbed his hand and ripped it away from her mouth. "You bastard. Do you even understand the meaning of the word no?" she demanded angrily.

"You're so tight yet so slippery," he moaned in her ear.

"It hurts really bad. Please let me go," she begged him.

"I'm almost done," he assured her.

"So what? I want to stop now. I told you, siblings shouldn’t do this." Her last word was high pitched because he shoved his cock into her from the tip to the base. She had to cover her own mouth to stifle her scream. "Why are you enjoying hurting me?" she asked in an exhausted voice while drooping down so more of her weight rested on the toiled seat.

"I love your expression." He slapped her cheek lightly to get her attention. Her eyes were fluttering again. He moved his fingers around her face, focusing particularly on her lips. She moaned when he pushed them into her mouth. He played with her tongue so that drool would accumulate in her mouth. "You're so adorable," he whispered in her ear as saliva ran down her chin. Her cheeks were bright red and her eyes were unfocused. She looked completely disoriented, like she was ill or half asleep.

For several minutes, Tiffany made no sound apart from her heavy breathing and a slight gurgling from her drool filled mouth. When Jon finally pulled his fingers out, she began to cough and spit. Suddenly she tensed up, squeezing her legs together again. Jon started grunting as he struggled to continue thrusting inside her.

Tiffany tried to pull away from him but there was no room between him and the toilet. She clenched her jaw and let her eyes roll around in her head as her orgasm overtook her. Clear liquid spilled out around Jon's cock, making her cunt slippery all over again for him. He thrust inside of her with renewed vigor, causing her to yelp. She pushed down on the toilet seat as hard as she could, lifting herself up. She did not have enough strength though and collapsed onto the seat, resting her head sideways. More drool poured out of her mouth and ran down the side of the bowl.

Tiffany was no longer responsive to anything Jon did, apart from a wheeze or a grunt every time he thrust too hard. She was simply gurgling in bliss. When Jon felt his cock stiffen, he grabbed two bundles of Tiffany's hair and pulled her back into him. She was too limp to react at first. Once she felt his warm semen splashing inside her though, she woke up. "What are you doing?" she shouted and whispered at the same time.

Jon did not respond and instead collapsed on top of her. She felt his sweaty body pressing into her back and could hear his breathing in her ear. She took a deep breath, taking in his scent. It turned her on. She even clenched her legs again, as if to keep him inside her for longer. It was no use though as his cock had already began to soften. Eventually it slipped out entirely.

Tiffany laid perfectly still for a while until she began to feel uncomfortable. Her post orgasm enjoyment could only sustain her for so long. She tried to push off the toilet seat enough to wedge herself out from underneath her brother. "Tiff?" she heard him groan while leaning back and sitting down on the floor.

"What?" she tried to make herself sound more annoyed. She really was mad at him, she just could not show it that well.

"If I said I loved you, would you believe me?" Jon asked a question that caught Tiffany completely off guard."

She took a long moment to stare at him over her shoulder before answering. "You're in love with what we do," she corrected him.

"So?" he did not see much of a difference.

"One day you'll find a girlfriend and you'll forget about me," she assured him.

"And what about you? Will you forget about me?" he asked. His exhaustion made it sound ominous. She had difficulty thinking of what to say.

"Yeah, I'll forget about you," she admitted finally. She was not really sure of her answer; she just did not want to keep his hopes up. She still believed that what they had just done was wrong, no matter how much she enjoyed it.

After sitting on the floor together for a long time, the two of them finally stood up and exited the stall. As expected, they found the locker room completely empty. All of the other boys had finished their showers and gone home. "We reek of sex," Jon laughed.

"We need to shower." Tiffany trudged her way toward the showers with shaking knees, discarding her gym clothes along the way.

"You're going to shower here?" Jon asked cautiously. "What will you wear?"

"I'll go back to the girls' side to get something," she explained.

"So you're going to walk outside naked?" he tried to hide his excitement.

"You're looking at me naked right now," she reminded him while tossing her panties to the floor. He placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her toward the shower again. "Are you going to fuck me again?" she asked in an annoyed tone.

"Maybe," he responded with a shrug. "At the very least, I'm going to have some fun with you in the water." He ran his hands down her back.

"You're so mean," she whined. "Do you even listen to me at all?"

"I always get what I want," he responded with an air of superiority.

"You're so spoiled." Tiffany clenched her fist. It was not meant as a joking statement; she really was mad at him. She only started letting him do whatever he wanted in order to get back at her parents. He got full of himself. She tried to shrug off his hands as they entered the shower but he was persistent. She moaned as she felt him pushing on the small of her back. She turned on the water of the closest faucet to drown out her own noises of pleasure. She did not want Jon to know how much she enjoyed him touching her. She was still mad at him on principle.

After a while, her head was filled with thoughts of other things. He ran his hands all the way down her body, over her butt and between her legs. She gasped and bent forward, leaning against the wall underneath the showerhead. The thought that she had been covered in sweat when they started ran through her head. She wondered if Jon had been bothered by it. Probably not considering how selfish he was. He wanted one thing from her and he did not care how he got it.

When his fingers entered her cunt again, she was not as pained as before. Her hymen was already broken and the intrusion of his hands was nowhere near as large as his cock. Also, the water helped to sooth some of her discomfort. She was immeasurably mad at herself for being able to enjoy it so much. She wanted to be madder at Jon. She wanted to be able to turn around and shove him. She could not bring herself to do it though. Jon always got what he wanted. That was just a fact of life. Deep down, the fact that what he wanted that day was her still made her happy, like she had succeeded against all of her parents' meticulous interference.

Once she let herself go and tried to enjoy the pleasure Jon was bringing her, Tiffany ended up cumming twice. The evidence of her dripping cunt was lost in the water of the shower though. Jon's only proof that he had satisfied his sister was her falling over and writhing on the floor of the shower. She swallowed a lot of water and ended up choking and coughing but she did not complain. She was too inebriated by her own endorphins to mind.

It was a chore for Jon to help her out of the shower and into the girls' locker room to change. He seemed to enjoy forcing her to walk outside completely naked though. She did not respond but he taunted her with the idea that anyone could enter the gym and see her. He even suggested her having to trade sexual favors from any potential witnesses in exchange for their silence.
At least Tiffany was able to open the combination on her locker herself. Jon still had to help dress her. "I feel like your older brother," he laughed as he watched her stretching out the neck of her shirt as she tried to fit her head through. It caught on her wet skin and hair. When she finally got it on properly, it was soaked through, giving him a perfect view of her bare nipples beneath. She still did not own any bras as her mom and dad never bothered to get her any.

"If you're my older brother, doesn't that make you a child molester?" she asked groggily. His only response was to kiss her. "Don't," she murmured dizzily.

"Why not?" he asked seriously. In his opinion, they were far beyond the formalities of holding back.

"We aren’t a couple and this isn't love. I really hate you," she regained enough awareness to respond to him seriously.

He seemed to contemplate his response for a long time. "Fine. It doesn't matter if you hate me," he pretended not to be bothered. "I'm still gonna fuck you every day from now on and there is nothing you can do about it."

She looked up at him with red cheeks. The idea of getting fucked without consent certainly turned her on. He had just declared her own will irrelevant though. If she were ever going to be allowed to refuse him again, she had to make a stand now. Slowly she moved her eyes to meet his. With her hair still wet from the shower she looked incredibly meek. A dozen different angry responses flashed through her head. She took a deep breath, preparing to scream at him that he could not treat her that way. No words came though. Instead, she just nodded, wordlessly consenting to let him do whatever he wanted to her. She was officially his property; to play with and fuck as much as he wanted.

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Unwanted: Part 2

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Comments (1)
lamo66 — 20 December 2017 02:38
More please
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